Xoom closeup camera focus

I tried to take a photo of a label on a jar with my Xoom and she was fuzzy unuseably.

What is the point of minimum distance to the camera of the Xoom?

Thank you


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  • Camera focusing distance

    Is anything going to be done on the focus distance of the camera? Since the release and after a group of camera development, nothing was done or improved on the minimum focusing distance. The camera can not really take any macro shots because focus distance is too much, that you are not able to get a lot less than 2 ' macro shots have tend be closer with no less than 6-9inchs to lock focus. even the bike g 3rd gen and the original could do better with macro conditions X thanXthe play. With 21megapixels aboard, macros would win a lot because of the amount of detail it can possibly hold.

    I must say, I have no problem with the macro shots on my Moto X play. I agree with nikolov47 - it is absolutely perfect at 8-10cm, it focuses very quickly. I just test it now, in a room artificially lit (so lighting is not so good either) - focuses on the text at a distance of 9cm (just checked at best with a ruler!).

  • GigE Camera: focus and zoom control?

    Hi all

    How can I change the settings like zoon, focus, etc... real time in my application labwindows?

    something like: Sendparameters.execute (zoom, focus, cam1);

    Thank you for all.

    If your camera manual does not list the attributes available for your camera, you can ask a list.

    What follows is taken from KnowledgeBase OR call: get programmatically and set attributes with IMAQdx vs IMAQ for IEEE 1394.

    Use the IMAQdxGetAttribute call to obtain a specific attribute value or the function parameter. If you do not know the exact name or the value of an attribute, you can call IMAQdxEnumerateAttributes2 and IMAQdxEnumerateAttributeValues to return these data.

    If you do not know in advance the number of values of attributes that are available, you can get this information by following these steps:

    1. Call him IMAQdxEnumerateAttributes2 function with the attributeInformationArray set to NULL parameter. The required size is then stored in count.
    2. Divide County with the given size.
    3. Call this function using the previously allocated table

    You can do the same steps for IMAQdxEnumerateAttributeValues by setting the parameter list with NULL value, which stores the necessary size in size.  For more information about the use of these functions and other IMAQdx for textual languages, please see the NOR-IMAQdx function reference help to found in Instruments\NI-IMAQdx\Docs national virtue.

    Once you find the attribute to set, you can use IMAQdxSetAttribute() to control your zoom and focus functions.

  • Why not my camera focus?

    Hi everyone - I just joined the Group today.  I just bought the T5 and I already need help!  I went to dinner tonight and brought my new toy with me and I just thought that I play with it in full auto mode and get a few shots.  The lighting was not great but not horrible either, but in full auto mode it wouldn't focus and take the picture.  I had the 18-55 kit lens.  I've been about 3 feet from my subject.   My camera phone was able to fire a shot then why couldn't my T5?

    Thank you!!!

    OK we'll see;

    Your goal should focus about 1 foot.  In the limit, you said, so this is not it.

    In Full Auto, flash should have arisen if it was too dark. So, this isn't it no more.  Is it?

    What could be the cause is, you had the goal set to MF.  The T5 works OK in normal daylight?

    You can't really compare a cell phone for a digital SLR camera.  They don't work the same way. They have more in common with a video camera as them with a digital SLR.  It is not a trigger in a cell phone. If the sensor very, very little is excited for as long as necessary to get the image.  One of the reasons why their pictures are so bad, not to mention the tiny sensor!

    I think you should start from scratch.  Redefine the T5 on factory defults and try again making sure that the lens is in AF, too.   The camera will only get you even in Full Auto.   Format the SD card once again, too.  Fully charge the battery.  If there is a problem with the T5, the Service Center ask you this question, or do it for you, then you might as well do it first.

  • BlackBerry Smartphone camera Focus loss

    Hi guys: a few weeks ago, I realized that my camera is no longer able to focus.  If anyone has experienced this problem and can it be resolved?


    Guy: Please disregard, I got it sorted, resetting the device to be fixed.

  • Microsoft Lifecam 5000. Whenever I'm recording video with her, during playback, I hear clicking on and a beep sound when the camera focuses

    Hello, I have problems with my Microsoft Lifecam 5000. Whenever I'm recording video with her, during playback, I hear clicking on and a beep sound when the camera is focusing. If I put it to my ear, the sound is low but I can still here it when it focuses.


    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community Forum.

    I understand from your description, that you get beep when the camera is focusing.

    To better understand the question, please answer the following questions:

    1. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?
    2. is it works much earlier?

    Come back with more information to help you better.

    I suggest you to download and install the latest drivers for Microsoft Lifecam 5000 from the link provided:


    You can even try recording by reducing the volume on the computer to the minimum level (mute) just to check if beep occurs.


    For more information, see the link below:


    Hope the above information is helpful. If you have any question back to us, we are happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • LR Mobile camera focusing Distance on iPhone 7 more

    You have the iPhone Plus 7 and the last LR Mobile app.  I found pretty quickly that native iPhone 7 more closest distance of focus of the camera app is of about 1/3 of the camera inside LR Mobile.  I can concentrate well at in about 4 "on the native iPhone camera application.  However, when I go to the LR nearest Mobile camera to which it will focus is about a foot.

    Anyone else notice this oddity?  Is this a bug any?

    I confirmed with a developer, this is a hardware limitation of the telephoto lens.  In the native camera, if you press the button 2 x and try to focus on something that is too narrow for telephoto, iOS actually happening at the level of the lens and a harvest.  In LR Mobile if you choose telephoto, lfwa remains on it is the goal even if your subject is too narrow and unclear.  Our advice is to not use of the 7 + telephoto lens for close-ups.

    Hope this explanation helps.

  • Camera - focus link to PoI

    In the camera the number for focus settings are red. Didn t know what it was but after watching a tutorial, I realized that the focus was related to the point of interest.
    It has to happen without that I noticed. The question is how to untie that?

    / Mattias

    Red = expressions. ALT + click on the timer to add, then remove them.


  • Focus adjustment camera mode

    G ' Day,.

    I'm trying to set the camera focus mode and have encountered a problem.  Modes of return of camera_get_focus_modes (*) indicate that six modes of development are now supported.  But when I try to put one of these modes via a call to camera_set_focus_mode (*), that the call returns


    who is documented as meaning: "the function call failed because the requested operation is not supported.

    Is it simply an artifact of the DevAlpha?  In other words, the modes of development returned by camera_get_focus_modes (*) * will * be implemented by real hardware, but not on the DevAlpha?  Or I'm doing something stupid blinding?

    EDIT: With the help of DevAlpha B.

    Thanking you in advance... - Sam.

    The viewfinder must run first.

    There is here a sample which passes through different modes of development:


    See you soon,.


  • 7 iPhone very slow camera capture

    Hello world. You already have the iphone Go 7 256 1 week. I find the camera focus speed is acceotable but a bit slower than 6 sec. However, what I find most disturbing is that after I pressed the shutter release button it takesa very long time to capture the image of which lack the coup my kidd or blurry images. I compared it side by side with the iphone6 more. Then 5s snd 5. The results are disturbing. Even my 5 captured images faster 4 years together with a speed more slow focusimg

    Did a reset using itunes on pc NDS installation again and also using recovery as suggested by cat from apple. Always the same. searched on youtube on speed tests and note 2 reports that canera 7 is laggy. Anyone with questions? Is it hardware or software? Please notify. BTW also on the latest ios 10.0.1

    Sounds like a problem with the hardware for me since it has been restored. I suggest you to take over an Apple Store for testing. I have a 7 128 GB and my camera is not giving me any questions.

  • Fuzzy camera image-update?

    I can't get the camera to focus well any resolution or "scene" I select.

    I cleaned the lens of the camera with a spray of cleaning for glasses and still no joy.

    That is what I'm missing that will get back my phone camera, focusing properly and

    Get sharp images every time?

    Press and hold the camera button until the square becomes green and then release the camera button. It is the autofocus function.

  • camera button does not properly

    Hello world
    I bought my Xperia Z2 a few days ago and have strange question - the button of my camera does not work in all modes. I can open the camera by holding the button application but may not take any picture in auto mode. Key works in 4K video Time-Shifting, effects AR, burst mode: Timeshift. I don't check Vine, info-eye and social live modes only. I can take pictures by pressing the button of the screen in all modes. Do you have ideas of how to solve this problem?

    This is a button in two stages, firstly it is very light and it works like a camera focus button, but you should feel click sort of half that you press harder and it takes the photo like a true compact. If you do not feel any degree of pressing, it could be faulty, it's just a bunch of silicone with plastic buttons, so it could be incorrectly installed at the factory.
    The last time, just to be safe, try to start the phone in service mode (restart and when sony logo appears, press volume down until it starts up fine and you see the gray text on the main 'safe mode' screen if so it won't work - reinstall android with companion of sony, and if the system repair will not any changes consult the phone in sony Center or the store where it was) bought.

  • Anyone print a PDF-417 successfully police?

    I've searched the forums on PDF 417, there was some relevant discussions but none responded with firmness with a positive result.

    I am looking to buy a PDF-417 for use in a subvi whose façade has a light (set to use the PDF-417 font) that automatically prints with the barcode on a laser printer. Since there will be a lot of data encoded in it, I was wondering if there are problems of native graphics with resolution.

    So, no matter which successfully done this before? Everything suggests sources such as where to buy? There seems to be a lot of "dubious" sources that I would avoid instead.

    The policies cost only a few hundred dollars so if no one responds, I'll just buy one initially to test. Finally, there are 6 stations to fulfil this function.

    Own thing with the camera focused on the scanners barcode, you can scan a bar code displayed on the monitor.

    Thank you


    Well, I have achieved success.

    Downloaded a trial version of PDF417 Fontware of Monrovia, used a simple ActiveX interface in LabVIEW. Attached is the bar code generated by using the font of LWA PDF417XS by 3 points.

    As I suspected, there was a problem. It looks great on the screen, but is a little pixelated in both axes, more noticeable horizontally. More pronounced on inkjet vs. laser printers. I'll experiment with other fonts and sizes in points.

    It does not analyze properly. Time to buy a corporate liscence.


  • Weird question shutter with t2i


    I have a wonderful Canon EOS Rebel t2i, which I love to death. I bought used and have used during the last 6 months. Today, I took it out to take a photo and the shutter stuck! This occurs on the M & Av modes, but not on one of the other & automatic modes. I checked the mirror lockup, and this isn't.

    So basically, what happens is:

    Camera focuses, I press to take the picture and makes it shutter it is his regular and close... and then does not open upward again. There is a red light flashing, the screen is black and after about 22 seconds, it re-opens and the photo is on presentation.

    What is going on? How should I do? -What happened? I'm currently traveling and cannot take in diagnosis immediately.

    Thanks for the help!

    f/11 to the VA with ISO 100 in this light condition will need 20 seconds.

  • My 7 d Mark II sharpness

    Hello guys,.

    I bought a 7 d Mark Ii last year and started learning photography since then. However in comparison to these photos on the 7 d Mark ii synthesis or video items, I always get sense mine are less strong than they. By sharp, I mean when they zoom in the image, I can see the smallest details like the grain of the wood or the feather of a bird. I understand, that it will make a huge difference depending on the lens used on the camera body. But recently, I heard someone must microadjust AF on the 7 d Mark ii to achieve a good AF. Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure that the IQ is caused by the difference in lens or there is a potential flaw on my camera, it's quite normal.

    So I'm wondering if someone here may well want to check my pics and give me an idea. The bird is taken with EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens and the tree is taken with EF 50 mm f/1.8.

    1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a3th73vsgiyaw5o/20151223-Melbourne-395.dng?dl=0

    2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ho3xdud4a03x1kk/20160111-auto%20focus-010.dng?dl=0

    It is my first post here, so if I did not ask the question appropriately, please fogive my ignorance. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    kshark343 wrote:

    So I'm wondering if someone here may well want to check my pics and give me an idea. The bird is taken with EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens and the tree is taken with EF 50 mm f/1.8.

    1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a3th73vsgiyaw5o/20151223-Melbourne-395.dng?dl=0

    2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ho3xdud4a03x1kk/20160111-auto%20focus-010.dng?dl=0

    It is my first post here, so if I did not ask the question appropriately, please fogive my ignorance. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    On your photos, that the tree is taken with the EF 50 mm f/1.8 II at f/8 that will really tell you where the camera focuses. If you want to check the update which should be done wide open. However, as I said above, this is not the goal to do it with.

    The second of the Seagull in flight was taken at f/5.6, which is wide open so that the lenses, the lenses tend to be sharper stopped down about 1 stop. The second thing on the Seagull picture is the shutter speed of 1/1000, for birds in flight, I use usually 1/1600, between the focus changes to track the bird, the camera moving follow the bird and the bird moving, you need a shutter speed much higher than you expect to get the topics.

Maybe you are looking for