You can print with a 6s iPhone using a printer no Wifi

How do you print with a 6s iPhone using the printer no WiFi?



I always got WiFi printers in my house and never had to deal with this problem personally, but the following CNET article seems to answer this question: - touch.

My printer is a HP OfficeJet 7500 E910, which allows me to print from any wireless device and my printer is plugged only the power source.

Also, I did not read the entire article carefully, but I would venture to say that if you have a cable to connect your printer to your wireless router, it should appear as a network printer. If your iPhone is connected to the same wireless network as the router is mounted, you should have this success. It would still be printing wireless from your iPhone, but just a different configuration.

Hope this helps, and feel free to respond with thoughts or questions!

Thank you


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    For a permanent change to any setting of the driver for all your print jobs, you can go to your printer driver, mine is here (Win 7):

    Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and printers

    Once you go there, right-click on your printer, select Printing Preferences > click the Advanced button > choose printing in grayscale setting required. You can make other settings there as well.

    These settings should stay with all the print jobs you send to the printer.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi, QB

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    Hi yeeyucai, it is not possible to control print settings outside the color/shades of gray and paper size, when you use ePrint by sending your file as an attachment to an email. I don't know if your computer is a laptop and if there are times when you need to print your Deskjet 3070 remotely, but if so, then you can do this by installing the driver Mobile HP ePrint. Once installed when you try and print from Powerpoint you will see HP ePrint listed as another available printer and when you choose this option, you can search your Deskjet 3070 by email address and set the number of pages per sheet for whatever the desired number. Obviously if your computer is a desktop, there is little value in installing the driver, unless there are other active ePrint printers you sometimes send content to.

    Let me know if this makes sense or you need help with the Setup program.

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    Michael Sponable


    Your printer can print in black only, but up to a certain point , you need tri-cartouche color otherwise it will not print. It's a little late now, otherwise if you only need to print B & W, a monochrome laser printer is very good and much cheaper to run (in terms of cost per page).

    Kind regards.

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    Thank you


    Hi George,.

    How do you the printscreen? I think that you simulate a command 'Ctrl + print' and read the image of the cilpboard. I have corrected the AAM?

    Before saving the image to a file you can cut it to the size you need. Sorry, resize was not talk to her.


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    Based on the following link, can be up to 200 pages. But all the sellers quote only about 5% page coverage and without cleaning the heads.

    Normally, I hope we can get only about 50% to 70% of the number of pages cited. After receiving a low ink warning, you can continue to print for about 20 to 30 more pages.

    Kind regards.

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    HTML isn't XML, nor is the DOM supported as JavaScript does, so you'll have to go with the typical string operations. If it's on a website, you can use JavaScript to make the analysis of DOM for you in HTML via AJAX loading and working back and forth between JS<->As.

    Otherwise the Interior HAVE only, Regular Expressions are most useful for this. The HTML code in a viable XML structure analysis may be possible when it is not applying the same syntax rules it and is of a dynamic nature. For example, it is perfectly valid to put the content in a page that is not nested inside a tag, for example

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    Some text let only locked in the body. You need detect possible syntactic questions and manage all of them. Channel ops are much easier.

    Any specific markup? you have trouble to detect/work?

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