You cannot change the length of the transition from photo album

Does anyone know why I can't change the length of one of the album transitions four other than 16 frames photo?  The transition moves way to fast to a half second really give me the effect I was hoping.  Working with fcpx 10.2.3.  Running on an iMac, El Capitan, 10.11.3.  Any thoughts?


The duration of the transition is controlled by the amount of available handles extra beyond the edit point. To increase the duration, you may have the trim, the shots to put at the disposal of the media more. Hand and waving of the Edit with the tab at the top of the transition point.

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    OK, so did you just changed the identifier on your Apple account Apple existing to the new address or haven't set up an Apple account nine for your new ID?


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    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

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    Hi Derek,.

    The question you posted would be better suited to the TechNet community. Send the query in the link.
    Hope this information helps.
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    Hi Matt

    I want to help you, but first of all, it would be very interesting to know the name of your unit.
    However if you have any problems with power management on your device, I suggest to download the new version of the Web from Toshiba site and reinstall the Power Saver utility.

    Good bye

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