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I have a 8500 XPS with 2 GB AMD Radeon HD video card 7770.  I want three monitors VGA to the fastener.  What would be the best configuration?

Thank you.

You must start with a monitor connected to the video card that you did, DVI - i > VGA.

Restart, and then press F2 before Windows starts to load to open the BIOS Setup. Use the arrow keys to navigate and find/highlight the Intel Multi display option. Press Enter to select and look in the right for an option panel to enable (it is disabled by default). Save changes and exit and let it restart.

Then normally stop and connect the second VGA monitor to the integrated VGA adapter and reboot again. It's supposed to allow the VGA port built into work along side a video card, when you use Win 7 and have an Intel 'third generation '.

DP and HDMI are purely digital signals. You need a dongle assets such as the one I linked above to convert the digital signal into an analog VGA signal. Most of the adapters are passive and only change the cable connector of DP in one that plugs into a VGA port, but a passive adapter is not to convert the digital signal into analog signal. (BTW: check the box, Dell may have given you a RFP > VGA dongle active with the system.)

A divider wil does not support 2 independent monitors on a single port. All you can see is the exact same window on both screens.

I hope this helps...

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    Thank you!


    You can certainly do.
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  • Multi-monitor 7 VMWare Fusion is improved from 6?

    Hello VMWare,

    Currently if you google "VMware Fusion 7 multi-monitor Support" this thread is the best result:

    https://communities.VMware.com/thread/458878?start=0 & tstart = 0

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    They do not react because the answer is that they did not have * nothing * to improve their software in this regard.

    You better buy Parallels, making these two things well.  Even if the product windows VMWare offers this kind of behavior of multi-monitor, they are apparently not interested in doing the same thing on their OS X product.  I'm not interested in waiting around for them to recognize it as a priority, so I switched to Parallels.

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    What is the brand and model of the computer?

    I would like you to follow the steps in this article.

    How to configure and use multiple monitors in Windows XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307873

    I hope this helps.

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    Janice M. Strunk

    This can be interesting to read. Here is a response from forum Discussion of Vista. Contrary to what you and I thought, this response has proposed.

    Enable or disable TMM


  • How to connect an external monitor to a new Dell XPS 13?

    We had two new Dell XPS 13 for users and there seems not to be any video ports as on previous models.  It runs Windows 10 Professional and has a resolution of the internal display of 1920 x 1080.  Looks like there are 2 super speed USB 3.0 ports and possibly a (thunderbolt)? the port?

    I've heard of USB - C, so I don't know if it's that this port a port on the left side, or if his crush.  I googled thunderbolt to hdmi adapter and all the images that I find it always shows a port mini display on one end despite descriptions saying Thunderbolt.

    So what is the best way to get HDMI out on this laptop?

    I just bought an XPS 2016 13 9350 and now know that the only way to connect no matter what monitor what so ever needs a dell docking station or an adapter.  IT HAS NO CABLE THAT CAN BE USED ONLY TO CONNECT THIS LAPTOP TO A MONITOR.

    I am working in three offices and the adapter, I had lasted 2 weeks before burning and it was the second.  20% of the forum posters have the same problem using a doc $200 now.  It is $600 for 3 offices, I have been working in if I don't want to carry a doc that is heavier than the laptop!

    Who, in their right mind to product management Dell would do a lightweight laptop that had no option to connect a monitor with just a cable.  Why they could not also include a DP or HDMI port or stay until there was a cable is nuts.  It STINKS for us but ideal for Dell they can now sell docs a lot more than ever before.

    I asked to return the laptop and get a surface or a lenovo and our IT group is frantically looking at them with more new employees coming on board. No cases were going docs $ 200 dozen. We have been dedicated company dell, but not anymore.

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    Well this problem starts just today after the installation and uninstallation of some free Antivirus software I try for the first time. Before that, I was about to install a new burning program and I decided to create a manual restore first, point in case something went wrong. After you install Microsoft Security Essentials, I'm not too sure if that caused the problem, but that's when I noticed that I couldn't create more new folders when I click the button new folder in Explorer or when I right click and select new, there was no new folder option. I have a feeling this could very likely be a registry problem, but I have almost no idea how to manually re-enable it in the registry. There were a few solutions lying around and showing some tips on changing the context Menu, but whenever I tried to change the registry, I get an error saying that the changes may not be saved. I even download the ShellEX utility but noted the option new folder that if she was clearly not or just was not working as it should. I'll try to use the system restore to reload the manual restore point I had created, which I was when I was pretty sure that everythng was working fine. I hope that that would solve my problem, because there is not more updates update critical for me to install just might solve the problem. I hope that someone who has an alternative solution to what I do can provide details in response to this. Your help would be very appreciated.

    Hi Sop_the_Otaku,

    -Where exactly you are trying to create a new folder? It's somewhere on the C drive or on the desktop?

    However, you can follow the steps below and let us know the result.

    Step 1

    Try using the command prompt and try to create a new folder and check if you can create a.

    To do this, follow the steps below:

    1. click on start.

    2. in the start search box type CMD and press to enter.

    3 type cd... publicity and press ENTER, repeat the cd... and press ENTER until you have c:

    4. now, type the following at the command prompt:mkdir folder_name
    Here, folder_name is the name of desired folder

    5. check if the folder is created in the drive C

    Step 2

    Access the link below and follow the steps suggested by Linda YanonMonday, May 24, 2010 08:38 and check if it helps you to solve the problem.


    Step 3

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    To restore the operating system to an earlier point in time, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, type system restore in the search box, and then click System Restore in the list programs.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type your password or click on continue.

    2. in the System Restore dialog box, click on choose another restore point and then click Next.

    3. in the list of restore points, click a restore point created before you started having the problem, and then click Next.

    4. click on finish.

    The computer restarts and system files and settings are back to the State they were in when the restore point was created.

    Access the link below to see the system restore:


    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Rcsheets requires the page offered by John that you choose the Adobe product and the type of investigation you before providing contact information.

    You can also see the http://adobe.ly/yxj0t6 to communicate with our support team.  If you continue to have difficulties to show pages, then I would recommend that you use a different browser.

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    I read this in the guide of the administrator on the page 17: ' Microsoft RDP provides the following features: you can use more than one monitor in span mode '

    and this page 21:

    In a real session of multiple monitors, monitors can have sizes and different resolutions, and a monitor can be

    has rotated. If you enlarge within an application window, the window expands to the full-screen only the monitor

    that contains it.

    This feature has the following limitations:

    n the maximum number of monitors that lets you view a desktop is 10 If you are using the RDP Protocol

    view the Protocol and 4 If you are using PCoIP.

    n If you are using the Microsoft RDP display protocol, you must have Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

    version 6.0 or later installed in the desktop view.

    I'm not completely sure if I read this right, but it seems that true multimonitor is NOT available with RDP. Even if Windows 7 and the last DRC have no problem with that at all. Can someone confirm (or reject if all goes well) that this is the case. I really prefer to use RDP, but I need the true multi-monitor.

    Kind regards


    You need on the client, you connect from version 7.  Version 7 comes with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.  You can download version 7 for XP and Vista.

    I wish version Mac was up to 7 and I wish THAT WYSE would improve their RDP to 7.

  • Hardware acceleration - AMD Radeon 7770 1 GB

    Hardware acceleration is not available (software only).  I use a new Win7 64-bit Intel Core i7 - 3770 k PC, 8 GB of DDR3 with an AMD MSI Radeon 7770 1 GB video card memory.  CS6 first has been updated and the video card has the latest firmware (12.10).  According to the Radeon website, ad CL Open Open GL are supported by the card, but the first always shows the status as acceleration software only (Mercury Playback Engine software only) with the menu drop-down list is grayed out on the project settings.

    Any ideas where to go next?

    Thank you


    With the Explorer, move to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

    Open cuda_supported_cards.txt with Notepad and add a line "GeForce GTX 660 Ti" or maybe just "GeForce GTX 660' to this file, save and reopen PR now it should allow to activate hardware acceleration.»

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    We try to test 2 months see 4 but one of the problems is that when trying to connect to a virtual from Windows 7 computer in mode multiscreen we get just black 2 screens and after a few seconds that it disconnects and View Client closes.

    Anyone who manages to get multi-screen working for Windows 7 clients? I tried to increase the memory to 128 MB vram.

    Multimonitor works without any problem when you connect to a Windows XP client.

    Thanks in advance,


    I had exactly the same problem and it is resolved.  You can read the complete demo that I did here:


    However, the quick answer is: uninstall vmware tools, uninstall agent from view of the guest operating system.  Reinstall the tools then agent.  See if you can connect to the base image (we're not done linked clones).  Also, everything I care at this point is that you get a single monitor to work.

    Once you can connect to Windows 7 with a single monitor, go into Device Manager to uninstall your graphics driver and replace this drive with the driver found SVGA C:\program files\common files\vmware\drivers do not use the pilot of MCDA.  With the SVGA driver in place, you will get multi-monitor support.  Also it will fix the annoying UAC question and issues of screen saver.

    A problem with this solution is that it is not supported and has experienced problems with BSOD, but you get a multi-monitor VM work.  Once you have all that in place, go ahead and do your linked clone stuff.


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