XPS 15 (9550) first color "Application only supports genuine Dell devices.


Trying to get rid of the issue hogging the first memory color by installing the latest driver. Driver Intel update ok, but the error 'Application only supports of genuine Dell devices' when I try and install the first color (software - Images_Application_RJ00H_WN32_2.0.199_A00.exe) update

Install failure report

The problem, however, is that some of us can not install the.update because it makes Dell hardware no authentic account.

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  • XPS 15 9550 keyboard backlight Timeout

    Just got the XPS 15 9550 edition Signature from Microsoft. The keyboard backlight expires in about 10 s computers laptops Dell last authorized delay control in the center of mobility Windows (WMC), but it is not a Dell keyboard WMC custom setting in Windows 10.

    It is also not a framework of Control Panel, or a BIOS which affects the delay. No utility of pilot/do downloads that answer this question.

    Any ideas on how to set the backlight timeout?

    I found the solution, searching the Internet,

    Reference Dell Feature Enhancement Pack (DFEP)

    Dell Feature Enhancement Pack provides OS extensions and functions for Dell business client platforms, including:

    -Support of keyboard shortcuts and system events

    -Dell custom extensions and power management

    -The battery health information

    -Touch screen

    -Keyboard backlight

    -The presets

    First install option 1: www.dell.com/.../DriversDetails

    Install second option 2: www.dell.com/.../DriversDetails

    Good luck and everything should work.

  • (Redirected) Dell XPS 15 9550 - battery problems

    Have been a customer for a long time of the Dell laptops.  Bought various laptops such as Vostro 1720, XPS Duo 12 etc.

    I bought the XPS 15 9550 on 27 June 2016 after costing a fortune.

    Immediately noticed a problem with the battery life that is loading / unloading quickly.

    The first time, got battery in full in a few minutes.  After recharging, at the beginning he said battery life is 4 hours. But the battery discharged within just two or three hours of time.

    Since then, battery charges to the full in about 30 minutes and ends in less than 2 hours.

    Because my laptop is still under warranty, I raised a ticket of support immediately on June 29, 2016.  Unfortunately until now, I didn't reply to Dell.

    Please can you help solve this battery issue.

    Hi roadsidetree,

    Please repost this to our customer support Forum.


  • XPS 15 9550 CPU speed is as low as 0.75 ghz after manually installed windows 10 with all the drivers installed and BIOS updated

    I just bought this XPS 15 9550 in January, and I really appreciate it at first.

    However, one day, as pushed microsoft update to 10586 version of windows 10 and the machine will always fail to install the update, so I decided to download the image file and install it myself.

    The installation went smooth, but after a few days use, I found the computer is very slow during playback of videos and games and I came to find the speed of the CPU shows the label of performance in the Task Manager always will be 0.75 ghz and 0.78 ghz. He cannot go above that. I also found that the use of the CPU cannot exceed 30%.

    I've already updated my BIOS to 1.1.19, reinstall the system, a few times, choose the battery mode high performance, etc and this does not help.

    I also downloaded the power of intel and found gadget for my processor power consumers are still weak and the speed of the CPU is always not 0.80 ghz.

    In addition, I encountered the problem that after plugin the AC power, the speed of the CPU will fall to 0.39 ghz...

    Someone at - it an idea of what is happening here and how can I solve the problem? I'll really appreciate it. Thank you.

    I had my problem is solved. Follow these steps:

    1. download gadget power intel, you can search online for it.

    2. check the power of your CPU (package pw...) rate and open the videos and applications that will constantly consume the CPU power. See if the power is still weak.

    3. If the power is still weak, try to update your BIOS (download dell drivers and the new version should currently be 1.1.20) and see if things are getting better.

    4. If the power is still low, you must contact dell technical service to replace your hardware (my computer has replaced the northbridge, southbridge, I forgot, but after replacing, the CPU works fine)

    Note: If you run games using your discreet graphics card, such as starcraft II and you found that it's extremely slow, it is possible that your cpu is capped.

  • XPS 15 9550 - TPM "disappeared".

    After receiving my XPS 15 9550 about six weeks ago, I immediately enabled BitLocker w/TPM. Which was working fine until a week or so; I was invited all of a sudden for the recovery BL key after having the laptop off for about 24 hours.

    Consecutive restarts kept asking the recovery key. Finally, I tried suspending protection BL. Trying to take it back, I got the error message "no security of the TPM secure mechanism were found on this computer". And of course: TPM has been put as a device "hidden" in Device Manager, try to re - activate it led to the same error message. Also, I was unable to find any mention of TPM in the BIOS.

    No hardware changes or upgrades to the BIOS didn't had been played when this problem occurred.

    I tried earlier to upgrade the BIOS version 1.2.0 to 1.2.2 (later), but without success - the TPM is still missing from the BIOS. I also tried to restore the settings to factory, but with the same result.

    Finally, I got a hold of a Dell technician who was able to understand my problem. I was told to make a laptop computer power cycle: remove the battery, remove the memory sticks and finally press the power button for a good 30 seconds. Then wait 30 seconds before put you everything back together.

    In other words, only a full reset CMOS. But it worked! After starting the TPM module, options were "Safe" in the BIOS.

    I still wanted to know what caused this in the first place however.

  • Is this normal for XPS 15 9550 screen quality?

    Good evening.

    Last month I bought the XPS 15 9550 with a 4K screen and it had a red tinge in the corners of the display surface, which was visible in a bright room with me, just sitting in front of it. I thought that I have received a defective unit and arranged a replacement through Dell customer support and yesterday I got a new one. However, it has exactly the same problem. To understand what I'm talking about I enclose a picture of the screen. Black background, no external light sources, average brightness.

    Smart phone camera exaggerates this effect a little bit but it is still very noticeable to me. I'm talking even on ghosting and consultation of top / sides when black past completely in red, honestly, I could live with it, but that distortions of color at this angle... I expect too much of a £1,800 laptop? It is worth to try another replacement?

    Not normal. RMA and hope for better luck.

  • Some Notes after completing my first Mobile application...

    I just finished my first mobile application with Flash Builder Burrito AIR.  It took me a little over 3 weeks.  Even though I'm an experienced programmer, I had no experience with Flash Builder, AIR, ActionScript, etc.  If so, I could fall out this app in a week!  I am very impressed with the ease of development compared to some other platforms I have developed on (native Android, webOS, titanium and a few others).  That said, I ran into a number of issues that I believe, if properly addressed, would be very beneficial for developers, users and the platform as a whole (so I hope that Adobe employees visit this post and read on!).

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    1. There is a kind of property "placeholderText" which displays its value within a field unfinished (gray part preference).  When the user clicks in the text field should disappear.  If the user leaves the field without entering anything, it should reappear.  This will cancel the need for labels they are currently used, save precious screen space.  It was not difficult to write a function that does this, but it's something that should be built in.
    2. Form validation tools are essential!  There should be a way to test & flag common types of fields that are not filled correctly (single currency, numeric, text, email, etc.). Built in functions that do this would save developers time.  I created my own, but I have not found a way to change the background or color of the text fields on the fly.  Instead I just asked the user without bringing out the specific areas.  This may be due to my inexperience with this platform, but once again, it is something that developers should not have to reinvent the wheel with over and over again.
    3. There should be a way to specify which keyboard is displayed whenever a field is selected.  For example, if I know that the user enters a zip code and then a keypad should display.  There are a multitude of available keyboards, but the ability to switch between text and digital should be the bare minimum.

    Guests user

    I found it strange that there is not a way to quickly invite users.  I tried the function of Alert.show () without success.  I got my own all kinds of bearing warning system.  It works very well indeed, but still...

    Projects under implementation

    It is something minor, but annoying.  I don't know if it's a problem of Flash Builder or Eclipse issue, but if you run an application and you already have an open instance you receive an error indicating such.  It would be great if she is simply closed the old instance and opened a new.  I know, very minor.  I'm just saying...

    The native device functions

    > Notifications

    > Access to contacts


    I'm really interested in hearing other questions that you guys met (large and small) and what you did to solve it!

    Thank you two for the entrance!  I'm this long transmission to the team for others to see.


  • XPS 15 9550 option with QWERTY in Belgium

    I am looking to buy Dell xps 15 9550 in Belgium, but currently there is only an option with Belgian azerty keyboard. In September, there was possibility to choose also an international qwerty keyboard. Y at - he of the poassibility to buy it with international keyboard?

    Try calling them and asking a person speaks English. Most of the people in Belgium speak English for a second language.

  • UP3216Q, XPS 15 9550 HDMI out, can't get 3840 x 2160 60 Hz?

    I just got this ULTRA EXPENSIVE monitor, 2500 + tax from Dell, which cost of superior quality!

    The drivers installed and right from the GET go, I can't get the maximum resolution with 60 Hz refresh rate. The screen is extremely slow.

    I have the new laptop Dell XPS 15 9550, which is connected via HDMI 2.0. 'Works' except that I get 60 Hz @ 2048 x 1152, but as soon as I chose 3840 x 2160 I get only 30 Hz maximum. What gives? I have a cheap UHD 4 K monitor I bought for less than 1000 which can make max resolution @ 60 Hz...

    If it's the best this thing can do, I have to go back! $ 2,500 for 30 Hz?

    With the help of 10 Pro 64-Bit Windows. If anyone can help that would be great! It is not normal... I am hooked directly on the screen of my laptop, I have not the TB15 docking station because it's still not available in the Canada, but I'm not sure that it would even help.

    My E7240 Latitude has the same problem. But that's because the HDMI output on the Latitude E7240 is version 1. 4A. The customer I find State that the output HDMI of XPS 15 9550 is only version 1. 4A, not 2.0.

    Do you mean only by using the XPS 15 9550 output HDMI, you reached 3840 x 2160 60 Hz on the other UHD 4 K monitor?

  • XPS 15 9550 shutdown problem


    I know that there were many, many messages on the same issue for XPS 15 9550 not to close properly.

    Unfortunately, I tried all and ended up in a sort of weird situation where I could not find a relevant message.

    Today, suddenly, my laptop has begun to restart automatically a few seconds after I stop. As soon as I turned off the computer, the laptop could reactivate himself.

    To resolve this problem, I tried various things on the internet, which did not help.

    After a few trials, however, I managed to stop the laptop start automatically (I have no idea how).

    But the problem is that when I turn on the laptop and look at uptime CPU in the Task Manager, the numbers show that CPU has not only started as soon as I turn on the laptop. Instead, it shows that CPU on since all the time when I even turned off the laptop.

    (For example, he showed that the CPU was working for hours, even though I just turned on the laptop.)

    And only restart the computer laptop or long - press the power button will reset the processor availability.

    We hope to find a solution here. Thanks in advance!

    When you do the normal Windows 10 stop, it does not completely close down the computer. It can run things while you think it's the start. To prevent this, you can stop quick start. It will slow down your boot a bit, but I think it's safer. Here is a link that gives you instructions on how to do it.

    How to disable quick start


  • XPS 15 9550 video lag

    Whenever I try to watch a Youtube video in full-screen 1080 p or a stream of jolt to the quality of the source video begins to lag. The audio seems to be affected, but the video starts to slow down. This only happens when I try to watch the video in full screen. When I change to a lower quality, or make the smaller screen of the video "fast forward" and goes back to normal. Help, please! Thanks in advance

    Dell XPS 15 9550: 4 K - UHD, 1 TB SSD, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7, GTX 960 M.

    Hi Lifedemon,

    Please write to us.

    Please update the drivers video and BIOS and watch again.

    At the same time update the adobe flash as well from adobe Web site.

    Await your response.


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