WRT54G v2.02.7 and iPod Touch

Hi, I have to update my firmware to use the iPod Touch?  My wireless router is a WRT54G using v2.02.7.  The firmware update list does not exactly match the v2.02.7 so is there a suggestion on which version I should use?  At the present time, the Touch sees my network, asks for a password, but does not connect.  I 'know' the password is correct. I entered the address Wi - Fi touch in the MAC address for the security area.  I find all information to the touch?  Several issues... Thanks much for any help you can provide.


From your post I think you enable Wireless MAC filter on your router, make sure that the MAC address you used is good. You can disable the MAC filter wireless on your router and try to connect to your wireless network and check if you are able to browse the internet on your Ipod.

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    I have a Macbook Pro (end of 2013), an Air of iPad and iTouch.  Only Albums will display on iPad and iTouch.  I have all my photos (29 000), sorted by smart Albums using keywords.  No matter if I sync via Wifi or USB, no. smart Albums will show!  What I am doing wrong? When I want to create collages on iPad or I won't maintain a smart album AND a normal album of the same name.  But I can't view the smart albums on my iPod 6th generation.  Why is this?  I sync via Wi - Fi and even when I sync via USB on my Macbook Pro on Macbook Albums are not listed the same when looking on my iPod.  Smart Albums do not at all show.  Had to create a normal Album.

    If you use iCloud photo library on the iPad, only the standard albums can be synchronized, because the Photos.app on the iPad does not support custom smart albums.

    To synchronize your smart albums for mobile devices I would return to the synchronization with iTunes Sync Photo.  (Photos of sync for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in iTunes - Apple Support).  It will transfer the photos from your smart albums as well.

    But this requires that you disable iCloud photo library on your iPad.   If you decide to disable iCloud photo library, first be sure to select 'Download this Mac originals' in the iCloud Photos preferences pane, then all your original photos can be downloaded from iCloud to your iPad. Be sure to leave your originals to download before shutting iCloud library completely.

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    Transfer between Zune and iPod Touch music

    Does anyone know how to get the Zune music on iPod touch?
    It is requested before, but that was over 2 years ago.  Maybe there's a new solution?


    The question you posted would be better suited to support zune.

  • WRT54G and IPOD Touch

    Son received an IPOD Touch 4 G that does not connect to the internet. He sees the network, request a password but does not connect. Were entering the same password of 8 characters using the router. Thanks for any help.

    Ricewind, I finally got the IPOD for connecting to the router. But first I went to a neighbors and help him connect an IPAD to a wireless router. He had the key, and it was no problem. Then, while talking to a teacher of wages of her husband, she mentioned some stamped on his case of router. Nothing on my Linksys router case would allow a connection so I started to look around inside the configuration of the router and ran through the WPA shared key. That's what the IPOD needs. Thanks for your suggestions, I didn't know what I was looking for.

  • Sync Call Logs between iPhone and iPod Touch

    I am considering setting up WiFi calling on my iPhone and adding my iPod touch as a secondary device. My question is: is my call synchronized between the two devices as well logs? Basically, I want to know whether continuity will that my incoming and outgoing call logs of conversations made on my iPhone appear on my iPod touch. If so, they will appear in the tab voice of Facetime?

    Chrismo16 wrote:

    My question is: is my call synchronized between the two devices as well logs? Basically, I want to know whether continuity will that my incoming and outgoing call logs of conversations made on my iPhone appear on my iPod touch. If so, they will appear in the tab voice of Facetime?

    Yes, they will show in the Audio tab in FaceTime.

  • Differences in abilities between iPhone and iPod Touch

    Hi all. I feel a bit puzzled here and could use some help.

    First of all, I would like to assure you that I am calculating ability correctly. I know from reading the support article that there will be differences between the powers indicated on our devices and what we calculate so it's not a problem. I calculate the capacity expected for my devices as follows:

    iPhone (16 GB): 16,000,000,000/1.073.741.824 = 14.9 GB

    iPod Touch (32 GB): 32,000,000,000/1.073.741.824 = 29.8 GB

    As expected, different amounts the amounts stated on the devices themselves due to formatting, gremlins, etc.. However, here are the amounts as well as their percentage of capacity indicated:

    iPhone: 11.9 GB (74.4%)

    iPod Touch: 28.4 GB (88.8%)

    Secondly, I wonder if it is normal that the percentage of the ability to be that much lower than for the iPhone that it is for the iPod Touch. In the mentioned above support article, he says that it is normal for a 32 GB device show about 28 GB but is it normal that the 16 GB show around 12 GB and not about 14.2 GB that he would use the same percentage of 88.8%? Thanks for any clarification on this subject.

    No phone software on an iPod.

    the size of the phone software would be of fixed size, not one percent.

  • How can I change the thumbnails for different genres on my iTunes and iPod Touch?

    Thumbnails are generic images that I did not choose and that you don't like. Is it possible to customize the thumbnails or at least use album art instead of those chosen by iTunes?

    Hello there, pdhicks.

    Looks like you want to change the album cover used for songs/albums in iTunes for Mac. The following Knowledge Base article provides information about how to do it:

    12 iTunes for Mac: add artwork to songs and other items

    Music and video that you buy on the iTunes Store or download music from Apple come from works of art. You can also add your own creations to any song or other item in your library.

    You can add many types of files of still images, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and Photoshop. You must convert WAVfiles to another format before you can add artwork to them.

    You can also change the work for any playlist in your library.

    Add artwork to music and video

    Add artwork to a single item: select an item in your iTunes library, choose file > get info, click artwork, and do one of the following:

    • Click Add artwork, select an image file and click Open.

    • Drag the image file to the work area.

    Add a the same picture on several items: select them, choose file > get info, click on Info and drag an image file to the work area.

    Retrieve album art from the iTunes Store for a song in your library: the song control key and choose Get Album artwork. Command-click to select several pieces.

    Thank you for being a part of the communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon.

  • Try to sync with Itunes and iPod Touch, watch sync services does not



    I suggest you to contact the Apple support about the issue.


  • iPod touch 5

    Hello. Have an iPod 5th generation touch, 32 gb. You want to configure for a child, while maintaining safety, too. How is that possible?

    Just set up and set the controls of Restrictions / Parental desired and set the restriction password you want

    Restrictions of use on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    If you have an other device supported, you can set up sharing of the family

    Implement the family sharing - Apple Support

    You can also set an ID for a younger than 13

    Sharing family and Apple ID for your child - Apple Support

  • How to get free GarageBand on iPod touch?

    I Googled it and came to this Web page:

    Get free Apple apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    According to this, my 16 GB iPod touch 6th generation is eligible to get GarageBand. But when I go to the App Store, he always comes back with the price (note this is in AUD)

    How can I get free GarageBand?

    * To download GarageBand, you need a device that has been activated or bought the or after September 1, 2014.

    has been your device purchased the or after September 1, 2014? If so, you will need to contact Apple using the link at the bottom of this page and learn how to get this software. Otherwise, your device becomes ineligible for this software.

  • Control parental iPod touch questions please

    Hi, looking to get the iPod touch for my 11 year old, don't want him online without supervision.

    (1) can I block the internet connection >

    (2) you can't just overide the parental control with a hard reset?

    (3) if the hard reset is done is there a notification or a way to see this has been done?

    Sorry for sounding just OCD try to keep possible safe.

    Thank you gas

    I have not tried to use them for good, but take a look at Use of Restrictions on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support. If you block Safari and control what applications are installed, then you have effectively blocked the access to the internet. If you enable the app FindMyiPhone phone cannot reset to factory settings unless you choose to unlock.


  • I put my iPod Touch in the washer for an hour

    OK then, of course, I left my iPod Touch 5th generation in the washer for an hour. When I got out, he was dead and does not illuminate. I wrapped in a dry towel and left there. (Note, it was like, 1, 2 months ago.) Now, it won't always turn and I had no hope for her until I decided to plug it into the charger. After a few minutes, I noticed that much hotter. I left alone for 15-30 minutes and came back. She had certainly more hot. I he took off the charger and have not done anything since. It was a few days ago. Help. Don't tell me to put it in the rice or anything because I've been this part now. Should I consider someone who could repair or retrieve data, or leave it alone for a while?

    And now, it's very clean, maybe a bit scratched and dead as a doornail.

    If your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad is broken

    Apple does not solve the iDevices. Instead, they exchange yours for a new or refurbished replacement depending on the age of your device and refurbished inventory. On rare occasions when there are more units refurbished for your old model, they can replace it with the next most recent model.

    ATTN: early July 2013 Apple Stores are now equipped to screen internal repairs/replacements on the iPhone 5 and 5 C. In some cases while you wait. According to Apple, this is the beginning of the equipment of Apple stores with the resources to do most repairs for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches that would not require any significant replacements. Later in the year, the services are renewable as Apple stores become equipped and with the expertise of the appropriate remedy. So, if you need repaired a screen or a broken screen replaced and your stuck Home button fixed, call your Apple store to see if they now these interns.

    You can take your unit to a retailer Apple for help, or you can call Customer Service and arrange to send your device to Apple:

    Apple Store Customer Service at the the 1-800-676-2775 or see the online help for more information.

    Contact product support and tech: Contacting Apple for support and service - this includes numbers of international calls.

    You will find respective repair costs in the appropriate link:

    Service Support iPod and costs

    iPhone Support Services and costs

    iPad Support Service and cost

    Please make an appointment at the Apple Store - Genius Bar store and bring it into service. If you are in the United States or is unable to make an appointment in this way, contact your Apple store.

  • iPhone and iPod on the same library of music

    I have an iPhone 5 and a iPod nano 7th generation. Can I use the same itunes library for two devices with no data goes missing when I switch between them, or should I create a different library for each?

    Basically, I want to know that if I plug in my phone to the computer and sync new music, then I unplug and plug my iPod without changing libraries and synchronize the music even without any problem?

    Both are on the same Apple ID as my itunes on the computer.

    Hey Behr0208,

    There is no problem of synchronization of multiple devices to a computer / iTunes library.  iTunes keeps track of each device and syncs them separately.  Make sure you remove the device before unplugging it. :-)

    For an overview, please see

    Synchronize your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iTunes - Apple Support

    For different synchronization scenarios, see

    How to use several devices iPhone, iPad or iPod with a computer - Apple Support

    Looks like you want the section:

    Synchronize playlists devices

    You can use several devices on a computer without creating multiple user accounts. To do this, you can set iTunes to update each device with only certain playlists. This method allows you to put all your music, for example, your iPod and keep your iPod shuffle, updated with only your music training. Here's how with iTunes:

    1. Create new playlists iTunes on Mac and Windows that contain all the music you want to sync to each device.
    2. Synchronize your device.

    Note: iTunes for Windows doesn't support syncing multiple iPod devices at the same time.


  • iPhoto 9.5.1 (via iTunes) does not see pictures on my old iPod Touch


    I'm retiring from my old iPod Touch (2nd generation - iPod 2.1, 32 GB, A1288).   Specifically, I'm transferring all of the pictures of her.

    I use iTunes (12.3.2) on my MacBook (2.9 GHz Core i7 (I7 - 3520M), 750GB, A1278) performer of the Mavericks 10.9.5.

    iTunes did recognize the iPod and detects music, movies, Podcasts. (I don't have TV shows, books, or audiobooks on my iPod, so not sure if iTunes should detect those).

    However, iPhoto (9.5.1) only detects my Photos stored on the iPod. It is not the photo library, last import iPhoto, 12 months or one of my albums.

    These photos are inaccessible with this version of iPhoto?

    Thank you - Robin

    However, iPhoto (9.5.1) only detects my Photos stored on the iPod. It is not the photo library, last import iPhoto, 12 months or one of my albums.

    These albums have been synced to iPod using iTunes?   Synched photos can be imported to iPhoto via USB, only the photos in the camera roll or saved photos. Photo sync iTunes is one-way: see this link: Sync photos to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in iTunes - Apple Support

  • iPod touch will not connect to wifi, I have tried everything!

    I used this touch iPod for over a year, and all of a sudden, it does not connect to wifi. I type the correct password, but he responds with "wrong password". I checked since then with several computers apple and iPod touch on the connection and that's fine. I even had these devices 'forget' the network and reconnect without any problem. I also had new devices to connect to the same wifi signal. I know that's not the router. I reset the network settings, reset the content and settings. I tried to restore then connected to iTunes and told to disable Find My first iPhone, but should not be my apple ID password. When you are connected to iTunes I put the iPod into recovery mode (connector pointing to iTunes screen show) and reset to factory settings and it won't always connect to the wifi. I'm looking for ways to solve this problem all over the internet and I'm out of ideas. The iPod is updated to the current 9.1 iOS. Someone at - it else I can try?

    It connects to other networks?

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