Hi guys,.

I just ordered two WRT160N and I have some doubts. I will use one of the routers connected by cable to my modem and my PC.

I wanted to use it as a "wireless adapter" for my tank Multimedia Networking (PopCorn Hour A - 110). My question is: can the WRT-160N to work in client mode?

If you know, please answer as soon as possible so I can later cancel the order.

Thank you.


Hello gotenks, Nope it won't work because the WRT160N device you have does not have capacity to receive the wireless signal, it can send wireless signals. If you want to get your fill of wireless network media, then get a WGA600N! This wireless device will be the adapter wireless for your media tank network and you can receive the signal from your wireless router wireless. I hope this helps...

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    I have a speedtouch ST516 and a WRT160N router (on the back of the modem, he said WRT160N, I guess that's the v1). While I have this scenario a year ago I once again because I have reset the configurations.

    I have the following scenarios:

    1.I can connect to the ip address of the modem without the router linksys

    2.i can connect to the ip of the router with the router and the modem connected.

    3.I remember having DHCP disabled last year, because the ST516 speedtouch can also assign IP addresses and ports.

    4.I use PPPoE on my modem.

    Basically I want the router must be disabled for the assignment of ip addresses (I think this removes the problem of Dual router network. However, I want the router to send signals wireless for my laptop and other devices (I can configure it myself once everything works).

    Other info:

    My linksys router uses subnet

    My speedtouch 516 use

    I believe that they should be presented in the same subnet to do port forwarding?...

    I think I'm looking for something in the knowledge base with the name of "Setting up a Linksys router with DSL Internet" with a speedtouch516 or a double router

    You said that the speed you're paying for "up to 6 Mbps (megabits per second)", but you get 250 Kbps to 300 Kbps (300 kilobytes per second = approximately 3000 kilobits per second = about 3 Mbit/s).  300 kb/s = approximately 3000 Kbps, because although there are 8 bits in a byte, the 300 kb/s is a download speed of data, and the 3000 Kbps is the speed of the line needed to download that amount of data.  This 10-bit transmission, per byte of data received, occurs because of the protocol above, occasional transmissions, etc.   So it seems that your network is working properly, but your ISP provides only half the speed that you pay.

    This lower speed may be because (1) you live a distance away from the nearest train station from your phone company (this problem is can be corrected by moving) or (2) your telephone company (ISP) set their switches 3 Mbps instead of 6 Mbps of service (it's can be corrected by a phone call to your telephone company more strong emphasis on your part!) or (3) for a reason any your computer a gets bogged down (to solve this problem clean your computer to optimize its speed).

    To find out if your computer is performed by (3) above, test your modem with a known fast computer.

    Please also indicate the serial number and model of the computer you are using.


    Oops.  I see that I make a mistake in my last post.   When I said:

    "If your P2P software (utorrent) requires that you transfer a port on your computer, then you need to give your computer a static LAN IP address."   Note that any fixed LAN IP address must be outside your range of DHCP server, and it may not end in 0, 1, or 254. »

    This information applies to Linksys routers.  Because your network is controlled by your ST516 router, I don't know if this info even applies to you.  So you should not give your computer a static LAN IP address, and you should not put this address outside your range of DHCP server.  Note that some routers are exactly the opposite of Linksys, which is with some routers, you must put the fixed LAN IP addresses within the range of the DHCP server.

  • Greetings, Im getting an urgent message when I try to open my safari browser. He said a number listed in the contact message. Is it a real Apple alert or a scam?

    Hello, I get an urgent message to communicate a number of phone about my safari browser. Is it a scam? What is the official support of Safari Apple #? Thanks for your help?

    It's a scam.

    Force Quit Safari using the command + Option + ESC shortcut keyboard, then restart Safari while hiding the SHIFT key .

    Then, to your Safari menu bar, click Safari > Preferences then select the Privacy tab, then click: delete all data of the website can leave then restart Safari.

    That should eliminate the alert/scam.

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  • How one mark messages as urgent or highimportance

    I want to mark a message as urgent and/or important how do I do this?

    Click WRITE to open your compose window.
    In the Menu, go to OPTIONS - PRIORITY - HIGHEST.

  • Urgent need help: I run windows 10 on iMac. I can't boot into Windows 10 after update to El Capitan 10.11.5. Help, please!

    An urgent need to help!

    I've been running Windows 10 on my iMac via Boot Camp. I just upgraded to El Capitan 10.11 to 10.11.5. I don't know if it was because of this upgrade that made me not be able to return to Windows. In the windows startup disk, my windows HD and OS X HD icons are all grayed out. So, I can't select which one to be my default startup Mode of the disc. Help, please!

    Pisheng D.

    Unlock you the boot floppies pane by clicking the lock button? Look at the lower left corner of this screen.

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    This number rose to the pair of power (can I posted?)

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    I have pay 1.00 dolla to keep certain elements

    before buying, which is absolutely not true

    1st quarter so can you please help me with this

    Q2, I went to learn how can I know which pair to my message I

    Thank you


    Go to settings-safari erase data & historical web.

    See you soon


  • Unable to open gmail and other google account services. Need urgent help. Firefox version is 29.0.1. Erasedeverythingcache/history + reset without addons.

    Unable to open gmail and other google account services. Need urgent help. Firefox version is 29.0.1. Deleted all cache and history + wiped without addons. Urgent help please. Same problem in other browsers ie opera/IE. Other Internet sites without problem.

    Personally, I've never had problems with ABP, but questions about ABP would be better answered in the AdBlock Plus forum where there are people more suited to respond as we only deal with technical support from Mozilla (e.. g the Fx of Firefox, Thunderbird, for Android)

  • Blue Screen of Death... Urgent!

    Hey all. It's a little urgent, so any help is appreciated. So the story:

    It all started last Saturday in the fourth. I plugged my 5s 32 GB iPhone in car charger and it blue screened, what frightens me. I quickly unplugged and and soft restarted as soon as I saw him, and everything was fine.

    Since then, so three days later, I had to restart about 50 + times. So today I got sick of this blue screen, and I decided that I would try to fix it. I looked around solutions, and many say that it happens shortly after a solution when you remove the screen, but I've had my phone for four months and have never had to remove from the screen.

    The next solution was to restore factory default, so I decided to try it, after that I backed up in iTunes which is

    Finally, I was getting it restored, when all of a sudden, BAM. projected again blue.

    Since then, happened across this restore Middle blue screen of death, and it's practically a piece of metal shit now. I can't do anything. I can't force the restart it you a blue screen. Can someone give me advice? I have some upcoming vacation and need my phone. Can anyone help?

    Try recovery Mode

    Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

    When your device is connected, force restart it: press and hold the sleep/wake and home for at least 10 seconds, and only release when you see the Apple logo.

    Keep now until see you the recovery mode screen and wait that he eat.

    You may need to do the above, more than once as recovery mode is difficult to enter.

    Restore as New first, then restore sauvegardΘ if you wish.


    If the steps above do not help, you tested it on an Apple Store.

  • Windows XP-need help Urgent recovery

    I'm new to Toshiba. I HAV a hard drive 60 GB partition and windows XP home installed. I want to partition the hard drive now. Now after formatting the hard drive that I lose Windows XP it completely or there at - it of the chance to recover and reinstall it. Need urgent help.


    You can reinstall your laptop using the recovery CD. It is easier and more rapid way to reinstall the operating system, all drivers and tools. Put the recovery in DVD-ROM CD, start the laptop and press the C button. At first, there is the choice between two types of installation (Standard mode and expert mode).

    If you choose first a whole HARD drive will be formatted and used for installing the OS. With the second (expert mode), it is possible to install the OS on the first partition. It is also possible to define what the partition size should be.

    Try it. It's very simple to do.

    Good luck

  • Safari auto-finis the phrase 'this is' in 'it is urgent. "

    Safari 9.0.2

    If I start typing

    It comes

    It sometimes automatically fills itself

    It's urgent

    not a feature I would ever need, but I don't see how to prevent it.

     > System Preferences > keyboard


    delete the entry.

  • Install windows xp in hp mini 210 1010NR, help me please is urgent...

    How can I install windows xp in hp mini 210 1010NR... I tried to install windows xp service pack 3, but I could not, can someone help me please its urgent thank you...

    You need to integrate the drivers Sata ( ICH7M/MDH SATA AHCI ) and burn a new cd XP with nLite.

    Here is a guide showing how to integrate and here are the drivers Sata . 7-ZIP or Universal Extractor are good out of the installer.

  • Problem with the D-U-N-S: Urgent

    I am trying to register my organization on an Apple Developer program.

    I got a valid D-U-N-S number sent to me by D & B on 2 February 2016.

    However until now whenever I try to register my business using the D-U-N-S number, I get the following error message:

    «The information you entered does not match your profile in the D & B database.» "Before submitting your information to the Organization, get your D & B profile."

    I watched and the profile exists.

    I sent a query to D & B, but we were told to contact Apple directly.

    We have created a deal on the Apple Support and we ardently and desperately waiting for a response.

    Someone from the community can help me on this issue. Please consider as urgent.

    Hello Nabla_business,

    Desperate? You should be aware that Apple is moving at glacial speed on these issues. On the one hand your number DUNS has been created. You must wait 60 days before attempting to create an account. However, it seems that your information has been through to Apple. You will have to wait for the Apple support to constct you. You may need to make repeated through several channels attempts to attract the attention of Apple.

    I had a similar experience. The problem was that when Apple imported data from Dun & Bradstreet, they completely scrambled my address. But I had no problems creating my account so your questions can be worse.

    And I would warn your words "emergency". Apple has a huge backlog of similar problems. In my case, the only way was able to get my problem resolved was when a Technical Support engineer used Apple Remote to go into my machine and then look at the developers own Apple Site. But I had this problem to be solved. I had many other problems with the tax forms.

    My point is that it can take up to a year, in order to get your developer account fully Setup. I suggest you open an account, personal development and test purposes. Be sure to use IDS bundle dedicated to this purpose. This way, when your business is finally set up, then you will be ready to go and become familiar with the process.

  • Skype stopped loading, urgent

    Yosemite, 10.10.5

    MacBook Pro, mid-2014

    Skype 7.17.377

    I open Skype, type credentials, press Sing in, and then it just hangs.

    Help, urgent.

    I have the same problem and keep having to install an older version, then after one login, it will automatically update to the new version, he signed once properly and then more then ever, and why is it updated automatically?

  • Urgent need to contact Technical Support Toshiba - my new computer laptop is useless

    I just bought the C650. I have never been so unhappyb with; a laptop in my life. I urgent need to Support Toshiba to contact me. Or someone give me their phone number that of not clearly localizable without hours of searching and still holding on a laptop useless, I just bought. Or is their a form I can fill out line which can be transmitted to Toshiba support technicadl. I should be able to communicate with them via e-mail or by filling out a form telling them my problem.

    My problem is the following. THIS laptop that I just bought is completely useless and why. I have never in my life had a poor machine so badly so slowly in my life. Your old desktop of 15 year on DIALUP can work better than this machine I just buy what is on broadband wireless.

    I am not anything it takes forever for it to power upwards or stop. It takes forever for a screern to load... Then, he won't let me multi-task I joined weight forever for a single screen to load and finish before anything else.



    Please don t get me wrong but it's user in the forum and if you need to contact Toshiba service or support this is a really bad place.

    I put t know how long have your laptop now, but it is well known that you have set the time to bring your new product back so I put t understand what are you made here.
    Go to the store and bring it back. End of the story.

    Otherwise call Toshiba s in your country and explain the situation. What you can also do is to contact directly the closest Toshiba service provider and clarify all the issues you have with your new Satellite C650.
    Addresses and phone numbers, you can find on Toshiba support page under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads > find an ASP.

    I hope you will clarify all this soon.
    Good luck.

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    As mentioned, Pls help to post or provide some site they I can get all the drivers for Windows XP for my a6690d. Really urgent need. Thank you very much.

    Hi Ray,

    Please find drivers for Xp for a6690d

    Video graphics card:


    Chipset, LAN integrated bus Sm.




    Wireless LAN:

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/genericSoftwareDownloadIndex?cc=us & DLC = in & LC = on & softwareitem = PV-39112-1 & JumpID = reg_R1002_USEN

    I hope this helps...

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