WSN-9791 frequency selection and interference

WSN-9791 indicates that it can operate on the 2.4 GHz band channels 11-24 (I'm guessing that USA is limited to 11).  How to avoid multiple interference OR WSN, in the same neighborhood?  Is there a way to set or determine the channels that the network is working in?  For example, with the 802.11 standard common internet hubs can fix them to use one of these 11 channels.

Thank you



Hey Garret.

You are right that channels 25 and 26 are outside the range of 802.11, but they cannot be used for the same reason that you can't go to channel 11 for 802.11 here in the United States.

Also, for the gateways in the same neighborhood, you must assign different channels.  Gateways running on the same channel in the same vicinity will cause problems for both networks.

The questions keep coming!


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  • time (for wsn 9791) in MAX server configuration


    I need to set up a time for my gateway WSN9791 server in order to ger readings with timestamp of remote nodes. How can I do?

    I already checked this forum and other sources of information on this issue and has concluded that the time server is configured by using MAX under "Remote Systems > NOR-WSN9791 > System Settings" but I have not found any arrangement for the NTP server there.

    My system configuration is:

    -Windows 7 Professional

    -LabView 2013

    NOR-WSN 2013

    -MAX 5.5.0f0 of worm.

    -a WSN9791 gateway

    -eight knots of WSN3202



    Finally, I asked the technicians support of OR who have come to find a solution.

    I report the message that describes the problem.


    Why can I not set a time for my NOR-WSN-9791 gateway server?

    It is a known problem in NI MAX 5.5 and 5.6 MAX OR. The time server option was not be displayed due to a change in the backend of the system settings page. Workaround to view the setting of the time server was created. The following steps will allow the option of time server OR 5.5 or 5.6 MAX MAX OR

    1. on your development computer, go to C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\MAX\UI Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ to C:\Program Files (x 86) and 64-bit windows \National Instruments\MAX\UI Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ for 32-bit windows.
    2. in the directory C:\Program Files (x 86) of Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ \National Instruments\MAX\UI, make a copy of the original mxrmcfg. DDPSystem.def.xml original-mxrmcfg file. DDPSystem.def.xml. this backup the original file to undo the changes.
    3. open in Notepad the file mxrmcfg. DDPSystem.def.xml

    4 replace the contents of the file with the following:


    5 restart NI MAX

    After you follow these steps, you will be able to set the time server on the NOR-WSN-9791 via NI MAX.


  • WSN-9791 gateway crashes

    Hello, dear OR engineers!

    There is a problem with WSN-9791.

    There hangs after a month of work.

    WSN driver/firmware 1.1.0f3.

    In the MAX is not displayed any module. Work has been pursued only after restarting WSN-9791 to MAX.

    Now I'm about to update driver for version 1.2. Anyone know can help to resolve the situation?

    Hi Kolan,

    The update to version 1.2 of WSN is certainly recommended. because it fixes bugs and improves performance.

    WSN 1.2 update

    First update the Firmware of the bridge, then each node as well.

    A problem with the bridge would probably have an impact so nodes to see if the problem persists after the update of the firmware.

    All the best,

  • WSN-9791 Firmware

    I'm trying to update the firmware on my WSN-9791. I see the 9791 in Max and OR network browser. I use MAX version 4.7.7f0. The current version of the firmware 9791 is 1.0.1. I have the ni9791fwROM_LV861_LV2009 file. Once I click on the Firmware update, I click Yes and I see: Check The WSN gateway Firmware consistency... After that a few seconds, an error message appears saying: a communication error occurred during the update the WSN. Reboot and try.

    I tried to restart but it does not work.

    Any help is appreciated to muvh.

    Thank you

    Hi wv,.

    It seems that it is a network connection problem. For the most part, the software installs our hardware restarts in installation mode and trying to reconnect to the computer now to begin the installation of the software. At this stage there may be re-problems connecting to the PC. In practice, this problem manifests exactly as you described.

    Here are a few troubleshooting steps:

    -Drop your firewalls

    -disable the antivirus

    -set your camera to have a static IP (see this kb).

    -turn off wireless on your PC

    If your computer has multiple ethernet ports or several cards it can also cause problems like this.

    I would like to know how they

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    Very useful if you try to remove a constant buzz of a certain frequency of an audio file.

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    Use the smudge tool to enter the automation of tempo and move it left or right...

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    Thank you.

    Keep typing. Search now uses 'contains' while in the past he has used "begins by".

    Red is a bug and no real consequence as long as you are careful to accept such address offered.

    More concern with the current version is that it would have been is not always check the address you have chosen. I don't know what triggers what I was not able to replicate.

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    Glad it worked for you. Thanks for posting back.

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    Did you mean the user Windows XP normally account?
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    I put t know if it helps but I recommend to delete your old user account and create a new password.

    Windows XP administrator account (versions Home and Professional).
    By default, it doesn't have a defined password.
    In order to avoid serious security problems, it is best to set a password for this account on your computer.
    To do this, follow these instructions:

    1. open the start menu, and then click Control Panel.
    2. in Control Panel, open the icon user accounts.
    3. the screen user accounts lists several accounts that are present on your machine. Note that you will have probably a Director and another (that you named when you configure your computer to start). Select the administrator account.
    4. in the administrator account settings screen, click the "Create a password" link.
    5. in the password creation window, fill in the blanks required. When finished, press to create the password.
    6 you may be asked if you want to make this private account files. Click on either YES or NO (depending on your preferences), then click on finish
    7. it must be returned to the window user accounts. Close this window, and then restart your computer normally.

    NOTE: Make sure you add passwords on ALL accounts on your computer

  • PXI-6133 Pulse frequency output and input with DAQmx

    I am trying to set a pulse meter output frequency task and read this signal with a frequency counter input task input pulses.  I use a 2 PXI-6133, each connected to a BNC-2090 case has.  I want to output a square of a certain frequency with the task frequency meter pulse output and then read the frequency of this signal using a task of cost input frequency.  I don't know how to property set up these tasks, or how to define which device to use for each heap.  I don't know what terminals on the BNC-2090 is the counter of entry/sortient channels correspond to them because that is not displayed in the documentation of the PXI-6133 or documentation of BNC-2090.

    Please see the attached VI for my attempt to put this in place.  Currently, I get two errors:

    (1) error-200452 took place at the property Node DAQmx channel meter Test - referred to as property is not supported by the device or is not applicable to the task.

    2. the error-89136 at DAQmx Start Task - specified route cannot be met because the hardware does not support.

    If I remove two channels of property DAQmx where I try to put the terminals for the counters, while the program is running, but then I know not what terminals on the BNC-2090 meters are connected to!  This causes the DAQmx read for the cost in the tasks of frequency to timeout because it does not detect a signal.

    I would really appreciate the help to properly configure these tasks and determine what terminals on the BNC-2090 case has the task of counter will work on.

    I see a few problems in the code originally:

    1. For your CI task, you type is defined as a counter entry > frequency.  But on the node property of DAQmx channel for this task, you modify the CI. Property of PulseWidth.Term.  It should be CI. Freq.Term. set the entry regardless of the PFI line you do not want the input signal on.  Tip: you don't have to type the name of the device in at all.  Enter "PFI0", it's the same as "DevN/PFI0" since the unit has already been specified in the DAQmx Virtual Channel Create function.  The name of the device, leaving aside will make your code more flexible where you decide later to change the name of the device.

    2. Maps of the S series, such as the 6133, do not have the same flexibility to change the output terminals of tasks of meter you might find with M or X series device.  Page 83 of the S series manual watch what signals can be extracted to PFI lines - Ctr0Out is not one of these.  Instead, Ctr0 out is, by default, pin 2.  Cabling to a BNC-2090 6133 is certainly difficult to understand out (probably because the 2090 was designed to work with the materials of the E and M series), but if you compare the pinout of a PXI-6255 0 with the 6133 pinout connector, you will notice that they are essentially a match 1-1.  Pin 2 is PFI12 on the 6255, so I assume the same for the 6133.  All this to say, Ctr0Out always appears on the pin 2/PFI12 for the 6133 and you therefore cannot change the output terminal that your code is trying to do, having for result error-89136.  Remove this node from the property altogether and the error should disappear.

  • How to incorporate the timestamp and file name automatically select and save the file dialog?


    I try to incorporate the name of the file that is the registration of the end user with the timestamp in the selected and save file dialog box. Can you help me?

    Thank you

    Hi Mike227,

    I couldn't find a way to immediately make the bat. I guess you need to mess with ActiveX to do. I found an msdn page that could help with this.

    Have you considered simply concatenating the name of the file and the time stamp with a path of the file and save the file when you create it, without inviting the user?

  • Unable to send attachments in outlook express. HTML is selected and is therefore 'send pictures' recipient receives the text but not images?

    I am unable to send attachments in outlook express. HTML is selected and is therefore 'send pictures' recipient receives the text but not images?

    All security settings seem fine, an idea?

    Some messages do not conform to the standards of the Internet in the sense that they cannot be returned intact by their transmission.  The way around this is to use Message | Until the attachment, then they will be properly transmitted, since they will be attached.


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    I tried to follow some of the instructions in a full Clipboard and unfortunately that is not the forms of the English spoken by them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    [email protected]'com


    We are pleased to know that the problem is solved. Let us know if face you any problem with Windows in the future.

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    Hello damatriarch06,

    You are welcome. It is what we are trying to do... help people! Thanks for letting me know that the problem is solved.

    Kind regards


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