Writing difficulty.

OK, so my laptop plays really stupid in the past two weeks. Whenever I want to write something letters accur in addition to that, I type. I don't really know what to do! It makes me crazy! My laptop don't all the time but like every 2 minutes or so.

Examples here:

for 'c': c(>space)< then="">

for m: mn

for n: nm

for vb v:

for b: bv

for x: xy

for yx y:

It's very weird and so disruptive! Does anyone know this problem and what to do to get rid of him? Thank you, Dennis.

The problem (strangely) may be affected by something that has found its place under the keyboard.  Try to use compressed air to blow all junk that may have gotten under the keys of.  Gently swinging the laptop to try to dislodge a small object like a crumb or a grain of sand and the shot again.  See if that helps.

Also, take care to check the behavior in safe mode or with a clean boot - see if this affects what you are experiencing.

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    Follow these methods.

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    Hi James

    I'm sorry, it looks like you may need to go on a training Essbase. As I said you can NOT SET on data which are entered.

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    Input_Period Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Ms Oct Nov Dec
    SYS_MONTH #missing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Start_Month 4
    End_Month 11
    Depreciation #missing #missing #missing #missing x x x x x x x x #missing
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    Try running Apple Hardware Test first:

    Using Apple Hardware Test - Apple Support

    This will tell you if there is a hardware problem or not.

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    hopfuly I'm wrong and that this problem has been fixed a long time ago?

    I look forward to a response from Apple

    benyboy2 wrote:

    Hi can someone Apple confirm if they are working on a fix for webDAV?

    They can also confirm if webDAV standard in OSX 10.11.6 is broken and that it does not support the standard webDAV protocols for servers such as ownCloud.

    Aplications of the address and schedule connect to google with WebDAV, and yet no other standard webDav server is supported, is that OK?

    Currently, we are on OSX 10.11.6 Victorian writing this request and there is no solution?

    hopfuly I'm wrong and that this problem has been fixed a long time ago?

    I look forward to a response from Apple

    This is a user forum.

    If you can describe how precise you are with webDAV, maybe someone on this list can help, but we are a few users, not Apple.

    What, you think that webDAV does not work or is broken? It is supposed to work. Have you actually tried? Or someone told you it's broken?

    Edit: Have a look at this document OS X El Capitan: to connect to a WebDAV server

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  • I copied and pasted a spike in emails, he decided to leave Chinese writing and it now appears in each email.

    I took a photo for a small ad for the customer, I pasted the email that it transposed in Chinese Web site looking for writing! whenever I have create an email that appears at the top all the time can not get rid of it!

    Hi I had this problem too.
    I try to copy something else, and then you restart computer I should be working.

  • When writing an F9 email no longer displays the address book unless in safe mode, how do I solve this problem?

    I tried to search the frequently asked questions and did a search first. It did not work, what I found F9 turns the initial contacts on and outside, but does not solve the problem with the component being wrong.

    Until a very recent update (last week or two at the most) when I type writing, the contacts pane in the window of writing have shown my address book. Now it shows some kind of research, that I can't use because I have to see all the entries to see which ones I want to send an email. In some cases, I have multiple entries for a person based on their having several email for different types of e-mail addresses. Try to remember those who want DOESN'T WORK for me. I can't get this behavior in safe mode. As an alternative, I need Thunderbird to save my setting of safe mode, so I don't have to reconfigure the SafeMode whenever I have to restart windows or restart Thunderbird. I currently come in default safe mode

    I tried to remove and then install an older version of Thunderbird and the pane bad contact on the left was there. I can't find any setting to change the part of that wrong at the old I need. I would rather not try to reinstall win7 pro from scratch for this problem, assuming that would fix it.

    I am running windows7 64 bit pro

    It was very strange. Now things work properly and I don't know why. I want to thank everyone for their help. The image shows the first letter of the contact you want on screen messages write with the address list. Before it wasn't to show a list of addresses, just search options to search for address books. I think I'm more confused then I was before. I'll try a reboot and see if the message of Scripture remains fixed.

    Once again, thank you for all the help and hope that the correction is corrected.

  • at the opening of a 'writing' window there is no toolbar! and no submit button! Please, help me to restore!

    I followed the instructions in a displayed answer go to the menu bar on the screen of Mozilla and all checked. There's no composition bar in the e-mail toolbar.
    Still, there is no menu bar on a "new message / write ' window.
    I appreciate your help... This is so frustrating!

    You need carry out the instructions in the window where you are missing toolbars. In your case, the window of writing.
    Open a window of writing.
    Press the alt key if the menu bar is missing too.
    The Menu bar select View-toolbar and enable toolbars missing.

  • Clicked on writing in Thunderbird, got a whole new list of contacts with many items I did not here. Why?

    Most of the new entries seems to be people that I have either written or received mail from. My address book is last name first. Many new entries have the same names but first name first. Something is obviously by analyzing my mail file all and added to my contacts list. If I want to add a contact, I'll do it. "Don't want to do to me unless I ask."

    This a pane to the left of the space where you type a new message?

    If so, it is called the Contacts Sidebar and TB38, default to 'All address books' and it'll show you a composite, consisting of all your address book address book which one you don't know you have, known as collected addresses.

    If you click on "All address books" in the sidebar of Contacts, you will get a drop down menu where you can choose one of your address books. Personal address book could be the one suitable for you.

    I do not use the sidebar. I just start typing addresses or names and an auto fill feature offers connections to the address book.

    When this topic comes up, I often ask about the thought process behind the work of a list of names. I guess that there are use cases where you send a large number of people, including all the names you couldn't possibly memorize, a list could act as a reminder. (But there are better ways to deal with such a situation; for example dedicated address books, mailing lists, direct mail utility.)

    Another use case may be the kind of person who blindly copy fun (supposedly!) messages to all their knowledge.

    In my case, I am writing to the people and people have names, and their names are what I know them by. The number of people that I write for in reference to a particular topic would be low and the recipients would be tailored to the situation. So it seems natural to send me a message by naming the intended recipients. And it is more efficient to have the computer find my address books to do it myself.

    To manage what is happening in the collected addresses, look

    Tools | Options of| Composition | Addressing

  • pane 'send' and 'address' disappeared frpm writing (composing) window, and I can't figure out how to fix.

    The part of the address appeared by activating / deactivating the F9 key.
    The 'Send' button is still missing.

    Do not know why you started a new thread for the same problem but...

    When you open the window of writing you the Composition toolbar where the Send button?
    He has send-spelling-Attatch-security etc on it.

    If this isn't the case, have you tried my instructions in the other thread to activate the missing toolbars?

    If you have some of the bar Composition tools but lack just the Send button, click with the right button on the Composition toolbar and select Customize. Find the button send in the window that opens and he reglisser in place.

  • "' I'm a toolbar with ' writing ', address book, etc.

    When Thunderbird opens, it is in the Inbox, no way to wite meaassges or get address book.

    Looks like you've lost your toolbars.
    If the menu bar is missing also by pressing alt or F10 should appear. FYI: This works in most applications to reveal the hidden toolbars.
    The menu bar select View-Toolbars and rekindle the missing toolbars.
    Writing and address book are on the e-mail toolbar.

  • How can I get rid of the Chinese writing on my tabs

    When I open a new tab to search for some kind of Chinese writing on the web covers all my tabs. How can I solve this problem?

    Hello grhrtn, this is a defect caused display extension Advisor to mcafee site - please try to disable or remove that in case you have a present that there is a mcafee update that may resolve the problem.


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    I've been using LibreOffice, but due to accessibility issues, I'm looking for the best writing on the Mac tools. Does anyone know what would work?

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    2. I can not disable the flashing cursors in LibreOffice. Flashing what whatsoever, it is difficult for me to see, can be painful and can be confusing, so it makes it hard to check where I was before. LibreOffice relies on a system setting and OS X uses different settings; I can't disable some flashing cursors in OS X but not LibreOffice flashing cursors.

    3. I have to be able to avoid the animation, use Scroll + and other accessibility and break of planning tools and avoid both hands combinations of keys or keys and clicks.

    4. I need to check my notes, check my sources, create tables and enter data, so concentrated writing the software won't work. I need avoid the automatic formatting, AutoCorrect, etc..

    5. I need to open my .odt files and save in .odt or another format open to no - to the request-for-obscelence. I'd like one that uses open default formats. Ideally also .epub or .html.

    6. I would like to be able to use Dragon for Mac, if and when construction pain subsides.

    Besides only LibreOffice and OpenOffice, I tried Appleworks, Pages, and Textedit, more graphic for the drawing.

    1. I used to use Appleworks, but Apple has continuously supported.

    2. I also used Pages, but Apple stopped supporting that too; the current version cannot open the old files of the original version.

    3. I tried Textedit, but I can't find "save under" so I don't know if I can create a new version or a new document to turn an old, and I get an error message if I try to change a test document.

    For TextEdit, try to hold down the option/Alt for choosing Save as.

    A few suggestions below.

    compatible with mac Os 10.11 processing programs

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