WRT54G issues...

Hi, I used my WRT54G Router on 2 computers for about 7 months with no problems. A computer running XP is wired and my computer Vista is wireless. The last 2 weeks I had several problems of connection to the router to get internet. I have the signal strength excellent but yet he still has problems to connect, and when it connects to my wireless internet is horribly slow, 56 k speed... Internet on the computer cable is always fast, so it is slower on the wireless connection. I have internet service through comcast cable. I read everywhere in the forum and the linksys Web site and tried everything I found to remedy to this problem, and have yet to be successful. As I've said before that I use this connection for nearly 7 months with no problems, all of a sudden my wireless connection and the connection problems. I doesn't have any setting for the network at this time.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you


There are many causes of bad connections wireless and many solutions:

First of all, give your network a unique SSID. Do not use "linksys". If you use "linksys", you can try to connect the router to your neighbor. Also set 'SSID Broadcast' to 'active '. This will help your computer to find and lock on the signal from your router.

Bad wireless connections are often caused by interference from other 2.4 GHz devices. This includes cordless phones, baby monitor wireless, microwave ovens, wireless mice and keyboards, wireless speakers and wireless network from your neighbor. In rare cases, Bluetooth devices can interfere. Even some 5 + GHz phones also use the 2.4 Ghz band. disconnect these devices and see if that solves your problem.

In your router, try another channel. There are 11 channels in the band of 2.4 GHz channel 1, 6 or 11 generally works better. Discover your neighbors and see what channel they use. Because the channels overlap, try to stay at least + 5 or - 5 channels of your more powerful neighbors. For example, if you have a powerful neighbour on channel 9, try any channel 1 to 4.

Also, try putting the router about 4 to 6 feet above the ground in an open area. Do not place behind your screen or other computer equipment or speakers. The antenna must be vertical.

In addition, in the computer, go to your wireless software and go to 'Favorite networks' (sometimes called 'Profiles'). There are probably a few listed networks. Remove any network called "linksys". Also remove any network that you don't recognize or that you no longer use. If your current network is not listed, enter its information (SSID, encryption (if any) and key (if any)). Select your current network and make your network by default, then set it to auto login. You may need to go to 'settings' to do this, or you may need to right click on your network and select 'Properties' or 'settings '.

If the above does not solve your problem, download and install the latest driver for your wireless card.

Some users have reported improved wireless performance by opting for WPA encryption.

If you continue to have problems, try the following:

For wireless g routers, try setting the "baud rate" at 54 Mbps.

If you still have problems, download and install the latest firmware for your router. After an update of the firmware, you must reset the default router, and then configure the router again from scratch. If you have saved a router configuration file, DO NOT use it.

I hope this helps.

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    Hello. I used to own a router (wrt54g) for a very long time. I don't remember what was the model number or the version number, but if it's important, I can find it for you. A few weeks ago, my sister had an ipod touch, she recently bought and used very well on our wireless network. She moved last week and I gave him my wireless router to use for his house (use of personal work). I told her how put in place by phone and she has some problems with it. Before even as I got whatever it is its configuration, the previous settings I had here, again, has not worked for her. The first is with his ipod touch. His ipod can recognize the network and even connect to it, but there is no internet access. Same thing with his laptop. I connect to the router with a cable and the router to the modem so that I was able to remote in and see what might be the problem. It does not even work. The only time his connection will work is when it connects directly to the modem. Since it is a new provider of access, it must install anything for the router to recognize the modem?

    Please visit the links below to configure the router with the new ISP.

    To configure a router with cable Internet Service

    To configure a router with DSL Internet Service

    Please let us know if it works.

  • WRT54G firmware update issue

    I am updating a WRT54G v5 firmware using the TFTP.exe.  When I enter the ip ( address and my password, select the FW_WRT54Gv5v6_1.02.7.011_EN_20090727.bin file, click on "Upgrade", I get "unable to get responses from the server.

    I am able to connect to the router using IE.

    Any suggestions?

    This is the path of update router firmware WRT54G via the management page router, maybe can help.

  • Very disconcerting issue that happened with my WRT54G

    Does anyone know what would cause my router (WRT54G) to reset to the factory settings, just out of the blue?  I have not touched the reset all button.  In fact, I was on my laptop in another room when it happened.  I lost wireless connectivity troubleshooting, I discovered that all my settings have been reset.  Even the password to access the interface on the router reset to factory default.  I was able to fix everything, but I would like to know what caused it.

    At first, I thought I can have been hacked, but I have a very strong expression set with WPA2-PSK encryption key.  I also have enabled MAC filtering and only allow access to the PCs that I listed in the MAC filter list.  Fireware is also updated.

    I know it is still impossible to hack, but I don't see anyone with the kind of knowledge to beat these security features want to hack my network.

    Are there other reasonable explanations of why this happened?

    EDIT (I forgot to add 2 things):

    1. There was a power outage here earlier in the day, but I had connectivity in less than an hour after she came on, no problem.

    2. just before that happened, I started having "a duplicate IP address has Ben detected on the network.  It was really strange, because the router distributes the IP via DHCP.  Why he would give one already in use?

    This is probably because of the blackout. You can keep a backup of your settings using the backup and restore of tab or use a surge protector to prevent the loss of these parameters in case another failure happens to your router.

    The problem of duplication of IP was probably due to the outage as well.

  • WRT54GS static dns issue

    Hi friends.

    I'm trying to configure a local DNS server to manage domain names local only to the small office for our servers. I have the DNS works correctly (set the local machines and using the dns of your ISP if this is impossible). so I put the ip of the DNS server in the field 'Static DNS 1' of the configuration of the router. 2 other static dns fields are empty.

    the problem is that the router always uses the ISP as the primary dns server and my local dns server as secondary. I check this in two places. first of all, if I go to the 'status' tab, DNS 1 shows the ISP server while DNS 2 shows my local DNS server. Then, if I connect to the device wirelessly with a linux machine, the /etc/resolv.conf file contains the IP addresses of name servers in the wrong order.

    can someone tell me why the router is disobey my settings?

    Thank you very much.

    You have a static IP address provided by your ISP or just static DNS addresses, your router's Internet Connection Type must be set to the static IP address and you should have by default the IP address, subnet mask, gateway and addresses entered DNS... If you entered just the DNS addresses it won't work...

  • Cannot access the configuration of my router (wrt54g) page

    I can't access the page of my router (wrt54g) configuration after the installation. The router works fine, but whenever I try to connect to it says the password is incorrect. The first time that I put up I changed the default user name and password and I thought I'd simply forgotten, so I reset the device. This time I don't change any of the default values, and I can not even log on. I have to reset it several times, and you're just annoying. Anyone know how to prevent it from happening? I thought it might be a firmware issue, but I can not find all downloads for my version of road ' rs (V8). I use a macbook pro, osx 10.9.2.

    My neighbor has pretty much the same question. Did some research and found many people with similar problems. Probably time for a new...

  • WRT54G v7 - Client DHCP list problem

    Hi all

    I have WRT54G v.7 - firmware ver.7.00.8.

    by mistake I removed the bad PC of the DHCP Client Table. / Status/LAN

    How can I restore the list adding the pc to the list, as there are only there ability to delete/remove?

    Another question,

    How many clients/PC wireless to the router can handle without a problem? ...

    I noticed that when we are in the 3 or 4 clients wireless connection is very unstable, slow response, connection drops.

    Is there anything I can do to improve this issue?

    Ty for any information,


    Restart your computer and it will receive a new IP address of the router.

  • ASUS Infinity wifi connects to the WRT54G Router and network, but not the internet

    I have a WRT54G work throughout our House. It has 4 ports for wired ethernet and multiple wireless connections works without any problem. Currently my Droid phone, Tablet iPad and 2 laptops to connect and move to the internet via a wireless connection.

    Today, I bought a new Asus TF700T Infinity tablet.  I can so he can connect to the router, see the network and the router can see the Tablet Infinity (assigns an IP address), but no internet access.

    I need some ideas here, or suggestions as to what tools I can use to see where the traffic of the Tablet is blocked.  The newspaper on the router shows me nothing. I guess there is a port blocked by the router, but no idea those who.

    Tried reset hard and a firmware upgrade does not.  In fact the latest firmware upgrade (4.21.5) watered the entire network, so I started 4.21.1

    Maybe it's not a router issue maybe that's the problem with the Tablet? Can ping you the ip address assigned to the ipad? You can also try t o assign a static settings on your tablet. If these things still do not work, you may need to contact asus support.

  • Windows 7 compatibility issues


    I have a Linksys WRT54G Router; have an internet connection through the router cable; and two workstations, one with Vista (32 bit) and the other XP. I would like to replace the XP machine with a wired desktop running Windows 7 (64-bit).

    Is there any router compatibility issues that I should be on the lookout for or fine?

    Thank you.

    Nope. Your router don't know or care what OS a connected device is running.

  • WRT54GS problem with bittorrent

    I have a WRT54GS, flashed to firmware v 1.52.8. It was working fine until a recent move. I put in place after that I moved into my new place and got connected services (Comcast) and that's when I noticed the problem. I have a PC connected via CAT5 via the router and use the point wireless for my laptop. In the past, my average download speed on torrents with seeds decent were about 1.5-3 MB/s (Yes, it's MBps Mbps not...) I know the difference) recently however, they head to anywhere from 150 to 250 Kbps Kbps. Uploads are not affected... they seem to be on average about the same. In addition, during the torrent download, web browsing/email/etc does not work: everything happens to expire despite the QoS settings I have in place on the router to avoid these problems.

    At first, I assumed it was my ISP throttling my connection - Comcast has been called to do in the past, after all - but after testing the Glasnost reported no limitation by my ISP, I tried with the PC connected directly to a cable modem. Result: sustained speeds of download of 2.5-3 MB/s during two trials downloads (Ubuntu Installer ISO). During these downloads, I could navigate to wesites without getting timeout errors as I do when behind the router. This highlights quite peremptorily the WRT54GS as the source of my problem, so I wonder if anyone has any suggestions to solve this other than to launch the router and get a new.

    EDIT: I should mention that I have only torrent on the PC, so it's not a wireless issue.

    Do a reset factory and try it without changing all the settings except the foundations (e.g., wireless security, password)

  • WRT54G will connect to the network but will not connect to internet

    Guys, I installed an older Linksys CM100 cable modem and when I did I lost the connection to the internet using the WRT54G Router. I can connect fine net when I go to right fromt the modem cable to the pc. I can use my home network very well. I did a firmware upgrade, does not. I'm losing my mind. It worked fine before the new cable modem. Does make sense to anyone? BTW, I can't connect to the internet via wired or wireless connections and ping www.google.com gives 100% packet loss. Ditto for a ping to (cable modem) when the router is connected.

    Dear God please help me


    Thus, because no one here was able to offer all the help, I called tech support and was very surprised. I was able to get a tech immediately and without going through the 1 million on the phone buttons. The service is in India, but I could communicate well enough with him, even though I usually have people of understanding of handful who speak English as a second language. The issue that I had was that the default IP of the modem cable ( and ip address of the router ( were too similar. Apparently, the fact that the 3rd number 1 for both series was the cause of the problem. We changed the IP address of the router to, power cycling it and unfortunately it worked.

  • using wan-> wrt54g-> wan-> cant (static ip) ping a pc

    I've set up my wrt54g as point of wireless access, disabled the dhcp, and he ran to a pc wireless using a static ip address.  Computer gets Internet then I guess that I got everything right, but I need this pc to be available online, so I was wondering what security issues are prventing me ping my pc from another network.

    My departures from private network through a phone system my router what a wrt54g set up as a switch (NOT a router, so I know it's possible) before procceding to, another switch, computers... and I can ping this network very well static ip.

    xxx.XX.xxx.153 to 158
    ---> | switch |                  xxx.XX.xxx.155
    Internet-\--->|phones| ---> | WRT54G | ---> | srw208p |--> PCs
    ~ | WRT54G |
    | ~ ~ ~ > PC, this pc must be seen publicly

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    The best way that I could see you doing is just set up a computer in a demilitarized zone.

  • WRT54G connection interruptions


    I wonder if anyone can get an idea, or help with a problem that has just developed this morning with my WRT54G v8 router.

    The router is remove fittings wired and wireless connections. The internet and the private network connections are affected (I lose connectivity to the router itself).

    I spent the last two hours try and test for the problem and have developed in white.

    I have reset.

    I have reset the default settings.

    I've updated to the latest firmware.

    Same results each time.  When I reset, I am able to configure the router, set passwords, tables of MAC, etc. When I connect to my cable modem is when it starts to drop connections.  I don't think there is a problem with my internet provider, as I am connected directly to the cable modem now to ask for this help.

    Thanks in advance for any help provided.


    DD - WRT resolved the issues.  I would recommend to anyone struggling,.

  • Help to "problem"-WRT54G, Linux, Unix and Windows ".

    I have a Linksys WRT54G rev 6, firmware version v8.00.7 011, July 27, 2009.  My ADSL modem is a modem DSL from Westell G90-610014-20 revD.  My home network is 'predominantly' Windows wireless clients and a wireless printer, who don't have no problems or issues between them.  These 2 PC can see each other, share files, print, see internet, etc.  My PDA Smart Phone connect wireless... the grand-kids PSP jumps in full and they are all happy.

    Then, a few steps in my box... Multi-boot with Win7 Pro 64-bit, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Edition 64-bit, OpenSolaris 2010.03 snv_134 and some other OS' are.  It is connected to the #2 router's ethernet port.  This PC connects to the internet very well with all OS' are.  When I start to the top of any OS "Windows" on the subject, I can see the entire network, connect, fileshare, printing, etc. Life is beautiful...

    When this PC is displayed under Ubuntu, OpenSolaris or Solaris - I have internet and I can print.  I can see 'only' the router, modem and printer (and not the other PC) I can ping the router, printer and modem (not the other PC through services called) or intellectual property.  I can not connect, fileshare, etc..  In these OS' are I Samba, CIFS, Wins, etc. installed.  My windows clients cannot see my PC either, BUT I can ping and mount the fileshares to this PC via the IP (not via the designated services. If I boot one of this Windows Linux clients, this PC can see my PC with the IP address and name services.  Linux to linux, he'll see, connect, share.  I had 'other recheck my config on Samba, CIFS and wins... and nobody can find any problems there.

    I see 'all' clients in the Client DHCP of the router table.  The router is dynamically assign addresses without any conflicts.  The router I ping the Linux/Unix/Windows (my) box.  It cannot ping my windows wireless clients.  All "client" devices have DHCP enabled with autoconfig.

    At first I thought I had a double NAT courses so I filled the modem and the reconfig'ed my router to the router to the modem of the equation.  (Now just a stupid modem.)  Time of Internet connection are now vantastic... improved my time to download updates and upgrades and network load is down... BUT, the same problems/no change.

    I turned "logging" the router, but as of yet, I have not found where those who connect so I can revisit!  I wonder if I have something to do between the wire &... but that "should" be transparent shouldn't it?  I don't know if "everything that he must have spent, or if something is filtering or stop"it "(?)"  I'm really running out of ideas on what to check, test, change... on what "might" happen.


    Thank you... 'All' went through on my desktop and my network and I was doing the wrong assumptions.  The last PC for installation on this network was my office, so I assumed that it connect to my laptop, it was a problem with the desktop computer.

    What I've discovered, is that it "is" the problem of the laptop (on the contrary), somewhere in the services of the Windows Vista Home Premium network or settings, device drivers, etc..  "Is not" (or at least now) a router or hardware problem.

    He kept bothers me, I couldn't ping my laptop from my PC, or my router.  I had no access to customers 'other' Windows until late last night, when I found that 'they' have connection problems and ping the laptop too!  I guess...

    I started this laptop on a Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition LiveCD - and then could ping to it to both my desktop PC and my router, configuration this laptop in wireless (same device) and connect to the same wireless network.  Sort, which confirms that this is not a hardware problem on the laptop.  It confirms that it is not a router or network problem.  It narrows down my path to how 'Vista' networking services, device drivers, settings, etc. from Vista. The hunt continues, but this thread is "finished".  The problem lies elsewhere...

  • WRT54G (version 2) Firmware Version Question


    Beautiful room here. I'm glad that this facility exists.

    I have the router WRT54G version 2. Finally, I upgraded the version of firmware years before Cisco Linksys bought.

    A recent announcement by the people of Black Hat (treaties in this article of TechSpot) about their intention to publish a validation tool to exploit a vulnerability of DNS rebinding on a great many routers SOHO forced me to check for the latest update of firmware for my router.

    The interesting thing is that my router's Web interface lists the current version of the firmware as 4.30.12, but the latest version of the downloadable firmware that I see listed on the support site is 4.21.1. I'm not very surprised by this apparent anomaly. If I remember correctly, that firmware version 4.30.12 download is a beta that was supposed to fix a problem connecting WiFi to a certain type. If this version of the firmware was still considered a beta at the time of the acquisition of Linksys by Cisco - or a 'stable' later firmware version incorporating the same or better fixes for the issues addressed by 4.30.12 that had been produced at that time-so maybe 4.30.12 was ruled out.

    If you read the article of TechSpot and the associated table of preliminary vulnerability, test reports, you'll see that router WRT54G version 2 is not specifically listed. Version 3 of the router is listed as vulnerable, and version 5 of the router is not.

    So, my questions are:

    Everyone here is aware of information indicating whether or not the problem of DNS Rebinding vulnerability affects the WRT54G version 2 with the last registered (4.21.1) router firmware version?

    If so, does anyone know if yes or no Cisco plans to release an update for this old router?

    If the router is vulnerable and will not be solved with a firmware update I'll probably have myself a new LInksys router which is not listed as vulnerable. (Believe me, I'm not leaving this thread to bash Linksys. This router ran like a train of 24 hours a day for years without a single hiccup that was not directly attributable to the problems of the ISP. For the price, it's one of the best purchases of equipment I've ever done calculation. And I have done this since the beginning of the 80s when I was using a CP/M system and an Apple / / e.)

    If the 4.21.1 version firmware for WRT54G version 2 is not affected, I wonder if anyone knows if yes or no 'downgrading' of 4.30.12 to 4.21.1 is likely to lead to a failure of the router. (I'll probably try it anyway. If it brick the router I'll just go ahead and get a new one.)

    BTW, I use this router with the ease of remote administration and UPnP off and strong admin password that is changed each week. (When I always used wireless I used WPA2 AES with strong password, but I am all wired now with the systems running Debian testing).

    Forgive me for talking to myself. I decided to just go ahead and "downgrade" of the 4.30.12 firmware 4.21.1 version - just because I prefer to use a version of firmware known and supported for this material. The downgrade has gone well, so no worries about this.

    I'll look for news on whether or not this version of the firmware on this particular router is vulnerable to the flaw in DNS rebinding and acts accordingly.

    Sorry for the noise.

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