You can install Windows on a Mac without an optical drive

Hey, I have a Mac end 2011 a friend gave to me and he said it was broken. I realized that it was just the SATA port on the motherboard, so I pulled out the optical drive and I put an SSD in it. Now I want to install Windows but Mac says that I am not allowed to because I don't have an optical drive. I tried Abu tools and many other shippers of EFI boot, but none of them does not seem to work! Please help me fast! I am computer LITERATE, so no response even if it is complicated would be very useful. THX

Have you tried the Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp?

You can run Windows in a virtual machine, which saves having to restart to Boot Camp. This allows you to access boot Windows and Mac OS.



VM fusion

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    I'm sure it would have been covered before, but I can find no recent data.

    I got a new iMac, without an optical drive. I have CS6 Design Standard as a Cabinet and I installed it on my old iMac. I want to leave it on the old iMac, but also install it on the new iMac, but how can I install it without the reader?

    I read that I can download CS6 as a test and then activate it with my serial number, but I don't know if it's still a viable option since the move of the Adobe with creative cloud? I'd rather not have to re-download everything and chew through a large part of my monthly download allowance.

    Ideally, I prefer to be able to copy the contents of the disks I have on a USB key and the message for the new iMac like that, but I don't know if it's possible or recommended.

    So, what are my options?


    Hi Tia,

    Yes, you can copy the contents of the discs on USB and then can install on your new iMac.

    However you can also download the CS 6 applications by going here:

    Make sure that you follow all the steps front of downoading.

  • You can install windows 8 on Windows 7 starter

    I have an ACER ASPIRE ONE notebook with 250 GB hard drive 1 GB cache level 2 CPU intel atom n570 1.66 mz 1mggb

    runniing windows 7 starter edition.

    Can I upgrade windows supported 8 on this machine?


    The problem with netbooks is the resolution, that you will not be able to use buttons pressures or access Windows store due to the limitation of the resolution of your screen. I don't know what your screen size so I can't say with certainty that this applies to you if you have a netbook of 11.5 inches, it shouldn't be a problem.

    I left Windows 7 onto my Toshiba Netbook with a dual boot with Ubuntu and decided to renounce installation thereon because I thought it would be too complicated.
    You can run the upgrade installation wizard, and it will tell you the limits I listed.  There were a few people who did a cut of the screen have been able to install it in the Preview versions and also able to access the store, but I can't comment on this one more because I do not have him try or want to.
    I would try to get Home Premium it instead so you have the possibility of changing the backgrounds and also upgrade RAM of 2 GB netbook it would be a better experience in my opinion.
  • You can install Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP with Windows 7 Home Premium Mode?

    Windows 7 Home Premium with Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.

    I'm currently under Vista Premium and just-ordered Windows 7 Premium.  I noticed that Microsoft offers only the XP Mode in their professional, Ultimate and Enterprise versions. Once I've upgraded to Windows7 I will be able to download and install Virtual PC and XP mode and make it work in my Premium version manually?  Yes my AMD BIOS supports.  Thank you!

    Only, you would have the same problems with 32-bit software in a 64 bit environment where it may or may not work as the others. XP mode is reserved for people who have a software who refuse, for some reason, to upgrade and that run only under Windows XP. But if you consider that Windows XP was introduced in 2001 and it is now 2009 and 1 other OS released and another is about to release... it's time to upgrade. Jonathan Matthis aka "7test" on MSN QnA
    Chief Administrator of the Site
    Windows 7 QnA

  • You can install 2 copies of CS3 on separate hard drives?

    In my office, I have recently installed a raid 0 2-disc configuration to install and run applications in the hope to alleviate certain strains of system and speed up all together. I would like to install the entire suite to this new drive however I don't want to uninstall the C:\ drive due to time constraints and problems. Not to mention, if I have problems or unable to install this would result in all sorts of misfortunes. We I can disable that on the C:\ drive later if it works well.

    Can I keep my suite CS3 full on C:\ and have another sequel full on D:\?

    You can have the program on two different disks, as long as you start from two different readers. A registry will not know about the other copy. You cannot use installed run them from two different drives using a boot disk. The register will be too confusing.

  • How can I add a previously installed windows on my mac pro installation

    Hi guys, everything becomes to collect my newly bought mac pro 3.1 (used). I'm moving PC, but how do I add my existing installation of windows on my mac? The mac pro is 3.1 and has 2 x 500 GB disks in a raid 1 TB configuration. It's just a matter of plugging my windows disk (I'm guessing No.) or is it a bit more complex than that? Any help or advice will be appreciated and hope to give back as much help as I get that I'm learning. Thank you

    You can install Windows on a Mac computer using Boot Camp Assistant or by using a Parallels, Fusion, or VirtualBox virtual machine natively. Refer to the instructions of Boot Camp located here: OT If using a virtual machine see the instructions located on the Parallels, Fusion or VirtualBox sites.

    In both cases you can not use a PC already existing installation of Windows. You need to reinstall Windows on your Mac.

  • How to install Windows 10 on mac not supported

    Hi all

    I have a MacBook Pro 15 inch 2011 lag and I try to install Windows 10. I've tried 3 different methods. I can provide more information if necessary.

    I had running Windows for 10 minutes (2 reboots) until he got stuck on the screen to start due to an unknown error (probably error compatibility)

    I am currently give up and try to install Windows 7 instead, hoping that he'll be fine

    If any of you guys have any suggestions please tell me this is greatly appreciated!

    I am currently give up and try to install Windows 7 instead, hoping that he'll be fine

    I don't think that you can install Windows 7 with Boot Camp on El Capitan:

    • A Microsoft Windows installation media or disc image (ISO) containing a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 8 or later *.

    From: How to install Windows using Boot Camp - Apple Support.

    Windows 10 is simply too new for your Mac, and Windows 7 is too old. It is quite a difficult situation. If you really need Windows, you would need to get a copy of Windows 8, or put to level to an earlier version of Mac OS X with a version of Boot Camp that works in Windows 7.

  • Can I use this OEM key to install Windows XP Professional if I have a drive to it?

    XP Professional OEM licensing

    I just bought a computer refurbished without an operating system installed. He has a professional for an OEM XP license sticker. All parts of this machine are original. Can I use this key to install Windows XP Professional if I have a drive to it? What I have to use the drive originally came with this computer or can I use the one that came with another computer?


    Yes, you can install Windows XP Professional if you have the disc for the OEM copy supplied with the computer.

    For more information see:

  • I have windows XP_ can install windows 7? orWindows 8? What is the cost of windows 7

    My computer hp laptop has windows XP THAT can

    You can install Windows 7?  Perhaps.  See

    You can install Windows 8?  Less likely than Windows 7, but may still.  See

    How much does Windows 7 cost?  Depends on where you buy it and which version you select.  For example, Amazon only sells Windows 7 Professional Upgrade (including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions) for $142

  • I can install Windows 7 64-bit disk external eSATA SSD as my OS boot?

    I would like to install on in-house, but I also need to run RAID disks for my data for redundancy.  I want to we SSD for my OS drive for obvious reasons (speed).  But the TRIM command to clean up the SSD is not functional through RAID controllers.  I wonder if Windows 7 is set up and operate from an eSATA drive?  My BIOS doesn't let me choose eSATA as a boot drive, but I've seen messages that mention the operating system Windows do not allow you to install on external drives.  I understand also is the eSATA 3 Gb/s, but I wonder if there are differences in bandwidth external case?

    Or maybe the native command of Windows 7 ATA-TRIM works through RAID controllers?

    Otherwise, I could have all the discs for the IDE installation, and then use Windows software RAID controller, but I believe that would considerably slow down my data disks, which is far from ideal as.

    Any clarity on this would be appreciated.  I don't want to go down a path of $700 and a lot of time if the result is not good.

    Hi Jeff_Elucidate,

    You can install Windows 7 on external hard drive ESATA. Plugin from the player to your computer, go to the BIOS and make sure the ESATA drive is set as the default device to start. And during the installation of Windows 7 to install the necessary drivers and you must have your Windows 7 installed on drive ESATA.

    You can check the link below:

    With regard to:

    Swati K - Microsoft support technician

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • After you have installed windows 10, I can't use apple wireless key board and mouse magic. any solution

    I am facing a strange situation. I used Win7 on BootCamp. Last week attempted to upgrade to Win10. After the upgrade is perfect, I could not connect to the wifi or wired internet. called the Apple support, Windows supports, no one would help you. Downgraded to Win7, after decommissioning, apple wireless key board and mouse magic does not work. Called Apple support, after nearly 90 minutes of interaction with them, ZERO, no solution result. Apple support told me that an Apple engineer will call me at my appointed time. A call came, but no one answered.

    So, today did a clean install of Win10 through BootCamp. All right, BUT I still can't use apple wireless key board and mouse magic. Can someone help me with this situation? Apple & Microsoft support engineers have failed to help out me. Thanks in advance.

    Have you installed the Boot Camp Windows Support software?

    If you do not see some Mac functionality if you are using Windows on your Mac - Apple Support

  • Can I install windows on a mac?

    Can I install windows on a mac?

    In order to install an edition "Full Retail" of Windows 7 on a Mac, you first need to install Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac.

  • I can install cc on my mac and windows computer laptop?

    I can install cc on my mac and windows computer laptop?

    Hi Aephoto,

    Yes, you can install and activate creative cloud on two computers desktop applications, regardless of the operating system, for the individual associated with the composition of the creative cloud.

    For more information please visit

    Thank you!


  • I want to buy a desktop computer and sell the laptop without windows vista software. Is there a way I can install windows vista in my new office.

    Model F730 laptop and notebook product S/n CNF7415WH7

    I bought a laptop (compaq F30 us in the United States) and windows original vista came with the compaq laptop (bought in US). Now, I want to buy a desktop computer and sell the laptop without windows vista software. Is there a way I can install windows vista in my new office. I don't have the cd or the software with me key since they have not provided for me at the time of purchase


    No there is no way, how the do, because the license of Windows Vista is part of the computer compaq laptop - this is the license OEM - and cannot be separated.

    (in case the laptop is broken and cannot be repaired, then the license expiresand cannot be used on another computer)


  • Is it possible to install a device to a Windows Vista-based computer when you can get Windows 98 drivers for the device?

    Is it possible to install a device to a Windows Vista-based computer when you can get Windows 98 drivers for the device?

    # You have need Vista compatible drivers - it's the only way it will work.  Installing bad drivers can even to hurt the unit or even your system to not try.  Get a new USB device that works with Vista, and has the correct drivers.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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