WRT54G connection dropouts

Hi, I gave connection of the router on a specific scnerio. Hope you guys can help me with a solution.

Here's the scenario. I have 2 laptops (one is XP, the other is Vista). Whenever I start the laptop Vista, it automatically connects to the WRT54G Router. But at the same time, the connection is getting abandoned in XP laptop and it automatically logs in a few seconds.

Here is a my router config.

DHCP server: enabled

Firmware Version: v1.00.9, may. 12, 2006

Connection type: Automatic Configuration - DHCP

UPnP: enable

Wireless security: WEP

Thank you

The Firmware on your router is very old... Update the Firmware on your router...

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    Hello, I need help because I searched and found nothing. I use my DIR-655 as my main router and that you want to assign only he N. I want to connect my WRT54G for my clients of G. What should I do to the WRT54G, so I do not get with the DIR-655 Router IP address conflicts? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Amazing how you 'impossible to find anything' to a question that is probably asked and answered at least twice a day...


  • WRT54G connection interruptions


    I wonder if anyone can get an idea, or help with a problem that has just developed this morning with my WRT54G v8 router.

    The router is remove fittings wired and wireless connections. The internet and the private network connections are affected (I lose connectivity to the router itself).

    I spent the last two hours try and test for the problem and have developed in white.

    I have reset.

    I have reset the default settings.

    I've updated to the latest firmware.

    Same results each time.  When I reset, I am able to configure the router, set passwords, tables of MAC, etc. When I connect to my cable modem is when it starts to drop connections.  I don't think there is a problem with my internet provider, as I am connected directly to the cable modem now to ask for this help.

    Thanks in advance for any help provided.


    DD - WRT resolved the issues.  I would recommend to anyone struggling,.

  • WRT54G - connection works, but problem connecting to some programs

    OK, first I'll explain the game up I have at home.  I use the WRT54G Router, the router is connected to the modem, and I have a desktop computer and a xbox360 both connected by ethernet cables to the router.  I also have a portable computer, which is the computer that has the problem, that connect wirelessly to the router.

    Is OK, the problem ONLY on the laptop.  When I try to go to any kind of big site of videos, such as youtube.com or watch some tv online, video shows only loading a little more, and that they will not play through.  They blow constantly. In addition, just try to load a game like bejeweled, it would probably take about an hour to load up! My computer is only about 2 years old and I had recently tested through company warrantly m and everything on the computer is fine.  He had recently been to the factory settings, so there is not any downloads or whatever it is to slow the computer down, its perfectly clean.

    I tried my computer with a friend, using its settings and internet.  The computer was working fine.  Played videos, responsible games.  Also, I tried the laptop hang until the router also using an ethernet cable and when I did the large working computer then too. This isn't the computer for sure.

    So, if anyone has any recommendations for me, that would be great.  In addition, if you want to know more information made me know...

    I consider myself a little bit more knowledgeable than a beginner, but not a lot... so would you please explain a bit in ordinary English (I know that makes me sound a bit silly, but I'll be honest and need help with this)...

    Please & thank yous.

    As you mentioned that when you connect to your computer directly to the router, you are able to watch the video without any problem, it is only when your computer is wireless to the router.

    Well I think you need to change some settings on your router. When you connect to her Router setup page, click on the Wireless tab and below the first thing you need to do is change the wireless channel: 11-2, 462 GHz and click on save settings... Then you must click the sub-tab under 'Advance Wireless' wireless settings and below change the tag at 50 interval, change the Fragmentation threshold to 2201, change the RTS threshold to 2202 and click on save settings...

    Now on your wireless computer you must disconnect your wireless network and re-connect to your network and check if you are able to play and watch videos without any problem.

    If still the same problem then I think that you need to update the firmware on your router.

    Download the Firmware on your router from the site Web of Linksys. Once you download the firmware on your router, you must follow the instructions below to upgrade the firmware of your router...

    Open a page in Internet Explorer browser on a computer hard wired to the router... In the address bar type - Leave name empty username & password admin lowercase usage...
    Click the 'Administration' tab - then click on the 'Upgrade Firmware' under the tab-here, click on 'Browse' and navigate the .bin firmware file and click on "Upgrade"...
    Wait a few seconds until it shows that "the update is successful," after the upgrade of the firmware, click on "Reboot" and you will be returned to the same page OR it will say 'cannot display the Page.

    Now reset your router:
    Press and hold the button of reset for 30 seconds... Release the reset button... Unplug the power cable from your router, wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cable... Now re - configure your router...

  • WRT54GS & connectivity ADSL2MUE

    My Modem (Adsl2mue) is set up and works great, I have access to the internet. When I go to connect to my router wireless internet (Wrt54gs) my connection is lost. How can I configure them so they both work together.

    Thanks a lot for the replies


    Thanks for the help, that the problem has been resolved. Because they were the two linksys default ip address is the same for each of them. So I had to change the ip address of the router for them set up.

  • WRT54GS connection, access to the settings

    Check what specific model number is your wrt54gs. Look under your router, it's a small lil, but it's there.

    Right-click the wireless network connection / network connection icon and go to status. You should see a gateway IP address... it's the ip address of your router (which is the one that you type on your browser to access. Go to the download pages and download the firmware for the model number and the version of your router. Transfer it to your router so that on a wired computer, reset your router on the back for 30 seconds and reconfigure for your Internet connection. You should be fine after that.

  • Computer HP won't sleep when wrt54g connected

    My HP Pavilion m9340f equipped of Vista 64 bit will not enter a standby on its own mode and wakes up unexpectedly when connected to my firmware 4.21.1 wrt54g version 10/17/2005.

    If I disconnect the router and connect your computer directly to the cable modem, the mode "sleep" works very well. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    The problem is an advanced setting in the power management that I used. The default value for the balance and power savings plan is to 'prevent the idling to sleep' when sharing media and I had allowed media sharing on my pc.

    I went to Control Panel > power options > change plan settings > change advanced power settings > appliance settings > what media sharing - and select allow the computer to sleep

    Can I restore default settings when I'm actually share media

  • WRT54GS connection problem

    Disconnected last night and everything was fine...  Could not connect to the Internet today...  If I bypass the router, I can connect via my cable modem.

    When going through the router, I get an IP address, an address of a default gateway and DNS1 and address DNS1.  I can't ping the default gateway, DNS1 and DNS2.  The default gateway is a different address when I bypass the router.  When I bypassed the router, I can ping the two default gateway addresses.

    Any ideas?

    Who is your Internet service provider...?

    Do you get the problem on the computer by cable or wireless computer...?

    If you found the problem on the wireless computer, try to disconnect and reconnect the network wireless on the computer. Now, check the ip address and try to make a ping to the gateway & DNS.

    If you have found the issue with the connected computer, then try to reset the router for 30 seconds, power cycle the router and then try to ping the gateway.

  • WRT54G connection to an existing network.

    When my daughter goes to the colege this fall, his dorm room has an ethernet port.  In order to share academic network with her roommate, I want to bring my old router and plug.  I have to do something special in the configuration of routers to make it work?  The University Web site has only instructions for switches/hubs.

    You did all that just to have wireless. the way I've done it before is simply connect the LAN ports to the Ethernet connection of the University which is bypassing the DHCP on the router. The only thing you have to install is the wireless and I did so I know it works.

  • WRT54GS connected but can't find internet

    Hi I have a wag200g modem witch I connet via cable with a wrt54gs and I connet my laptop wireless with wrt54gs. I have tested several parameter but the internet cannot be found. Is there a framework are what I should do?

    Then, you try to WRT54G cascading on the WAG200G router... Check out this link for both the router cascaded together.

  • ISE 1.1.1 Iphones comments CWA connection dropouts

    Hi all

    I deployed access as guest wireless using the CWA. It's a simple configuration so I did no maintenance or customer provisioning enabled on the deployment. In short my question directly relates to Iphones (I have not yet been tested with other mobile devices). Basically a laptop connects, gets redirected, authenticates successfully and ultimately can browse internet and network resources.

    With an Iphone I connect, redirected, authenticate successfully, accept the AUP and finally get a page that says I'm connected and should return my original URL. At this point, I try to open safari by going to the main GUI of IPhone, Wireless drops and falls safari at 3G connectivity. I then go back to wireless connections and click the SSID that immediately reconnects and allows access based on the connection of the moose.

    If anyone has experienced this problem and if so what is it apply? Y at - it a setting or the command miss me on the system or is this yet another case of device BYOD was a pain in the back with ISE?

    Have you tested this on iOS6? It has a feature that will let down wireless and go to 3G if you are unable to reach the www.apple.com/library/test/success.html, I think it is called auto-join or something? also recently this page done down at apple, and caused a few problems for Iphone/Ipad users, maybe that is what have seen you.

  • As a second router WRT54G


    In my home network, I have two routers connected LAN - LAN mode. My main router (not a Linksys router) is connected to the ISP by modem and my secondary router, which is a Linksys wrt54g, connected to the main router with wired connection. I followed the instructions here:


    Everything works fine except that I can't access the administration page of the secondary router remotely. I tried to configure the VPN connection and redirect to the main router, but the administration of the port of the secondary router page is not accessible (while the accessible primary router administration page).

    My question is can I access the administration page of the secondary router remotely when two routers connected? If yes how do I configure the router of the secondary (VPN, port forwarding, etc.) and the first?

    Thank you in advance.

    Hi, topplenz. Possible reasons that you cannot remotely access the secondary router is because the DHCP server has been disabled through the installation of LAN to LAN and the secondary router depends on the IP address of the a main. We suggest to use the LAN to WAN cascading instead.


    Linksys technical support

  • WRT54G and WRT160NL Torrents

    OK so here is my setup. I have a wrt54g directly on my access to the internet at home. There his hard cable to my wrt160nl where my desktop computer is connected. I would like to open a port for a torrent program to use, but I have no idea how to do that. Ive looked around a few guides but haven't found one that works. any help is really appreciated! (im sure this has been posted b4 but still, I couldn't find any soultions for my situation)

    If you want to run the two WRT as a router and have two separate local networks, you will have a much more complicated installation and the port forwarding for your torrents can turn out to be complicated, if not impossible. You must configure the port forwarding on both routers.

    I highly recommend to use a single router with a LAN configuration. The second router will be used as a switch access point and equipment.

    For example like this:

    1. the WRT54G connect to your modem and a address LAN IP

    2. the WRT160NL is configured with the address LAN IP DHCP server disabled.

    3. the WRT160NL is connected by one of its ports LAN for the WRT54G. Do not use the internet port of the WRT160NL.

    The WRT54G deals now all functions related to the internet. Customers on the WRT160NL connect directly to your local network and through the WRT54G to internet. Port forwarding must be configured on the WRT54G and there only. It's the simplest and probably most reliable installation for you.

    Of course, you can also swap the two routers in the previous configuration, either you use the WRT160NL as internet gateway and the WRT54G only as an access point.

    The access points in both routers must be configured with different SSID as they use differnet wireless standards (unless you spend the WRT160NL wireless-g only).

  • WRT54GS jumpered to WAP54G - can be done "wireless".

    I can find no confirmation that ALL Linksys products allow the fillers 'Wireless' a wireless router with a wireless access Point. The only solution I've seen involves 'wiring' a router to a WAP browser and then "wireless" bypass than another WAP WAP.

    I want a connection 'Wireless' between a router and a WAP browser. It's not that hard to is it?

    Currently I have my modem cable connected to my router WRT110 range wireless more (I could replace a WRT54GS the WRT110 if needed). What is installed on the floor and all my electronics IP based on the floor to connect to this router with cables. I have several computers downstairs who need access to the Internet as well as to communicate with the hardware on the floor. One of the computers is down already connected 'Wireless' to the WRT110. However, I extend my office on the ground floor and I want to group these computers together on a switch that is then connected to the WAP54G. The WAP54G cannot (without too much pain) be connected by cable to the WRT110 due to the design of my house.

    You would think that this scenario would not only common, but also simple to do.

    Anyone out there with a solution to this (other than to do everything down to communicate wirelessly)?

    Thanks amine.

    At least you tried to answer my question and give me a solution as possible. Fred, OTOH, is an arrogant geek and no help at all.

    I ended up solving the problem on my own. I used my existing WRT54GS wireless router and my WAP54G access point that is configured as a bridge.

    For those looking for the same solution as I type, I posted the details of how I arrived later in this post. ***

    It took a lot of trial and error. Mainly due to the fact that Linksys/Cisco online documentation and the documentation of 'aid' within the Web interface for the devices is erroneous and confusing (at least to anyone who does not work for Cisco).

    For example, any person (other than a network experienced pro) read the manual of the product, the web help screen interface on the device itself or the product description on the Web site for the WAP54G will be left asking exactly how to actually connect this device.

    I resorted to the use of Linksys ask which took a lot of research/reading just to get closer to the info that I needed. In fact, a description indicates that the WAP54G may ONLY be connected to the WRT54GS as either an Access Point (AP) or as a wireless Repeater (which would solve my problem). It does not you can connect to the WRT54GS in Bridge Mode or AP Client Mode. So, it's very misleading at first.

    In addition, when bring you up the web interface on the WAP54G and click on-screen in AP Mode, the note at the 'bottom' of the screen says that you can only connect to an another WAP54G in AP Client or in Bridge Mode. It excludes the WRT54GS device.

    However, if you click the HELP link on this page AP Mode, that the documentation says that you CAN Bridge to a WRT54GS device.

    So you can see how difficult it was getting just enough information to determine that it would be possible to fill the two devices together and solve my problem. That's why I have a bone to pick with Linksys and, apparently, no-Help Freddie.

    Here's the scenario and solution for those of you following this post who want to do what I did:


    Connect the network segment 'A' to 'B' network segment using a wireless connection (essentially means that you need a wireless bridge).

    Network segment 'A' consists of the cable Modem connected to a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router. This router provides switching and Internet connectivity for all connected it devices whether they are with or without wire connections. In my case, I have a NAS device and a laptop connected via a CAT5 cable, and I have a TIVO box connected via the wireless connection.

    Network segment 'B' consists of a group of computers in the lower corner of my house. It is not easily possible to run a CAT5 cable out there so a wireless connection is necessary. In addition, devices to connect have no wireless cards and I don't want to spend the money to add. My approach was to wire all of these devices to a switch and then connect this switch for the WAP54G. The WAP54G then it must connect to the WRT54GS connect wireless 'haul back' (since I couldn't do cable together using CAT5.


    Start first with the WRT54GS device:

    (1) follow the procedure of Linksys to connect your PC to the WRT54GS router so that you can access to the routers configuration utility web interface.

    (2) using the web to access the WRT54GS interface, configure the WRT54GS with the INTERNET side of the router to auto configure itself (DHCP) in the Modem/Internet cable box.

    (3) on the side of the router LAN, configure it to IP address and set it as the DHCP server for the local network. Assign the address of rental range 149.

    (4) you should now have Internet access.

    (5) download and install the latest version of the firmware from the site Web of Linksys (version 4.71.4 in this case).

    6) write down the "wireless MAC address" of the WRT54GS. This information is shown on the STATUS and then the screens tabs wireless web interface. You will need when you configure the WAP54G.

    5) click on the WIRELESS tab and set the SSID to something that will be common to all your connected wireless network devices. I set mine to MIXED mode and use the CHANNEL 6. I also enabled SSID broadcast (at least initially).

    6) click the fixed wireless SECURITY tab MODE for WPA-PERSONAL and serve the TKIP algorithm. Enter a character from 8 to 63 KEYS in the field. The docs say nothing about the case of the letters (LC or UC) but I found that it is important. Also, I tried to use WPA-PERSONAL2 and AES, but it wouldn't work. So use the one I mentioned to start.

    (7) to change the password for the router in 'admin' (which is the default) to something else.

    (8) save all of these changes.

    (9) the backup configuration of the WRT54GS on hard drive of the local computer.

    Now, configure the WAP54G device:

    (1) connect a CAT5 cable between the WRT54GS LAN port to the Ethernet on the WAP54G port.

    (2) use the PC connected to the WRT54GS make the configuration of the WAP54G.

    (3) connect to the WAP54G using IP, which is the default address assigned to the plant.

    (4) on the SETUP / NETWORK SETUP screen, change the IP address to STATIC address (in any case, it must be different from the IP address on the WRT54G or there is a conflict).

    (5) download and install the latest version of the firmware from the site Web of Linksys (version 3.04 in this case).

    6) click on SETUP, then AP MODE tab change the AP to WIRELESS BRIDGE MODE and enter the "wireless MAC address" of the WRT54GS that you noted in step 6 above in one of the fields in the section of BRIDGE wireless of this screen.

    7) click on the WIRELESS tab and configure the BASIC WIRELESS settings to the same as those used for the WRT54GS (named Mode, SSID and channel).

    8) click the wireless SECURITY tab and configure the WPA-PERSONAL, TKIP and password to be the same ones you used on the WRT54GS device.

    (9) change the default password of "admin" on the WAP54G and the BACKUP configuration.

    (10) now both devices can connect wirelessly.

    (11) disconnect the WAP54GS CAT5 cable. The WAP54G and the WRT54GS should now be able to communicate "wireless".

    (12) connect a switch on the Ethernet on the WAP54G port.

    (13) connect your PC, etc. to the switch. Wireless devices will also be able to connect to the device either WAP54G or the WRT54GS device that gives the signal stronger.

    (14) a set of the PC, network etc configurations use DHCP to obtain their IP, subnet, gateway and DNS automatically (mainly the WRT54GS).

    (15) you should now be able to connect from a PC on the side WAP54G of PC and Internet network via the WRT54GS device. The WAP54G will be connected to the WRT54GS 'Wireless '.


  • WRT54G and SPA2102 - VoIP problems

    Hi all

    I have a Linksys WRT54G, connected to the Internet and the following ports are enabled:

    5060-5061 SIP

    RIP 16384-16483

    There is only one connected to the WRT54G Linksys SPA2102.  The SPA2102 Internet routes (for example there is a computer connected to its Ethernet port) but VoIP does not work well.

    Can someone offer some assistance with this configuration.  Please tell us if additional information is required.

    Thank you.


    Hi lavco!

    All new discussions of small businesses migrated to the Cisco Small Business support community (URL: https://www.myciscocommunity.com/community/smallbizsupport).  All small businesses existing discussions have been archived here for reference. Please post your questions on this forum instead.

    Please also see the Cisco Small Business support community Home Page created specifically for Linksys and Linksys by Cisco community members.

    Thank you


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