XP cannot connect to iTunes

Our computer in XP sp3 will connect to the interent via different browsers, but when trying to access the iTunes Store we get the error message 0 x 80090318, which States that we are not connected to the internet. Someone at - it experience with solving this? Thank you much for your time, review and assistance.


Thanks again. I found this post and it solved my problem of iTunes:

It helped me. Give it a try.

Go to the command prompt start - accessories -.

type this command: netsh (space) (space) of winsock reset

then press enter

Restart the computer, everything should work ok.

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    As the topic

    My Apple TV got weird for a month

    First of all the YouTube was unemployed

    So I tried to reinstall, and nothing else

    Then I disconnect my Apple ID, but I could no longer connect

    He just said cannot connect to iTunes Store

    Even if I did things like reset Internet reboot, the upload system or restart the Wi - Fi router

    The problem was still there

    Furthermore, I can't use the hot spot of my iPhone

    After all, I even reset my Apple TV

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    The only thing I can do is to surf on the iTunes Store and App Store

    For example, he was able to watch the trailer of movies or games

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    Do you use any type of VPN, RAM or special DNS service?

    Are the DNS on ATV and the router that both the Auto value?

    Is the region of ATV and iTunes on your actual location?

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    IPad2 disabled and cannot connect to iTunes to restore

    What happens exactly?  What can't exactly?

    Are you sure that you have iTunes 12.4.1 (current version)?

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    I don't know how to solve this problem, I want to watch movies and I can't.

    It is not connecting to wifi, it only is not that I don't sign, please help me!

    Try this

    Go to settings > general > reset > reset all settings

    This will fix your problem

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    iPhone 6 OS 9.2 cannot connect to iTunes 11.4 because he is too old, but I can't update it in my Mac 10.6.8. Of course, I could update my Mac, but I tried it and it became so slow that I couldn't work with it. so I restored it to 10.6.8.

    In any case, I could connect my iPhone with OS 9.0, meaning that it is not a hardware problem, but a political problem. I'm a happy user of Apple for more than 10 years, but now I am very disappointed. I plan do not buy Apple products more...

    Apple, I trusted you and you did it so badly


    Since ios 7, you can almost everything done on your WiFi

    We have 3 iphones & 4ipads did not use our PC for them for over 2 years

    Use iCloud on iPhone / iPad for backup.

    See you soon


  • Why my iPhone cannot connect to iTunes store?

    My iPhone is iPhone with iOS 9.1 5s

    I wanted to install some apps but when I had to open a session, it says "cannot connect to iTunes store.

    I don't know what is happening, I checked my AppStore macbook and it is easily connected (my MacBook is MacBook Air with OS X 10.10.5)

    PS: I use the same ID apple MacBook and iPhone

    This problem has past since yesterday and still up to this time. Help, please. Thank you!

    Hi amandajrs,

    It seems that your computer is able to access the iTunes Store, but your phone has trouble doing the same thing. I suggest you look at the section of iOS of the following article on this kind of problem. It may seem like a lot, but it should help you get this resolved:

    If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store


    On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

    1. Make sure that your date, time, and time zone are correct. Tap Settings > general > Date & time. Time zone can list another city in your time zone.
    2. Make sure your iOS software is up-to-date. Tap Settings > General > software update to check for updates. You can also connect your iOS device to iTunes and click on search the update on the summary page of your device.
    3. Check and verify that you are in range of a Wi - Fi router or base station. If you use the cell service, make sure the cell data are lit settings > cellular. If you are connected to cellular data, large items can not download. You may need to connect to the Wi - Fi to download applications, videos and podcasts.
    4. Make sure you have an active Internet connection. Check your device Manual for Internet connectivity.
    5. Check if other devices, such as laptops, are able to connect to the network of Wi - Fi and Internet access.
    6. Reset the wireless router by turning and then again.

    If there is still a problem, learn what to do if your device connects to a Wi-Fi network.

    If you need help, then there is a more advanced article located here:

    Advanced steps for fixing problems with the iTunes Store connection


    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • new iPhone7 cannot connect to iTunes: New Version necessary. I have the latest version

    Hello. I have Windows Vista on my PC. Just got my new iPhone7. I'm upgrading from 6. I can't restore the new phone to my iTunes on my PC backup because I get an error message: "iphone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of itunes. go to itunes.com... "iTunes offers only version 12.1.3 for windows vista and I downloaded it. I have no idea how to solve this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    The download site offers only iTunes 12.1.3 because it was the last version to support Vista. He is one year old and can not support an iPhone SE or apparently the new iPhone 7. Here's another recent thread: 7 Iphone connect to iTunes on the computer. You can fix this by moving to a new version of Windows or Mac that can run iTunes 12.5.1.

  • Cannot connect to iTunes Store on new iPad Air

    Try buying an iBook.  Keep being told that I can't connect to iTunes store with my new iPad Air.  In addition, my security questions are not accepted. Advice?

    The steps detailed here to try to see if they help you:

    If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store - Apple Support

  • APPLE TV (2nd GENERATION) CANNOT CONNECT to ITUNES (cannot finalize the update)

    We just connected our Apple TV (model A1378) after getting it 5 years ago... we went immediately to update the software that, after a few failed attempts, we finally got after steps 1 & 2. He then asked to connect to iTunes. We plugged on our mac, but iTunes is not picking up the Apple tv. Latest version of iTunes is installed. Home sharing enabled.

    Now: We cannot get any other screen that 'connect to iTunes' on our apple tv then we are stuck - where now?

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    If your Apple TV fails to restore via iTunes...

    • Check that you have properly followed the instructions for your model of Apple TV.
    • If this is not the case, already, try using a powered USB port.
    • Repeat the process, but this time try to connect the cable while iTunes is closed.
    • Repeat the process with another cable.
    • Try to restore the Apple TV on another computer at another location.
  • My compurter cannot connect to itune stores

    My computer which runs windows 7, cannot connect to the iTunes Store. I use the iPhone 4S. Could someone help?

    Kind regards


    You might want to try the following for these products support forums.

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  • My Apple TV 2nd generation keeps saying cannot connect to iTunes Store

    IM trying to put my ATV 2nd generation it work fine then just stopped now it says it can't connect to itunes help please

    Try the following steps for the Apple TV 2 & 3, check if things work after each step if necessary, before you try the next.

    1. Restart the Apple TV (settings > general > restart).
    2. Restart the Apple TV by removing ALL cables for 30 seconds.
    3. Restart your router. (Also try to remove the power cord for at least 30 seconds)
    4. Reset Apple TV (settings > general > reset > reset all settings)
    5. Restore the Apple TV (settings > general > reset > restore)
  • Cannot connect to iTunes after update to iOS 10

    First of all I have to say: Apple software is the same loss of time such as Windows or Microsoft. Since the update to iOS 10 I can't connect to iTunes with iPhone 6 Plus. Message: Please accept the new TERMS. Once accepted, it nothing happens. Login and download on my pc windows and itunes works fine.

    When I see the smiling faces at the entrance of the support section I want to beat in every unique face on this page. Apple wants to convey the ease of use of apple software. I do not think, therefore, huge waste of time to solve the problems with it. Another very good example is the WIFI syncing between iPhone and iTunes (PC).

    It was my last iPhone and I went back to android, byebye thx

    If your device does not appear in iTunes, try Re: itunes problem.


  • iPhone cannot connect to iTunes 6s

    Received my new iPhone 6 s yesterday. This morning, I got a message saying that she needed an update of ios, which I did.  It is now currently running ios 9.3.3 my laptop is a windows machine, running windows 10 and iTunes c. 12.1.2.  When I try to connect my phone to iTunes, it is said: 'the iPhone is useless because it requires a newer version of iTunes. Go to www.itunes.com to download the latest version of itunes", I tried to download a new version of itunes on my phone, but it does not download anything... keeps exactly the same opening Web page when I click 'download '.  I also have an iPad running ios 9.3.2 and it connects to iTunes on my laptop very well.  Would it be the new ios I downloaded on my phone? I had not tried to connect the phone to iTunes after the update to ios.  Any ideas?

    lorim wrote:

    ... I tried to download a new version of itunes on my phone, but it does not download anything... keeps exactly the same opening Web page when I click on "Download"...

    You do not download the new version of iTunes on your phone.  Download you on your laptop.

    Turingtest2 troubleshooting guide can help you:

    Troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates

    especially the chapters on the removal and reinstallation of iTunes and other software components and iTunes installers

  • For days now, my iPad Air insisted on the fact that it cannot connect to iTunes. Wifi works fine for applications and devices, and I tried all the options on the support page. Nothing has worked. What should I do?

    The time zone is correct, it is signed through "iCloud" in the settings and all the apps work relatively well, including those who are in need of the internet, so the problem is not the internet. However, the Air iPad is more connect to iTunes, it is impossible to update anything. It won't let me reconnect through 'iTunes and App Store' in settings, just tell me that it can't connect to iTunes everytime I try it. I also noticed that Game Center is strange, his page in settings will not be same load and he often delay signing in when I open an application compatible with it. My iOS is updated to 9.3.1. The only thing I can think is that I had to change my password recently, but he had me to login with the new password on the device, and this problem did not show up a few days later. I am at a loss on what to do at this point, and I already tried all suggested fixes Apple support. Are there patches less known who could solve this problem? Or, is this a widespread problem that apple is having this time with their servers?

    Hi TimeSeerStudios

    I don't see the failure:


    Have you tried to close all applications and restart force (hold down the sleep/wake and Home buttons and do not let go until the screen darkens and the Apple logo appears)?

Maybe you are looking for

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