XCopy deployment

I have a PropertyEditor in my form. When I deploy my Application by XCopy is missing something, because Te Editor for the ScaleArc of a template is not displayed anymore.

Hello Gerald,

Actually, after further review, it is a bit a hole in XCOPY documentation, specifically for the property editor.  You will also need to deploy the NationalInstruments.UI.Design assembly, which lies only in the GAC.  Get all of the design of the GAC is to simply browse to it from the command line (c:\windows\assembly\GAC_32\NationalInstruments.UI.Design\) and use the command copy to copy locally.  Make sure that the versions of NationalInstruments.UI and NationalInstruments.UI.Design match.

I filed a bug report for the same problem with the ID 174690.

Please let me know if you have problems with this, or if it is unable to solve your problem.


National Instruments

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    The following program is an example of


    Hey jeschki-

    The best place to search for dependencies and deployment information is in Measurement Studio titled help topics 'files of XCOPY deployment measures Studio .NET' and 'fusion of measurement Studio .NET Modules'.  "" These two documents are found in the Measurement Studio help collection as follows: the the Studio help OR measure "Deploying Applications" Modules merger and deployment of files.

    Because your application uses 3D styles, you need the mesa.dll of the unmanaged dll.


    National Instruments

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    The error received when it .exe application (with references NOR) is run on a PC.

    So I've changed the property NOR references: local copy-> true

    relating to the compilation, always test it, get error if I use another PC without software OR installed.

    After copy / paste all the dll files required in the directory where .exe is located, it works correctly on the machine without MSudio installed.

    I removed the NationalInstruments.NetworkVariable.dll of my project to simply this process.

    then copy all the dll files based on measure XCOPY deployment files Studio .NET

    You don't have to copy/paste the following files (not 3d)

    msvcp80.dll 8
    MSVCR80.dll 8
    Msvcrt.dll 8

  • Driver Oracle client for DotNet Application necessary


    We have an Application of Windows Desktop DotNet, written in c# using Visual Studio 2005.

    We are now able to connect to the Oracle database 10.2 with it using ODBC, but we need to know what driver to use.

    The DotNet Application is put on all of our Call Center Representative for desktop computers by using ClickOnce technology.

    We would like a light driver to install on each of the desktops, but you need to know where to download a driver and how to install it.

    All advice is appreciated.

    Thank you!
    :) Anne

    For light xcopy deployment of ODBC, you probably want to go with the moment customer, more information here.

    It will be useful,

    Published by: gdarling on January 20, 2010 10:39
    I may misread your message. The application uses ODBC? Most .NET applications would use ODP.NET instead, and you can get a version of xcopy of this here

  • When you build the deployment, install reportgen_txt.seq, but what program removal remove reportgen_txt.seq from the TestStand\Components\Models\TestStandModels directory?

    Basically, I want to install a reportgen_txt.seq to the Dir\Components\Models\TestStandModels TestStand Custom file during the installation of the program but when I remove the program from my computer I want to keep the custom file reportgen_txt.seq... Now when I remove the program, the custom reportgen_txt.seq file is also deleted.

    Someone at - it ideas in addition to having to have a second deployment to install the file?

    Help, please!  And thanks in advance

    I have advanced and implemented using custom orders, worked like a charm!  Thank you!

    I just added a personalized using xcopy (see below).  I needed three files to be copied in specific directories once they have been installed in the installation directory.  My three preconfigured files are:

    reportgen_txt. SEQ



  • AnyConnect deploy through SCCM

    We need help AnyConnect via Microsoft SCCM deployment. All the world did this and willing to share how they did it. Our AD administrator has not done this before. We deploy 4 msi files, but also a profile folder. We use the SCCM to ensure that users do not uninstall AnyConnect. We want to deploy by using the domain administrator credentials, as some users are not admins and can not install the software. In our first test with the SCCM, we got a message that it was missing a module. Software was on the computer but want to the user permission to run, but no not admin, they couldn't do it.

    Thanks for any help.

    Here is an example that I used successfully for NAM + module ISE Posture (and no tile VPN). You would of course replace your version for one I've used below:

    msiexec /package anyconnect-win-4.2.00096-pre-deploy-k9.msi /norestart /passive PRE_DEPLOY_DISABLE_VPN=1 TRANSFORMS=anyconnect_client_novpn.mst
    msiexec /package anyconnect-nam-win-4.2.00096-k9.msi /norestart /passive TRANSFORMS=nam.mst
    msiexec /package anyconnect-iseposture-win-4.2.00096-pre-deploy-k9.msi /norestart /passive TRANSFORMS=iseposture.mst
    XCopy /Y /F /C /E  "\\\\profile.xml" "c:\ProgramData\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\Network Access Manager\newConfigFiles\"
  • ODAC 12 c for xcopy issues

    Hi all

    Today, I upgraded customer 12 c ODAC for our product. I have always used version of xcopy. It is easy to deploy. But I have 2 problems in its new version of xcopy:

    1 dot does not load the file with spaces.

    My install command: install odp.net4 "C:\Program Files\Fichiers Files\ODP .NET" TestODAC
    The exception:
    Invalid syntax.
    Type "REG ADD /?" for usage.

    Invalid syntax.
    Type "REG ADD /?" for usage.


    Open the configure.bat file and find
    tracking added 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\. NETFramework\v4.0.30319\AssemblyFoldersEx\ODP.Net' / ve/t REG_SZ /d %BAT_DIR%odp.net\bin\4/f > > install.log
    tracking added 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\. NETFramework\v4.0.30319\AssemblyFoldersEx\ODP.Net' / ve/t REG_SZ /d "% BAT_DIR%odp.net\bin\4" /f > > install.log

    2 can you not use ODP.NET, unmanaged pilot.

    This is my supply parameters:

    < provider DBType = 'Oracle '.

    Invariant = "Oracle.DataAccess.client"

    ConnectionStringBuilder = 'BDNA. DAC. OracleDirectConnectionStringBuilder">

    < ConnectionString >


    User Id = xxx;

    Password = "xxx";]] >

    < / ConnectionString >

    < / provider >

    The Exception: popup Application: DACTest.exe - system error: the program cannot start because oraons.dll is missing on your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    These are very strange questions. When I use the Installer version, everything is ok.  Does he know what should I do?  Any suggestion is of great help for me. Thank you.

    In my view, that the cause of this problem is the Oracle xcopy installation directory has not been added to the PATH of the Windows System. This is described in step 4 of the installation of the xcopy README instructions.


    4. Add the installation directory and install the subdirectory bin of the directory to the PATH environment variable before any other Oracle Directory. Otherwise, the products that are installed may not work properly because it will not be able to load the necessary dll. for example, if c:\oracle has been provided in the installation directory, add c:\oracle and c:\oracle\bin to the system path.

  • Implementation of OData EF - without odac11 installation in the deployment computer

    Currently, our deployment Env have client 10g Oracle installed and used by multiple applications.

    We need to implement OData Entity framework for improvement. If we install ODAC 11 deployment machine, then it will automatically install the Oracle 11 g client and affect other existing applications. In this scenario, we do not want to install ODAC11. Pls advise how to achieve things OData EF with ODAC11 installtion and without affecting existing customers Oracle 10 g


    It is not possible. The ODP of 11g has a dependency on client 11g. For a minimum installation, you can use the XCOPY package. 11g ODP.NET is not a requirement of the 11g client be in your PATH, then the customer 10g should not be affected.

    However, the ODP.NET installation typically installs publisher policy files in the GAC, then you'll want to remove these if the app 10g uses ODP.

    It will be useful,

    Published by: gdarling on July 3, 2012 08:21

    Note that we will soon be coming out with a purely managed ODP.NET that will do this sort of thing a lot easier because you just need Assembly. The beta should be out any time now I think.

  • Number of client for the deployment program


    I'm trying to register my company on the deployment program, but struggling to get the customer number.

    Someone who can help me out here?

    42 employees and the plan is that they must get their own iPad that we can manage easily thanks to our it staff.


  • Deploy the Standard Configuration to multiple PCs question

    Currently a problem setting to several Firefox installations deployment. After trying a few methods, it seems that user.js or similar js files is the way to go.

    The user.js file is copied successfully for user profiles, but the settings do not take effect.

    site list = "internaldomain.com,sctwsgateway.internaldomain.com:8080, door of entry: 8080, gateway: 8080.
    Pref ("network.negotiate - auth.trusted - URIS","internaldomain.com,gateway.internaldomain.com:8080, door of entry: 8080, gateway: 8080).
    Pref ("network.negotiate - auth.delegation - uris", list of sites);
    Pref ("network.automatic - ntlm - auth.trusted - uris", list of sites);
    Pref ("network.automatic - ntlm - auth.allow - no - name FQDN", true);
    Pref ("network.automatic - ntlm - auth.allow - proxies", true);
    Pref ("browser.shell.checkDefaultBrowser", false);

    InternalDomain.com is a substitution for our real estate

    Sorry, I'm not a developer, just a tip Firefox user from 2002 with Phoenix 0.3. I have always used user_pref in user.js. And the original 'bible' for advanced users of Firefox - http://kb.mozillazine.org/User.js_file - shows user_pref as the syntax to use.

    I suspect that pref is appropriate for a single file - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Firefox/Enterprise_deployment - as indicated under Configuration mozilla.cfg in this article.

    What I've learned through experience with user.js years is
    With user.js when it is defective or invalid pref Firefox won't read the user.js file possible. above the defective prefs prefs will be read only. Usually you can figure out where Firefox stopped reading the user.js in displaying the prefs.js file in the profile folder. above the defective prefs prefs it will bring to prefs.js, but the faulty pref and those below will not be in the prefs.js file. I ran into that several times over the years where user.js doesn't seem to work or stopped work partially through the file. usually due to typo, I did. but also when there was a major change in Firefox that invalidated or disapproved a pref I used in a previous version.

    Also, what's up?
    site list = "internaldomain.com,sctwsgateway.internaldomain.com:8080, door of entry: 8080, gateway: 8080";

    If it's in your user.js file, in the top - which resembles the defective pref, anything below that would be read.

  • Java Deployment Toolkit

    FF has blocked Flash Player and Java. I've updated all of the two latest versions BUT Java Deployment Toolkit 8.0.510.16 is still blocked and may not be active (or apparently being updated). The option 'request to enable' is selected, but does nothing.
    "You cannot UNINSTALL this program because:
    Why I am not able to run the uninstalling of Java and the verification of the Java applet?
    The tool uninstalling of Java and the check Java applet uses the Java DT to make detection of Java version on the user's system. If Java DT is blocked by the browser (such as Firefox) that these applets will not run. In order to run these applets must allow Java DT for run in browsers. »

    So, there is a Catch 22. He must run himself to uninstall, but it may not. How this can be solved?

    As an additional comment - flash and Java in MS IE - which is considered less safe. Mozilla require people to use a lower quality product.
    Best regards

    Thanks for the suggestions theshine and jscher2000.
    Not sure I should just mark this as RESOLVED, given my reluctant IE solution.
    As noted above, I don't have to uninstall/reinstall Java (confirmed two rural businesses are up-to-date). And my record was recently revised by Ccleaner.
    The FF for Java DT module is set on 'request to activate' but on the page, there is just a circle with a cross and "this plug-in is disabled. Manage to take me plug-ins add-ons "Always enable" page where is grayed out.
    Make a right click on the page does not produce a menu 'page '. But it is visible via, tools, Page Info, permissions - where everything is set by default.
    HOWEVER, with a Oh! While the initial question is always sound/valid, I was be fooled into thinking that the problem (with a page in particular) was Java DT - which, as I can not activate to uninstall. Plug-ins management always seemed to take me to this app that has been highlighted. BUT the real problem with the Flash plug-ins web page disabled. Page once this feature is enabled. Hey ho.

  • Deployment of the CA certificate

    I have about 100 jobs and 100 users. I use the SSL certificate to our internal portal (intranet, ecc). The questions of whether SSL certificate by our CA internal. With IE and chrome is very simple to trust the certification authority because IE and chrome use the certificate file Windows CA key thai is very by GPO. Firefox uses its own certificate repository. I read something about cert8.db and on the copy of sorts the file in the user's profile or the Mozilla installation folder... I tried to create a cert8.db and stare it between users, but without success. How can I trust the certification authority in Firefox and deploy easy-to all my users/workstation?
    Thank you very much

    It is a matter of Firefox desktop? He was transferred to Firefox for Android. If it comes to dekstop then try https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cck2wizard/

  • How to configure firefox for deployment without group policy

    So my search resulted in my understanding there is no group policy for FF. I don't know FrontMotion Firefox, but I want to leave that as a last resort for now.

    I need to find a solution to add a location of CIP to the proxy but also to set the home page. I guess there is a preferences file in a location that I can modify and put all those who have the FF, but I was not able to find it.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you!

    Hi JHBPJF, you may refer to the following article to deploy a central settings for your firefox installations file: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Locking_preferences

  • Why Firefox always tell me that it blocks Java Deployment Toolkit after that I did the update?

    On the page Web 'Mozilla - check your Plugins', I was told that the 'Java Deployment Toolkit' was vulnerable. So I did the update. But then, I got the same problem still. Why? And should I care?

    Please see the attached screenshot.

    The most funny thing is... I visited two sites that use Java, being Java.com, but I haven't seen the black banner of the blocking message.

    The Java Deployment Toolkit can be the most recent version, but Oracle has not yet fixed the vulnerabilities with this plugin; so Mozilla still there on the red list and point require the user to use "Request enable" to deactivate it. A 'soft-block' - can be used if needed, but needs user by implementing action.

    More specifically, do you have a program on your PC that is really needed as Deployment Toolkit?
    Or is your concern that simply that it is disabled after update of Java?

    Very few applications consumer even uses this Deployment Toolkit, aimed at people who develop Java applications or applications such as the various Oracle programs in the workplace.

    Back to before Oracle acquired Sun Java systems in 2010, this Deployment Toolkit has not been installed with the runtime environment Java for users. Java developers needed to install a separate developers Toolbox for this Plugin - had the SDK program.

  • I am deploying Firefox ESR and need to know if plugins read the registry can be activated by the force on all computers.

    I'm deploying Firefox ESR 31.X to all the computers in my company. We have plugins for security that I need to have forcibly running on each computer so that users cannot turn it off. The main example is McAfee SiteAdvisor. Firefox detects the plugin based on the HKLM\Software\MozillaPlugins registry key. The plugin provides a path to the location of the DLL in the McAfee program folder. Is it possible that I can put this plugin to always be activated?

    You can use a mozilla.cfg file in the Firefox program folder to lock the prefs or specify new values (default).

    Put a local file - settings.js in the folder defaults\pref also the file prefs.js - channel where to specify using mozilla.cfg.

    pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");
    pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0);

    These functions can be used in the mozilla.cfg file:

    defaultPref();	// set new default value
    pref();		// set pref, allow changes in current session
    lockPref();	// lock pref, disallow changes


    You must set the pref (s) of plugin.state related to 2 always activate a plugin.

    • lockPref ("plugin.state.npmcffplg", 2);
    • plugin. State (0: never activate; 1: ask to activate; 2: always activate)

Maybe you are looking for

  • Added the e-mail account, want not separate Inbox, etc..

    What a PITA! I just recorded, spent some time typing, responded to the confirmation email, spent some time more typing and had "Access denied" when I click on submit. Everything I had typed is gone, and I have to start all over again! I repeat - PITA

  • I can't create an apple ID, my visa is not acceptable to Cyprus

    Hello I tried to download new apps to my iPad for 2night. Somehow now apple needs a means of payment. Unfortunately the do not have an option for visa electron or now I can download anything. What is my second option now?

  • Need driver Realtek card reader

    Hello the card on my laptop reader is not recognized in Device Manager. I tried to install the driver on the toshiba site, but it does not work. I am running windows 8.1 and the hardware ID shows that: PCI\VEN_1022 & DEV_1537 & SUBSYS_15371022 & REV_

  • String variable SearchAndReplace

    In the model of process of the 2013 TestStand (NI_ReportGenerator), I'm trying to change the report after testing, but before the generation it. I've done this before in TS3.1/4.2 without any problems, but now it is a little more complicated. It work

  • In the control loop time interval and simultaneous measurement

    Hello world I just started to learn labview so please do not judge my messy programming I want to constantly measure certain values (humidity, temperature, etc.) and once a certain threshold is crossed, I want to activate a device. Measure and activa