Wrong Page number, printing on LaserJet M1212nf MFP

I recently bought a LaserJet M1212nf MFP. My computer running Windows 7.

I am trying to print a document in Word that displays the page number and the number of pages at the bottom of the page (Page 1 of 3, Page 2/3, Page 3/3), that the document on the screen has the correct page numbers and the number of pages on each page. But on the printed document, page numbers read Page 1 of 1, Page 2, Page 3/3 2. How can I fix this so that it prints correctly? Thanks for your help!


I hear what you're saying now.

Okay, so I went in the Word doc and the field code displays page numbers as "Page [PAGE] of [NBPAGES]." I noticed the field shading has been defined "when selected", so I changed that to "always." I printed a document and the page numbers now correctly read!

Thank you dansdaduk to direct me to the fix.

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    Hello world

    I have a strange problem with my HP laserjet m1212nf mfp printer after updating to Windows 10 on PC1

    Updates are made, tried to reinstall ect.

    Now, when I tried to print it says required attantion

    But if something is that on PC1 and I decided to print from another pc and any operating system then Quebec on the prints of PC1.

    Any idea what could be the problem?

    I also ran problem solver and Diagnostics for windows 10 and HP (doctors ' something tool ') cant remember the name

    Help, please!

    Thanks for the help everyone, I managed to solve the problem.

    The soluction (Windows 10)

    Uninstalled the printer one again, then when you search for printers I chose that the printer was not on the list (although is has)

    Installed by using the IP address of the printer, after that, it will ask if you want to keep the driver or replace by the network (that) printer and success problem printing free driver

    In the future no update new printer

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    My Laserjet M1212nf MFP will not be printed on the labels. Select 'labels' as the paper type, I get the large popup telling me to load support.

    I use Avery 5160 labels

    I can print the same labels on plain paper without problem.

    Hi Michel,.

    When the printer is set to the current settings and receives a request for the written press which is not currently installed and configured in the printer, it will prompt you can load the media is requested to print on.

    According to the description, it seems that the printer has not said the type of media that is loaded in the tray.   When he thinks that the driver you select labels, the printer itself, it commissioned from plain and requests that you load the labels.

    The following is a section of the User Guide. On Page 57 there are instructions to change the setting from the default document type.  If this setting is changed to 'Labels' and 'Labels' request from the driver, you should not get the prompt on the control panel again.

    Please try this and see if the prompt disappears.

  • New Laserjet M1212nf MFP does not copy or scan. Not taking in the documents document feeder

    Product: Laserjet M1212nf MFP

    OS: Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 64 bit

    USB 2.0 connection

    Scan software Readiris Pro

    Have installed a new Laserjet M1212nf MFP. When I send a document to print, it produces an impression outside, well wrapped on the ends because of the heat.

    The copy function and the scanner or never do not produce print outs. The bar with light moves on the copy/scan with the light area, but no print out.

    In addition, for the copier/scanner document feeder does not pages.

    I installed several LaserJet using a number of operating systems in the past.

    Best wishes


    Hi Shane,

    Thank you for the additional information. You experience a hardware problem with the scanner in the printer mechanism. The following additional options depending on your current status of the warranty on this printer.

    In the guarantee:

    Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region please click the link below to get help from your region number.


    Out-of-warranty options:


  • LaserJet M1212nf MFP: Spring / roll jumped out of scanner flat.

    I had a paper jam while I was scanning several sheets in the feeder.  I opened the lid of the scanner and a spring / roll came out.  I am still able to print and scan from the tray, but I'm not able to use the charger.  I have attached a photo of the piece that jumped.  Anyone know where it's going?  Thanks in advance.

    Hi @deejaygreg,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I see that a roll of spring/jump our of your HP Laserjet M1212nf MFP printer. I'm happy to help you!

    The only suggestion I have for you is to please contact HPtelephone support for further assistance. To repair the printer / or replaced. (After you fill out the information, you will receive a phone number.) If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Language-country selector.

    I hope this helps!

    If this, or one of the posts on this thread, helped you to solve the problem, please click 'Accept as Solution' said post. To show you 'like', or that they are grateful for my post, please click the thumbs upwards below. If there is anything else I can do to help, please don't forget to let me know!

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    I found the HP folder and was able to scan.  It has not put an icon on my desktop as did my previous installations.

    When I talked to support the HP told me they had technical difficulties with the Web site.  They site immerses you in an endless loop.  If you need support you can call them direct to the 1-800-474-6836.

  • HP Laserjet M1212nf MFP professional

    I have a HP Professional laserjet M1212nf MFP. my computer is connected to the network and my printer eprint as well. I am trying to open my eprint printer Hp web services but it does not open, but it is re - lead me www.hpeprintcenter.com.

    Please how can I activate my eprint printer HP web services?

    Thank you

    I await your response.

    Hi philip24,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support.  I understand that you get redirected to HP ePrintCenter trying to enable web services for your Laserjet M1212nf printer.

    Your post leads me to believe that your printer needs a firmware update, so I've included the document Getting the latest Firmware and updates to the product .

    Once the printer firmware is up-to-date, you should be able to get operational web services. If this isn't the case, please let me know at what stage things are ugly and the content of any error message.  Also would you please let me know which operating system you use on your computer (whatsmyos.com)?  Thank you.

  • Ink cartridge Laserjet M1212nf MFP and I get error message "install black cartridge.

    I have installed and reinstalled the ink cartridge black for my Laserjet M1212nf MFP and I get error message "install the black print cartridge.  I pointed out quite in the restart including manual online, the fact to unplug printer, etc..

    Help, please.

    This error of "Install black cartridge" is usually caused by a piece of packaging material that remains on the cartridge. The document below should help you to solve the problem. If this does not work, try to do a hard reset. If neither works, let me know.

    Toner blinking or 'Install black print cartridge' Message is displayed on the control panel:

    To do a hard reset:
    1. make sure that the printer is turned on.
    2. pull on the power cord from the printer.
    3. pull out the power cord from the wall.
    4. wait for 30 seconds.
    5. plug in the printer and turn it on.

  • Help! LaserJet M1212nf MFP


    I have HP LaserJet M1212nf MFP AllInOne baought ricently.

    when im trying to scan, if its with the charger or glass, is comeout as Mirrowview page scanned.

    when im asking him to pruduce as a MirrorView is just won't come out.

    I have updated and softwere of hp.

    im a 32-bit Windows 7 user.

    you have a solotion for this problem?


    It is a software problem known with the alignment from right to the left of the preview of the scan, it only affects the preview screen , but the analysis results will be as expected.

    Once the mirror preview appears. do not duplicate the preview but complement the analytical work... the results of the analysis will be as expected.

    To completely resolve the problem, you can uninstall the HP software, change your PC Non-Unicode affecting English and reinstall the HP software. Then the HP software will appear as English and not to see him get an overview of the analysis as a mirror image.


  • change the display of the Chinese language to English on LaserJet M1212nf MFP


    How do you change the display of the Chinese language to English on a LaserJet M1212nf MFP printer?

    its screen was English before but someone changed the Chinese and we do not know how to change the display in English language


    Please, try the following steps:

    • Press the power button to turn the product on.
    • On the Control Panel, press the Setup button to open the main menu.
    • Press the left arrow key three times to select the system setup and press OK. The language option opens.
    • Press OK to open the language menu.
    • Press the right arrow key to select the language that you want to display, and then press OK.
      Press the back button to return to the main menu.

    Kind regards.

  • LaserJet M1212nf MFP output bin extender

    The LaserJet M1212nf MFP comes with the output tray Extender indicated in the installation guide? I could not find in the shipping box.  It maybe unfold some compartment hidden in the body of the printer?

    Hello fizzix2002,

    Yes, the output tray Extender will be delivered with the unit, inside the box and must be installed after unboxing conversion (described here as the fourth step).

    Should be stored separately somewere inside your box, as for example the power cord and visible, it is not that small.

    Best regards


  • LaserJet M1212nf MFP

    Why a print a file driver HPIII HP4 or HP5 HP6L printing when it is sent programmatically to a LaserJet M1212nf MFP?

    I have installed each of the HP LaserJet mentioned above, while they would feel in a file.  I'm testing a software that transforms the raw data to a PCL printer.  Only one file printed to the M1212nf print correctly.  Other files appear in the print queue, but never print.


    Any printer PCL as mentioned above cannot be used with the Laserjet M1212 that isn't a PCL printer.

    The Laserjet M1212 supports printing Hostbased, not the PCL5 and PCL 6 printing language language.

    You can find the data sheet below, within the LANGUAGES of PRINTER STANDARD section:


  • HP CC522A - size of the PRINTER HP LASERJET COLOR MFP M775DN 700

    HP CC522A - size of the PRINTER HP LASERJET COLOR MFP M775DN 700

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  • HP Laserjet m1212nf mfp printer: cannot set RINGS TO ANSWER


    I have the printer HP Laserjet 1212nf.

    It works very well in the past.

    The fax was not connected during the last year.

    Now, I reconnected and I can't send or receive faxes.

    I also see that I can't set the number of rings to answer - is what I see on the fax screen: 0 (0-0)

    Can it be fixed?

    Thanks to you all

    Hi @AmirTA,

    Have you tried the reset I sent you private message?

    If you can't change the settings of the printer, I would suggest to update the firmware of the printer: LJM1130_M1210_FW_Upgrade_Security_signed - 20150405.exe

    It may be a hardware problem, if the options in the menu, you cannot change them.

    You must use a cable 2 son.

    Voicemail can interfere with faxes that crosses. One suggestion would be to get setup distinctive ring on the line or to disable voicemail.

    You can set the fax to the manual, but you must press the printer button each time to receive the fax.

    Keep me posted. Thank you.

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