WRT160N lan problems

Hello... I recently moved into a new House and I'm having issues setting up my router for LAN. I have the wireless works beautifully, I have reset the router and dhcp is enabled. NO lights are lighting of slots 1-2-3-4 on the router. is there a setting I'm missing? I don't want to mess up my wireless connection, now that he's running so good.

Thanks in advance


Try troubleshooting posted by oumou first, to narrow down the cause of the problem.

This means that if your PC connected directly to the router is fine, there is something wrong with your wired home...

and Yes, it's internet settings, type of connection, which is the news depends on your ISP, what type of internet connection, you get from your ISP, do not change the settings if your router can already spend on internet access to your devices.

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  • Satellite Pro P300-1ES (PSPCDE) - speed with W - LAN problem


    just got my new laptop Toshiba (see subject). Unfortunately, I had a big problem with the W - Lan laptop speed.

    Compared to my old laptop (satellite Pro A120, with a chip of WLAN Intel 3945) the new laptop (with a chip Atheros AR9281) scores only about 10% of the possible Internetspeed (approximately 1.5mbit compared to 0.1mbit!).

    I am running Windows XP Service Pack 3 and tried to install the latest drivers for the card Atheros (, newest Bios Version (version 2.50) and tried a few things on the forum (like disabling the option 'save energy' in the advanced driver options.) But speed has not improved at all and now I'm all ideas.

    I'd appreciate it if someone could help me with my problem. Many thanks in advance,



    As far as I know the standard WLan card Atheros AR5BXB91 supports the 802.11bgn WLan.

    Check what WLan standard A, B, G or N to have been chosen in the
    * Device Manager-> WLan card properties-> Advanced tab * and set it up again.

  • G 430 W Lan problem

    I have Lenovo 3000 G430 laptop, I used Windows 7 32-bit before, but now I upgraded to 64-bit, now the problem is that my Lan & Bluetooth drivers are not getting recognized despite them installed from the support page.

    It says "W Lan Switch located in front is turned off" but it is powered, it still doesn't give any light! It is for sure that it is not a hardware problem with the switch, but a driver s/w problem.

    And every time I have install the bluetooth driver, it says "Device not found"

    What should do? I can connect to the Wi Fi Net now!

    Hi, I got the answer finally. The drivers worked very well. I just downloaded the driver HOTKEY & on the F5 key. Now it works!

  • HP Compaq 6730 b: LAN problem

    Dear all

    I have a problem in the laptop HP 6730 b LAN cable

    When I put the LAN cable, the operating system does not detect it and still conntcted to Wirless

    When I restart the OS and keep the cable connected LAN, windows can recognize him, and everything is ok

    but when I remove the cable and put it again once, windows could not detect it...


    1. I installed windows 7 image with some applications, but I create the image of the PC

    2 - I have another laptop (same series) and this problem exists also

    in the meantime your advises

    It would be fair that because the without wire is already connected, it does not recognize the two internet connections.  Turn off the wireless, then insert the LAN cable.  See if that makes a difference.

  • Cannot connect xbox on computer due to LAN problem

    This has been me upset for a few days now and I can understand it so heres the situation.i have a dell pc, dimension 2400 with windows xp sp3 professianal and there is just about a week, I plugged my xbox 360 up to the computer and shared on the network. and it worked without problem, but then I left for a few days and came back and he dident want to work more as soon as I have an internet connection and the xbox live would go only for all four minutes then both would stop at the place where I couldent get internet until I have pingd google. but then once I got to the top and running and I tried again it brings up an error saying.      An error occurred while internet connection sharing was enabled

    Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled.

    A LAN connection is already configured with the ip address

    It is sufficient, for automatic ip addressing

    can anyone help please


    Internet connection sharing configures the connection to the local network, the home network or small office network with a static address. There is another network card in the system that is configured with the same address.

    Method 1:

    See the article and check if that helps:

    How to activate the ICS on a home or small office network connection in Windows XP


    Method 2:

    I suggest return you the item and try to reset the Internet Protocol settings.

    How to reset the Protocol Internet (TCP/IP)


    Method 3:

    I suggest to disable the antivirus software and check if it helps.


    Note: run the computer without antivirus software or firewall is a potential threat to the computer; Be sure to activate security software after completing the troubleshooting steps and after identifying the problem.

    See also the link for Xbox support:


  • WRT160N & IE problems

    I've had my WRT160N router installed for over a month now and you have a recurring problem for Internet Explore to connect to the internet.  I was not able to determine a consistent cause; Sometimes a ping query will show internet connectivity, other times not.  Sometimes simply to load another page or you restart the browser will work, sometimes I have to restart the router, that always does the trick.  It is very annoying, anyone have any ideas that would lead me to a solution to this?

    WRT160N v2 router got some / similar problems with v2.0.02 build 011 Firmware, if you have WRT160N v2 router with firmware mentioned above, you should downgrade the firmware to v2.0.02 build 008 Firmware... See this

  • Wireless and LAN problem with Thinkpad

    Im having serious problems with my Thinkpad T61p on my wireless and LAN drivers (at least I think it is the drivers, could be something else). This can be a long explanation, but please bear with me.

    Yesterday, after seeing an example on the net, I tried to connect my xbox 360 to my laptop. I thought I'd be able to play on the xbox wireless using the laptop as a gateway to my router. I never had any problems before with logins, and had the wireless on my home network.

    After plugging in an Ethernet cable into the laptop and xbox (following the instructions, I had online), I became "Network connections", (start-> Control Panel-> network connections). I had used a cable to connect your desktop to my laptop before and normally when you go to network connections, the connection between them appears as an icon. This time, has no icon.

    I decided to try and create a connection. At this point my wireless was still working because I was always browsing the net. On the left sidebar, I clicked on "create a new connection". Hit next, and then click the radio button "set up an advanced connection." "Accept inbound connections" option box pressed, the next button. Finally, a link has been created, but when I went to go again my wireless connection dropped. I went back and removed the link to "network connections".

    I opened "Logins" and tried to connect to my home profile. No results. I tried clicking on 'Search' to see were there any other networks available and all I kept getting was: "the wireless radio is turned off. You want to turn on? ". Press 'Yes', landmark of waiting a few seconds, click on 'Search' again, same message. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the wireless to turn on. So I found this thread:


    and decided it was best to update access connections. It came as a default as version 4.42 so I updated to 5.12. Rebooted and tried again. Now the wireless starts up fine, but when I look for my router connections, some networks are located.

    Next to this thread:


    I updated my drivers and countless other things without success. I've updated wireless drivers from this page and dial-up connections to:


    Another strange thing I see is that when I try to 'Create a new connection' 'Network connections', select 'Create a home or small business network', keep the progression through each other, it is to choose connections it is said that both my wireless and LAN are disconnected.

    Wireless that I use is: Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AG

    LAN: Intel 82566MM Gigabit Network Connection

    It is not to have problems in Device Manager and that these two are enabled.

    Does anyone have an idea of what is after occurrence and how I could fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated, because I need it for work soon.

    It sets obtained.

    Essentially had to uninstall the network drivers (not enough I know) from Device Manager and reboot. After the wireless and LAN is back!

  • Satellite Pro L850-1 p 7 - wireless LAN problems

    I recently bought a L850 Pro Satellite 1 p 7 and led to a new installation on Windows 7 (64-bit)

    After the new installation, I manually installed the driver for the network card, I then shot all windows updates.

    In Device Manager, I noticed that it lacks a few downloaded drivers so a load of drivers who have resolved most of the issues.

    I don't have one that is still yellow, it's for network controller.

    My one question is with wireless network.

    I tried to install several drivers, but cannot get the wireless network card to show in the settings of the card.

    I can see a bit of reading I have a wireless / Atheros Bluetooth combo.

    Reading some other threads that I downloaded the value added package, the package of Atheros Bluetooth and Bluetooth stack filter. After that I turn on Bluetooth with F12 function key, it warns me about issues with Bluetooth and wireless on at the same time.

    I also noticed that windows tells me there is a problem with the Bluetooth software and am trying to get download and install driver_bluetooth_TC00131900C

    This does not seem to fix anything.

    Has anyone else had this problem and the fix is? I really need to get my wireless working...

    See you soon


    You are right, that the Satellite Pro L850-1 p 7 was equipped with the WLan ATHEROS 802.11 A/G/N WB222 card, which also supports Bluetooth.

    > Reading some other threads that I downloaded the value added package, the package of Atheros Bluetooth and Bluetooth stack filter.
    It is almost correct. But you forgot to install the Atheros WLan driver.
    You must first install the Atheros WLan driver then the filter package Atheros Bluetooth and battery Bluetooth.

    This should be the key ;)

  • Satellite A110-195 - LAN problem (realtek RTL8139)-"Limited or no connectivity."

    I Satellite A110-195 and having problems with the connection on the net, I reinstal driver and aplication but the problem remains, only what happens is that I get messege "Limited or no connectivity."

    Help, please!

    You connect to a cable or a wireless connection?

  • Wake up the lan problem

    Wake on lan suddenly stopped working last week.  No idea why?  It has worked flawlessly before.  I made no intentional change to the PC, but the Windows updates have been loaded.  Hardware and BIOS are always value of wake on lan.  I am running XP.  Anything in the updates of June 2011, which would have penetrated WOL?  More importantly, how can I solve this?  Thank you.

    If you use a classical WoL - which means that you use it for * voltage * the machine - then the OS has nothing to do with it.

    If you use it to wake up the machine to hibernation - BIOS is always the main target.  However - it's not just the setting of Wake On LAN, you need to worry about, but also the power management...

    1. on the computer target in Device Manager or in the network settings, select the network card.
    2. click on: properties
    3. click on the button Configure the network card.
    4. Select the tab: power management
    5. place a check mark to: allow this device to wake the computer
    6. click on: OK
    7 continue to close all property pages.


    I have 3 computers on my local network.  Each of them is shared and allows anyone to access.  However, when I try the search to another computer, it tells me that is not accessible and I could not have permission to use the network resource.  I shared the files to everyone and everyone should be able to read the files in the group.  He said as there is no enough storage server to process the order.  My network is on a DSL router and it is not server as such.  So I don't understand what the problem is.

    The key here is the error "memory insufficient server.  Try the following Microsoft KB article:

    "The antivirus software may cause Event ID 2011"
      <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/177078 >


  • WRT160N - LAN and WLAN of separate networks.

    Hello, I'm currently trying to install my printer for each computer on the network. I was able to do that with every computer that connect wirelessly to the network. I'm now trying to get the no wireless computer configured to use this printer.

    I just found that the WLAN and LAN networks are separated from each other. Which means that computers on the same network wireless and no wireless on one. I don't want that.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Go to the computer on which you have connected to the computer on this computer, click on start - RUN - type "ipconfig" and note the IP address... Now, go to the computer on which you want to share the printer and on this computer, click on start - RUN - type "\\IP of your computer" and click OK... It will show you your printer, right-click on it and click 'Connect' and it will be mapped to the printer on your computer... Once this is done now, you should be able to print from your computer.

  • driver Realtek lan problem

    Hello Sir

    Recently replaced the hard drive in my laptop, forcing me to re-install Windows 7 Ultimate edition. The laptop is a HP pavilion n011tu 15

    Installation went well, now trying to download the drivers for the network card on another computer and install it via a USB on the laptop. I get error messages when I try to do, I think I have the right software to install, but I'm not sure. First message that popsup is an error saying "Findfile failed. I press OK - then after a few moments, I get the message "realtek network controller is not found. If hibernation is enabled, please connect the cable. »

    I tried to resolve, but can not fix. Please Sir do little help...



    Sometimes it must first install the first Intel chipset driver and restart the computer before the installation of the ethernet driver.

    One should always first install the chipset driver and restart the computer before installing any other driver to avoid things like this happen.


    Then try to install the ethernet driver.


  • LAN problem: Vista PC does not connect to the XP PC through a router

    My setup: laptop XP SP3, laptop Vista Home premium SP1, Fritz! Box 7270 as ADSL Modem, router and gateway.

    Since the Installation of the SP3 on XP laptop PC Vista can no longer access the XP PC. Vista indicates the XP Machine occasionally, but cannot connect. Error 0 x 80070035. Ping from Vista to XP translates to time limit.

    XP PC can connect to the Vista PC and use all the services available.

    I am a user experienced with the good network of expertise. I checked the configuration settings and tested alternative parameters. I installed KB 922120V6-x86D DTBT Protocol on the XP PC. No change in the behavior of the network.

    Internet connection through the gateway works fine on both machines.

    Useful tips are very much appreciated


    You have probably two firewalls running on XP is the first place to check. If you have a software firewall or antivirus/security of the third party with its own firewall component, the built-in Windows Firewall should not be running and it probably is. Or are looking for a firewall neglected in the VPN software if you use it. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • vpn Windows 2003 problem

    I had connected two windows server 2003 sp2 as Server1 and Server2 via a vpn
    Thanks to the internet.
    Each server also has a network of LAN.
    problem is when vpn is connected between two servers that LAN is disconnected. client systems cannot connect to the server via the lan.
    area of the systems windows xp or windows 7 cannot access its main server. How to solve this problem?

    Post in the Windows Server Forums:

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