Workstation 8 Shared VMs on different hard disks for autostart

Hi people:

Is anyway to take advantage of the feature work station 8 sharing VMs autostart with the start-up of the host OS, but have several virtual machines on different hard drives? Ideally, I would like to have VMs on separate hard disks for performance problems. \

I really don't want to go on the road of ESXi right now. Is it possible to "autostart" other than via the shared "VMs" component of VMware workstation VMs 8? I think this would be a trivial feature to add to the workstation 8 and would make great useful for young kids like me.

Best regards, Dave Melnyk



must be done as an administrator

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    I did something similar at the start in a similar situation with client compatibility and not had a problem with either interfere with others!

    However, you share the programs somehow between different OS, so that would be another matter.

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    You can add another drive to accept backups Time Machine... assuming it is correctly formatted for Mac to Mac OS extended (journaled), but things are not exactly "continue."

    You have not indicated if you intend to add the player to the USB port on the Time Capsule, or connect directly to your computer using USB or FireWire connections. Or the other method works, with the option to connect directly to the computer being the faster connection.

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    Since you have a new drive, Time Machine will do a new full backup of your Mac and then go forward with incremental backups.

  • Move from Vista to Windows 7 AND transfer on a different hard disk operating system

    I want to upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit and in the same movement of time the OS Vista Home Premium 32-bit & a Seagate 80 GB HARD drive to two 250 GB hard drives in a RAID configuration. I intend to replace the 80 GB HARD disk with a faster drive Windows XP, so I find myself with a dual-boot system.  Apart from the exchange of small hard drives, the system will be unchanged compared to when I activated Vista.  Since it seems I have to reinstall all the programs on W7 in any case (damn and the breath), I wonder if it will be necessary (for reasons of product activation) or useful (for operational reasons) to first clone Vista to the larger players. I am aware that Seagate provides cloning software, also free that 250 GB seems a little bit today - but he will do well while this PC is still working. In case it is relevant, the Vista is OEM (I built the PC and I bought Vista with the motherboard), but I will get the retail version of Windows 7.  Most experts with thanks...

    We cannot move the operating system from one hard disk to another. However, we can install the operating system on another hard drive or take the whole operating system if necessary system image backup.
    NOTE: You'll have to do a custom Setup to upgrade to the 64 bit version of Windows 7.
    Windows Backup gives you the opportunity to create a system image, which is an exact image of a disk. A system image includes Windows and your control panel, programs and files. You can use a system image to restore the contents of your computer if your hard drive or computer ever stops working. When you restore your computer from a system image, it's a complete restoration; You cannot choose to restore individual items and all of your current programs, Control Panel, and the files are overwritten.
    For more information on install, reinstall, or uninstall Windows, visit this link:
    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Answers from Microsoft supports the engineer.
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    License status: Notification
    Reason for the notification: 0xC004F009 (grace period expired).
    Remaining Windows rearm count: 4

    Have you tried to restart by phone?

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • How to make a visible USB hard disk for a virtual machine on ESXI 4.1?

    Hi all

    As I am new to the world of vmware ESXI, I always make mistakes or I don't undertand all therefore be complete :-).

    So I have a HP Proliant ML 350 G6 Server installed with ESXI 4.1 and I want to connect a USB hard disk to a virtual machine (SBS 2K 8). Currently, the virtual machine is not able to see the hard drive.

    I already add a USB controller to the virtual machine, but my USB HARD drive is still not visible to my virtual machine.

    Can you help on that?

    Thank you


    Next, add a USB device to the virtual computer (in the change settings tab), there are different things, USB controller and USB devices. Sometimes, you may have to restart the virtual machine.


  • Update hard disk for Satellite 1900 102

    Hi all

    I used to work with a Toshiba Satellite 1900 102 since July 2002 and March my hard drive has stopped working (maybe it was time).
    Where can I buy records 2.5 "that this series of satellites can be supported?

    What is the maximum capacity (in GB) laptop that recognizes the old man?

    Thanks for all your help!


    2.5 hard drives can be bought anywhere I think then, either you contact an authorized service provider or you visit your favorite computer store.

    I think that the Satellite 1900 limits the 28-bit LBA. This would mean that the size of the HARD disk is limited to 128 GB. The maximum capacity is 120 GB that you can use, but I think that 80 GB would be enough according to your amount of files you want to save on the HARD drive.

    If you have any other questions please let us know! :)

  • Update hard disk for Tecra 8000 PII

    I installed a new HD in my Tecra 8000 PII. Old pn:21 L 9540. According to the specs, I received pn:MK4021GAS can be installed in the seat of doensn t of BIOS Tecra 8000.The the new HD. I did a BIOS upgrade to version 9,31 with no result.
    Is there a solution to my problem?

    Kind regards
    [email protected]


    I don't know but, I am very pessimistic, you have every chance of casting more than 8 GB HDD to your laptop because there are BIOS HARD disk size restrictions! If the latest version of the BIOS does not support the new HDD it appears impossible to run!

    Can you please send a link where is possible to read the specifications of this 40 GB HARD drive.

  • Maximum size of the hard disk for Pavilion a800n


    One last question, I replace the hard drive (160G) in my old Pavilion a800n and wonder what would be the size (well at least 500G) max. Guess I could partition if necessary...

    Win. XP (32 bit), Phoenix BIOS, LTD. 3.11, 09/02/2004.

    Thank you!


    Sorry, based on the following specifications, I would not be to HARD disk. If you need more space for data/files, buy an external HARD drive. & Tab = specs

    Kind regards.

  • More primary hard disk for Qosmio X 300

    Want to replace the Hardrive with the now hidden partition Windows Vista Edition 200 GB Home Premium with a larger 500 GB on my Toshiba Qosmio X 300
    I don't want to lose the o/s of Windows Vista with phone number matching the label owner under
    One clone free it would be so I can reload Windows on the new drive?
    Thank you

    It of also no problem to install Windows on the new HARD drive. For this, you can use the recovery disc.

    Of course, the easiest and fastest is to clone the HARD disk.
    I found a free program called HDClone Free Edition. I didn't use the program again, but it should also work as the other programs.
    For example, I use Acronis image for years. It s not expensive and I never have and problems with the program. It works fast and I never had a faulty image or something else.

  • Need new hard disk for Equium A100


    I want to replace the 80 GB HDD of my A100 for something big.
    I'm guessing it's a SATA, I'll need?

    Nobody knows what is the greatest, my laptop can handle without any performance?
    Just to confirm that it is a satellite A100-027

    Also, I literally get out the old one, stick in the new and then load Windows XP on it? Is it really as simple as that :/?


    Yes, the A100 Equium supports the SATA HDD controller and so you will need a SATA 2.5 HARD disk!

    > Also, I literally get out the old one, stick in the new and then load Windows XP on it? Is it really as simple as that :/?
    Yes, the upgrade of the HARD drive is not difficult.
    In most cases, you will need to remove the HDD from the laptop's HARD drive Bay, then switch the HARD drive bracket to the new HARD drive, then insert the new HARD disc again in Notepad.

    That s it.

  • Replacement of the hard disk for Equium A60-155

    I need to replace the hard drive in my equium A60-155. I need to know what is compatible with this model and if the brand of the drive is important in compatibility. For example should be a drive hard toshiba or is it possible to others.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    You n t need to install a HDD in particular of Toshiba. You can also use disk of another company.

    It is important that you use a HARD drive with support for hardware specifications.

    I found these useful discussions on the replacement of the HDD on the Satellite and Equium A60:

    Satellite A60 is very similar to the A60 Equium and so the two series use the same hard disks

  • Second limit of hard disk for P7-1206

    I have a P7-1206 Pavilion comes with a 2 TB hard drive.  I would like to install a second hard drive to use for multimedia files.  What is the largest hard drive that I can install?  I guess it will take a 2 TB drive but if I can go higher?


    The cage of your PC hard drive can accommodate two hard disks.  I would recommend that you add a second hard drive and then redirect your files common files such as: my documents, my pictures, my videos, my music on the second hard drive.

    You can add a second drive hard for the data using only that is greater than 2 TB.

    ' HP ' how-to ' articles should be useful.

  • Replacement of the hard disk for pavilion dv9574 gt433ea

    I know it's an old round top, but I like it. My main hard drive died, then I replace it with the secondary drive waving back, or use an external drive it is up and running.
    Or is a possible replacement part no451867-001 sata200 GB 4200 RPM and where I get it. Oou can I use a different hard drive or upgrade.
    I'm going to buy a new computer hp laptop pavilion g6 2211tx that any comment would be appreciated.
    However need to get old laptop upward and the execution of first AID!

    If you upgrade to Windows 7, you will be able to access your secondary hard drive and backup of files that it contains. You can also put the secondary drive in another computer that works to recover the files from the backup drive.

Maybe you are looking for

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