You can use "NERO 8" to change the default settings for playing music and viewing photos?

Original title: ideas: insert an error code or give a brief description of what you're trying change default setings in automaticlly reading page and use "NERO 8" for some of devaises accomplish or difficult. ?? __

automaticlly/game change default setings for CD, DvD, s, play music, photos of nathalie, instal, softvar, play games... I need to know where I can use "NERO 8 esentials" and I use NERO 8 for the whole of what is on the page "automaticlly play"?

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You can check the link below for the information of the Nero 8 Windows 7 Compatibility Center:

In addition, to set a default program to use when you open a specific file type, please see the link below:

Change the programs that Windows uses by default

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    I can't find a place to print in color, project.  The printer will print in color, black and white, black & white project, but nothing else unless I change something.  And I don't understand how to change/use settings predefined.  There is nothing in my user manual helping to something else than basic printer installation tips.  (In fact, this can hardly be called a "user manual" because it is mainly a "installation manual".)  Can you advise?

    Hi SHSH128,

    Now, knowing your operating system, I can't help but to wonder if you use AirPrint driver and not the driver of HP. This is perhaps why the options you are looking for are not available.

    Follow these steps to check which driver you are using.

    Click on the Apple icon > System Preferences > print and scan, click on the printer so that it appears highlighted and look over to the centre/right of the window for printing and scanning. You say AirPrint?

    If you see AirPrint link to the image above, click on the symbol less to remove the printer, and then click the plus sign and select "add another printer or a Scanner.  Select your printer and next to the 'use' to choose your printer driver. See the image below.

    If you already use the HP driver, let me know and I'll see what I can find. Thank you.

  • Change the default settings for all Mac on a wireless network, Officejet 6500n, Lion 10.7.4


    In my view, there are a lot of discussions on change the print settings by default for printers hp in Leo, but my question is a little different. I have a network running on a wireless Netgear N600 router, and my HP Officejet 6500 is directly connected via USB. I want to set up the printer so that anyone who connects to the network via a mac wireless has the default value depending on parameters in any printing application:

    1. Quality: Fastdraft
    2. Color: gray
    3. Black cartridge only
    4. Print on both sides: long edge binding

    When I go to the page of the printer by entering the IP address in my browser, the administration utilities do not allow me to change the default settings and change the default settings in CUPS is useless since applications such as Safari, Word, and preview override these settings.

    Is that what I want possible?

    Thanks in advance.

    We gladly invite you.

    Indeed, that is right. When printing from a computer, the print settings can only be configured on the computer.

    The unit only will allow us to change this type of parameters for the work only stend, carried out from the device (e.g. copy or printing of the device using a memory card).

    Some business models can provide options to force parameters, print, but I'm afraid these capacities are not intended for consumer products.

    Kind regards


  • Changing the default settings for printing in Office Picture Manager

    Anyone know how to change the default setting for printing in Office Picture Manager?

    I have a user who clams that when they try photo printing settings in Office Picture Manager has been configured to print bac2 and paper 4 x 6.  Now when it prints, it must use the drop-down list boxes to tell it to print from bac2 and paper 4 x 6.
    I changed the default settings of the printer to print from the bac2 and use paper 4 x 6, but they must still use the drop-down list boxes in Picture Manager.
    Thank you!

    Although I maded the changes to the properties of the Windows printer I had to do that to solve the problem.

    To solve the problem:

    1. once in the print of the image window there is a link 'Options '.... "at the bottom right.

    2. once it's a click a print settings window that opens there. You will need to click on the link 'printer properties '.

    3. now the printer Document Properties window appears. Change of Source paper and media here.

    4. click on the OK button and now it's good to go.

  • Change the default settings for a video effect?


    I have a ton of clips from interview to which I add the timecode for the transcriptions and translations effect.

    For every clip I increase the size and opacity, remove the symbol of field and change the Source timecode to the media. I have hundreds of clips and change the settings for each clip is a real pain.

    Is it possible to change the default settings of the effect so I can just drag effects to clips and do with it?

    Thank you.

    Implement the timecode effect as you like it on a clip.

    then click with the right button and select "copy".

    Select all items to which you want to apply the same effect,

    Right click and select "paste attributes.

  • Change the default settings for registration and opening.

    When I'm in a file and choose "Save as", I need to find the location.  But then the very next file I do the same thing and I looking for it all over again.  Is there a way to backup a specific folder or default directory at any time.  Currently, it is by default in my office in most cases.  The same thing happens when I search for a file, open it and then go to open another file in the same folder.  This seems to be a huge waste of time and was not like that in previous versions.  Thank you for any input!

    He has no control in Vista to make the changes you want to make for Vista itself.  David has provided default values for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but not for Vista.  I can't find them for Vista- but they are what you feel and are entered into the system without installation available control to modify the default values (and I couldn't even find a way to do it with a registry hack).  Unfortunately, he must live with what you have.

    In most other cases program, it is controlled by the program itself (and varies according to the program0.  Some of these programs have commands to adjust the default settings (again, this depends on the program).  You will have to search for the documentation of the program or visit their web site (or call them for technical assistance) for more information on each program.

    I'm sorry this isn't the answer you want to hear.

    Good luck! Lorien - MCSA/MCSE/network + / has + - if this post solves your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • You can use multiple computers to change the project of the elements of the first?

    I use first Elements 10.  I built a new project on my desktop, because the Office has a firewire port to capture video from my camcorder and my laptop is not a firewire port.  The project is stored on my home network.  I seem to be able to do editing very well using the desktop computer that the project has been created, but it will not directly charge on the cell for editing.  Premiere Elements is configured the same on both computers.  I guess my question is - Premiere Elements stores something on the computer on which the project was created on not stored on the network drive?    How can I fix the problem so that I can edit on my laptop? The laptop is a high-end Dell XPS with an i7 processor that I use for other projects of creation, so the capacity of portable computers is not a problem.

    Thank you


    If I have a very fast NAS and the network, I found that to effectively edit a project, I want my project, and active at least an external FW 800 (same drive letter of the operating system on each computer) and an eSATA would be even better.

    I do all the time and my transportation projects between my laptop by the pool and work stations in the editing room.

    I've set up each project, with all assets (or Copies, as most of my goods are stored on the NAS), in a hierarchy of files for this project. With the drive letter set the same on every machine I migrate seamlessly and with zero problems. Mega-projects, with 1, in thousands of dollars in assets, loading quickly - unlike when working on the network, or of the SIN.

    But with a little planning, you should have zero problem.

    Good luck


  • Can I change the default settings for the latency time Serial Windows with LabVIEW

    I have a wireless data collection device that my business is that I am using for the test one of our other wireless products. The device sends data series to a PC via a USB port. I wrote an automated LabVIEW program to test all the functions of my new product. However, after firing in the data, I realized that the serial data coming very fast and requires me to change latency of Windows by default for the port COM 16ms 2ms Miss not nothing. It's pretty easy for me to do locally on my machine, but much more difficult for me to spec for an off-site CM.

    Is it possible to have my LabVIEW program change the latency time of the COM Windows port of 16 ms to 2 ms automatically?

    Are you talking about the FTDI driver? I know that they allow these changes through registry settings. Thus the approach would probably be to have a small registry script that updates the parameter of function. Most likely, this will have to be run with elevated privileges, as these parameters resident generally in the HKLM or HKCR rather than the HKCU one hive.

  • My cat sleeping on the keyboard, somehow open CSS Web Developer and has changed the default settings for a Web site so that it appears to about 10px up

    Big hairy cat, who likes to sleep on a hot surface. Given that Windows XP is no longer supported I use Windows 7 and since I write for Mozilla Support a question, it's a safe bet that I don't use Internet Explorer.

    Is it tiny zoomed? You can reset the zoom level on a site by holding down the Ctrl key and typing 0 (that's a zero).

    Or is there a large dark area, leaving only a tiny vision area? This could be the sensitive Design Mode and usually by pressing the ESC key, which clears.

    If is not about money, it might be useful to see the screenshot. This article has tips on this: How to make a screenshot of my problem?

  • My daughter has changed the default settings for each program opens in Word, how to fix this?

    My daughter changed the settings default for all programs opens as a word document, I can't change it, even when I'm trying to do a "restore" Please help.


    When you double-click a. EXE file, the program may not start, instead, it can open in Notepad
    (view the contents of .exe), or you can jump into any other application.

    Restore the .exe Windows Vista file association, after badly with another application

    Restore the Type Associations by default Vista file extensions
    How to set default Associations for a program under Vista

    How to associate a file Extension with a program Type in Vista

    How to view and change an Extension of filename on Vista

    How Unassociate a Type of Extension file in Vista and a utility to help

    I hope this helps.

  • You can use if original license change the hard drive on Windows 7?

    Hello, I currently have Win7 installed on my laptop. The hard drive is fried, so I need to switch to a new. Once I pass on the hard drive, I'll be able to re - install Win7 using my original license? This is the same computer just with upgraded hardware. Thank you.

    Hello, I currently have Win7 installed on my laptop. The hard drive is fried, so I need to switch to a new. Once I pass on the hard drive, I'll be able to re - install Win7 using my original license? This is the same computer just with upgraded hardware. Thank you.

    As long as you have the installation media and product key - Yes.

  • You can change the default values for shape layers?

    Specifically, I want the default paths Trim "connect multiple traces' '' individually '' and default STROKE line Cap and line join defined respectively on"Round cap"and"join Round '.

    I know that I can copy and paste these properties also but I wonder on changing the default settings - perhaps in a preferences file? Thank you

    No, there is no way to change the default values. If you have a set of properties that you always want to use, you can save them as a preset.

  • You can use a vista re install the drive on a windows xp?

    You can use a vista re install the drive on a windows xp?


  • I want to change the default printer for Firefox how can I do this?

    When I choose to print in Firefox it uses my printer copier not my default printer. So how can I change the default printer for Firefox?

    In Firefox 'by default' is the last used printer. If you switch to a different printer, Firefox to remember that a new 'default' - unless you have disabled this setting in all: config. Print.save_print_settings

  • How can I change the default zoom for the new tab only?

    The new tab in Firefox 33 zoom is too high to see all 12 of my thumb nail. I changed it using ctrl - but the next time I opened a new tab, the zoom is 100%. How can I change the default zoom for the new tab only?

    I posted a style rule to shrink the tiles, which allows several of them on the page, but naturally reduces their legibility. You can experiment with the dimensions to find a look that works for you.

    I use the Stylish extension to experiment because of its preview function that allows me to see the effect quickly. You can install it from the site of modules, then after restart of Firefox while searching for his "S" icon in the toolbar to manage Styles so you can edit and experiment.

Maybe you are looking for

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