You do not have permission to view the security properties of this object, even as an administrator


I'm trying to recreate the user profile on my wife, as it is indicated by the Microsoft Support, but have a security problem.  When I try to access a folder I'm denied permission, even as an administrator.
I tried the folder properties-> Security-> advanced and tried to change their owner, who is giving me the error message in the title of the topic.  I also tried the folder-> sharing-> advanced sharing properties and select "Share this folder", but get an access is denied error.
Can someone help me?
Kind regards
Matthew Riley


I had already tried your suggestion without success, I saw in another forum somewhere.
However, I managed to solve the problem of windows in SafeMode via msconfig startup.  This gave me access to the file, and security settings showed that it was owned by the deleted user's profile.  I deleted this user of all files and restarted in normal mode and the problem was solved.
Kind regards

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