Write the string to the ini file problem

I was tring to write a string in an ini file, which should be:

[Basic information]
File Name=C:\\11111.doc

but the result is:

[Basic information]
File Name="C:\\11111.doc.

whence the double quote come?


got it, thanks

Tags: NI Software

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    I need to write the data read from the INI file to a control of the RING. Doing this operation using variants I get the error.

    I will be happy if someone help me. I have attached the file special INI and VI.

  • default setting of the entry in the ini file?

    What, in v2011, is the default setting in the ini file AllowMultipleInstances value? I know this isn't a field normally included in the generated ini file when an exe is built, I wonder what the value is default? I've added in the ini file, set to False on a machine, I try to solve problems which has a launch program so slow that operators often go back and try and start again, which results in two instances, only that works properly.

    Test with any simple program, it seems that the default value is false, as usual.

    Maybe your executable is so heavy during the loading time is not "recognizable" a later instance for a long time?

    In this case, you can write a slight stub program that will be launched by the user instead of the main.

    The heel should run at hand via a file cmd or SystemExec; It would give fast feedback to the user; It should stay for enough time to leave the main appear, then stop itself.

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    Hello, I have random BSOD during one day, like 4 times a day, I have seen fltmgr.sys as a problem, but I'm not sure. I write the dmp file, someone please help to undestand the problem please...

    dump file: http://www.4shared.com/file/xJejn93kba/060714-46597-01.html

    Info sys drivers: http://www.4shared.com/document/189XKlIWce/WER-581946-0sysdata.html

    Problem event name: BlueScreen
    Versão sistema operational: 6.1.7601.
    Identificacao da Localidade: 1046

    Ilha de sober information o problema:
    BCCode: 50
    BCP1: FFFFFA800FAB4000
    BCP2: 0000000000000000
    BCP3: FFFFF88002692300
    BCP4: 0000000000000000
    OS version: 6_1_7601
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 256_1

    MSInfo: Nome operational system Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
    Versão 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 build 7601
    Other information sober o Sistema operational issues available
    Faffa Sistema operational Microsoft Corporation
    Nome sistema LORENZOFP-PC
    Faffa sistema Dell Inc.
    Modelo sistema Precision M4500
    Tipo sistema PC x 64
    PROCESSADOR Intel (r) Core i7 CPU Q 740 1.73 GHz, 1734 Mhz, 4 Nucleo (s), 8 Processador (es) Lógico (s)
    Data/versão do A15 BIOS Dell Inc., 12/05/2013
    Versão SMBIOS 2.6
    Pasta do Windows C:\Windows
    Pasta sistema C:\Windows\system32
    Device inicializacao \Device\HarddiskVolume2
    Localidade Brasile
    Camada de Abstracao of material versão = "6.1.7601.17514."
    Name of user lorenzofp-PC\lorenzofp
    Fuso Monday Hora oficial do Brasil
    Memoria física (RAM) 8.00 GB installed
    Memoria total fisica 7.99 GB
    Memoria fisica 4.14 GB available
    Memoria virtual total 16.0 GB
    Memoria virtual available 11.8 GB
    Espaço land paginacao 7.99 GB
    Land of paginacao C:\pagefile.sys

    Thank you very much.

    Very interesting journal. It seems that the pilot who seemed to be a rootkit is a false positive with a strange string. Or a rootkit is present, but we cannot detect. avastMBR crashing may be related to something else in all cases, however.

    First of all, can you please uninstall Daemon Tools Lite + alcohol?

    In addition, subsequently, c:\windows\system32\drivers\sptd.sys is listed and loaded into your list of modules; SCSI pass through Direct Host - Daemon Tools (BSOD known issues with Win 7 and 8). Please remove it as soon as POSSIBLE with the uninstall tool - http://www.duplexsecure.com/en/downloads

    Kind regards


  • Why can't I just copy a profile to another system in the directory profiles and modified the ini file

    My main system crashed. I have a copy of the profile. When I move a copy of the profile in the profiles folder and edit the ini file to use the new name, I get a message that there is an instance of thunderbird running and I need to shut it down. I don't see any instance of thunderbird anywhere in the Task Manager. It happens just for me the fact that I am also in firefox may be the cause of the problem to a running instance. I'm under V31.7.0

    I tried to simply move the mail directory in the existing profile. The thing is that I don't see the old messages. I can see all of the subfolders of the Inbox on the left but not messages in the right pain. I can see new messages, but it's all in the Inbox and not filtered to the subfolder.

    I tried to activate the function of multiple profile but that doesn't seem to work.

    MY BAD
    It seems that I had something that was bad in the profile. I got the profile from a backup and now Thunderbird works fine.

    Sorry that I missed the problem earlier.

  • Best practices for the .ini file, reading

    Hello LabViewers

    I have a pretty big application that uses a lot of communication material of various devices. I created an executable file, because the software runs on multiple sites. Some settings are currently hardcoded, others I put in a file .ini, such as the focus of the camera. The thought process was that this kind of parameters may vary from one place to another and can be defined by a user in the .ini file.

    I would now like to extend the application of the possibility of using two different versions of the device hardware key (an atomic Force Microscope). I think it makes sense to do so using two versions of the .ini file. I intend to create two different .ini files and a trained user there could still adjust settings, such as the focus of the camera, if necessary. The other settings, it can not touch. I also EMI to force the user to select an .ini to start the executable file using a dialog box file, unlike now where the ini (only) file is automatically read in. If no .ini file is specified, then the application would stop. This use of the .ini file has a meaning?

    My real question now solves on how to manage playback in the sector of .ini file. My estimate is that between 20-30 settings will be stored in the .ini file, I see two possibilities, but I don't know what the best choice or if im missing a third

    (1) (current solution) I created a vi in reading where I write all the .ini values to the global variables of the project. All other read only VI the value of global variables (no other writing) ommit competitive situations

    (2) I have pass the path to the .ini file in the subVIs and read the values in the .ini file if necessary. I can open them read-only.

    What is the best practice? What is more scalable? Advantages/disadvantages?

    Thank you very much

    1. I recommend just using a configuration file.  You have just a key to say what type of device is actually used.  This will make things easier on the user, because they will not have to keep selecting the right file.

    2. I use the globals.  There is no need to constantly open, get values and close a file when it is the same everywhere.  And since it's just a moment read at first, globals are perfect for this.

  • Place the ini file in a specific location when the application generating


    I have a little problem.  I have an ini file that I use to store some settings.  Lets call this app.ini file.  When I build the Application.exe, it puts this file in the data directory.  I was hoping that it would be at a higher level and be located in the same directory as Application.exe is (otherwise it will not read the file correctly.)  Looked at the settings of the Source file in the list of categories in the Properties window for the construction and all the 'Identical to the appellant' Destination, but he did not where I wanted.  I would really like this file to a directory higher when I do my build so that my application to read correctly.  Any suggestions?

    I use this executable then when I do my Installer and the problem just spreads here also, not good.

    One way to solve the problem:

    (1) in the build Properties window, select Destinations and create a new destination. Select the same directory where the exe file will be stored as 'Path of Destination'

    (2) assign this destination in the .ini file.

    Let me know if it works


  • read and sort the values present in the .ini file

    Hi all

    I have an .ini file in which a set of modules with that execution order is mentioned. I want to get all these values sorted in a table, so that I can proceed with the execution of each one in the order given. The list of the module in the .ini file looks like this:


    Here, the numbers represent the order of execution of the module.

    I should get output as a table with the following values:

    1 MNO

    DEF 2

    3 STU

    4 PQR

    5 GHEE

    6 VWZ

    ABC 7

    8 JKL

    I don't know about the configuration data and reading key live but as the list of modules is huge I don't know how to write efficient code for this. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you.

    The excerpt below should be very close to what you want.

  • using the .ini file created by EXE

    First of all I would like to say that I have a thorough knowledge of the .ini files and the need for them.  My question is related specifically to the .ini file that is created with the executable.  I searched the forum but have not found any instance of my question specifically.  After installation, the .exe and .ini are placed in my working directory in Program Files, which I expected.  The .ini file that is created is attached.

    Now, I would like to point to a different .ini that stores control settings.  I did it in the App generator under Advanced > Use Custom Config File.  That's fine and dandy, but the network, web, settings etc that have been created in the original .ini does not get included in my new .ini.  If my option is to use an .ini file separated with my control as well as created by the .exe parameters.  This seems redundant.

    My question is: does nothing my executable with the .ini file that is created when it starts to run?  I'd be OK NOT to have attached items if I wanted to point to a custom .ini file?  Why create an .ini with these specific settings file if the .exe does nothing with them?

    The only article I found is this one


    but it does not explain what the .exe is done with it, if anything.  I guess you have a total control over the .ini and there is nothing "automatic / backstage" going on here.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Why remind you the application builder to a custom INI file if you are going to have to read the chips inside manually anyway?  The reason to use a custom within the app Builder INI file is so that you can include specific parameters of execution (VI, access list server, port etc.) which are different from the settings using the LabVIEW development environment.

    You need not key in the INI file for your run-time application (as evidenced by the fact that if you delete the INI file, your exe will still works, creating a new INI file with default values).  If you leave the defaults, the application adds in the first leg in any case.

    You can store your own data in the same INI file used by the executable file; just put the keys in a different section.  LabVIEW Config File format INI files screws slightly differently (for example adding spaces around the = sign), but I didn't know it causes problems.

  • error: could not write the destination file (1 003)

    I am trying to export 40 photos of Photos.  I just installed OX El Capitan.  Only 13 of them get downloadable.  For the rest, I get this message: error: could not write the destination file (1 003)

    I tried to manually fix the library but still does not work (command + option + opening photos).

    And I do not have a backup on icloud photo library I have a backup on an external drive...

    You try to export the originals of your photos or revised versions?

    When you try to export photos to?

    You try to export to a folder on your system drive or a folder on an external drive?  If an external drive, which is the file system? And how the player is connected?

    You have permissions to write to the folder, when you export to?

  • can you tell me what to type in the search to bring up all the ini files?

    original title: question on files

    If someone could tell me what to type in the search to bring up all the ini files, it would be great.

    sandwichsam wrote:

    If someone could tell me what to type in the search to bring up all the ini files, it would be great.

    Have you tried searching for "*.ini?

    Bruce Chambers

    Help us help you:


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  • a disk error has occurred while trying to write the following file

    I was working on my video and I put in a video file and a 10 seconds later, I get an error saying "a disk error occurred while trying to write the following file.

    and audio of the video was not working I close Premiere Pro and open again to do the same thing and it happens again if you know how to fix this please tell me I need to change my video so I can get it to the top on youtube tomorrow.Help pls.png

    I contacted support and it turns off everything, I had to do was move the first clip on the desktop... lol Thanks much for the great help! Sorry for the trouble

  • How to write the text file in Shockwave?

    Someone knows how to write the text file in Shockwave on the disc of the user?

    Thanks in advance.

    These Xtras can cause a lot of havoc when used with the intent to hurt.
    What you can do is to write with setpref and store a list of backups and the
    registers itself separately. Next, you need to build your own save/open
    dialog box for the user:
    * Choose a previously saved file to load or replace
    to create a user type the name of a new file to be saved.

    The only thing that remains is that the user can't decide where files
    are saved.


    SiuLinda wrote:
    > Thanks a lot for your answer.
    > Yes, cookies is good, but I have to write a program to save the text file in
    > When the user wants, the user can open these files later if they like as, using
    > Filextra and Fileio, but I found that all these Xtra extensions seem to be not supported by
    > shockwave.

    Manno Bult
    [email protected]

  • problem updating the ini file ini file

    I get the ip address of the user's input and to replace the old IP in the .ini to the last ip address file but the problem is when a user enter the IP and I write it in my ini file it does not at once, but if I do it twise in calling the same function of my command button twise then my ini file is updated , it is the strage iniwrite function returnes success although on first attempt. I checked with breakpoint, but when I do it twise, then it is done, please guide me in detail, I am really amayzed by this strange behavior...

    I already gave you the exact order of the functions in my previous message!

    Ini file tool generates an object in memory that allows you to store and locate the values. This object can be filled in reading a file on the disk; Similarly, it can be saved to a file on disk. This is the very first operation and the last to perform if you want a picture to date of your values on the disk. There are three layers to consider:

    1. The file on the disk

    2. The IniText object in memory

    3. The variables specific to your program

    With this in mind, the right order to update the file on the disk so that it reflects the value that your variables have in memory is:

    Ini_New create the object in memory

    Ini_ReadFromFile fill it with the contents of the disc

    Ini_get('sendmail_from') read of the idebugprogramnode2 memory in your program variables

    Here tou can update the values of program

    Ini_Put update the object of memory with the contents of your variables

    Ini_WriteToFile save everything on the disc

    Memory Ini_Dispose clear

    As you save on disk before you call the Ini_Put functions, the disk image is not updated

  • Open the ini file


    I have a little problem years hope anyone can help me.

    I would like to open a *.ini file if I press the button, but the file does not open. can someone help me please?

    int CVICALLBACK LoadFile(int panel, int control, int event, void *callbackData, int eventData1, int eventData2)
    switch (event)
    case EVENT_COMMIT:
    OpenFile ('c:\\home\\My Documents\\studium\\File.ini",VAL_READ_WRITE,VAL_OPEN_AS_IS,VAL_ASCII);
    return 0;

    I'm not sure, what do you expect of the OpenFile() function to do?

    OpenFile() opens the file in a programmatic manner: This means that it provides a value (what you need to store it in a variable) which allows to read or write data from/to the file bycalling file such as ReadFile() and WriteFile() manipulation functions. It will NOT open the file in your favorite editor!

    to open the file in the sense of the word Windows User Interface, use the OpenDocumentInDefaultViewer() function.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hey,. I'm having a problem backing up my data. I have a program that simulates a tap. Essentially a certain tension will trigger the data to collect. To present to all members of this forum, I just faked this effect. If the button is on then it pseud

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    Recently, I tried to change the settings on my E3200 and could not access the page. I typed in in the address bar, evening that no proxies have been activated and tested on computers with cable and wireless and all the time he said "page

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    I bought a Wireless Linksys WRT54G Router in the United States and am now decided to move to Australia.  Will it work here?  Someone he me Telestra "says that you can only use equipment approved by their Department. Thank you.