Years, my country is still not and I can not always reset my security questions

As apple fantasy and popular gets, apple is not how to recognize countries Georgia and add it to the list. I bought ipod touch 5th generation a few days later, after it released and I was forced to create we account for access, Yes at least to download a single app, it's not just me that all Georgia apple users have this problem, although 1/3 of our population using apple products and the capital is full of resellers of apple products who claim they are authorized dealers. Ironic right? I wanted to reset my security questions a few years but I could not, I could not even contact someone to help me. I wouldn't call support in America for this, but I'm sure that they would not even help me. All apple users in Georgia using another location, apple ID or none friends. Personally, I bought the itunes card after that I got my ipod, used bought a few games, but she asked me to security issues it was my first attempt (according to me, he asked me out for security issues because I did a reset). Today I bought another gift card and activated (I could buy a $1 from my pc via itunes game that's why I bought a gift card) but I could not make a purchase because he asked me to go once more security issues. Why doesn't apple?

You already know that we are fellow users, we do not know why there isn't a store iTunes in Georgia, or if/when Apple could open a he - and you also know that speculation is not allowed on these forums.

I was obliged to create us account to have access

No, you weren't. With the help of the Bank of a country when not in the country is a violation of the terms of the store, which you agreed to abide. When you are in the United States (or if/when Apple opened iTunes store in Georgia and you can put your real address on your account), you can contact Support and get the reset of your question.

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