You can define wiggle at specific points in the timeline?

Hi people,

I made this cool tutorial on the creation of light streaks:

In it, he used the wiggle expression to create random movements.  I'm trying to get a trail to follow a specific path and then move within a limited and then travel on a specific path and move within the confines of another deadline.  Imagine the light having to travel through a small tube that opens in an area where there is room to move and then through a tube again to the next area, etc..

Someone can give me advice on how to achieve this kind of effect or do not hesitate to tell me the name of what I'm trying to achieve so that I can google it.  Thank you!


Thanks to you two.  I'll look at both of these responses.

Is it possible to have the AE to consider the field of composition, so that if we use the example above, the boxes and tubes, then some areas of the composition have boxes and some regions have tubes and then let the light streak move randomly within the composition and react accordingly depending on where it is in the composition?  In other words, the conditional we are talking about can be based position and not timeline based?

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    Not supported.


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    Yes, with micro-navigation, which means that you use the cpCmndGotoFrameAndResume system variable and you will need to calculate the number of frame, which can be done with the same tip action. Chassis numbers start with 0. More information on Micro-navigation:

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    Put them on a different schedule and those in the playback loop.

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    Choosy - smarter default browser for Mac OS X

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    No, you can only leave spaces between clips in the main FCP timeline.  However if you put a (probably black) background in the iMovie timeline and extend to the duration of the video, then you can put top clips whenever you like and it will display when you play the movie (picture in picture).


  • You can use Javascript or HTML5 automatically detect the location of the viewers? Degree of accuracy can be?

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    You can use Javascript or HTML5 automatically detect the location of the viewers?

    Yes - it's called the geolocation API (

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    And if so, how specific can you be

    In General, it is pretty accurate on GPS devices (mobile phone, for example) because they use GPS satellites to determine location. Peripheral WiFi use triangulation of access point, which is less accurate. If a device is connected via a cable (computer desktop for example), it will use the IP address, which is not at all accurate or completely wrong

    NB. the user must allow access to the API first, because of the risk of privacy.



    Kenneth Kawamoto

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    I'm also in desperate need of a grant writer/applicant.

    Thank you and have a great week.


    You can easily create your own email template.

    You must have HTML enabled composition.
    Different methods of location of the 'account settings ':

    • Via the toolbar "Menu Bar":
    • "Tools" > "Account settings" > "Composition & addressing" for the e-mail account

    Through the pane of folders:

    • Right-click on the name of the e-mail account in the folders pane, and then select "settings".
    • then select "Composition & addressing" for the e-mail account

    Via "Menu Icon.

    • Menu icon > Options > account settings > "Composition & addressing" for the e-mail account

    "Select compose messages in HTML format"

    Click OK

    Then, open a new message 'write '.
    You should see the "formatting Bar" below "subject" and above the area of publication.
    "Formatting" bar you different heading colors, the fonts, the fonts and the background, bold, insert images, tables, links etc.
    You can use a 'Table' to help organize the place where you position points.
    The options "insert" and "format" in the "Menu" also offer options for formatting, for example: Format > properties of the table cell.

    After dialing the e-mail:
    Give it should be "subject", so that you can easily locate this model - note you can always change it before sending more later if necessary.
    Save e-mail as a 'Template '.

    If you have not registered an email as a model before, Thunderbird will create a folder of templates for your emails. If you use make IMAP, of course you have to see the Templates folder.

    To use no matter what email stored in the Templates folder.
    Select the Templates folder
    the "Subject" column to identify the correct model email.
    Double click to open
    "or click on send and select ' change as new message."

    enamel model opens in a new window to write message.
    You can select the people to send, change the subject if necessary, add a few comments etc and then send email.
    The original e-mail from the model can be reused again and again.

    There are a few extensions add-on that can be installed to help the creation and the use of models.

    Smart Template4 working with stationery

    How to install the addon:
    Download the addon as extension to your desktop or downloads folder.
    In Thunderbird
    Tools > Addons
    Menu icon > Addons

    Click the gear icon and select "install the addon from file".
    Locate the downloaded xpi file and click Open
    You may have to restart Thunderbird.

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    Allright guys. I'd like to say hi first. I had a huge problem masive. Sonyvegas I, and when I tried to use a keygen, it says Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You can't have appropriate permission to access the item"I did everything what I have seen here, run as administrator, I checked the administrator conrol Panel and im, I disabled antivirus (avira), firewall disabled, nothing works! And I would like to know if someoen can use teamviewer? and see what is wrong with my pc. I have win7, x 64...
    my Skype: vladutzrmx
    MSN: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hi XDivine,
    We cannot provide you with help on how to hack software

    Eddie B.

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    You can use photoshop to get out of the fisheye photo effect?

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    Nice day!

    Could you please post a screenshot with the relevant panels visible?

    Not turning off"use graphics processor" in the Performance preference and restarting Photoshop have a bearing on the issue.

    Kind regards


  • How to make a button 3 States that remains in 'down' when I jump to a new point on the timeline?

    I use a series of buttons for navigation. When I click on one and go to another point on the timeline, I want the idle state to persist.

    I know how do it in html and css, but not in Edge animate. Thanks in advance, m

    Try this: symbol door button label to the top and bottom and outside (I do not use the State, but you can add the functionality).

    You can also use setVariable() and getVariable if you prefer.


    StateDown = 0;

    i = 0;

    SYM. $("feedback") .html ("stop:" + i);

    {sym.$('button').bind ('click', Function ()}

    i ++ ;

    SYM. Play();

    if(StateDown == 0) {}

    sym.getSymbol("button").stop ('down');

    StateDown = 1;



    on the timeline at every stop, I have this:

    StateDown = 0;

    i = 0;

    SYM. $("feedback") .html ("stop:" + i);

    {sym.$('button').bind ('click', Function ()}

    i ++ ;

    SYM. Play();

    if(StateDown == 0) {}

    sym.getSymbol("button").stop ('down');

    StateDown = 1;



    example: button with - Box

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    Since the CC 2015 update, I experience a lag very heavy/lock up while adjusting the clamp/exit points in the timeline. What is happening because of the window of the program trying to cross to a clip in/out. The tool slide etc work fine showed a similar screen. It only crashes when I try to adjust the length of the clip and it freezes the program window and then crashes me to do something for a few minutes after I published the adjustment.

    I would like to know if there is a setting that will allow me to disable this feature available? In this State, not only it is completely useless, he effectively kills my productivity because of the constantly waiting for first to catch up and I would like to continue editing.

    Here are a few dumpsters screen showing available to program window that is problem. The left is using the tool to slide, with no problems, the right is just to adjust the length of the clip. Once I have let go of this edition, the freezing of the program window will remain there for even 2 minutes before finally turning to simple view of standards and allow me to continue.

    PP CC 2015 Issue.jpg


    Click the timeline (wrench top left of Panel) display settings button in the timeline panel and uncheck 'preview Composite to the 'Trim' course.

    Check if that helps.


  • I can't move clip source window to the timeline by grabing it with the mouse.

    I can't move clip source window to the timeline by grabing it with the mouse. I can cut it short it. Once that there I can't move at all

    If first is weird, restart your computer, open the first while pressing SHIFT + alt up to the Welcome screen.

    See if this will help.

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