XPS 8500 for new case motherboard wiring

Hello world

I recently updated my XPS 8500 with a new power supply and a GTX 770, the original case was a little crowded. So now I got a new case for it mid-tour, but I'm stuck at the wiring on the front panel. The façade on the motherboard connectors are as follows:


The connectors I have of the new deal are: switch, switch to Reset, Power LED, hard drive activity + and hard disk activity.

Can someone please give me some advice of prayer of wiring? Thank you very much.


This one works for me, the Reset button also works. But I can not press and hold the Power button to turn off the PC more, don't know why. But everything sorted, very happy.

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  • Dell XPS 8500 needs new motherboard; All recoverable parts?

    Okay, it looks like my Dell XPS 8500 which is only 2.3 years needs a new motherboard.  I was quoted $350 to fix it (90 day warranty) by Dell.  I asked Dell how much it would cost to return the warranty once I fixed it and it is $ 200 per year.  Not sure I'll go along with this.  A local technician gave me his estimate and it's $250 parts and service which includes 90 day warranty.

    Rather than take the option repair, I think to recover the coins for my next computer purchase.  My XPS 8500 has 12 GB ddr3 sdram [1, 600 mhz (2 gb x 2) + (4 x 2 GB)] and a 2 TB hard drive and the hard disk of 1 TB (from 8000 of my XPS Studio who died after 2.5 years).  All other recoverable parts here?

    All models Dell that are compatible with the latter?  8000/8500 are no longer sold.  Dell sells XPS 8900 8900 SE using DDR4 Rams.  I don't know the compatibility of the hard drive.  Dell Outlet still sells XPS 8700 expandable up to 10 windows, which uses ddr3 chips and is is compatible with the hard disk probably.

    Should not be XPS.  Actually, I prefer not to buy another XPS because I had this terrible luck with them.  I think maybe like OptiPlex business models which can have options of compatible extension of hard drive and RAM.  Anyone direct me to the configurations of these models?  Thank you.

    Some confusion here. There is none of these models as Studio XPS 8500. Amazon is the inscription incorrectly. There's a XPS 8500.
    The 8500 XPS and Vostro 470 use same motherboards =.
    XT4TM = card mother NW73C, DPK for Windows 7
    TXKR9 = card mother NW73C, DPK for Windows 8 home
    CTJCD = card mother NW73C, DPK for Windows 8 Pro

  • Where to find Windows 8 key of my XPS 8500 for reinstalled


    I bought a new dell XPS 8500 and came with preinstalled Windows 8.

    But in other to get a copy of Windows 8 Microsoft backup, I need to find that key

    (Usually, the Office have a sticker with the key has written on this subject, but one I got everything on its surface have...)

    Is that the key is stored somewhere on the computer, or either, I need to disassemble the Office to search inside?

    Thank you

    Hi Gabriellw,

    Windows 8 systems are pre-activated from the factory. Once the PC is turned on, it remains active unless there is significant physical changes such as the motherboard or hard drive replacement. If you reinstall Windows on the computer, are there no need product key as it is encrypted on the motherboard of the factory.

    If you just need the recovery of Windows 8 disk, you can create one for your computer from Dell backup and restore. For more information, refer to link: http://bit.ly/12kIydx

    Just reply in case you have any other questions.

  • There is a case at this time for and XPS 8500 for $749.00 (is the gate of the hell of dante)?

    I have owned 7 valleys and seen the quality and the customer service going down the tubes in the last decade.  Part of it (and I'm not racist or great nationalists) is that the salespeople speak English, but the technicians do not, so I can't explain what I need at least an hour (half is please and thank you).

    I would get the Intel 3770, but the case is small, there is no place for hardware upgrades, cooling and power supplies are, at best, marginal, and the software is the.  Should I just go with a full turn construction, since what I want to do is record the music for local artists and videos for my community television station?  I just have this feeling that the 8500 XPS will be a disappointment.  I don't mind spending $1000 +, but I want something that I can REALLY use.

    Can some people give me their opinions.

    Thank you


    Hi ptuptu,

    Your best bet is always goes with a waist size.

  • Connectors power cable ATA for a new disk in XPS 8500 of evil

    Hello world

    I am trying to add a blu ray burner to my XPS 8500. I was doing very well until you connect the power cord. The one I have has a connector 15 female pins that plugs into the drive, but the other end is a male connector 4 pins. I can not find a connector 4 pins female inside the XPS 8500, only 15 pins coming out of ecisting optical drive and hard drive. What I have to buy a new cable or I missed something? I'm a complete newbie to this sort of thing would be appreciated simple instructions.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Suzzicat,

    There should be available in the case like this power cable to connect this drive:

    The cable supplied with the drive to connect to the older type molex power connector.

  • New 750TI of nVidia and XPS 8500 card?


    I had been worried about the power supply power when buying a video card more powerful for my XPS 8500.  700 series from nVidia is the beach, I hope to choose, to replace my 'right' TG 640 card oem.

    The new GTX 750 it looks really good. It's a new radical design and functionality has pointed out, is its low power requirements.

    "Twice the performance and half the energy consumption of the previous generation cards."

    It is now on sale for less than $200.  It's a double-wide.  My question today is: what is the best way to sort the different suppliers of package?

    Dell performs several cards from PNY nVidia in the inventory, so on that ground alone, it will probably be my choice.  Does anyone have experiences of good/bad with them?  What other major suppliers such as: MSI, EVGA or Gigabyte?

    I thank the previous suggestion about the GTX 660, that he would work with the budget of power - but this 750 TI deserves a thorough review for any owner of XPS 8500, wanting a better map of the game. If one cannot not have shoe horned in the case, I'll think hard about installing one in my XPS Gen 3 old faithful!

    You don't have to buy a brand PNY, just because Dell sells because it doesn't mean anything. Any brand will do.  I have the EVGA 750 it. EVGA is probably the best selling partner of Nvidia.  If I bought one today, I would certainly consider getting the MSI HERE.  The reason is that the fan accelerates only execution around 32% compared to my EVGA clocked at 42%, which makes it much more quiet and nothing you can do to reduce the fixed fan speed used by the manufacturer.

    These new chips run very cool, so there is no reason to have fans operating at 42% in my opinion.  The MSI card does not require an additional power of 6-pin connection.  Some do it including the EVGA I, but this isn't really a concern.  This is only a concern for those who do not have the power on their power supply connector.

  • Replaced the motherboard on XPS 8500, now no visible display?

    A week ago, my XPS 8500 just stopped turning. The power button is Orange fixed, which is a problem I've met about 3 months ago. At this point, I ran across a lot of troubleshooting here, replaced the original motherboard, PSU and HDD. I finally got the system running and upward and he ran for 3 months until light solid amber shown once again at the top.

    I assumed it was the motherboard once again, and I have fortunately my 90th day of a warranty of 90 days, so was a replacement motherboard sent to me. I just installed the new motherboard, the amber light has disappeared, I have a white power lights up once more, then I guess it's good news, but I get nothing on my screen.

    I have read some other posts and contracted / reset CMOS battery and also reinstalled everything on the Board with no luck. I was hoping someone could suggest other ideas?

    Thank you!

    .. .going to put back the original motherboard and see if he had ever done anything wrong to this...

    You're a masochist!

    Glad your system working again. If your question has been answered, please click the YES button below one of the posts in this thread.

    Happy shopping for a video card!

  • Dell XPS 8500 - start not at all - motherboard problems?

    I have a Dell XPS 8500 I bought in January of 2013 and of course, is now out of warranty. I have not had too many problems with the pc, but last week, I was copying some video files on the SD card in the card on the hard disk drive. My wife told me that supper was ready, so I left the system to finish copying the video files on the HARD drive and ate with my family.

    After we finished eating, I went back in the Office to discover that my computer was turned off. I tried to turn it back on and got no answer to it at all. I held the power button down and still nothing. After unplugging all devices still do not get response. I unplugged the power cord that goes into the food and green on the back of that flickered as I unplugged and plugged in so I thought I had my problem properly diagnosed as a failure of the power supply. I ordered a replacement PSU and installed today but I'm still no response from the computer when you try to start it. I have all the cords of the PSU properly plugged into the HDD and the dvd player and the connector 24 pin to the motherboard as well as the connection of 4 pins so.

    The ONLY answer I get when trying to turn on the computer is that the fan in the power supply and fan to the rear of the case against surges momentarily and return to the stop. They are not even a half of a revolution, and that's all I get.

    Any suggestions would be wonderful! I wonder if it's a motherboard problem and if so, where to find a replacement motherboard. And if not the mobo, what else it could be.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

    Matt in South Dakota


    Has worked for me - everything seems to work very well.  Thank you.

    Is there anything else I need to do after clearing the BIOS?

    No, you should be all good...

  • The size of the motherboard of Dell Xps 8500?

    I think there mAtx, I just want to make sure that it is standard size before I put it in a new case. model of 2012 with 7570 gpu and cpu i7 3770

    It is mATX, but the connector on the front panel is a little different. I know from personal experience: I installed a motherboard XPS 8500 in a chassis from Cooler Master N200.

    The HD and the LEDs of power are in the usual place, but the power switch straddles the lines of code pin, sitting on the pins just next door, those LEDs.

  • SSD boot drive upgrade for XPS 8500

    I want to add a new SSD 128 GB as boot on my XPS 8500 drive when using my original 1 TB hard drive as a data reader.  Questions: Is there a set of instructions on how to better fulfill the new OS install and configure both hard drives?  Can I do a clean install of Win 7 using the Dell XPS 8500 Windows reinstall DVD on the new SSD? The XPS 8500 supports SATA III drives?  Thanks for any help on this.

    An additional question: the processor can be upgraded (from i5 to i7) using the motherboard the original XPS 8500?

    Hi DoctorDED,

    8 GB of memory is sufficient for a machine dedicated to the photo or video editing. However, if you run multiple applications with a lot of resources at the same time especially treatment image or video, CAD or 3D modeling (for example, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects), then you will surely be benefited by 16 GB of RAM. With more than 8 GB also comes in handy if you make heavy use of virtualization such as Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare Workstaton tools, especially if you are running multiple operating systems simultaneously.

    Answer please if you have any other questions.

  • A confirmed upgrades to the video card for XPS 8500?

    I want to upgrade the video card in my XPS 8500 (currently a 7570). I searched around and literally impossible to find a simple confirmation of a card that suit and will work (not to mention that the other a Dell offers, 7770, I think that it is). I would really fall into a 6850 6870 or 7850 (in the order of less for the most favorite). I found lots of info on cards that work with the old 8300, XPS, which uses the same power supply as the 8500 according to me. However, I'm not sure if the limitations of the space are the same in the case of XPS 8500 compared to the 8300.

    Would appreciate any info. Thank you!

    I don't see why not.  I just installed a R9 Sapphire x 280 in my XPS8500, I have an OC of HD7850 Sapphire.   This card is crazy for a long time.

  • Screws for msata for XPS 8500 card card mother screwposts (informative)

    I ordered a Crucial msata for my XPS 8500 card.  Installing an msata card requires two screws to CAPSA map for the two screwposts on the motherboard.  Crucial does not include screws and neither does Dell.  Working with Dell I was able to identify the specifications for the required screw neeeded anchor map msata in positions.  Without the screws an msata card will fall just out of the slot msata.  For any of you out there with the same need is the specification of the screw:


    The screws are tiny metric screws and without the specs, they are incredibly hard to find.  No specification on page 58 of the Dell XPS 8500 manual, which is where the diagram is for installing an msata card.  Dell is expected to add this info in a footnote on page 58.

    Note to Dell's Support staff who might be reading this: this specification of screws for the use of other customers of the file.

    I bought a portable screw Kit made by Rhino Fry Electronics which had the screws in it. These are screws x3mm m2. The kit is the AS-11 model number. Bar code is 8 54190 00103 9.  Rhino has a websit - www.rhino-tek.com.  You can also find them on ebay.  Anyway, I put a map of msata Crucial 256 MB in my XPS 8500 and am a happy camper with her.

  • How can I install my printer model Dell 720 on my new Dell XPS 8500 with windows 7

    I have the software for my Dell 720 printer, but it will not install on my new Dell XPS 8500 with windows 7.  It works fine on my Dell Dimension 3000 with windows XP.  I would use this printer with my new system

    Dell is not a Windows 7 driver for this printer.  The closest thing they have is a driver for Vista 32 bit.  So your options are to (1) Download 32-bit Vista driver and try to install in compatibility mode, (2) use XP Mode if you have the professional or Enterprise version of Windows 7 Ultimate, (3) buy another printer.

    You can download the Vista 32-bit driver


    Good luck.

  • new case for hp m9450f

    Hey I wanted to get a new case for my m9450f anyone know if:

    1 card mother using stand offs or is it directly bolted to the rear of the case?

    2. the I/O plate comes off or is it attached to the case?

    BTW I plan to get the corsair 600t, the plate of I/O is not a big problem, but if the Board is screwed into the case is anyway I can transfer the motherboard for a new case.

    Motherboards generally use spacers though some cases have accumulated mounting plate for the motherboard and spacers are not necessary.

    The I/O plate if I understand you well is part of the motherboard.  Most mATX cases should not be a problem.

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    I need a new case for DV7-4080US


    Please check the maintaince guide computer components main chapter 3 illustrates spare parts catalogue, you will find the numbers on the list itself.

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