You can change the default size of the monitor of video in EP 13 window?

Please can someone confirm if it is possible to change the default size of the clip in the first elements 13 monitor window. The research of this issue brings an answer to someone who asked the same question about EP 7; the answer would then open the clip monitor window, adjust its size and then let it open for the duration of the editing session. Is it still valid for PE 13, or is there another way to adjust the default size of the window so that the next session opens to the same size as the last one? Help appreciated.



Technically, no. When you double-click a clip, it will appear roughly the same size, in the center of the interface.

My solution, however, is to open the monitor Clip and then let it open, stop on the side. (I have a dual monitor computer, so I can move it away from the rest of the interface if I'd like.) As long as it remains open, it will stay in the same place and size that you double-click to open other clips in it.

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    Kind regards


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    It is not possible to change the extension to Muse at the moment. You can export the site in HTML and change the extensions outside the Muse.

    Kind regards


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    It is not possible to change the color of the border by an (Advanced) action, sorry. If you don't mind, you can choose white color for the bottom border from the outset. When the play bar is visible, as it it stretched, it will cover the bottom edge.


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    Click on this file and make it read-only. Create a shortcut to it and use it as WordPad in the future.

    It will always come back to the police that you put, but you will need to save it under a new name every time (you usually do in any case).

    Microsoft® Security MVP, 2004-2010

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    In general, you have four options to choose the pages to print, including all pages in a document. To select individual pages or a sequence of pages, called a range, you can type the page numbers separated by commas or dashes. For example, if you type 1, 4, 5-7, only pages 1 and 4, and then pages 5 to 7, will be printed.

    The selection option prints only text or graphics that you have already selected in a document

    See: use your computer for printing, scanning and fax:

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    Region selected: in the region Inspector, uncheck 'follow Tempo and Pitch '.

    This will separate your audio region of tempo changes.

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    The idea is that a Tablet is used that does not need to be visible and therefore more screen real estate for the navigation area, scroll bars.

    You can make scroll bars always appear:

    System Preferences > General > Show Scroll Bar > Choose "Always"
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