xt1033 no sound on phone call and music

someone at - it to cope with the problem?

I use this phone for 4 months now, he began the great no problems except for the wifi bug 4.4.4 (loss of weak signal, etc.) but I don't agree with that. but now my phone has started to act up while to call. (no sound from speaker) and so I have to restart the phone and just like that its normal again. but now it is the second time, the problem appears and I have to restart again.

someone at - it facing the same problem as me?

is - this related software (bug, etc.), or hardware related?


There is a discussion specific to this problem.


BTW, when I had this problem, I just hung up and called again.

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    Our phone will make more phone calls, and we do not know how to change the settings to restore the capabilities of phoning.

    Greetings jenniferfrom46,

    From your post, I see that you are unable to make phone calls. I count on the ability to use my phone a lot to make calls, so I can understand your concern. I will be happy to provide you with some information for you.

    If you can not make or receive calls on your iPhone, this article goes on measures to take to help with the issue you are experiencing.

    Have a good!

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    Follow these steps to use as a modem attached


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    I use Facebook, Google Talk, Google Sync, Pandora, Gokivo Navigator a lot

  • iwatch does not sound on phone calls

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    HI - try these steps, check again after each:

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: My Watch (tab) > phone > check that the Haptic and sound are both enabled.
    • Make sure your watch is not in silent Mode:
      • When you view the time on your watch, drag to the top of the lower edge of the watch face > drag left/right to the gaze of settings > check that Silent Mode (Bell icon) is not enabled (tap to turn on / turn off) > slide down on the screen to exit the looks.
    • Restart your iPhone and your watch. Turn on both devices off the power together first, and then restart your iPhone before restarting your watch:
      • To turn off your watch: press and hold the button side until you see the cursor off the power; slide it to turn off;
      • To turn it on: press and hold the side button until you see the logo.
    • Reset the network settings on your iPhone:
      • On your iPhone, go to: settings > General > reset > reset network settings (you need to enter again registered credentials Wi - Fi later).
      • Restart both devices again later (as described above).
      • Otherwise, it may help to disable the pairing and re-pairing again after the reset.
    • If your iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth-based telephony system, it disable matching that.
    • If Wi - Fi calls is activated on your iPhone, turn it off:
      • On your iPhone, go to: settings > phone > Wi - Fi calling - off.
  • How can I check if my computer is ok? I got an unsolicited phone call and allowed them to access my computer

    This morning, I got a phone call from an Asian man, saying: he has worked with microsoft, I found it very difficult to understand what he was saying and to rehearse a lot, he mentioned "Alureon" and says that my computer is one of the computers on crash today... He then wen on say that they should do support remotely. to help solve the problem, stupidly and against everything I've known I have allowed him... .it all seemed very alarming... it said my computer was about to crash in a few moments and I had to buy the red shield to protect... I hung up, but they called back... ultimately I told them I wasn't buying any and at this point, he got quite angry and asked me why I was wasting his time. How can I check my computer to make sure they did not hurt? and they can access my computer later? I'm asuming that Microsft had nothing to do with it.


    It's a scam.

    If you gave them remote access and you do Internet banking, contact your bank, explain, and change passwords.

    If you use your online credit card, cancel and get a new one issued to you.

    And the only way that willl you know that you are free to them is to backup your data and do a clean install of your operating system.

    Either these so-called "Microsoft" Tech companies want to sell you a worthless software, or remote access to your computer to try to steal your credit card and bank information and also achieve an identity theft on you.

    Microsoft does not contact you unless YOU have made prior arrangements with them to do.

    There is an article in the link I'm you provide at the end of this one

    Read this Information from Microsoft:

    "Avoid scams to phone for tech support.


    Don't be fooled of unsolicited calls. Don't provide personal information.

    Here are some of the organizations that cyber criminals claim to come:

    • Helpdesk Windows

    • Windows repair center

    • Microsoft technical support

    • Microsoft technical support

    • Windows Support Group Technical Department

    • Microsoft Research and Development Team (team of Microsoft R & D)

    See you soon.

  • Phone call and dial a number without confirmation to the user

    Hi Forum,

    I am trying to initiate a phone call from a Webworks HTML5 app. I don't want to use something like ... because it shows a confirmation dialog box that must be confirmed on the phone. I want to start the call with no other user interaction. Is this possible with the Webworks framework?

    This is my code:

    function docall() {
                type: "application/vnd.blackberry.phone.startcall",
                action: "bb.action.DIAL",
                data: "{'number': '0123456789'}"
    function onSuccess() {
    function onError(error) {
        console.log("Error: " + error);

    I tried a few alternatives for the attribute data as it send via the uri attribute:
    URI: ' data : //local?number=0123456789.

    Nothing really works. The onSuccess callback is called and it opens from the phone app, but no number is dialled. It shows just the last calls (probably because it's the first screen of the phone app).

    Is there something left? Can a webworks app dial without the intervention of the user more away?

    I am aware that the user must confirm a phone call. Otherwise, a developer could have the user dial any phone number they wanted.

  • Make a phone call and e-mail to the JDE 4.2 end devices


    I want to make a phone call by selecting a text enriched with phone number field and also send an e-mail to E-mail id when we focus the rich with identification of email text field. Arguments of phone class is not supported in JDE 4.2. So, how can I do this? Some body help me here please.


    For all thanks for helping me. ATLAST I did call and mail.

    2 the most important classes are

    PhoneArguments call = new PhoneArguments (PhoneArguments.ARG_CALL,phoneNumber);
                            Invoke.invokeApplication(Invoke.APP_TYPE_PHONE, call);
    Invoke.invokeApplication(Invoke.APP_TYPE_MESSAGES, new MessageArguments(MessageArguments.ARG_NEW,Mail,"",""));

    That's all. Thanks for all the guys who helped me a lot to do. Now, I did everything, but I get to fileds two in email, if the search for a solution. If some body knows. Please answer me that's all.

  • No sound with phone calls, known issue?

    Has any body had this experience? Phone was working fine this morning. The person I call hear me very well, but I get nothing. Also receive nothing when I switch to speaker. The volume is completely upward. Other thin media works. When I connect my bluetooth headset, it works fine. I have tried everything; turned off the bluetooth, factory reset without restore, safe mode, etc. I get nothing.

    Unfortunately, it was my replacement phone, from their experience of the "split screen" issue

    With what you already have, I think it's time for you to call/chat with bike for a possible replacement. I hope this helps.

  • is there a newspaper in Thurderbird to keep track of daily tasks and phone calls

    I would like to keep track oh my phone calls and daily routine in a certain type of newspaper don't Thuderbird have this feature?

    Not in the Thunderbird base.

    You can try some addons.
    3.3.3 - a lightning calendar project

    Journal Collection:

  • Download (http PUT) and phone call

    I have an application that performs a download using http PUT. It works very well, runs on a background thread, and I can use another application while it is running and downloads, I'm actually succeed.

    However, if I make a phone call while it is running it seems to complete the download. Is this expected behavior, i.e., phone calls and http operations cannot operate at the same time? Is there an easy way for an app to be able to say that what happened then he could to restart his upload?

    This phone works on VZW and uses; deviceside = true to the url.

    Thank you


    Track quick & dirty to check if there is an active call:

    Call = Phone.getActiveCall)

    If the call is null, no active call then.

  • The phones call log blackBerry smart and SMS text messages disappear from newspaper. Memory is sufficient.

    Hello.  New to the forum and not super good filled in with what this phone can do.  It seems that maybe once a month that my log of phone calls and SMS text messages disappear.  I'm not all messages if... some messages stay in the newspaper, but all my calls, present and many of receipt simply disappear.  That happened last night and the memory on my legacy 3 690 821 bytes.  Any ideas?  And are lost forever, or is it possible to recover.  I have now understood how to save them, but would like to return the others if possible.


    You have not only the options on your device.

    Thank you

  • my iphone 6 is unable to make or receive phone calls, it just freezes how can I fix this problem?

    sound was about a month and my iPhone 6 won't make or receive phone calls and if I try to make a call it will juice gel ANDS pie acing upward it is when someone tries to call me at first, he would make a weird noise but now its just silence and does nothing, but crashes until I force shut it down.  and I want to know how I can fix it if possible and also I tried to reset my phone and take the sims card out and also to reset the cell settings.

    Hi moraless___,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that you are not able to make or receive phone calls on your iPhone because it becomes unresponsive. Is this the only feature that does not work as expected?

    I see that you have already tried to restart your iPhone and the relocation of the SIM card, but the issue continues. To continue troubleshooting, there are a few steps, I recommend you.

    First, close the phone completely application.

    Force an app to close iOS - Apple Support

    Once the phone has been closed, restart your iPhone again, as you did previously.

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    If the problem persists after these steps, please let us know so that we can continue to help you troubleshoot and fix this problem.


  • They have to make a phone call?

    So today, I gave my iPhone 5 to someone so that they could make a phone call. I trust her, and she only used for 5 minutes and he gives back. Later, when I started using it, I double clicked on the Home button and I noticed there was a window open for calls and music. I know not if and why I would have opened, who questioned her and these five minutes. Up and down, she swears she did only a phone call, but I'm still worried. I know that she would not have bought something, because I have never on my phone and once again, within five minutes?

    Is there a way to check what has been consulted, and any other form of activity your iPhone?

    If she used the phone, then calls may be recent. Someone could use music earlier. Alternatively, she could hit accidentally. Either you trust him or you don't. If you have not, change your passwords and restore your phone as new, no turning back. If you do, don't you worry about that.

  • remove all logs of phone calls at a time.

    How can I delete all calls in my log of phone calls (and made) both and not one at a time?

    Hi there, GWS007.

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support! I see that you are wanting in a more easy way to erase the call logs on your 6s iPhone on iOS 10 one both. I tend to mine accumulate over time, and I'll be happy to tell you how to do it en masse.

    When you open your application for phone, tap recent, then at the top right you will see 'change '. Once you touch that, you should see 'Clear' on the left side. Tap on that, and it disappears!

    Have a great day!

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