WRT160N router is not connecting to Internet

I installed the router correctly, I changed the IP as the instructions says here. Yet so far none of my wired computers can connect to the internet. I still am posting this on my laptop wireless through the same router. According to LELA my connection on my wired computers is ok.

What version of the WRT160N you (v1 or v2) and what firmaware is installed. If it's buil 11 you need to downgrade to build 8 by following the instructions in the link I provided previously. Build 11 is too unstable to solve effectively, without a downgrade to build 8 (as appropriate to your router) is a waste of time to try to solve your problem.

Tell us the router and the firmware version, and we can go from there.

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  • Router will not connect to internet (modem Comcast)

    I have had this router for a few months with no problems. But this morning all my computers says limited connection... I'm still on the network, but not internet available.

    I tried to unplug the power on the modem and the router, but the same thing happens. If I connect a computer directly to the cable modem, I have access to the internet very well, which leads me to believe that it's a junk router.

    R7000 genius says not connected as well...

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    haw1144 wrote:
    Any ideas/suggestions?

    Since you seem to be getting an Internet connection very well when the connections of a PC connected to the modem, I would recommend that you try to spoof the MAC than PC. To do this simply:

    From the PC that you are able to access Internet when connected directly to the modem, connect a cable to one of the four on the R7000 LAN ports. Connect to it via with admin as user name and password as password. Click Advanced , and then select Setup -> Internet Setup. Make sure everything is set to automatic and dynamic and to the last option for The MAC address of the router you choose to use computer MAC address. Click apply and wait for the page to come back. He should get back to work now!

    If it still doesn't work, please tell us how the Internet light on the front of the router is turned on (the globe).

  • My WGR614v10 router will not connect to internet

    When I connect my computer directly to my modem I have a fast internet connection, but when I try to connect through my router I can not to surf the Internet. MY router was working fine two days ago.

    I just talk about my router, not my modem. In any case, I appreciate your help. Now, I bought one from amazon which works very well. Thank you.

  • AC1200 + router is not connecting to internet

    My ac1200 router + is unable to connect to the internet via a modem. The activity led light on the internet port of the router and the modem are, but not flashing do not. I am able to connect to the router and the program installation/change settings. Also, I am able to connect to the internet when I connect the modem directly to the computer. I tried troubleshooting on page settings on the router and the Windows network settings, but nothing works so far.

    I appreciate any help or advice that someone is able to provide.

    Hi, ibdodger. What is the model of your modem? To configure your router with cable Internet service, click this link.

    Kind regards


    Linksys technical support

  • accidentally turned off system now in router does not connect to internet

    accidentally turned off computer power switch, now everything is on the router required for wireless transmission down seems unable to connect to the internet. I'm sure that the answer is simple, but I'm not having any luck

    Try to turn off the router for a few minutes, restart and then after waiting a few minutes, restart your computer and see if it connects.

    I hope this helps.

  • I do not have a dail-up, it is Verizion DSL. Problem is router does not connect to internet when I try ti sign in to MSN

    There is a sign on the screen to access MSN Premium, homepage, e-mail, etc..  However, I click to connect and I have dial-up screen.  I don't have a dail up.  If I use explore to access the internet... it works.


    I suggest that you post your question on the Forums of MSN, as the question are related to the MSN homepage.


    It will be useful.

  • My router is not connecting wireless more... Please help!

    My internet connection is out, and when it was restored, my router would not connect to internet at all.  I tried to reconfigure the router with the installation cd provided and now the router connects via an ethernet cable, however when I totally the ethernet connection cord is lost and when I try to connect wirelessly, I get the message "Windows cannot connect to this network."  Help, please!  I have a laptop HP Windows Vista 64 - bit, an RCA cable modem, and router model is WRT54G2.

    As you have pushed the button of the router config settings SSID and the security must have changed on the router... Then open the page of the router again and redo the wireless (SSID and security) on the router settings.

    Once you have done with the settings, on the computer... remove the preferred network and manually add the network.

    Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > manage wireless networks, here to remove all present systems and close all the window... Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > manage wireless network and click Add, select manually create a network profile and click Next, enter the name of your network SSID/network, select WEP for security type and enter your 10-digit network key and click Next, it should say 'Connected successfully to _' close all windows and see if you can connect to the Internet wireless...

  • Linksys Router WRT160N - Wireless does not connect to the cable modem

    I installed the Linksys WRT160n router to replace an existing G router. When installed the new wireless router works, but the router does not receive a connection (IP address - look under status) of the cable modem (so no internet). When I reconnect the old router and then connect the new router, I get any internet connection through two routers (so the old dishes router the IP address that accepts the new router).

    I have configured the router N new for

    "Automatic configuration - DHCP", no need for connection, IP address dynamic, etc (as required by ISP - Timewarner)

    I tried to renewal and release IP address by the router N when it is connected directly to the main switch (the switch to connect to the cable modem). In so doing, shouldn't that assign a new IP address to the router?

    I am allowed 3 IPs from the cable company (because of the switch) and I use all three with three different internet IP cameras to each address for home security system.

    Any suggestions on why the router is not connecting to the internet? Do I need to reboot physically everything on the network, including the cable modem?

    If I understand your post, you said that your ISP gives you 3 Internet IP addresses and you have 3 cameras that use one of these Internet IP addresses.  If this is correct, then that leaves no IP Internet address for your WRT160N use - so that would explain why your WRT160N cannot get an Internet connection.

    If I misread your post, and you have an Internet IP address available for the WRT160N, you might have a problem with your modem and two WRT160N tries to use the same 192.168.1.x subnet.  To check this, follow these steps:

    (1) Please indicate addresses that use your cameras (IE before you take the test below).  If the addresses do not begin with 192.168, then erase the last half of each address.

    (2) Please indicate your ISP

    (3) Please indicate the make and exact model of your modem (not the WRT160N) number.

    (4) Please do the following test:

    Put your entire network.  Disconnect the switch (including cameras) to the modem.  Using an ethernet cable, connect your modem directly to your computer.  (Do not use the WRT160N for this test).  Turn on the modem and the computer.  Make sure you have an active Internet connection, then go ahead with what follows: (even if your Internet connection does not work, include this and move forward.)

    Go to 'Start' > all programs > Accessories > command prompt.
    A black DOS window will appear. Type "ipconfig/all" (with no quotes), and press the Enter key.   Copy all results in your next post.  To make the copy, highlight the results, and then use the keys copy (Ctrl-c) and paste (Ctrl-v) keys.  If your "IP address" does not begin with 192.168, then for security reasons, delete the latter half of your IP address.

  • My IPad is connected to the WiFi router but will not connect to internet. My Internet works on my IPhone and Mac Book

    Since last night, my IPad connecting to my WiFi router, does not connect to the internet.

    Internet connection works for my IPhone and MacBook.


    Go to settings resets the network settings on iPad.

    After reset, enter your key wireless router.

    See you soon


  • Router is not connecting to the modem so I can't get internet

    All right-_ - I tried a lot of things with this so I get irritated sorry. Here is my info I have a Linksys Wireless Router with SpeedBoost Firmware Version 7.2 WRT54GS (latest version). I'm trying to use it with a Sprint 645 series Modem. My IP address when you are connected to the router and the router connected to the Modem is who my ISP said was ok to make it work. While it is just connected to my modem, it's the same thing except replace the 100 by 1. My ISP uses a measure of security where The Thing DHCP is and so is the DNS server and default gateway and im not sure if this has something to do with it. I used the ping at a command prompt to make sure that I am connected to the router when its plugged up and it is. This is a new router. I have internet with Modem just perfectly. I tried to reset the router and that does not work-_-. I don't think it is important more because I tried to fix the many way people have told me and it didn't work, but I'll tell u in any case. When I put up the first router time I hung and lit everything at the beginning. Then I noticed that it says Run CD before to connect the cables... those who were not in the instructions but wtv... anyway resetting should have fixed or so I was told by other people on this forum. I use a laptop with Windows Vista, and I don't have access to a desktop computer in case I need a XD. I can connect to the router fine because I can access the Setup page... and I can connect wireless... The ONLY problem seems to be that the router will not connect to the Modem... for some reason of wtv-_ - I think that its because the entire security measure on the way to the DHCP and the DSN and the bridge are all, but that's just me. I'm sorry this is very long but I really want this problem-_ - I had this router for a month and becomes really annoying so please help . My ISP is Embarq. I ran the installation CD and I had all through the last step (standby router) after having connected the power supply to the wall for the router. Just, it is there forever and then says "error: 322 cannot find router or something like that." There are 3 steps to try to fix it. It says to make sure that the router is connected (it is), it is said also to make sure that u does not actually connect your old router, (I don't have a-_-) and then re-run Setup. and by the installer, I mean where u plug in all the cables in the right way. * sigh *.

    If you need anything else please ask.

    Your second post says "" ignore this "so I guess everyone thought that you set..."

    When you connect through your router that you have two instances of DHCP past... one is your DSL modem with router IP address on its WAN interface. The other is the router that gives your computer an IP address via the DHCP server on the router. The IP address of the modem gives your router is in the network. Unfortunately, by default, the reange of Linksys routers LAN IP address is also in this range. For that to work, you must set your router LAN ip, so that the LAN and WAN router interfaces are in different networks.

    To do this, unplug the DSL modem router, power it and your computer, and then connect the computer to the router by an ethernet cable. Turn on the router and the computer, and then go to Change the LAN IP on router, save the configuration, and then restart the computer. Once the computer returns to the top, navigate to you should be able to get to the router GUI configuration.

    Turn off the router and the DSL modem, connect the router to the modem via the Internet port using an ethernet cable, and then turn on the modem, then the router... you should be good to go...

  • I have been connected to the internet (wireless), then I unplugged the router and now I can not connect to internet. I tried diagnose the problem, but he said that he could not.

    I have a wireless internet connection for my laptop. I was connected to the internet, and it worked very well, so I had to unplug my router and all of a sudden I can't connect to the internet more. When I open the available networks, I hit connect on mine and he said: it does not work then I hit "diagnose the problem" and then, he says he can't. Also it is not even give me the option to set my password to connect to my network, but it does when I try to connect to any other.

    I suggest to unplug all your network cables and unplug the adapter from your modem AND router. ONLY plug your modem back power adapter in. Wait until you get a steady green light on your router, which indicates that it is ready. Then, connect the ethernet cable from your modem to your router INTERNET port. Connect the ethernet cable from your computer to any other ETHERNET port on your router. Finally turn the monitor for your router.

    If you do not do so in this order, the router can not connect properly to the internet because it doesn't have the correct IP address of your modem.

  • iPad will not connect to internet


    Recently I replaced my router wireless with an old faithful that d-Link DSL - 502T cable modem as I have now 2 extreme airport to handle a Wi - Fi. I have now a much faster internet access on my Macbook Pro, but my iPad 2 now will not connect to internet.

    Airport utility on the iPad shows that the internet is disconnected, but I don't know how to solve this problem.

    The two airports are configured in Bridge mode. Help someone?

    If you have LAN - 502T running as the main router.

    Bridge the airport should simply pass the DHCP via the Dlink but sometimes it's a failure.

    The two AE connected directly to the modem or the other?

    I would recommend the static method of intellectual property.


    In this method, you must first AE plugged directly to the Dlink and the second AE connected in the first and bridge... it will dhcp to EI and is often a better configuration with Apple gear. Worth a try.

  • iPhone and iPad does not connect to internet


    Since yesterday, I was unable to connect to internet via wifi on my iPad and iPhone.  They show the power of the full signal and says I'm connected, but won't load Web pages or refresh applications.  When I disable wifi on my phone everything works fine on the LTE, but I don't want to use my data.

    I think it must be something with the update iOS because:

    -J' completely rebooted our router and modem and it worked on my iPad for about 30 seconds (what makes a Web page) before it stopped working again.

    -My boyfriend did not the last update on the iPad or iPhone, and both connect on our wifi at home, while my iPad or iPhone will connect to the internet.

    -My iPhone also does not connect to the wifi in my work, even though I know it works as I am online on my computer work via wifi.

    I noticed something strange on my iPhone and iPad when I went to check the settings wifi yesterday - the VPN configuration is flashing/refreshing without touching me, even if I don't have everything set up VPN connections.  When I actually click on VPN, an error is displayed.  There may be something wrong with the VPN on the new update which blocks the wifi signal?

    I really appreciate your help!

    If you are able to connect your iPad and iPhone to your wireless router agreement but the iPad and iPhone will not connect to internet, it is unlikely to have anything to do with the version of iOS.

    Try this:

    Restart your router (unplug unit, wait ten seconds and then reconnect it).

    Wait for the router shows all lights normal and connected.

    Now, reboot your iPad or iPhone

  • D7000 will not connect to internet after reinstalling


    We moved our D7000 modem router from one room to the other and now it does not connect to internet at all. I spoke with our ISP and everything is fine on their end. I connected the modem and reset our ISP connection & the password, and the ISP did the same thing, without effect. The phone line has been tested, it's ok. I swapped the cables to make sure that they are not defective. I moved the modem to return to the old location, but now it does not work there either.

    WiFi seems to be ok and all our devices (phones, tablets, computer) recognize the wireless network and modem, but there is simply no internet connection. It is bizzarre! Nothing has changed, there is no new hardware, no updates or upgrades, the ISP is always the same, the only thing that differs is the location, in the same House.

    The lights on the router modem are as follows:

    Food - white

    Internet - amber

    DSL - off

    WiFi - white

    Any ideas what I could try to make it work again? Should I do a factory reset on it? This could be the cause? Move a modem do not stop working. We only had since November so it isn't old yet, and it has been working fine so far.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!



    It has been a while now, but I thought I would update this for anyone interested or affected by the same problem we did.

    After weeks of back and forth with the ISP and try and test anything and everything we could think, including the replacement of the D7000 in store warranty (not just once but), and nothing is helping, the ISP finally filed a foul for us and sent a CET. And what do we know? There was a flaw in the riding of Telstra which he had found, and which caused our internet connection fails. After that which has been set, we are online again. The line still falls here and there and the phone line is cute, but at least we are connected.

    And now I'm fighting with the ISP for refund during all these weeks we were disconnected while they refused to be a mistake for us and have someone out. Time for a new ISP, I think!

    Hope this helps someone else with the same problem there.

    Thank you


  • Watch WiFi is connected but will not connect to internet

    I have an iPad 2 which, all of a sudden (in the Middle streaming), is more connected to the internet.  I rest the network settings, when this does not work, I have reset all settings, stopped and rebooted, all done basically.  It shows that its connected to my WiFi, but will not connect to internet.  All the other devices in my house work, then there must be a problem with the iPad.

    Reset the router: just pull the power for a few seconds and reconnect. No parameter to get lost.  Other devices operating with success is not serious. The router has probably received an invalid address for the iPad.

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