Yet another baffling memory problem

I have a P-6 2120 with the card mother AAHD2-HY (Holly2). I'm having a problem getting it is memory to run in Dual channel mode... I bought a stick of memory Kingston KTH9600C / 4G hoping it would correspond to the HP655410-150-HYCG... Well still wouldn't go in Dual mode (according to CPU - Z). So I bought another stick of KTH9600C / 4g... .but no still no dual mode.  and to make things worst CPU - Z wrote a module is kingston and the other memory elpida with a different model number. I did some research and Kingston don't (don't) use elpida chips in their memory. What's new... I have now 3 4 sticks of memory of Kingston and no combination will run in Dual mode. Am I missing something in the bios or should it start just when they harmonize perfectly. Thanks in advance

Hi supernukes,

You certainly did your research and did a good job, the RAM you bought meets all requirements of the motherboard. I think you could look at modifying the Bios to change the settings manually. I found information about an Intel Web page that says:

"How Intel XMP works

Pre-built and tested Intel XMP profiles can be loaded via the BIOS or an application specific setting with an operating system. Often the best way to load Intel XMP profiles uses a Setup utility, which may be available depending on the particular board manufacturer. To find out if a Setup utility is available on your system, you should contact the Board manufacturer. »

Intel® extreme memory profile

I also found RAM that offers only Jedec sync settings,

• DDR3-1866 CL11-11-11 @1 .5V
• DDR3-1600 CL10-10-10 @1 .5V
• DDR3-1333 CL8-8-8 @1.5

The details of the Ram are as follows,

KHX1866C11S3P1K2 / 8G
8GB (4 GB 512 M x 64 bit x 2 pcs.)
Kit of 204 pins SODIMM DDR3 - 1866 MHz CL11
Supports the Kingston HyperX Plug - and - Play (PnP

K I COAX n g s t o n S 1 8 6 6 1 1, 3 P 1 K 2 / 8 G I s a k I t o f two 5 1 2 M x 6 4 - b I t (4 GB) DDR3 - 1 8 6

You asked how you would know, good question! The trick is to look at more than just the features of HP and the motherboard. Looking at the specifications of the RAM, you can learn more about the calendar and compatibility! Upgrading Ram is not always an easy task!

Hope this helps,


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    We are seeing some problems with the Adobe DPS application memory (2015) and stories (large), resulting in accidents.

    A way to reproduce is to have two or three stories. Stories must be large enough, as do several large images. Then:

    -Open the big story. In the activity monitor memory will significantly increase (depending on content)

    -Drag through the other stories and kick back to the first story

    -Story Th is recharged. Yet once the memory increases (unexpected).

    -Repeat the steps until it finally crashes the application. Logs show he is killed by Jetsam or a segmentation fault has occurred.

    Same bug can be observed by looking at the inspectable pages in Safari. Whenever history is reloaded, another page is displayed even if there are only 3 stories (webviews do seem to be cleaned correctly?).

    Is this a known issue?

    This sounds very similar to a problem, the engineering team is working on that. I have passed on your details to them to ensure (and thanks for the full report, it's super useful!).

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    I have memory problem with pc-world of computing L20 and currys sell the L20 with suite spec 256 MB of main memory and 128 MB of video memory (up to 128 no) when this is not the first case of all memory is shared and there are 64 MB main memory and when you try memory video in bios , it won't let you upward in rising to 128 unless you install another memory stick no matter who else noticed this problem? I know that the previous model of the L10 with intel video chipset was supposed to allocate depends of the video memory load, but there is no mention of this on the ati chipset model. all the ideas!


    AFAIK usually specification is 32 to 128 MB shared memory. Probably, it should be possible to put it in the BIOS. On some units with ATI graphics card, it is possible to put it under properties of ATI (display properties > advanced). There is an option to change the value of the AMU which will change the RAM allocation shared to the graphics card. It's usually adjustable 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB and 128 MB.

    Can I really don t give you answer correct but my friends a laptop with 512 MB RAM and it works fine.

    Good bye

  • My data hard drive is about to die, or it is related to a memory problem?

    My windows 7 x 64 operational system joined as well as all my applications is installed in an ssd and there is a hard drive to store data. My system is as follows:

    Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R


    CPU: Intel Core i7 930 (s1366, 2.80 GHz)

    PSU: Enermax MODU87 + 700W 80 + gold PSU EMG700AWT

    HARD drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB HDD (64 MB of Cache, 7200 RPM, Sata III)

    SATAIII SSD : SSD Samsung 840 PRO Series 265 GB (model MZ-7PD256)

    I rarely have the problem which is depicted in the icons following (I speak for hard drive data storage):

    No preview of the photo, but I can see a specific image when I double click on it

    records are missing

    After this problem, I went to check if the same thing was happening in the icons in the primary system ssd. Therefore, I went to start--> pictures--> sample photos and I could see a glimpse of the images.

    I was also able to move through each folder I wanted in the ssd. Then I double clicked on 'computer' icon and the following happened.

    I was able to close the window without any problem. I think that it is a hard drive problem, but could also be a memory problem. What is your opinion on that? Another weird thing that happens, is the loading time on a cold start the msconfig.exe file. Sometimes the file loads instantly and other times it takes several seconds (7-10) to load on the screen. If it is not a cold start, then the file always loads instantly. The same thing happens also with the Task Scheduler. It seems very strange to me. Please note that Superfetch, Prefetch, Defrag, Windows backup and indexing are disabled.

    Finally, I found the solution to my problem. When I got a memory low message (12 GB of installed RAM memory) I couldn't believe my eyes.

    I immediately opened the resource monitor, went to the memory tab and I just saw the dllhost.exe file has consume all memory. I thought that this file was infected and I checked both versions of them (x 64 & x 86) with virustotal, but it wasn't the issue. When I read that this file system is loaded to restore media files in thumbnail view in windows Explorer, I remembered that I had a defective mp4 file that could not be opened. I knew I had to do. I had to delete this file. The problem is that while you try to remove a defective media file, the dllhost.exe file tries to make it, so you are not able to delete until the end of dllhost.exe through process Explorer process.

    Conclusion: When you see a media file that it is not rendered in the thumbnail, view then this file is probably defective and the dllhost.exe goes to an infinite loop, while he tries to make this file, until it consumes all your RAM memory!

  • Memory problems and questions related to the process

    Does this look just for you, because the modified memory does little until after I had computer problems and had to do a factory reset

    The operating system is Windows 7 64-bit edition SP1

    I disabled SuperFetch is told by the way, if this help anyone on this issue.

    Resource monitor

    Windows process




    When your computer doesn't have enough memory for all the actions it is trying to perform, Windows and your programs can stop working. To help prevent information loss, Windows will inform you when your computer is low on memory. You can also learn to recognize the signs of low memory and take measures to prevent the problem. Insufficient memory problems occur when your computer is running out of RAM and becomes virtual memory. This can happen when you run more programs that the RAM memory installed on the computer is designed to support. Low-memory problems can also occur when a program free up memory that it needs more. This problem is called memory overuse or a memory leak.

    You can consult the following Microsoft articles and check if it helps.

    Diagnosing memory problems on your computer

    Prevention of problems of memory

    You may receive an "Out of Memory" error message because of the limitation of in Windows Vista or Windows 7 desktop heap

    Note: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    I hope this helps.

    Please post back with the State of the question and we will be happy to help you further.

  • Just got yet another call for "Windows Service Station"

    Just got yet another call for "Windows service station', saying: I was hacked and my computer sends windows warning messages and if I didn't follow his instructions all my data would be deleted... An Indian-sounding guy named Sam... I played along and got a phone number, saying: I would like to remind him he said 0808 1890111 which is a UK addiction hotline...

    I played along 'Sam' gave me an extremely long code to type in something on the windows event viewer... I know it's a scam and we have these calls often 3 times a week for a few years now. I play at the same time or am quite rude and tell them to be ashamed of themselves, depending on my mood... I really wish that they would go, but I can't this blocks 'any number' because it is off the coast.
    Any suggestions on how to remove our number and the name of their list (I asked the scammers do, but they don't notice).

    Certainly a SCAM, you have made the right choice. Never to give them information and never leave access to your PC.

    It is difficult, if not impossible to remove your number from a list of scam once its on it. And it's hard to know how they got it in the first place. It could be a list simple phone book. Recording with things like Telephone Preference Service (United Kingdom) and asking to be made "Red" (BT - UK) can make it harder for them to get a number in the first place, but once they have it probably wont help. It can stop any other do however.

    There are devices like Call Blocker, which can be programmed for their calls not ring your line, but it depends on what number they release when they call. If their number is "held" and then some providers have a service to stop calls "deductions number' to ring your line. ACR service (BT - Uk).

    PS - the links above are a few examples of our services/devices to the United Kingdom for more information.

  • Microsoft Photo Viewer memory problem / unable to print images... (2 questions)

    The other day I tried to print a photo (.jpg file) color - so I deactivated the "Print in grayscale" checkbox in the properties of the printer (just like always).

    But after clicking on the OK/Print button in the Print Wizard Photo, 4 the same error windows pop up.

    Translated from Danish:

    "An error occurred during printing.
    "The images cannot be printed due to the following error:

    ... But there is no description of error?

    Now 4 error popups every time I try to print an image (.jpg or .png) - but NOT when you print documents containing images (.pdf and .odf) that prints very well.
    .txt files print as well...

    Standard Windows 7 Photo Viewer no longer works. He tells me that I have not enough memory on my system to display the selected image (.jpg-file 3 MB)...

    I'm on a system Windows 7 Home Premium with 4 GB of RAM installed - I'm only using about 1 GB of them at the moment - is NOT a memory problem.
    The CPU usage is also about 1%...

    Any thoughts?

    Kind regards

    I hate this chime late trying to solve this problem, but I had the exactly the same problem (per month) and finally resolved.

    What has not worked:

    • Reinstall Windows 7 as an upgrade on the spot.
    • Upgrade to Windows 8 (improved the situation, but did not fix)

    What makes:

    • Create a new user account, it set until I transferred the old user account settings.
    • Set the color management settings.

    Before you reinstall, I suggest to create a new user account and try printing once logged into the new account. If the photo printing Wizard works when logged in with a user account, the problem is specific to the settings for the user account with the problem.

    To check the color management settings try this:

    • Click Start
    • Color in the search box type
    • Click on color management in the results of the research
    • Click the Advanced tab
    • Make a note of any settings that do not start with the system default
    • Change all settings that are not listed as default from system to system default
    • Close the color management dialog box and try again the Print Wizard

    In my case it was a colour profile Adobe corrupted causing the problem.

  • When I select a sequence of five frame to render HDR in Lightroom it merges files in a preview very well. But when I click on the Merge option, the progress bar is obstruction of about 42% complete. I suspect a memory problem, so I spent a few hours Unite

    When I select a sequence of five frame to render HDR in Lightroom it merges files in a preview very well. But when I click on the Merge option, the progress bar is obstruction of about 42% complete. I suspect a memory problem, so I spent a few hours uninstalling a bunch of useless software on my laptop and still photography will not merge the HDR sequence. It worked once before, but now it does not work. Help!

    I just 8 GB of RAM and have been able to put together five separate images HDR images. I compared these files 5-image HDR with files - 2 and 3-image and see improvement very few (if any) using all five. Your results may vary, but you can try to reduce the number of images until you get your new laptop.

  • I have a monthly subscription to Adobe Revel. You received my payment for September 15, 2015 & October 15, 2015 according to Adobe, but Revel shows that I have only a free basic account and that it was yet another payment. What is happening on h

    I have a monthly subscription to Adobe Revel. You received my payment for September 15, 2015 & October 15, 2015 according to Adobe, but Revel shows that I have only a free basic account and that it was yet another payment. What happens here? You people need get the bugs out of your cloud services. I signed up with [email protected] that the Adobe Revel server fails to allow me to login, but accounts Adobe server connects me and says I am free on my subscription to Revel. Is happening here? I canceled once on this issue! Want to lose me again, this time for good? I'm telling you guys, I buy recently bought items 13 (of course just before you've released 14) on CD-ROM, because your cloud suck the Revel program! Sincerely, [email protected] and this is the email only I use.

    I did some research and your account indeed shows you paid AND that the subscription has expired (which is false!). We experience the Adobe Store people to examine it.

    Please accept our apologies and you are good to go now. You've been comped for the year.

    Kind regards


  • New PPr upgrade and memory problems now

    I upgraded my version of PPr CC 2015 20 days ago and I went back to make a project that I had previously worked on and made more than 3 weeks. Now, it will not be made and the computer is just running out of memory and encoding is abandoned. I am on Windows 7 with a 2 years old i7 processor and have been able to use the first Pro CC 2015 without problem until the upgrade to the latest version that came out about 20 days ago. Are there bugs that are being developed here? Thanks for any info. I had the project made out by removing all effects to make sure it was a memory problem and quite sure the file render out with effects off the coast. However, I could make with effects on before this update.

    Thanks for you response Brian.

    Can you remove the effects of light and then give it a shot? Effects of light seem to be common with those who have reported this problem.

    Thank you


  • Memory problem... Can someone help me please?

    I have Windows 7 64 bit with 8 GB of ram...
    I have installed SOA/BPM running the DEV version (IE is running with the ADMINISTRATOR of the server) and I begin to see the errors in the log...
    What I can shape to allow to WebLogic remain in place and be happy with memory, that he (the Task Manager shows 3g available)!

    < 26 August 2011 12:35:04 CEST > < critical > < health > < BEA-310003 > < free memory in the server is 4 867 280 bytes. There is danger of OutOfMemoryError>

    THANKS to YOU all!

    You can set your args memory in your [your path]/user_projects/domains/domain1/bin/

    That's what I put and I have no memory problems more. Other values (below) may be more appropriate for your machine. He recommended to do not to go higher.

    DEFAULT_MEM_ARGS = "- Xms2048m - Xmx2048m".
    PORT_MEM_ARGS = "- Xms2048m - Xmx2048m".


  • JRun.exe memory problem

    I use Coldfusion 8 Developer Edition as a test server for the development of Web Dreamweaver sites. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium and 2 Gig of memory. When I start my computer I will meet some memory problems that I traced to jrun.exe that part of Coldfusion. For perhaps the first time jrun uses much more together half a million members. After that it drops to about 60 000 k. Does anyone know how to reduce?

    I am a user of medium level with no experience of server beyond establishing edition developer of CF admin using mostly default settings. I found bandages on this problem, but all were way over my head. All suggestions must be very precise and not in server admin jargon.

    I have not the slightest idea what a 'max heap' is or what "garbage collection" is, but I found the setting of the administrator. I reduced from 512 MB to 256 and it does not seem to affect the application to all, and it reduces the memory usage to the point where it does not affect other applications. Thank you.

  • Yet another thread Sandy Bridge vs i7 - 9XX; 16GB vs 24 GB of memory?


    Like many others, I read the hardware threads on an ongoing basis since getting CS5 about a year, including (I think) all items for damage. I feel that I have a basic understanding of the socket 1366 vs debate 1155/6. No need to re-hash things this time.

    Yet, I think bad and others have made convincing for those who need the best, the X 58 with a big-time RAID configuration cannot be beat for the distribution of data and achieve the Holy Grail - balance. The worst the Z68 is derisory location of PCI-E lanes. I do not fully understand, but he can see that the many alleyways less, shared, is less than X 58. But don't the Z68 missing completely those of us who do not push the envelope? Who have a little more time waiting while the ' puter calculates?

    I am on a budget and just want to spend my AMD Phenom II platform to an Intel platform. I mainly turn student videos of math which, by nature, must be no more than 5 minutes or more in length. My camera is a Canon T2i images so AVCHD. I took the advice of a member of the Board of Directors and will probably start shooting in VGA, questioning the sanity of shooting HD for clips that do not need to run mode full-screen. Overall, my requirements are on the low end (except for the codec. And I am ready to undertake NeoScene as a patch). I suspect that my needs are in line with many of those who can offer the student of CS5 version and find themselves in need of a new platform, but perhaps not ready for professionals.

    Quick Sync appealed to me, that I need to transcode frequently for mobile devices. In addition, other teachers in the building along with camcorders JVC .mov, which means that they can not often change with their favorite software. I find myself any transcoding of our small team.

    As I started to build something again over the summer, I'm trying to settle major issues in the face of those of us tax less end of the spectrum. I'll never get a RAID card, but have an arrangement of 5-disc basis, including a RAID on 2 discs 0 for a film. All I have to to is sorting out which platform is best for my needs of any

    I'm just trying to move to Intel without breaking. But if another $ 250 for the X 58 will make a HUGE difference, so I would probably jump. Ventilation for a cheap (er) Intel platform:

    CPU: i7 - 2500K. No Hyper-Threading but technology can overclock beyond more expensive i7-950. Only $30 cheaper than the i7-950. Spend $100 more for i7 - 2600K and get a higher Nehalem processor, but out behind on $$$.

    Motherboards: Z68 starts about $130 for a decent spec'ed ASRock Z68 PRO3 to the ' egg. Fall another $20 for a combo with the CPU. Cripes, X 58 boards are expensive!

    After the motherboard, i7 - 2500K and ASRock seek powerful good. $125 less than i7 - 950 and X 58 and who is with a X 58 cheaper Board. In addition, a four-stick kit memory 16GB is about $100 cheaper than 24 GB of G.Skill, rated either in ability Newegg brand. Economy of $225-ish. As long as my needs are satisfied, I'll save money and get a quick synchronization to start. At this point, I'm willing to bet that my short-clip needs will be met, in fact.

    Thesis: Now, here can be the deciding factor - with the price of memory fall big-time, but within reasonable limits maximum memory on each platform. X 58 may take 24 GB, the senior Z68 to 16 GB. I remember Bill Gehrke saying that the first results of the suite of PPBM5 showed a difference in (rendering?) time with the jump to 24gigs. I think that the 16 GB looks like a lot of memory, which is. But dropping $100 for 24 concerts would be a game changer? I don't talk a 24 GB kits cheap with 9-9-9 times, not something jumped to hop to the top. (Requires X 58 memory super - duper or a motherboard $ 300 to run in fact 24 GB?)

    X 58 may take 24 GB triple-channel memory would be the last word? For all of my tent to save $250 or more by going cheap (er) with i7 - 2500K SB, I'll miss on perhaps the most important? Most of the other programs in CS5 uses CUDA to accelerate - would be slightly less powerful i7-950 processor so supplemented by another 8GB (more than 50%!) of system memory that would apparently stealing other programs compared to SB?

    If CS5 works just like a dog scalded on 24 GB, then I will suck and renounce Quick Sync and spend a little more money. I feel there is a difference of opinion if Sandy Bridge is a stronger for the edition CPU (even if there is no debate on X 58 vs Z68 for the processing of data). But it seems that there should be a clearer idea the benefits of 16 vs 24 GB of memory.

    Everyone here would make a decision based on this last aspect?

    Joel, the extra memory essentially has no effect on the scores of PPBM5 with the CS5 version.  We do not yet have any information on the CS5.5.  Look at the fourth note on PPBM5 it has been implemented with 14 GB on an X 58 Board.  Ultra complex timeline manipulation and encoding may be a little different.  I suspect this fall when the Sandy Bridge E CPU and motherboards are released that will start to see the memory strong 8 GB for these cards so that when this produces the current generation Sandy Bridge motherboards will be then be able to be upgraded to 32 GB as some motherboard manufacturers have promised.

  • After running YAC (yet another cleanser) Thunderbird now asks you a Google password, even if it connects to GMAil without a problem.

    During log - on Thunderbird, a pop-up window appears asking for my Google sign-in (username and password), the only changes to the system was the functioning of YAC to clear a problem without report. I'm on Windows 7 Home premium with Thunderbird 31.2.0

    My guess is your being asked your Google Calendar password.

  • Yet another problem with WRT54G2...

    Well I had on and off problems with my WRT54G2 router, I got it for about 3 months now and recently full of endless problems... No, my problem is when I turn on my PS3, I get a pop-up message on my computer, there is an IP address conflict, I've never had this problem until today... my PS3 has its own IP address... so when I turn on my PS3 I lose connection on my computer... honestly im tired of having problems with the * beep * thing... anyone has a solution?

    Toomanydonuts is right, can be your PS3 and your computer gets the same Ip address of your router, which is causing this problem and this is why you are not able to go online. It's better, you provide a static Ip address to your PS3 and this will solve your problem.

    You can assign a static Ip address on your PS3. IE: subnet mask: default gateway / router: preferred DNS: and auxiliary DNS: Once provide you this static IP address to your PS3 it will solve your problem.

Maybe you are looking for