WSN-9791 Firmware

I'm trying to update the firmware on my WSN-9791. I see the 9791 in Max and OR network browser. I use MAX version 4.7.7f0. The current version of the firmware 9791 is 1.0.1. I have the ni9791fwROM_LV861_LV2009 file. Once I click on the Firmware update, I click Yes and I see: Check The WSN gateway Firmware consistency... After that a few seconds, an error message appears saying: a communication error occurred during the update the WSN. Reboot and try.

I tried to restart but it does not work.

Any help is appreciated to muvh.

Thank you


Hi wv,.

It seems that it is a network connection problem. For the most part, the software installs our hardware restarts in installation mode and trying to reconnect to the computer now to begin the installation of the software. At this stage there may be re-problems connecting to the PC. In practice, this problem manifests exactly as you described.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps:

-Drop your firewalls

-disable the antivirus

-set your camera to have a static IP (see this kb).

-turn off wireless on your PC

If your computer has multiple ethernet ports or several cards it can also cause problems like this.

I would like to know how they

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  • WSN-9791 gateway crashes

    Hello, dear OR engineers!

    There is a problem with WSN-9791.

    There hangs after a month of work.

    WSN driver/firmware 1.1.0f3.

    In the MAX is not displayed any module. Work has been pursued only after restarting WSN-9791 to MAX.

    Now I'm about to update driver for version 1.2. Anyone know can help to resolve the situation?

    Hi Kolan,

    The update to version 1.2 of WSN is certainly recommended. because it fixes bugs and improves performance.

    WSN 1.2 update

    First update the Firmware of the bridge, then each node as well.

    A problem with the bridge would probably have an impact so nodes to see if the problem persists after the update of the firmware.

    All the best,

  • time (for wsn 9791) in MAX server configuration


    I need to set up a time for my gateway WSN9791 server in order to ger readings with timestamp of remote nodes. How can I do?

    I already checked this forum and other sources of information on this issue and has concluded that the time server is configured by using MAX under "Remote Systems > NOR-WSN9791 > System Settings" but I have not found any arrangement for the NTP server there.

    My system configuration is:

    -Windows 7 Professional

    -LabView 2013

    NOR-WSN 2013

    -MAX 5.5.0f0 of worm.

    -a WSN9791 gateway

    -eight knots of WSN3202



    Finally, I asked the technicians support of OR who have come to find a solution.

    I report the message that describes the problem.


    Why can I not set a time for my NOR-WSN-9791 gateway server?

    It is a known problem in NI MAX 5.5 and 5.6 MAX OR. The time server option was not be displayed due to a change in the backend of the system settings page. Workaround to view the setting of the time server was created. The following steps will allow the option of time server OR 5.5 or 5.6 MAX MAX OR

    1. on your development computer, go to C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\MAX\UI Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ to C:\Program Files (x 86) and 64-bit windows \National Instruments\MAX\UI Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ for 32-bit windows.
    2. in the directory C:\Program Files (x 86) of Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ \National Instruments\MAX\UI, make a copy of the original mxrmcfg. DDPSystem.def.xml original-mxrmcfg file. DDPSystem.def.xml. this backup the original file to undo the changes.
    3. open in Notepad the file mxrmcfg. DDPSystem.def.xml

    4 replace the contents of the file with the following:


    5 restart NI MAX

    After you follow these steps, you will be able to set the time server on the NOR-WSN-9791 via NI MAX.


  • WSN-9791 frequency selection and interference

    WSN-9791 indicates that it can operate on the 2.4 GHz band channels 11-24 (I'm guessing that USA is limited to 11).  How to avoid multiple interference OR WSN, in the same neighborhood?  Is there a way to set or determine the channels that the network is working in?  For example, with the 802.11 standard common internet hubs can fix them to use one of these 11 channels.

    Thank you


    Hey Garret.

    You are right that channels 25 and 26 are outside the range of 802.11, but they cannot be used for the same reason that you can't go to channel 11 for 802.11 here in the United States.

    Also, for the gateways in the same neighborhood, you must assign different channels.  Gateways running on the same channel in the same vicinity will cause problems for both networks.

    The questions keep coming!


  • WSN-9791, management to the 3202 errors

    I have setup a 9791with 3202 and attached to a 250 Ohm resistor to measure a 4-20mA signal to the 3202 AI0. I'm always out of measing the input voltage and I also check the voltage of battery, link quality, external power supply and error messages with the management of simple mistakes. Everything seems to work properly. Now I disconnect to the 3202 and remove the batteries. Surprisingly, the voltage to AI0 remains its value, the battery voltage remains the same, it shows as external is present and the error handling will not display any errors. After 3 minutes MAX will show that the signal was lost. The VI shows that the external power supply has been disconnected. All other values remain the same

    I'm using LabVIEW 2009FDS and I don't have a Pioneer or any additional software. I have updated the firmware of the 9791 and 3202 to the latest revision.

    How can I display in my VI that the signal has been lost? MAX seems to be able to do so, but only after 3 minutes. Why the management of errors never poster no matter what? Why is the quality of the binding the same when the signal is lost?

    Thank you

    Hi wv,.

    I'm sorry that you are not satisfied with the features of the WSN material.

    You need not actually a time accurate system to check if your data is obsolete.  What you need to do is check compared to the timestamp of the last time read you.  In this case, it matters really very little whether the internal clock is 1903 or 2011.  You check just to see if the data was updated to say the past 3 minutes.

    As far as the quality of the connection goes, it's also a common variable and therefore likely to be the same phenomena as the other values of nodes.

    Have a great day,

    Chris V

  • connect to 9791 WSN gateway on different domain

    RE: gateway WSN-9791

    I want to collect data from a WSN without going through a computer at the location of very distant field.  For 1 beat per minute, we don't need the power and the cost of a RIO, or even a laptop computer in the remote location.

    I want to use a gateway 9791 (with some WSN-3202 devices) in a place of far field, directly connected to the internet via a satellite link.  I want to run a LabVIEW program on a computer at the location of the head office.  I intend to collect remote data locally on a LabVIEW VI without a computer in the remote location.

    Since the 9791 won't be on my same network back to the home office domain, how MAX to find the 9791?

    I've only used the 9791 on a local network, where MAX auto-detection is, well, automatic.

    William Reed

    Double Post.

  • remote connection to 9791 WSN gateway

    RE: gateway WSN-9791

    I want to collect data from a WSN without going through a computer at the location of very distant field.  For 1 beat per minute, we don't need the power and the cost of a RIO, or even a laptop computer in the remote location.

    I want to use a gateway 9791 (with some WSN-3202 devices) in a place of far field, directly connected to the internet via a satellite link.  I want to run a LabVIEW program on a computer at the location of the head office.  I intend to collect remote data locally on a LabVIEW VI without a computer in the remote location.

    Since the 9791 won't be on my same network back to the home office domain, how MAX to find the 9791?

    I've only used the 9791 on a local network, where MAX auto-detection is, well, automatic.

    William Reed

    Thank you very much - that really help.

  • WSN-3212 or NI WSN 3202 when loaded with VI target with

    WSN-3212 or NI WSN 3202 when loaded with a new firmware using option "Add LABView WSN target", cannot re connect with the gateway ethernet OR WSN - 9791. In MAX, the quality of the link state is "lost Signal".

    Basically, I tried to change the sampling in the sample interval ""case structure, then built the VI and deployed on two WSN nodes. " They show the status of the download of the firmware and the LABView also shows the message 'successfully deployed", but then, knots just to start scanning and never connect again.

    Please help in this regard.

    Hello binarystar105,

    When you have downloaded the new firmware, did you follow the steps described in this article?

    How to upgrade the Firmware on my NI WSN gateway?

    Also, what version of firmware you currently have?

    What version of the LabVIEW WSN Module work?

    If you look at the properties of the node of your window from the LabVIEW Project Explorer, can set you the tab node sampling interval?

    You may already familiar with this material, but I found the following white paper to be extremely useful when I started working with WSN:

    Getting started with wireless sensor networks of NOR

  • 36 wsn-3202

    Hello, dear OR engineers!

    There is a task to build net wsn with 36 x 3202 modules on a COMPACT territory and 9791gtw ~ 70x70meters, is it possible?
    (All documents are read, please visit)

    Problem is that all modules can 'see' radio signal each other in the small territory while it produces interferences and there is no possibility of separate wsn-routers.
    All modules are distributed on a square regular. WSN-9791 is one side of the square on a height of 8 m.

    Someone at-ideas? Or maybe sombody can convince me that such system is incorrect? Plan in attachments.
    Thanks for any help!

  • WSN-9791troubleshoot erratic readings

    We have a WSN-9791 with four WSN - 3212 s. All 3212 s have power supplies OR (don't not running off battery).

    Three of the four 3212 s give erratic readings. For example, the following was recorded today to a piece that should be around 70F:

    17/10/2012-15:38:20 187,8
    17/10/2012-15:39:20 148.9
    17/10/2012-15:40:20 139,0
    17/10/2012 15:41:20 - 1548.9
    17/10/2012-15:42:20 37.2
    17/10/2012-15:43:20 158.8
    17/10/2012-15:44:20 39.5
    17/10/2012-15:45:20 111.5
    17/10/2012-15:46:20 206,4
    17/10/2012-15:47:20 - 6.6
    17/10/2012-15:48:20 188,6
    17/10/2012-15:49:20 262.5
    17/10/2012-15:50:20 74.1
    17/10/2012-15:51:20 102.0

    Location appears to play a role - so far two 3212 s different that give erratic readings have been very stable (with reasonable readings, too) when they sit on my desk, but become erratic when moved elsewhere in the building. In addition, one of the erratic nodes goes stable days, then several erratic days, then back to stable. When a node is erratic, all four thermocouples of this node are erratic.

    Thinking that this might be a problem with the electrical noise, I put one of the 3212 s on a UPS - no difference. I also changed the channel without wire used for a couple of different parameters, without modification. I moved the 9791 at different locations in the building, again no difference. Thermocouple type parameters have been triple checked.

    Any ideas on how to solve this?

    Hi James,

    WSN-3212 is sensitive to analog loops mass and power supply noise and maybe it's what you see. To determine if this is the problem, try the following.

    1. electrically isolate environmental thermocpule probes

    2. connect the ground terminal GND D of the WSN-3212 (PIN 10, 12, 14 or 16)

    See you soon,.

    Brian has

    R & D Product Support Engineer | WSN/network DAQ/University

    National Instruments

  • change the node id error/bug

    I have a gateway WSN-9791 and 6 knots

    4 x 3226

    1 x 3202

    1 x 3212

    I sat the system at the office to test, I got the 3212 as ID1, and I gave all the nodes a name. Now, I moved the elements of the site where they work, but until the 3212 is no longer necessary. So now, I connect from a new computer to the gateway to implement my system of 5 knots. but now I have chaned the id of node of nr 5 to nr 1, but whenever I add, it appears like the 3226; added it comes with my old name of node and the old type :-(if I change it to a node id I never used then his work. does anyone know hoe to fix it?

    I tried to restart the bridge, droped the nodeds, added again... nothing helps.

    Hi Sivsko,

    Can manually add you the correct node type in the project?

    1 remove the tagged 3226 as 3212

    2. click right bridge in the Project Explorer and select new > targets and devices

    3. Select new target or device in the window add targets and devices

    4. Select the WSN node > NI WSN-3226

    5. give him a node ID 1

    You can also see if the creation of a new project solves the problem.

    1. close LabVIEW completely (to remove information in RAM)

    2 reopen LabVIEW

    3. open a new project.

    4. right click the project in the Project Explorer, and then select New > targets and devices

    5. Select WSN gateway > "your door."

    See you soon,.

    Brian has

    R & D Product Support Engineer | WSN/network DAQ/University

    National Instruments

  • How can I configure a port Ethernet NI9792 gateway to communicate with a cRIO CAP?

    Salvation OR engineers,

    I intend to use my gateway NI9792 in the following way:

    1. a single Ethernet port for network connection. That's how I'm developing, download the software and monitor my request through my PC in my office.

    2. the other port to communicate with a cRIO device? If so, how can I do it?

    It seems to be a stupid question, but I really couldn't work this!

    Thanks in advance,


    Good afternoon, Luiz

    Follow the first link to guide the module which can be used and other links to the best part of bore configuration CRIO. For any question, please contact us.

    How to set my time on the NI WSN-9791 or NI 9792 gateway server?

    Configuration and NI WSN product guide

    Configure the Ports of double Ethernet on real-time controllers

    video installation and installation CRIO

    Automatic configuration of network for the cRIO-9073 and cRIO-9074 CompactRIO controllers


    Mauro Vera.

  • Wsn OR programmable nodes using the nesC?

    Anyone, please can you me if wireless sensors networks OR be programmed using the NesC (small BONE)? If so, how?

    Hi cranian.

    No, as you say, NesC is used to program WSN nodes running TinyOS. NI WSN nodes are not running TinyOS, but a picture of the firmware optimized for measurements and autonomy in the long term.

    By using LabVIEW WSN, you can customize this personality to add the decision-making and analysis. Read this white paper:

    If you have existing algorithms, written in C, you can place your C code directly in line with your LabVIEW code.


  • WSN NI 9792 safety 1.2: initial configuration? By default the username and password?


    With NI WSN 1.1, using a 9792, I can click on the button set the permissions, and if none had been defined would simply ask me a new administrator password.  Now with NI WSN 1.2, when I click on the button set the permissions he takes me to the web interface of the 9792 and said "nobody is connected or you don't have permissions to view/edit users, groups, and permissions.»  When I click on the "connect" button, a box opens and asks me a username and password.  I scoured the notes version of the help files and the internet, and it seems there is NO documentation on how to set up the first name of username/password combination, or it indicates what combination of username/password default username there might be.  I also tried a brand new 9792 straight out of the box and load of 1.2 to this subject and it has the same problem.  Is there something obvious that I'm missing?  How a person initially configure security on the 9792?

    Hello, Garrett,.

    Thanks for your post!

    Looks like you're having need for information on how to find the information of your 9792 newspaper. When you use NEITHER-WSN 1.1 allowed us users to define the initial password and this is still the case for the 9791. The 9792 is a gateway OR WSN node and a target time LabVIEW Real-time. Its default log in information or lie in a (KB) Knowledge Base using LabVIEW or helping MAX. You use LabVIEW 2009 SP1 or LabVIEW 2010?

    The default name of the user and the password is the following:

    user name: admin



    By default the username and password for the newspaper in a real-time controller

    Help of LabVIEW

    Start > all programs > National Instruments > xx LabVIEW > LabVIEW help

    Then go to... Fundamentasl > working with egalitarian and target > how-to > control and configure a remote device from a Web browser

    Help MAX

    Open MAX > help > MAX Help (can also press F1 if open MAX)

    Then go to... Help MAX remote systems > LabVIEW Real-time targets Configuration > Device Configuration > logging into your system

    The help link above LabVIEW is called in 9792 under Related Documentation start guide that directs you using LabVIEW.

    NEITHER Wireless Sensor Network Getting Started Guide

    Is the information you were looking for? Please indicate if there is something else we can do.

    See you soon


    WSN PES OF R & D

  • Power of reception in an NI WSN with standard 802.15.4


    We are 3 students in France who configure an NI WSN what measures of temperature and relative humidity. The technical aspect, to acquire the power of reception RSSI, latency... nodes of different measures (NI 3202, NI 3226 and gateway NOR 9791). Indeed, we must analyse different aspects for the deployment of the nodes in the classroom.

    However, we do not have these information with NI Labview and NI MAX software. We are unable to acquire digital data, perhaps they are locked by NOR. Can access us those for each node?

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    Hello VincentIUT

    When you create a WSN project, you can find the quality of the connection in the Project Explorer, you can draw this node to the VI and it shows the power of the received signal. While the range of values from 0 to 100

    What is the value mean?... you can use the discussion forum linked below as a reference:

    The intensity of the signal - dBm calculation?

    In this forum, there is a link to an article, here you can find:

    Conversion percentage of dBm values Signal strength of


    Frank R.

Maybe you are looking for