Y510p BIOS will not update

I just tried to install the new BIOS for my y510p that came out July 2, but when I tried to run, I got "BIOS version compare error! I have no idea why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated, I know how much we all love a new BIOS . Thank you.


error is due to Flash Back inside the bios is set on {disabled] enable first and then exit save changes once your OS again you can re-run the .exe file and it will work correctly without error}

It will restart after producing runned .exe and then you will see a flashing screen where it will be at 3.05 version of your computer's bios portable flash

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    Greetings nuguy2,

    Thanks for your post. It seems that your emails only are not updated on your mail app on your iPhone after updating to iOS 10. I can't wait to hear this. I know that I trust emails all the time. I'll be happy to help you.

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    Settings - general - Restrictions - download apps - is it off?

    Also try a force restart

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    Help would be very appreciated

    Even if you have WiFi, have you tried the other option?

  • Satellite A135-S2356 - BIOS will not identify SATA hard

    Hello everyone, hope you can help out me.

    Got a Satellite A135-2356 opportunity, everything seems fine but BIOS will not identify SATA HDD, shows no disk BIOS downgraded to 1.30, not good, upgraded to 1.40, not good. BIOS has no change/test/detection of HDD/SATA settings options. Tested the drive in another laptop and it reads very well. Received the Toshiba (Vista Basic 32) recovery CD, but given that the BIOS will not read the disk, can't do anything. Cleaned contacts, not good. This HARD disk must be too large, or something for the Board of Directors.

    * Hitachi HTS541612J9SA00 120 GB SATA, 5400 RPM *.

    Thanks for the help!

    Hello Richie

    To be honest, I do not think the disc is too big for your laptop. I can imagine that your laptop can handle with drives of 160 GB too. Unfortunately there is no public document on the possibilities of HARD drive upgrade. I can imagine that ASP in your country has information about such things.

    It's also quite strange that HDD is not recognized correctly. Long ago, I had the same problem. Every time when I used F12 at startup disk HARD were not as boot device. Solution in my case was to upgrade the BIOS to the default settings. I believe that your BIOS has already the default settings, but try to do it again.

  • Wiped 16 GB Ipad and 13.3 GB of space will not update to IOS6.0 directly to IOS9.2.1


    Today, I got an ipad 16 GB with ios 6.0 (not used for years), which will not update to IOS 9.2.1. The error indicates less free space on the device.

    I wipe the ipad so no other substance is on the ipad, and I tried to update the ipad using the latest version of iTunes on my pc.

    The space available on the ipad is now 13.3 GB

    It is even possible to upgrade to ios 6.0 directly to ios 9.2.1?

    Kind regards


    Arjan8 wrote:

    It is even possible to upgrade to ios 6.0 directly to ios 9.2.1?

    Kind regards


    Yes. It should be quite possible.

    What does say under settings-> general-> usage?

    Are you sure its iOS running 6?  What does say under settings-> General-> on-> Version?

    Also is it which iPad model?  Settings-> General-> about-> model

  • Palm TX will not update (update of business security)

    Hi everyone, I need help with my palm tx, it will not update, thanks to WyreNut, I download, but I can get the program to start, the page of the map is empty, I can see it, used on the page info card space, I think that the program is there but will not start , and when I put the card in the laptop, I can see the program

    1 help file 394 kb
    2 Profile Wizard 686 KB
    3. security of enterprize Tx 395 kb
    4 palm 893ko
    5 Tx Enterprize statement 123 kb

    My lap top is vista, my SD cards are the two 512 MB and the page is white on the two Palms, a TX and a 31, I don't know.

    I thought I would leave no. stone unturned.  Someone had or know this problem please help thanks

    OK, for some time I formatted a card on my TX.  I just performed the task, and he only created the directory of Palm\Launcher... The format command created previously, the other directories that I mentioned.

    Once more - files that came in the zip file must remain on your computer, except for the Palm folder.  Because the formatting of the SD in the TX card automatically creates this file, we must manually copy files and files required for the update work.

    I just removed my TX card and inserted into my laptop.

    I copied the three files in the Palm/launcher folder in update (TXUpdater.prc, TXUpdater_enUS.prc, and WifiProfileCopy_enUS.prc) in the Palm/launcher directory on the SD card.

    Now I will copy the Palm/TXUpdate file in the folder /Palm on the map (with six files inside).

    On the SD card, I see now:



    Inside, the records are the files needed - 3 in Palm/Launcher and 6 inside Palm/TXUpdate.

    Remove the card from the laptop and insert it into the TX.

    When I open the Launcher screen and choose "TestSD" (the name of the SD card that I use) I see two files - "TXUpdater" and "Wifi profile.

    I'm not going to proceed from here since I have already installed the update on this TX.

    Hope this Helps!


  • My iphone 6plus will not update my apps, why?

    My iphone 6plus will not update my apps, why?

    Specifically what he say when he tries to update an application?

  • HP ENVY x 2 11-g010nr: HP ENVY x 2 11-g010nr BIOS will not be upgraded

    My HP ENVY x 2 11-g010nr laptop has BIOS F.08, dated 12/03/2013. HP support for this model page has a download of SP69946.exe to upgrade the BIOS to F.14A, as of 12/11/2014. HP recommends this update for the battery life improved, which is a problem I see on this laptop.

    I have downloaded and run the executable that installs c:\swsetup\sp69946 and then starts flashing the BIOS Windows called InsydeFlash v4.37 utility. A dialog box appears saying "no WMI. Continue? "I continues, and a message appears briefly 'load successful leader' after which the laptop restarts. The BIOS is not updated.

    Someone knows how to make it work? WMI is maybe not on this laptop? WMIDiag.exe downloaded Microsoft to see if it is a problem of WMI, but I get a message saying "this app can run on your PC."

    First of all, thanks for reading and you reply to my message! The part the more difficult to fix such things receive the appropriate information from the HP. I know that you guys have the knowledge, it's just a matter of getting to you. It's a simple matter to fix once I found the information I needed.

    The instructions in step 4 you referred me to was the exact instructions I was following, without success. As I said, the laptop would give a WMI error and restart spontaneously at the end of the so-called update.

    I kept read below on your page linked and is come to "Accessing UEFI at system startup" a little less "step 3: open the Diagnostics menu UEFI Hardware." I put the BIOS update files created by sp69946 on a USB, restarted the laptop, press the ESC key to open UEFI and follow-up instructions for updating the BIOS. Simple. I'm not sure if the BIOS file was already there and waiting for me to open UEFI and do the upgrade or if he pulled the file on the USB key, but it worked.

    This linked page was good information. Thanks again!

  • Money Microsoft 2002 my wallet will not update online

    This morning, for the first time in 10 years, only my wallet will not update online

    I get the message "there is a problem and money will have to close."


    Check in the Microsoft Money Forum.

    Microsoft Money - Forum


    Other information:

    Microsoft Money Solution Center - suggests alternatives

    What is Microsoft Money Plus sunset

    BING - microsoft money replacement

    Google - microsoft money replacement

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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