X223W - VGA does not? (input not supported)

Or maybe that I don't do something good?  I'm just trying to plug my 360 via VGA.  I have my PC connected via DVI.  When the two are connected, I use the OSD to access the plug insertion icon.  I have 3 options here.  Analog, digital and DDC/CI.  Digital is highlighted that I assume average DVI is connected.  If I turn it on to analog the screen goes black and says "input not supported".  If I unplug my DVI cable and then just plug the VGA cable I always get "input not supported".

Any help would be appreciated it drives me crazy.

For reference, I used this same 360 and VGA cable on another monitor and it works fine.

It seems that sent by the 360 resolution or refresh rate is not supported by the monitor.

See this table of hours of support for this model:

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    To my knowledge the DirectSound is an addition to the system of Microsoft DirectX. It should be included in DirectX.
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    I thought she 372251a. PDF

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    You left out which version of DirectX has been shown.

    As far as I know, your Intel 945GM should support DirectX 9 and because you have XP sp3, you must have at least DirectX 9 installed.

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    I don't have a solution for you (assuming that DXDIAG, in fact, reports to have DirectX 9 or higher).  You can see if you install a new driver support, but if it were me, I would be first contact Acer technical support or ask your question in another forum as one of the following conditions:

    Intel graphics Forum: http://communities.intel.com/community/tech/graphics
    Forum PowerPoint: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/powerpoint (select the corresponding forum for your version of Powerpoint).  Include the results of DxDiag, including the version of DirectX.  If there is something unusual about the image that causes the crash, include this info as well.

    Normally, for notebook/laptop computer, it is better to get the drivers of the mfr of computer rather than the manufacturer of the device.

    Acer drivers for your computer are here: http://support.acer.com/us/en/product/default.aspx?tab=1&modelId=535 (you want the Intel VGA for XP driver)

    Intel has a newer driver: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Internet+Devices&ProductLine=Netbooks&ProductProduct=Mobile+Intel%C2%AE+945GM+Express+Chipset+Family
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    In the future (or), before you buy a new game, visit Can You Run It to see if your hardware supports the minimum requirements of the game.

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    Kind regards


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    The name of the plugin in the security system is called HiDVRPlugin.dmg and the system is Svat. I tried to go to Safari preferences and enabling the plugin, but it still does not work.

    Any ideas on how to re activate or difficulty this plugin?

    Thank you

    Go back to an earlier version of Mac OS X is not an option? Or may be using a different browser?

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    Firefox does not support the download documents saved as packages
    Please use Safari

    What does that mean? What are packages?

    Hi Royden1,

    What is a page file and the template that you used to and what are you trying to use? Please research what the .pages file is compatible with, that means that Firefox does not support this file type. http://www.Macworld.com/article/20633.../how-to-work-with-iWorks-new-file-formats.html

  • Nexus10 version does not support pdf files in the web site.

    I have a new Nexus 10 and installed Firefox and the Epson Print software. When I go to the bath of Rockville and center of fitness, full screen, it will show me a button on the right side hourly. Click on that to start a download (it should just show me the contents of the file as does the true Firefox). If I go to the download section of Firefox, the download is listed, but when I try to do with the word app, it says that the file is not present. If I try to do with the Epson application, she argues that the application has stopped. If I go to epson print and look around, I can find the file and read it. But it's exceedingly complex.
    The same died of problem with crome, crome, but does not support full screen. This problem is not present on the ipad from apple with the web browser by default.

    in the original post, I am fearless "PDF viewer" as a name for a standalone application, and as I said in my reply, I installed this app. you suggested that what I needed was an Add on Firefox. I installed this add-on and could see page.
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