WRT330N V1 maintains reset the cable Modem

Does anyone have this working and do not have reset your cable modem.  All suggested settings?  I've read all these post and assume that it wasn't a popular router!  Thank you

As I put in my post that you do not read is that the router has been my cable modem reset Linksys got given a RMA and replaced the router and the problem is solved. Thank you so much Linksys.  I own a happy Linksys now

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  • WRT 330N V1 allows to reset the cable Modem

    I have the problem that the (Wrt330N Version 1) router keeps resetting my Modem connection. I disabled the part wireless router and it doesn't happen too often. I tried not to get my money back no luck, I reinstalled the eprom support update told me to do and always delivered to zero. 10 times already today he handed over to zero. That someone has other suggestions than to throw it away and buy something else! I had several Linksys routers in the past and all have been great except this one.  Yes, I have the last eprom.

    Because even once did not read you my post.  I did the update and it redone again when the Linksys support agent told me too.  You have covered everything that I've done.  If you would read my post you would have seen that.  But thanks for trying.  I got an RMA number and got a replacement router and now I'm a happy Linksys owner again

  • Intermittently, Time Capsule does not connect to the cable Modem

    Capsule time bought a few weeks ago.  Barely implemented.  TC does not recognize the cable modem.  These forums to get help.  Tracking the specific set of sequence with long delays between the steps and the modem and the TC.  It worked for about a month.  Now about once a day the TC works but not internet wireless or ethernet through the CT.  If I unplug the TC and let it restart and initialize internet connection returns.  During the internet cuts I have ethernet and Wi - Fi at transport CANADA, printers, and drives on the network as well as the time Capsule backup drive and your data.  If I ever lose ethernet and Wi - Fi to TB.  In addition, the modem works fine.  If I cut the TC and to the cable modem ethernet connection I have access to the internet.

    Thank you.  All were huge last time assistance.

    If it's always the same modem... a SB6141 of Arris... There have been a number of reports of trouble with this product with Apple routers. There is no mention that in your first post a month ago, because we wanted to see if a reset of the good modem would get things works well for you.  I had the same experience as with the same exact modem you have.

    The SB6141 is a good product, and the time Capsule is as well. But for some users, these two products do not work as well together. If you call people to support for modem, they show sure to like the question time Capsule. If you call Apple, they will have a different view on things. The bottom line when you go to a support group... because it of always the other guy that you are having problems.

    At this point, the only real solution would be to decide if you want to try another brand and model of modem and keep the time Capsule, or keep the modem and try another brand of router and then connect the Capsule to the router.

    In my case, I replaced the SB6141 (I tried 3 different SB6141s previously because the ISP admitted having difficulties with this modem and some routers) with a 5341J Zoom, and did not have a single falling Internet connection since I installed the Zoom for more than a year. If your Internet service provider indicates that the Zoom is a product that is compatible with their service, you might want to try this modem.

    But unfortunately, there is no assurance that the "solution" that has worked for me will be the solution that suits you. Such is the nature of the beast, when you work with products from two different suppliers.

  • Connect the Airport Extreme via Powerlink to the cable Modem

    I have problems with wifi at home as the location where the my cable modem is far from ideal. I currently connected to an Airport Extreme, which works like the router (the cable modem has the router function disabled). Attached to the AE is also a powerlink and I have an Airport Express connected to the powerlink, which has its own network.

    I was wondering if it would make sense to connect the powerlink directly to the cable modem and then put my Airport Extreme, a more central location in my home connected via Powerlink and there accumulate this way, rather than the current configuration.

    I'm getting a second Airport Extreme soon as well and I have several express in my house, but the problem is that my wifi is not fast at all.

    Powerlink adapters are Devolo 600 & 1200.

    Thank you

    I was wondering if it would make sense to connect the powerlink directly to the cable modem and then put my Airport Extreme, a more central location in my home connected via Powerlink and there accumulate this way, rather than the current configuration.

    It's always a good idea to place the 'main' AirPort router as close as possible of the area where most of the wireless devices should be used in this sense, your idea is a good thing... and in theory at least. ... .the powerline adapters allow you to do.

    However, in practice... you won't really know how well... or even if... this type of installation will work until you try you. The reason for this is there is so many different things that can affect the performance of a type of current line of the installation program.

    If you have time, there is certainly no harm in trying this type of configuration.  Post your results if you decide to try it.

  • Linksys Router WRT160N - Wireless does not connect to the cable modem

    I installed the Linksys WRT160n router to replace an existing G router. When installed the new wireless router works, but the router does not receive a connection (IP address - look under status) of the cable modem (so no internet). When I reconnect the old router and then connect the new router, I get any internet connection through two routers (so the old dishes router the IP address that accepts the new router).

    I have configured the router N new for

    "Automatic configuration - DHCP", no need for connection, IP address dynamic, etc (as required by ISP - Timewarner)

    I tried to renewal and release IP address by the router N when it is connected directly to the main switch (the switch to connect to the cable modem). In so doing, shouldn't that assign a new IP address to the router?

    I am allowed 3 IPs from the cable company (because of the switch) and I use all three with three different internet IP cameras to each address for home security system.

    Any suggestions on why the router is not connecting to the internet? Do I need to reboot physically everything on the network, including the cable modem?

    If I understand your post, you said that your ISP gives you 3 Internet IP addresses and you have 3 cameras that use one of these Internet IP addresses.  If this is correct, then that leaves no IP Internet address for your WRT160N use - so that would explain why your WRT160N cannot get an Internet connection.

    If I misread your post, and you have an Internet IP address available for the WRT160N, you might have a problem with your modem and two WRT160N tries to use the same 192.168.1.x subnet.  To check this, follow these steps:

    (1) Please indicate addresses that use your cameras (IE before you take the test below).  If the addresses do not begin with 192.168, then erase the last half of each address.

    (2) Please indicate your ISP

    (3) Please indicate the make and exact model of your modem (not the WRT160N) number.

    (4) Please do the following test:

    Put your entire network.  Disconnect the switch (including cameras) to the modem.  Using an ethernet cable, connect your modem directly to your computer.  (Do not use the WRT160N for this test).  Turn on the modem and the computer.  Make sure you have an active Internet connection, then go ahead with what follows: (even if your Internet connection does not work, include this and move forward.)

    Go to 'Start' > all programs > Accessories > command prompt.
    A black DOS window will appear. Type "ipconfig/all" (with no quotes), and press the Enter key.   Copy all results in your next post.  To make the copy, highlight the results, and then use the keys copy (Ctrl-c) and paste (Ctrl-v) keys.  If your "IP address" does not begin with 192.168, then for security reasons, delete the latter half of your IP address.

  • On ethernet ESXi iface will not get the IP address of the cable modem

    I installed the Vyatta Core 6.3 virtual appliance in VMWare ESXi 4.1 U1 on a Dell Precision 490. I want Vyatta to serve as a single window for my home network together with a red interface with a public IP address, other VMS behind the DMZ and my private machines (laptops, TiVo, etc.) behind the Green interface.

    Here is my VMWare network topology:
    vSwitch0 ("green vSwitch"): NIC 0, connected to the hub of switching/wireless connection with connection cable
    vSwitch1 ("demilitarized vSwitch"): no physical NETWORK adapter
    vSwitch2 ("red vSwitch"): NIC 1, connected to the modem cable Comcast with connecting cable
    Here is my config of Vyatta VM network:
    eth0: connected to vSwitch2 ('Switch red')
    eth1: connected to vSwitch0 ("Green Switch")
    eth2: connected to vSwitch1 ("Switch demilitarized")
    Here is my config Vyatta:
    Ethernet eth0 {}
    dhcp address
    Description "red Interface.
    automatic duplex
    HW - id 00:50:56:3F:FF:01
    smp_affinity auto
    automatic speed
    Ethernet eth1 {}
    Description 'green Interface.
    automatic duplex
    HW - id 00:50:56:3F:FF:02
    smp_affinity auto
    automatic speed
    Ethernet eth2 {}
    Description "DMZ Interface.
    automatic duplex
    HW - id 00:50:56:3F:FF:03
    smp_affinity auto
    automatic speed
    My Green interface is very well. All computers connected to NIC of the model Dell Precision 0 get the IP addresses assigned to them via DHCP, which I put in place for this subnet/interface.
    My DMZ interface is very well. I can assign static IP addresses to the other virtual machines, assign their interfaces to vSwitch1 ("demilitarized vSwitch"), and they can communicate with each other.
    By my firewall or zone rules, the machines on the Green interface can communicate with machines on the DMZ, very well, and DMZ machines can establish connections to the machines of the green zone, which is correct.
    Here's MY PROBLEM: eth0 can't get an IP of Comcast address. I tried to change all sorts of locations on the ethernet card virtual vSwitch, etc., nothing helped. I rolled the cable modem power, nothing helps. When I connect my modem cable back to my old wireless router, the router receives an IP address immediately. When I connect the cable modem to 1 NETWORK card on the Dell printer, Vyatta gets no IP address.
    I'm sure I'm just something wrong, but I don't know what. I have a different configuration of Vyatta identical-except-physics somewhere else, but it doesn't seem to work practically
    . I think that it has to work, otherwise why Vyatta would provide an easy to use ESXi device that's read-to-go?
    I thought that maybe the vSwitch in ESXi were getting in the way and I need to connect the virtual machine directly to the physical NETWORK card, but you can do that in ESXi, so it's obviously not.
    No idea what is the problem?

    Answer is here: http://www.vyatta.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=133590

  • How to use express airport when I have the cable modem? you want to listen to music in stereo.

    Hi all, this issue is driving me crazy. the goal was to use an Airport Express station to listen to the music of my devices in my stereo and a DAC to warm up the sound, but do not know how to connect because I have a cable modem my network on. I just want to use airport express to broadcast in stereo. I asked 3 people at the apple store today, and they seemed just as I asked them how to build a House from the ground. they had no idea. did someone hear doing this specific process? Thanks for any input.

    I understand the process of putting in place the DAC, is just the thing of the whole network that creates confusion. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

    You can have one or the other hard connected (wired) network or a WiFi to your airport, but you can't have both. Unplug your ethernet cable from your Mac. Now, you'll be on a Wi - Fi on all devices. Reset your AE and use the installation wizard. Otherwise most suppliers of cable modems that with wi - fi for which they charge you an additional monthly cost.

  • Can I connect printer to the usb port on the cable Modem CM100


    This may seem like a stupid question, but here goes... I know that the usb port on my Linksys Cisco CM100 cable modem is an optional way to connect the modem to the computer. I wonder if I can use the usb port to connect my HP 1020 laser printer instead.

    The printer is not a network printer, and so I know that it may not work, but I have seen a few cases where a virtual port and install it as a local printer got to work.

    If I can connect the printer to the modem, and then he would give me a way to print from my laptop in the other room.  My printer is just beside my modem configuration and the router. I have a Linksys router WGR614 wireless who sees the devices on my network share, so I think he could see the printer connected to the modem (?)

    I couldn't find the answer to this anywhere. I didn't damage my equipment by blindly try this without knowing a little something. (I assume that the heart of my question is, on the CM100 usb port can be used for any usb device)?

    (I have Windows 7 64-bit operating system, in case you need to know).

    Thanks to anyone who can answer.


    A standard print server will allow you to connect a USB printer to your network. There are models wired and wireless depending on how you want to connect to the network.

  • HP deskjet 3052 has works on my wifi after I reset the printer / modem/router - but failed later

    I had my HP Deskjet 3052 a work from PC, MAC, iphone / ipad on my Airlink wifi after a reset on the printer - router - modem.

    It fails when I try to use it later in the day - unless I'm resting again.

    Do I have to reset each time I print?

    New modem/router solved my disconnect problem - but I still cannot connect my imac running Mac OS X 10.5.8.

    I am connected to the wireless - i.e. - accesses the internet, I cannot connect deskjet - is told by the way now I hace a 3520e model - instead of the 3052.

  • Dell Dimension 4600 with pack 1 XP does not connect to the cable modem

    Hello, I have a Dell Dimension 4600 older XP. The hard drive is dead and I replaced and then reloaded pack 1 with the intention of making all the revisions on the internet. The problem is that I cannot now connect to the internet via my broadband router directly connected to the computer. It seems that the wizard to connect only wants to use the dial upward and does not connect to the router. Just recompose. It seems to ignore the connection from the router to broadband and wants to use the dial upward only.

    Go to control panel of control/Internet options/connections, then set it - never establish a connection - then click on apply.

  • WRVS4400N suddenly cannot stall on cable Modem

    Won't bore you with all the ills that we have historically had with this modem. on the contrary, can I request ideas on the current problem? -something of a crisis:

    Suddenly, the WRVS4400N 'lock' to our modem cable.  This can have some conincided with a change of address from the ISP, in the form of a rebate to zero/DHCP lease renewal.  Along the way, I had PSI supply and reset the cable modem and have checked that we can connect directly to a single computer.  So I think the modem cable itself is OK.

    But we cannot get the WRVS4400N to "get" an external IP address.  The router is not quite dead, like the rest aside wireless upward and the work. Have you tried several resets and power cycles to attempt to rectify.

    Anything here seems reasonable at all?  Anyone has a similar experience.  I'd love to hear the answer "Pilot error", correct the errors of my ways, if someone has a handy answer!

    Thanks, Lou

    Time to start over.  Go here to connect via a cable modem.

  • New E4200 Causes cable Modem reset continuous

    I just bought this router, all comments have been very good.  I hung it on a cable Modem Motorola of Comcast, after three to five hours the router forces the cable modem resets automatically.  If I disconnect the router and connect directly to the PC or my old linksys modem router behaves correctly.  I returned the first unit that I bought at the store, at the direction of Linksys technical support, second unit so I exchanged the premiera has the same problem.  Very frustrating, don't know what to do next other than to return for a refund.  I was looking forward for maximum performance.

    I reported the issue to technical support, so far, they have me do a hard reset of the router, but that has not solved the problem.  I was wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows how I can solve this problem.

    I wish some better attention from technical support, do not know if it is a firmware issue or what.

    Aloha!  I recently bought an E3000 router to replace the old WRT54G Router and had the similar problem.  He kept my modem cable to reboot/reset after 6-12 hours.   I replaced the modem cable 2 weeks ago and had to reboot/reset once.

  • Cable modem disconnects my computer from the internet.

    OK, here's the problem. Just recently my computer has been disconnected from the internet. I'd watch the cable modem and it should be reset and then he would come back online. There is no problem with my hardward on Device Manager. The Cable Guy continues to tell me everthing works fine with the cable modem and my computer which is the cause of the problem. The problem happens only once in a while and different times. I havn't changed anything on my computer before starting to do. It was working fine before. I am also running windows vista, if this is useful all.

    Hi D_Sum,

    A. are there that lose the connection cable between the wall jack and the computer?

    B. recent changes made on your computer?

    Windows cannot make a cable mode is reset. The problem is the cable modem itself. You can update the firmware of the modem cable and also check the power source.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support
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  • NETGEAR N300 Wi - Fi DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Router (C3000) sees the backup HD Seagate but don't transfer

    V1.01.11 firmware, OS is Windows 10

    I bought the cable Modem Wifi Netgear N300. Except for the external hard drive Seagate (backup Seagate more 5 TB desktop external hard drive with 200 GB of Cloud Storage & Mobile Device backup USB 3.0 (STDT5000100)), all my devices connect to it without problem. However:

    1.) when I have the hood upwards the Seagate external hard drive, the genius of Netgear he sees, but says that the drive has 0 bytes available.

    (2.) that's why I can't back up by using the backup program WIndows 10 but

    (3.) I can "manually" drag files from my PC to the Seagate HD (the PC is connected to the modem router cable via wifi.)

    4.) when I connect the Seagate HD with a USB cable to the computer, the backup works.

    It's frustrating because I want to use the Seagate HD as a backup for some of my devices and I want the devices to send their data or the Netgear router.

    Can someone help me? It seems important that Netgear genius sees the HD Seagate but think it has no place.


    I answer my own question (!) but is the answer that the HD 5 t is not compatible with the cable modem Netgear router? See:


    Richard T.

  • Why must know the MAC address cable modem if I bought a new modem cable or ISP company.

    Original title: why the ISP or cable modem company need to know my cable modem MAC address if I bought a new one, beside that received from a modem cable or ISP company?

    Why the ISP or cable modem company need to know my modem cable MAC address if I bought a new one, beside that received from a modem cable or ISP company?

    The cable provides tend to lock their network by MAC address or they assign you an IP address based on your cable modem MAC address.

    Some (for example cable Telewest in the United Kingdom), used to go as far as locking down for the mac address of the PC connected to the cable modem, which is why some routers have the ability to clone the mac address of a connected device.

Maybe you are looking for