XPS 435 t/9000 Max size of the hard drive?


I have a XPS 435 t/9000.

I currently have two, 1 to SATA HDD and need for additional storage space.

There is a 3rd available Bay, a connector available on the motherboard and the power available.

Reference Dell tells me the motherboard is a Microstar International X501H and the motherboard will limit myself to a 1 TB drive.

HOWEVER, I found several online vendors that sell to larger capacity of disks and state that they will work on this machine.

I will ONLY use the 3rd disc as a data reader and will not boot from it.

Can someone tell me DEFINITELY HARD drive supported (data only mode) via the connector on the motherboard.


Are there options to add a new HARD disk controller to an expansion slot?  (I have no slots half remaining due to other small improvements).  I need all THE details on what I did not research on this yet.

Thank you very much!

INTEL RST less than 10.1 DOES NOT support greater than 2 TB.

Intel RST RAID DOES NO more than Volumes Raid 2 to support.

You cannot use the last 11 12 13 14 versions of INTEL RST with older Chipsets.

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    I just bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro 4280. According to the manual, it should have a 6.0 GB HDD but in my computer it is shown as having only a 1.34 GB capacity.

    PS I formatted the disk to remove the former owner data and operating system and you have installed Windows 98SE

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    Satellite Pro 428Xcdt was certainly delivered with 6 GB HARD drive.
    Are you sure that you have checked the size of the HARD drive correctly?

    I guess the 1.34 GB is a free space on the HARD disk.

  • The recovery disk is sensitive to the size of the hard drive?


    I just bought my new laptop Satellite.

    I have owned one of these puppies before and so I know that the Toshiba recovery disc is a ghost image.

    What I did is erased the hard drive clean because it's a piece of the circuit city showroom and t couldn't trust what was out there.

    I put Ubuntu on the laptop. I want to put Vista on a VM.

    As you can imagine, the virtual machine would have much less space than the actual size of the hard drive (200 GB) but of course, large enough to accommodate the installation of vista and all the goodies of Toshiba.

    With this all said, the image will be cough, hanging and allows me not to install during installation of the ghost due to the different size image in space? So say the laptops hard drive space, it is 200 GB, but I only allocated 50 GB virtual hard disk.

    Now I don't have a version of the class my program of schools Microsoft vista legitimate business, but I would use the home premium came with the laptop and use that Toshiba had provided me.

    Then, going to work, or it will not?

    Thank you for your comments.

    > I wonder what the disc labeled "Toshiba recovery disk' which is come with my new laptop that I just bought actually is then.
    Don t confuse boyfriend new Toshiba with Vista OS notebooks are equipped with HARD drive recovery option. But it also contains an option to create a recovery DVD in case the HARD disk will fail.

    If you buy an old series laptop with Win XP, then it might be possible that you don t have the option to drive HARD recovery, but instead, you've got a recovery disk.

    As you said above; the recovery disk contains an image (I doubt it s a ghost still image) that contains an operating system Windows, Toshiba drivers, tools and additional software.

    Good bye

  • A friend offered to sell me his MacBook.  It was new in 2010 or 2011.  I'm not sure of the size of the hard drive is, but it has 16 MB of ram.  Any suggestions on what would be a reasonable price?

    A friend offered to sell me his MacBook.  It was new in 2010 or 2011.  I'm not sure of the size of the hard drive is, but it has 16 MB of RAM.  Any suggestions on what would be a reasonable price?

    This isn't a topic appropriate for the forums. We only used the material price. Visit eBay to find this information.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of the size of the hard drive that it can manage Windows Vista Ultimate?

    . I am trying to install a disk hard external sata 3 TB

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    Vista only supports drives of 3 TB for storage of the data and do not install the Vista operating system on this drive.

    Read this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/gg463525.aspx

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

  • Increased size of the hard drive but Windows C drive still shows smaller

    I am trying to increase the size of the hard drive of my Windows XP virtual machine. I followed the instructions in the help to increase the size (rather than a second hard drive which suggested the FAQ I read later). My MAC finder shows a drop of water in my space of hard drive together, but the Windows C drive still shows the same amount as it had before starting the process. How can I get Windows to recognize the hard drive is bigger than it used to be? Will not install the program I am trying to load because of limited space.

    Have you seen resizing virtual disks with step by step Instructions?

  • Is there a limit on the size of the hard drive that can recognize ESX?


    I would like to know if there is any limitation with regard to the size of the hard drive that can recognize an ESX 3.5 Server? I have a Dell server with 1.8 TB of HDD. When I try to install ESX 3.5 on it, ESX shows that space and be approzimately 1.4 TB. I understand that ESX requires little space, but I would not be the image that it's 400GO.



    What is a RAID?  You could have 6 300 GB drives, RAID requires treatment, and basically, 1 disc is overload, so it seems you are using RAID 5 (if you have 6 disks).  In this case, that is right you have 1.4 flying over, which is what ESX sees.

  • Satellite 1700-400: maximum size of the HARD drive?


    the hard drive of my 1700-400 has collapsed.
    Initially, it was a 10 GB HARD drive.
    What is the maximum size of the 1700-400 can work with?

    grobi Oxford

    Hi Grobi

    Maybe someone exactly news upgrade HARD drive on this unit, but, in my opinion you can use up to 20 GB hard drives with no problems.

  • How to upgrade the size of the hard drive and transfer all THE OS/software/data (image) of the original disk?

    HP desktop with a HDD normal computer. Win Vista 64-bit Windows.  But the question is generic for another one with Win7 and another with XP.

    The problem is that I want to do is to replace the hard drive with a new fresh Plus unit.  I want to keep exactly the same software as that on the original disc.   I want to know how to transfer data from the old disk to the new image.   I remember the old days BACK to copy just the files copy very well, but OS files data files and startup records, etc. etc. should be in areas on the disk, so you can not just copy the.  I know there are software packages ghosts to even a backup image to a computer, to recharge on a true double drive on a death warrant of the disc, but is it the same path to use for an upgrade?   Then, there will be no problem with MS or others by looking at the serial number of the disc material and decide on their software are installed on a new machine without a license?  etc.

    All experienced suggestions would be appreciated.

    IE brand disks: Seagate, WD, and a few others provide the software with the package of disk or from the Web site that allows cloning on the same drive size, but for a larger drive.  Acronis will be similar.  As long as the size of the disk is not unreasonable, they do it quite easily.  Depending on the age of the system, however, some may not tolerate the readers more great or the more recent huge 2 TB.

  • Dell XPS 420 with Vista Home Premium, replaced the hard drive, download now blue screen errors

    My girlfriend has a desktop Dell XPS 420 quit working a year or 2 ago. A computer technician told me that it sounded as if the hard drive was bad, recently I purchased from Dell, a Seagate 1 TB hard drive (the original is a Western Digital 320 GB).

    I bought also, once again from Dell, a copy of its installation discs for Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

    I installed the new hard drive, correctly, as far as I can tell, but I tried several times over the past days to install Vista and a few times I got errors (BSoD) STOP and a few other times, Windows Installer errors.

    What's wrong?

    I run Dell diagnostics that took almost a whole day, but I don't think anything. I have not partitioned the hard drive, it's like 931 GB.

    I think that may be something related to the RAM, but I'm not sure.

    Thanks for any help.


    Here is the information on the Dell Diagnostics:


    And Dell has provided information on how to reinstall Vsta using their recovery disks.

    "Manually reinstall your Windows Vista operating system"


    For more information, try the Dell Support Forums.


    See you soon.

  • Is there a limit on the size of the hard drive may take my Windows 7?


    I have Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit on my PC. I was looking at getting a new hard drive. I see the hard drive in my local store 1 TB to 7 TB. What is the largest hard my system could take?

    Wouldn't be able to manage a to 4 or even a 7?

    Thank you


    Windows supports hard drives larger than 2 TB

    I hope this helps.
    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" experience :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Size of the hard drive for laptop Latitude D500 Max

    I have a laptop Latitude D500 who needs a hard drive and I would like to install the maximum size hard drive. What is the maximum size of hard drive, I was able to install and it depends on the current version of BIOS in use?


    120 GB with the latest version of the BIOS.

    Note the Latitude D500 supports only HD IDE, SATA not.


  • What them to limit the size of the HARD drive on a laptop Satellite Pro 6100?

    I recently tried to install a 160 GB drive and had all sorts of questions.
    Thank you
    [email protected]

    Is 160 GB not a bit too much? Please note that this laptop is about 5 years old and new laptops are usually supplied with 120 or 160 GB hard drives.

    According to the specification of this laptop model comes with 60 GB max, but I guess it should be possible to use 80 or maybe 100 GB. I don't know it for sure because there is no precise information on this subject.

    Use the advanced search option and try to search for similar topics. Maybe you will be lucky and find some useful information.

  • Size of the hard drive does not match, what to do?

    End of 2012, the MacBook Pro 13 "

    I've added everything I installed and registered on my macbook and it does not match the size of my disk info...
    I just deleted all the documents that I need to see what will happen with the size of the disk and it says: drive for 'other' size is 85GB and

    Audio = 0
    Film = 0
    Photo = 0
    Programs = 0
    Security Copies = 0
    Other = 85,17 GB

    And the strange thing is that I have 10 + adobe programs installed (that doesn't add anywhere near 85 GB!)
    But the weird thing ', it is also that it shows 0GB to programs/software that I obviously have a lot of programs/software installed. WHAAAT...

    It's really annoying

    It seems as if increases the amount of data in 'other' counts for

    Is there someone out there in the world of the internet, who knows how to fix this?

    I tried to read a previous debate about this, but to be honest, I do not understand...
    I'm not exactly a macbook-computer-expert when it comes to knowledge like that

    I would be grateful for your help!

    It is in Danish, but... Yes

    LYD Sound/Audio =
    Film = film
    Photo = Photo
    Progr. = Programs
    Sik.Kopier = security Copies
    Agent = other

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    I managed to install two 750 gig drives in my Media Vault 2020 in a Raid 1 mirror.  To do this, you need to reinstall the operating system on hard drive #1.  I used the instructions provided by Lee Devlin at http://www.k0lee.com/hpmediavault/.  Tip: Before using Nasload to reload operating systm, turn off the firewall in use.

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