Write table 1 d to drop at specific sampling frequency

Hey everybody! I'm back to ask what probably is another simple question.

I have 6 cells of custom load that are read in a sub - VI. The Subvi is inside a loop for, which is inside a structure of the case, which is inside a while loop. Here's what it looks like:

What I need to do, is take the 1 d table will 'Channel weight' and save it in a file (preferably TDMS) once every 5 minutes.  It would also be preferable if there is no need to enter the Subvi, which produced the data, as I use it as a driver in another screw.

Please let me know if I am being clear enough, that I've left out important details in the past.


The vi "Serial - Mantra Count" is one you don't want to go in?

You can use a functional Global Timer, if you want to create your own, or you can use the Express VI timer to see if 5 minutes.  If the time has expired, then save it to the file.  You will need to add logic to know when to reset the timer.

Now, implying that 5 minutes, you are still browsing the State 'Read' (continuous recording).  If you read all your values say 3 min and then go do something else, then it does not record the data, because the time has not yet elapsed.

However, if you are only willing to take the data every 5 minutes, then you want to frame the loop in a case structure, with the Terminal of the case related to elapsed time? Output (when time have elpased, newspapers and read data).

Another option is to break out another loop on the block diagram or create a demon, which will periodically save the data.

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    Hi Daniel!

    Take a look at this example (you can find examples of LabVIEW):

    Gen CONT tension Wfm - Int Clk - no Regeneration.vi

    Here is an another VI I did (see table). It is slightly different from the example of the LV and it should help you.

    It could be that useful...


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    I need to create an af:table to pull all employees belonging to a Department. I created the table based on a viewobject.

    The query in the view object has a variabe bind, for example:

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    The user, what version jdev you use?

    Where is the location THAT LOV located on the page? Once you have the service ID, you can use the executeWithParams to run the query and display the result in the table.

    If this isn't what you want to elaborate on the use case.


  • Questions about the reorganization of the rows in the table by drag-and - drop feature

    I am referring to the demo: 106. Drag-and-drop the reorganization of the rows of the table in aCorner of Code DF to implement my case.

    I am facing some problems:

    1. the view object (bound to the table) is read only and it is created directly by very complex SQL queries, without entity objects. When it is run the code: dragRow.removeAndRetain () in the method: DnDAction processDrop (DropEvent dropEvent), it throws the error so that a guest view object is read-only. I want to know if there is another way to delete the moved collection line?

     public DnDAction processDrop(DropEvent dropEvent) {
           CollectionModel collectionModel = (CollectionModel) table.getValue();        
            JUCtrlHierBinding treeBinding = (JUCtrlHierBinding) collectionModel.getWrappedData();
            //get access to the ADF iterator binding used by the table and the underlying RowSetIterator.
            //The RowSetIterator allows us to remove and re-instert the dragged row
            DCIteratorBinding departmentsIterator = treeBinding.getDCIteratorBinding();               
            RowSetIterator rsi = departmentsIterator.getRowSetIterator(); 
            int indexOfDropRow= rsi.getRangeIndexOf(dropRow);
           //get access to the oracle.jbo.Row instance represneting this table row
           Row dragRow = (ViewRowImpl)table.getRowData(draggedRowKey);
           //remove dragged row from collection so it can be added back
           rsi.insertRowAtRangeIndex(indexOfDropRow, dragRow);

    2. When you click on a button, I need to save the command results in the database using the command update # of each rank. Here it is the handler method for the event of the action (in MB) button.

    I want to use RowSetIterator table for encode it from all ranks and update the value # order of each rank.   I call a data control method to run sql update. is it ok? any suggestion?

        public void processSaveOrder(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
            CollectionModel collectionModel = (CollectionModel) mytable.getValue();        
            JUCtrlHierBinding treeBinding = (JUCtrlHierBinding) collectionModel.getWrappedData();
            //get access to the ADF iterator binding used by the table and the underlying RowSetIterator.
            //The RowSetIterator allows us to remove and re-instert the dragged row
            DCIteratorBinding iterator = treeBinding.getDCIteratorBinding();               
            RowSetIterator rsi = iterator.getRowSetIterator();
            Row row =rsi.first();
            System.out.println(0+"="+ row);
            int i = 1;
                row = rsi.next();
                System.out.println(i+"="+ row.getKey());

    A workaround solution was found:

    In ADF 12 c, it can be solved by changing Updatable "Always" in the details tab of each attributes to read-only view object without entity object.

  • Dynamically add data to a table field in a drop-down list?


    I tried to create a drop down menu to dynamically fill a table based on what menu option drop down is selected. I can run to add a line to the times, which is good, but I want to add the text for the option chosen to a field in the newly created line. I can get this to work using Row1.Field.rawValue = "blah blah blah" but when I want to get dynamic and call the line created by using something like resolveNode I can't get anything to be entered in the field. Is this possible at all?

    Here is my script:


    topmostSubform.Page1.tabletest.DropDownList2::exit - (JavaScript, client)

    If (this.rawValue == 1) {}


    Page1.tabletest.Table4.Row1.identity.RawValue = 'Servitude for Transmission line.


    If (this.rawValue == 2) {}


    Page1.tabletest.Table4.resolveNode(row1[Table4.row1.instanceManager.Count-1]). Identity.RA wValue = ' Servitude for electricity and other purposes.

    xfa.host.messageBox ("Ausgrid");



    The first part, for this.rawValue is 1 good works for a single instance of the addition. The second part, where I tried to do a resolveNode, adds a line, but does not enter any text.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance with and review of this problem.

    See you soon,.




    the resolveNode method must somExpressions wrapped in quotes.

    In front of FormCalc JavaScript does not support numeric values in the [] accessors to solve a case.

    Modify your script

    Page1.tabletest.Table4.resolveNode("Row1[" + Table4.Row1.instanceManager.count-1 + "]").Identity.rawValue = ...
  • Table of Drag and Drop and copy-paste

    Hi all

    I use dreamweaver CS 5.5 on a macmini.

    I'm pretty new to dreamweaver-things integers and use it mainly for Web sites in html conversion. I usually only through copy - paste:

    Copy the text of the Web site - paste it into dreamweaver - edit in dreamweaver's code view Preview

    Now there's a big problem: if I copy a Table, it is not stick at all. It sticks quite simply nothing.

    If I drag ' drop it, it will only paste the data in the cells, not tab, culminating in a huge test without any format in it and useless to me.

    Is this a known issue? What can I do about it?

    Thanks a lot for all the help

    In case this does not work, you will need to open the code, find the code for the table, copy it and paste it into the code view. I think that when it does not work, it is because you have not copied the whole table and instead caught a snippet of the full table.

  • Having trouble making a tear drop shape specific


    My difficulty is based around to win a tear drop shape on illustrator. I use two forms to make it a square and the circle (as shown in the attachment), however, the accuracy is poor because the circle and the square don't line up.

    I used a grid, but the precision is always difficult because his function of trial and error. Is there a specific way to realize this form successfully? Shown in example there are corners that comes out!

    I have Illustrator CS3,


    Draw a circle, use the pen tool and add a point between two points of the circle.

    This new point of drag and align first the point on the left, then on the top.

    Finally, use the direct selection arrow and draw lines to the curve at the point, which makes it a square.

    I hope that's clear, it worked when I tried it anyway.

  • Write records to a text file to specific columns in the text file

    Help please! I'm a noooooooooobbbbbb!

    I searched this forum looking for a procedure that will write my database records in some neck (positions) in a text file. Example:

    TONY 1234 TEST 84889922 Y 34 TORCHCOMP 34
    5678 BOB JOHNS N 43534534, 56 SAFDWEERE 65

    I think I would install as variaables:

    Consumer_ID = consumption (position 1, 5)
    Name = name (10,20 position)
    Invoice_No = invoice (30, 40 position)


    Any input will be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

    If you want to write to a file on the database server where your oracle database is installed to see this link [UTL_FILE | http://www.psoug.org/reference/OLD/utl_file.html]. or if you want just a plain sql uses a coil.

    spool c:\file.txt
    select rpad(to_char(consumer_id),5,' ')||'     '||
           rpad(name,10,' ')||'          '||
           rpad(invoice_no,10,' ')
      from [table]
    spool off

    the function RPAD() will create white space.

  • write table 2D data in the file but the file is empty


    I tried to write all reading of powermeter data to a file in two ways, I can see the output in the Arrais indicator data but when I write to "File.vi of the worksheet" or write to 'text file', the files are empty.

    Please help me.

    Try to remove the vi "STOP".

    I suspect, it prevents the main vi before the backup occurs.

    As a second point: given that you save data inside a while loop be sure you add the data from the file and not crash each time.

    wire that is a 'real' terminal 'Add file '.

    Kind regards


  • Extra characters when you write table 2D in the worksheet

    I try to write 2D data in a spreadsheet file, but I'm getting extra characters at the beginning of the file. I only get extra characters when I have a user selected file to write data. If I let LabVIEW to create the file, then there is no additional characters in the file. I created a VI that shows the problem I encounter.

    Am I missing something, or LabVIEW puts these characters there for a reason?

    Thank you!


    If I create an empty file in Excel 2010 and save as .csv, I have no problem. I have run your VI and I have 3 rows, the first is empty because the file has already been created.

    If I create an empty file and save it as .xlsx, then go into windows Explorer and change the .csv extension, I get output similar to yours. It seems that when you create the file before you run your VI you could attach the .csv extensions to something that isn't actually a .csv.

  • Check which table has no column with the specific name number of tables


    Inside my diagram I have 66 tables, each column last_update_date. Although all do not have the program_update_date column. The problem is that I want to go through all the tables and tables that don't have the program_update_date column. It should be noted that if the table does not have the column 2 program_update_date query will be used instead of the query 1.

    Select last_extract_date,
    TO_CHAR (min (largest (nvl (*last_update_date*, January 1, 10 '), nvl (*program_update_date*, January 1, 10 '))), "DD-MON-YY HH24:MI:SS") mi.
    TO_CHAR (max (greatest (nvl (*last_update_date*, January 1, 10 '), nvl (*program_update_date*, January 1, 10 '))), "DD-MON-YY HH24:MI:SS") my
    of table_names
    Last_extract_date group
    last_extract_date desc order;

    Select last_extract_date,
    TO_CHAR (min (NVL(last_update_date,'01-Jan-10')), "DD-MON-YY HH24:MI:SS") mi.
    TO_CHAR (Max (NVL(last_update_date,'01-Jan-10')), "DD-MON-YY HH24:MI:SS") my
    of mispa_events
    Last_extract_date group
    last_extract_date desc order;

    Please find the PLSQL code that must be used:

    Cursor C_1 is
    Single select table_name from user_tables; table_names varchar2 (240); BEGIN C_1 open; Loop Fetch C_1 in table_names; WHEN THE EXIT C_1% NOTFOUND;

    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ('select last_extract_date)
    TO_CHAR (min (largest (nvl (last_update_date, "1 January 10"), nvl (program_update_date, "1 January 10"))), "MON-DD-YY HH24:MI:SS") mi.
    TO_CHAR (max (greatest (nvl (last_update_date, "1 January 10"), nvl (program_update_date, "1 January 10"))), "MON-DD-YY HH24:MI:SS") my
    of ' | table_names | »
    Last_extract_date group
    order of last_extract_date desc');

    End loop;
    Close C_1;

    Help, please.

    Thanks in advance.

    Published by: P.Sam on June 14, 2010 17:00

    Try this

    SELECT table_name
      FROM (SELECT   table_name,
                     SUM (CASE
                             WHEN column_name = 'PROGRAM_UPDATE_DATE'
                                THEN 1
                             ELSE 0
                          END) cnt
                FROM user_tab_columns
            GROUP BY table_name)
     WHERE cnt > 0

    This will give you all the tables that has no ' PROGRAM_UPDATE_DATE in a column

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    I created an entry on a csv file that takes input from a controller and registers the movement of the throttle like pan and tilt angle. But I want this record to do in everz 2 seconds or the time to be set by the user. Since this writing to vi is present inside a while loop (code for the use of the controller) I want the 2 seconds gap to only affect writing to csv function and not to delay the whole all loop itself.

  • build the table high sampling frequency


    I have implemented a simple vi which curve data from incoming analog channels, and when you are prompted to save the data, it generates an arrary. When recording is complete, the data is written to a file. I use a local variable between while loops to add data to table. Everything works smoothly. However, when I increase my sampling rate in a few thousand s/s (> 5000 s/s) my final table is not as large as expected. Suggestions to optimize this? I do not undestand where is the neck of the bottle. In the end, I intend to be sampling 8 channels at least 8 000 s/s. The vi is attached in case someone wants to kick something. LabVIEW is fairly new to me.

    Thank you


    Search for "producer/consumer" and how a queue can be used to transfer data between the loops.

    What is happening is the loop of your is slows and not juggling with incoming data. The local is being written too.

    Put a flag on the terminals of your index fo the two loops to see that a single loop is ahead of the other.


    And if you do not belive me just wait a few minutes and crossrulz will tell you the same thing.

Maybe you are looking for