You can change the background image to a variable?

I'll be honest, I don't expect really a yes answer to this, but I thought I might as well see if I can save me some work.

I'm creating a module of e-learning training of personnel who must show a slightly different content depending on the region of the user (there are three). For the moment, I have the legend and click boxes conditional use actions to understand what the user selected region, but the capture system uses specific sites in the region with different flags etc.. I was wondering: is it possible for me to change the background image of a slide in the value of a variable, or I just have three separate slides for different pages?


You will not be able to change the background image. What should be possible, but it will drastically increase the size of your file is to put 3 images with the dimensions of the blade and entering in the slide show, the appropriate image based on the chosen variable. I don't know if everything has to change in the background, or perhaps only in certain areas? In this case, try to have it be flying image as small as possible.


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    Thank you


    You can get the property pane directly node by right-clicking the scroll bar on the front panel and create-> property Node-> color pane.  Useful with multiple panes.  You can also click the property pane node in example of (imstuck) and choose link and then select the pane.

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    Thank you.

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    Manoj C.V.

    Yes, you will need rebuild your theme using the theme aero windows 7.

    Defects of appearance and personalization,

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    Photoshop supports different colors of background for work plans, but the Preview CC iOS app does not.  The backdrop will still look gray in the iOS app.  Support background colors in the iOS app is something that we will consider for a future version.  If you want to see this support, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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    If anyone has done this or tried let me know how it worked for you... I'm scary, but it's so cool!

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    Your screenshot is the section of the iTunes store. None of the graphics or text on the iTunes Store are under your control. You cannot change them.

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    Lock screen?

    Are you referring to the login screen?

    Or wallpaper?

    Right-click on your desktop and select Personalize.

    Office link is at the bottom left and use a win-7 theme.

  • Why change the background image of the dashboard of data crash the app?

    I'm changing the background image of my dashboard (on a third generation iPad).  Whenever I try to make the change, the data dashobard app breaks down just.  Even if I try to change to a color, the application crashes.  I can insert a picture without problem.  I guess it's just a bug or something but has anyone else seen this problem?

    I was able to reproduce this crash with the following steps:

    -Set up a background image of a page

    -Copy the dashboard somehow. You can reproduce the dashboard, share by email, export and re - import OR clouds, etc.

    -Open the copy of dashboard

    -From the copy, change the background image (for a solid color or another image)

    If you set a background image of a page, close and reopen your dashboard and then try to change the background to something else, you will encounter this error.

    Solution: If you have the original background image in your Camera Roll, you can fall as an image on the same page (Photo Palette, select in the library). Then you can remove this image and change the background also image.

    If you do not have the original image, you may need to start with a new dashboard. (For each page on the old dashboard, you can tap the bottom, select all, copy / paste on another dashboard).

    There is a similar problem with images removed, if you shared the dashboard and you work on a copy. In this case, the solution is to copy and paste the image before deleting. (Otherwise, you'll get a dialog error instead of an accident, but the image is not clear).

    I deposited cars for these issues internally. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Change the background image on the login page (smarthphone theme)


    I would like to know how to change the background image on my login page.

    Version of the apex is 4.2.4.
    The theme is jQuery Mobile Smartphone (topic 50).

    Pls remind me if I missed some important information.

    I have a model of customised area on this page. My user name text fields and password + "CONNECT" button is placed in this area.

    I also have an inline css that centers in my area. My dimensions of the region are also placed here.

    Not available to access the application today so bad im trying to provide the look of it with a drawing.

    Also I noticed that my experience has some white color.

    Ty for any information that you provide.


    Hi Para,

    Try the style of your page like


    But if trying to define for your application color gradients extract ThemeRoller to

    to set the themes of all colors and gradients you want without doing custom overrides CSS jQM Apex definitions.

    Everything you have requested can be configured via the ThemeRoller.

    Also found what may be useful if you are going to customize your login

    Kind regards


  • How to allow visitors to change the background image of my site?


    I wanted that my visitors to be able to change the background image to another image. Already, I know how to do it with the colors but doesn't seem to work wih images. You are able to do this on Google, but can not seem to find it anywhere online. I just want it to change while the visitor is on the site. for example

    1 visitor - context changes to-myarea.jpg

    2 visitor - context changes to-my cat.jpg

    and so on...

    This would not change the site forever, just at the point where the visitor is about it.



    Here are a few ways to do this:

    Option #1:

    You'll need a JavaScript script and an array on the page background images.

    An example of work below.  View source in the browser to see the code.

    Option #2:

    Create more than one style sheet with different colors and background - images of the body.

    Create a selector of stylesheet like this with jQuery

    Nancy O.

    ALT-Web Design & Publishing

    Web | Graphics | Print | Media specialists

  • I need to change the background image often when running

    any body help me,.

    I need to change the background image often when running




    You can also use effects rather than a timer, much more enjoyable... following example moves between a series of embedded images.


    http://gumbo.flashhub.NET/menu/ source included

  • How to change the background image of the "submit" button

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    I want to change the appearance of a submit button: instead of show a button with text 'Add', I want the button submit to be like an icon 'more'

    I tried to change the background image of the button submit like that, but it doesn't work. What is the ownership change?

          CSSStyle customCss = new CSSStyle();
          customCss.setProperty("background-image", "url('/OA_MEDIA/plus.png')");
          OASubmitButtonBean addSubmitButton = (OASubmitButtonBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("addSubmitButton");     

    Thank you

    Kind regards


    Why not try with just an Image and fireAction on it?

  • You can change the color of the lower bar to play on a slide when you assign the cpCmndShowPlaybar to 0

    You can change the color of the lower bar to play on a slide when you assign the cpCmndShowPlaybar to 0. When I assign the slide this action it shows a gray shape down to hide PlayBar controls, but I would make this white color to blend in with the white background on my Web page. How to change the color?

    It is not possible to change the color of the border by an (Advanced) action, sorry. If you don't mind, you can choose white color for the bottom border from the outset. When the play bar is visible, as it it stretched, it will cover the bottom edge.


  • Change the background Image on a Page of a Site.

    CSS of my site has a background image set. I need to change the background image on a page, which has a feedback form.

    I tried a number of different positions for the insertion of the image, but nothing helped. I tried to go in the rule for div id = 'background', and change is here, but it affects all pages. So, I guess that I must write a new rule?

    Here is the code:

    < div id = 'background' >

    < div id = "items" >

    < h2 > Heard! < / h2 >

    < p > < a href = "index.php? status = pending" > waiting for < /a > < a href = "index.php? status = planned ' > under < /a > < a href =" index.php? status = declined "> refused < /a > < /p >" "

    < ol >

    <? PHP {? >}

    < li > < strong > <? PHP echo $row_Getclan ['title'];? > < / strong > < br / >

    <? PHP echo $row_Getclan ['content'];? > < br / >


    <? PHP echo $row_Getclan ['author_name'];? >, to <? PHP echo $row_Getclan ['created_at'];? > < /li >

    <? PHP} while ($row_Getclan = mysql_fetch_assoc ($Getclan));? >

    < /ol >

    < p > < a href = "<?" PHP printf ("%s? (pageNum_Getclan = %d %s", $currentPage, max (0, $pageNum_Getclan - 1), $queryString_Getclan);? > "> previous view < /a > <?" PHP echo ($startRow_Getclan + 1)? >... <? PHP echo min ($startRow_Getclan + $maxRows_Getclan, $totalRows_Getclan)? > on <? PHP echo $totalRows_Getclan? > < a href = "<?" PHP printf ("%s? ("pageNum_Getclan = %d %s" %s "$currentPage, min ($totalPages_Getclan, $pageNum_Getclan + 1), $queryString_Getclan);? > "> Next < /a > < /p >"

    < / div >

    < div id = "crΘer" >

    Speak < h2 > < / h2 >

    < do action = "<?" PHP echo $editFormAction;? ">" method = "post" name = "form1" id = "form1" >

    < table align = "center" >

    < tr valign = 'of basic">

    < td nowrap = "nowrap" align = "right" > title: < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" name = "title" value = "" size = "32" / > < table > "

    < /tr >

    < tr valign = 'of basic">

    < td nowrap = "nowrap" align = "right" valign = "top" > content: < table >

    < td > < textarea name = "content" cols = "50" rows = "5" > < / textarea > < table >

    < /tr >

    < tr valign = 'of basic">

    < td nowrap = "nowrap" align = "right" > votre_nom: < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" name = "author_name" value = "" size = "30" / > < table > "

    < /tr >

    < tr valign = 'of basic">

    < td nowrap = "nowrap" align = "right" > Your_email: < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" name = 'author_email' value = "" size = "30" / > < table > "

    < /tr >

    < tr valign = 'of basic">

    < td nowrap = "nowrap" align = "right" > < table >

    < td > < input type = "submit" value = "Insert file" / > < table >

    < /tr >

    < /table >

    < input type = "hidden" name = "MM_insert" value = "form1" / >

    < / make >

    < / div > < / div >

    Thank you.

    div id = 'background' will work for all pages related to a style sheet.

    The best way to do what you want is to re-register your stylesheet with another name. So for a page, link to this new stylesheet. Then, in the style sheet, change the background image. It was easy.

    The only way to do and keep a style sheet is change the designation of the div tag that has your training, to something like the div id = 'backgroundCommon' and then create another div for just one page as div id = "backgroundSpecial".

    Then in your style sheet, copy the description of div and rename it backgroundSpecial and then call on just the single page, with the other pages making up the backgroundCommon.

    Make sense?

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