XPS 435 t - graphics card double slot?

I guess we can integrate a video card double slot the existing PCI-Express 2.0 16 slot. I do not if I hide the adjacent PCI 1 slot because it is empty.

If dual slot graphics cards stack up?

It's absolutely, positively FALSE.

Why say that?

The Studio XPS 435 / 9000 video slots has full size. Total and 6 locations.

A range of maps of graphics ATI including the Radeon HD3450, HD3650 HD4670, of the HD4850 and HD4870

The map in the image below is a DOUBLE WIDE 4870.

I recommend the upgrade of a corsair CS750M power supply if you plan to use a map of hunger of power such as Geforce 960 because the 475W stock power is a bit too small IMHO.  I had an EVGA GeForce GTX 960 SuperSC ACX 2.0 + 2 GB memory GDDR5 128 bit, 02 G-P4-2966-KR to work with the power supply but I was not comfortable leaving in this way.

The Studio XPS 435 t uses 1333 MHz DDR3 non - ECC and non - ECC DDR3 1066 MHz.

The User Guide , page 24.

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  • Video card double slot.

    Hello, so I have a hp p7 1226 s and I wanted to install a ti gtx 650 or a radeon 7770. The poroblem is that they are both cards double slot. When I was last upgrade of the gpu in this Office I noticed that the second location may not reach easy to remove. I was wondering if the second location is removable, or if anyone could tell me how to remove the second cover of the location. I see it has an icon of a screwdriver on the back of it, but the problem is that I don't know where is the screw if it is on the second slot. I'm eagerly looking for information but nothing to really is as far as I can see on the internet, so I came here hoping that someone knew how to remove or if you can remove the second slot cover on the back. I really hope there is a way to remove it, otherwise it will be a big problem for me separator because I'll have to buy a new case so that I can hold a video card double slot for this pc.


    The leg split with the screwdriver on it requires a screwdriver to be inserted in a slot in and waved the screwdriver back.  Do it a few times and then move to another location on the baracket and repeat the process. Subsequently the support stands.

    I find it interesting that adjacent the bracket with the slot PCI-E x 16 slot support seems to be a fixed location as something occupies the PCI-E x 1 slot internally.  Is this the case?  Sometimes the media raise just to the top and outside according to the PC.

  • HP Envy H8 - 1540t - graphics cards double, Pcie 3.0 support

    I have 2 questions about the use of dual graphics cards and Pcie 3.0 support in my machine.

    The machine is:

    HP Envy H8 - 1540t

    Win 8 64

    I7-3820 2nd generation

    10 GB OF DDR3 1600 MEMORY

    256 GB SSD

    1 TB SATA hard drive 7200 RPM

    Blu - Ray player

    TV tuner

    Prem N - Wireless Lan and Bluetooth 2 x 2

    600 Watt PSU

    NVidia GTX 660

    This machine uses the card mother Pegatron IPIWB-PB and has 2 Pcie x 16 slots. I realize that using the width double GPUS like GTX 660, the small Pcie connectors next to them will be buried, rendering it useless. They are so my 2 questions;

    1.) Will 2 Nvidia GTX GPU 660 is in good physical shape within the machine and be supported?

    2.) this motherboard with a Intel X 79 chipset does support Pcie 3.0?

    Thank you


    You can find information on the following OFFICIAL link, it seems that it only supports PCIe Gen 2.0


    The image of the motherboard (see above) and the following picture of the 660 GTX, simple answer: 2 cards will not be in good physical shape.


    Kind regards.

  • For the XPS M1330 NVIDIA graphics card

    Can someone tell me for Dell XPS M1330, NVIDIA which(model,specification) graphics card is compatible. Dell is saying that I have to buy any motherboard but local dealer says that they can replace only the NVIDIA card, but I don't know which is compatible for the Dell XPS M1330 motherboard. already replaced 3 motherboard due to problem of nvidia.

    Dell is right - there is no video to replace card.  The video chip is soldered to the motherboard, to be modified GPU failure.

    All the nVidia GPU used in the M1330 share the same technical failure - you are just as likely to see the next Board fail.  If you really want to keep the system, replace the motherboard with the Intel-video version (you need a new heat sink as well).  Otherwise, no matter what the jury would cost to replace would be better spent on a replacement system.  Between the age of the system and faulty engineering nVidia this line of chips, it's a dead-end.

  • XPS Studio 1647 graphics card

    Hi, my dell studio xps 1647 had a damage to the motherboard and I replaced it with a new one.

    I can move the old motherboard graphics cards to the new?

    Part of not changing my computer for a new XPS was because I was really happy with the original graphics card, a 1 GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670.

    I'd appreciate your comments.

    Best regards.

    The video chip is permanently soldered to the motherboard - it isn't his own card, so you cannot move from one Board to another.

  • XPS One 2710 graphics card upgrade?

    Is the graphics card on this evolutionary thing? Like can I put a GeForce GTX 670, 680 or even a 690? And what about the food? Is there one with more power to this AIO PC? I just got this computer, and now I'm a big gamer, but the 640 M is not just push what I want it. May everything would be fine, but I want to do so much more. If this can be improved?

    Hey there... all that I have read and discussed with Dell and techie outside (like me) and all say the same thing... No, it's not easy to extend it is welded to the map (granted practice how are you with an iron soldering) the video card is not easily accessible and is located behind the motherboard (you must empty the Dell to access)... once find you it you will have to remove it with an iron solder and replace it... things to be VERY concerned with... One... you lose your warranty even if you extended it you lost if you make this uprising. 2. it is really complex and not for the faint at heart, we are talking here of welding the first chip and then on the motherboard. If you don't know what you're doing here, you can completely destroy your motherboard in 3 seconds. Your uplift can go as a GPU with the same energy consumption / requirements of frequency that the GPU M640 which, according to what you have in mind when you say "I would like to do much more," I don't think not that you will get a huge helping hand with all of the options available that are compatible. 4. heat dissipation might be a major problem, he is already running hot with a M640 at full power, it can certainly handle any more heat inside the chassis. 5. this machine was not built like a fucking toy game, his intention was to General House / use of Business with some lighter games thrown in as an advantage over other AIO.

    So to answer the question directly - Yes, you can with (a lot of work), the loss of guarantee and possibly blow your system from the sky here to high if you make a mistake during the uprising

    So the second question is - if you... well :-) how deep is your pocket book? Do you care about the warranty (it is expensive to play with toy) - personally... DON'T YOU SHOULDN'T TRY THIS AT HOME :-)

    The ball is in your court here... strong points:

    1. very complex

    2 need a soldering iron and a lot of courage

    3 having to find an another GPU that has similar power/frequency specifications to work (not a lot of options here)

    4. power aside the XPS from what I can tell is not extendable (I'll look into this more deep)

    5 heat will be a major problem (not a lot of room inside the chassis to change the mechanisms of existing cooling)

    6. loss of warranty

    I hope this helps.

  • Graphics card double output for the motorway A58

    Hi guys,.

    Work just gave me a Lenovo A58 SFF and while I don't have the serial number, I don't know what follows-

    Lenovo ThinkCentre A58
    Small form factor
    Intel CORE 2 QUAD Q8400
    4 GB OF RAM
    Hard drive 320 GB

    The machine is used only for work (spreadsheet, processing and internet) and I would like to run two monitors (both with VGA, PCI and HDMI inputs), but Lenovo A58 LTS offers only one VGA output.

    I did a quick search for graphics in this forum, but suggestions seem to be a little out of date as the machine is a bit long in the tooth now.

    As I work for a small business, we do not have a 'IT Department', so it is left up to me to sort.

    If you could please provide me with some options, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you


    (1) the onboard graphics on the A58 can support 2 monitors. The card is in fact the second connector for the integrated graphics card.

    (2) limitation is that to do with graphics performance, you can not play on it. But Office apps will work fine. normal movies will work as well.

    (3) it's a true second monitor, you can expand the view to make both monitors independently managed.

  • Graphics card double output

    I was wondering if there is a video card capable of dual monitor to my HP Pavilion Slimline s5713w desktop PC, Windows 7 64 bit? Also, it will require a bigger PSU, if this slim case will fit it? any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

    Any PCIe x 16' low - profile' or "low - profile ready" graphics card must fit into your computer. Almost all retail graphics cards require a minimum of 300 watt system power. Power on a HP Slimline computer are not your standard ATX used in most full desktop computers. Based on the physical size of your computer's power supply, AthenaPower.com should have a solution from 300 to 450 watt for your computer. Good luck.

  • graphics cards double Office HP 500 - 205-t

    I have a HP 500 - 205t with which I ordered an upgrade the dedicated video card.  The computer is around the age of six months. Now I find that I need two monitors. The dedicated adapter has only a single output. The integrated one has two. Is it possible to use two adapters at the same time? I hate wasting the adapter 'improved '. And, if possible, can I use three monitors? Thank you. Richard

    Well, it seems that my memory is not as good as it once was. I did remove the graphics - NVIDIA GT 625 - upgrade by uninstalling the driver and then stop the machine. Not connected all the cables from the rear and he hoisted upward on a desk to disassemble. Imagine my surprise when I finally turned it around to discover that, in low-and-behold, the adapter has two ports!

    Somehow, I never noticed (or simply forgotten) that there's also an HDMI port and more the DVI - D port. A quick check in the console of NVIDiA confirmed he would go to two monitors.

    Lesson learned, for the umpteenth time. Always check things in multiple ways before giving up.

    So the answer is: NO, you can't use both cards. BUT, you can always run two monitors with NVIDIA graphic card to the address being upgraded.

  • Sucks TC-705-EB53 with the video card double slot

    Salvation; I bought a GTX950 card (and I replaced the power supply with a power so this isn't a problem), but I found that this Board/case seem to have a weird hole in the back design - specifically, instead of having a bumpy thing (I don't know what it's actually called), he seems to have a small bunch outside , and it doesn't look like my card can fit in there. Is it possible to install this card two slot or do I have to return it and get a unique one niche?

  • Ray-tracing on GPU disabled on MacBook Pro with a graphics card double

    Hi all,

    I just installed the demo version of scars on my new macbook pro 15 ".
    He has these 2 graphics cards:

    • Intel Pro Iris graphics card
    • NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
      2 GB of GDDR5 memory

    But when I opened After effects CC I get this error:

    Ray-tracing on GPUS requires a map dgraphic approved NVIDIA and CUDA 5.0 or higher. At the moment the ray-tracing will use just the CPU.
    On NVIDIA, I saw that mine is a CUDA GPU: https://developer.nvidia.com/CUDA-GPUs .
    Why I get this error?

    Thank you

    > However, I can install driver CUDA 5.0 + with GT750M and use ray-tracing with GPU on AE (OSX)?

    You can use it, but it was not tested and not supported. You use it at your own risk, with the caveats explained here:

    pengl-in-after-effects-CC-12-1.html http://blogs.adobe.com/AfterEffects/2013/09/GPU-Changes-for-CUDA-and-o

  • DELL Studio XPS 435 t/9000 card reader problem

    I have received my computer desk DELL XPS9000 exactly one month ago. In the first week, the hard drive has failed. If Dell sent a technician has replaced the hard drive.

    Last week, the card reader does not read the SD card. I found that there is a "unknown device" under Bus computer USB controllers, the Device Manager. I was following result after runing DELL self-test - "error initializing Test results: device, 5 d 00 error Code: 0009, Msg: UUTUSBTM - DEVICE_INITIALIZATION_FAILURE user must attach the RH 3 port unit and re-start the test.

    Contacted DELL XPS technical support. The agent could not solve the problem after you install several drivers. He will then plan to send a technician to replace the card reader.

    It seems that I am not alone with this problem. I wonder if there is lack of system design with this nice computer.


    I have received my computer desk DELL XPS9000 exactly one month ago. In the first week, the hard drive has failed. If Dell sent a technician has replaced the hard drive.

    Last week, the card reader does not read the SD card. I found that there is a "unknown device" under Bus computer USB controllers, the Device Manager. I was following result after runing DELL self-test - "error initializing Test results: device, 5 d 00 error Code: 0009, Msg: UUTUSBTM - DEVICE_INITIALIZATION_FAILURE user must attach the RH 3 port unit and re-start the test.

    Contacted DELL XPS technical support. The agent could not solve the problem after you install several drivers. He will then plan to send a technician to replace the card reader.

    It seems that I am not alone with this problem. I wonder if there is lack of system design with this nice computer.

    I've had this problem forever. Problem is that the media player is left in a State of 'strange' because of a BSOD, and I have not found the cause of THE BSOD this.

    My 435 t comes with Vista, and not until I upgraded to W7 I was able to get a handle on this. W7 has reported that the device did not work. Before this Dell replaced the unit and cable. This device appararurent again, only to stay for about 2 weeks. I had it happen once before too, and support me try to remove and reinsert the cables, but I couldn't reach them (support hung up before I could try) and had only tried the device itself, not the motherboard. I called back and said I could not and they sent the parts. Later arrived before the parts I decided to try again by taking unscrew, but I've loosened it and feared the screw would fall into the system and it has tightened. The unit was working again? However, two weeks later he failed. Items sent and installed and it worked.

    2 weeks about go by and it fails. Dell asked me to reinstall Vista and format during the installation. I hesitated and pushed them to do the following. Send a motherboard... and they did it, it was installed and the machine worked. Change the motherboard to solve another problem, 2nd DVD drive opens randomly and narrow when I open the first time, after that, worked OK. That stopped happening.

    After that, I installed W7. Got a BSOD running DVD Flick (there are reports of this failure on Dell because IASTOR, the SATA driver) and the re-start, W7 has reported that a USB device does not work. Well, the media player was gone... open the folder, messed with the wires on the side of the motherboard, case closed, re-boot and it worked again... now I know the "fix."

    It turns out that the fix is REALLY SIMPLE, pull the power cord, wait for the green light to go a little longer, plug the power cord from back in and reboot. Fixed a problem.

    Well, I'd call it a work-around. The real problem is the device USB is not be initialized, either because the BIOS does not power on or the unit was in such a State, it could not be. Removal of power resets the it.

    I hope it works for you.

    IRV S.

  • XPS M1330 (video) graphics card NVIDIA 8400 M GS - Windows Vista crash (blue screen)

    Hi, community

    I have a problem with this adapter. As soon as I plug the windows (vista) HDMI cable crashes and I get a 'blue screen '. I tried everything and nothing worked. The driver is version dated dated 23/08/2007.

    Any information will be helpful!

    PS - I tried to download the update of R180763 site of Dell, but I get an error when unzipping (110 error code).


    / Nairo

  • Looking to update the graphics card in my Dell XPS 8900 EVGA GeForce GTX 960.

    I have a Dell XPS 8900 Special Edition that I bought a few months ago. I want to upgrade the OEM GeForce 745 of GTX that it came with an EVGA GTX 960.

    I have the Dell XPS 8900 (processor i7 - 6700 k), 32 GB of memory, 2 TB HDD + SSD of 32 GB m2, monitor cache Dell UP2516D and Windows 10 Pro. I'll add a second monitor Dell UP2516D soon and later add an SSD and move the OS and applications on.

    My needs are not at stake. I mainly business applications (MS-Office, including access and project), finance and investment, and a lot of photo and video editing.  Photo editing software uses the GPU if I update.

    EVGA has suggested either of the following, based on what would be good:



    These cards are almost identical except;

    #1 is long of 6.8 ", has 1 BIOS, 1 fan and use 128 watts for $160

    #2 is 10.1 "long, has 2 BIOS, 2 fans and consume 160 watts for $170

    I thought I would replace the graphics card myself, but once I opened the folder, I was wondering if the two cards will even fit.  I saw that other people have swapped their graphics card, so it must be possible.

    When I look in my case, the existing graphics card is a single location.  These two cards are double slot.  In addition, it seems that there are a few transistors just next to the existing card.  When you install a card double slot, the new map is just overlap the transistors under?

    Finally, in view of these two cards and the XPS 8900 case, is it possible to put the card in?  Is it worth the extra $ 10 earn an extra BIOS and fan, to the detriment of one more card of time and 12 watts?

    Any help or thoughts are greatly appreciated, thank you.

    Dual cards fit without any problem. Many have improved their 8900 XPS and 8700 with cards that need two slots of width.

    I prefer the models dual fan as they run cooler. They have a bigger heat sink and with relatively low heat from GTX 960, some are silent at idle because the fans do not work.

    For example, MSI GTX 970 son fan only above a certain temp that only happens every game. Maybe the EVGA card did the same thing. It is nice to have a quiet system at idle.

    Regarding the adjustment, the MSI GTX 970 games 4 G card Dimensions are (mm) 140 x 277 x 35. Length and height are tight but it fits without cutting.

    In addition, as noted speedstep you run SATA cables under the card. I replaced the SATA cables with longer cables, so they route toward the front of the box, then under the graphics card and upward.

    This thread has many cards different people have added. (the link is on page 26) and about the halfway point is my son with the MSI GTX 970 system, which (I think) is slightly larger that the EVGA 960 you listed.  It also shows the case mod to add a front fan.


  • Re: Double head graphics card for Satellite A300

    In laptop Satellite A300 - the graphics card is integrated or external?

    It is a graphics card double head for Satellite A300?

    Thank you

    As far as I know the graphic card on laptops are integrated and placed on the motherboard.
    What do you do with an external graphics card?

Maybe you are looking for

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