YouTube Intro text

I'm looking to do a text of youtube, but all of the tutorials I found are too basic. I know what I want is simple but I don't know where to create it. I want intro logo simple text with a white background, but I want it fade.

kellys63031563 wrote:

but I want it fade.

It would be the basis of opacity keyframes:

Opacity of the keyframe

You can either use the module title to create the logo:


or create it in After Effects.

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    Four notes to add to this that said this article...

    1. to do what you want to do with first, don't send by Adobe Media Encoder, use the MOV file that you get after making the export.

    2. the size of the stage and the video size may not be the same (although the report should be). When you export, you have an option to define how the video size will be. So, you could have an animation that is say 950 x 540, small enough to easily revise on a small monitor, and you can export only HD or even sizes of 4 K video.

    3. you can make your library assets be lossless, no reason to force them through JPEG. In addition, in the publication settings change the audio signal to be in Raw, 44.1 KHz, 16-bit stereo. Assuming you're including audio. If you do audio first start-up sequence, then the settings of FLA important step.

    4 put this in a layer in frame 1 of your timeline, it will significantly improve the quality of the video:

    internship. Quality = "best";

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    Never mind! I thought about it.

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    What Web site. ? Some data from Web site or protected text and no copy of the elements, HTML designer did program that CTRL + C will not select also will not work

    Also try different Web site

    If you have installed Advanced System Care, check settings of Smart Ram listed under the Toolbox, make sure that the box for the own Clipboard is disabled. If the box is checked, this will not have the data that remain in the Clipboard for copy and paste operations

    If the same question

    Restart the computer and run Windows Update


    Collage dot solution

    • Select the text or picture and paste in word or excel.

    • Return to the same text or picture once again, go back to word or excel and return back on the point, then select Paste again.

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    When you view this page hit {Ctrl + 0} < is a zero number -to reset the zoom level for this area.

    If you move the scroll wheel, and are now the CTRL key, you can change the zoom level of the page that is viewed - both in & out.



    Hi CAP5 -.
    Try to clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems:

    Clear the Cache:

    * Firefox > Preferences > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline:
    'Clear now '.

    Remove Cookies from sites causing problems:

    * Firefox > Preferences > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    Hope that helps!

  • Issues of Gallery YouTube video


    (1) can integrate you only together Youtube channels, or is it possible to incorporate several specific Youtube videos of multiple channels on the same page?

    (2) can add you text and images to the page in more Youtube videos?

    In response to questions:

    (1) If you are referring to add several widget youtube on page then probably you can do, but if you want the same widget to display different videos is not possible.

    (2) you can add any content to the page with the video widget, if you want to add text to the widget itself, then we cannot do this directly unless you use any other widget such as composition to display youtube with text options.

    Thank you


  • Editing (audio maxing red) audio

    So I downloaded a model and got all this editing as much as I could for a YouTube intro. Now, I need help with audio and cannot find anything anywhere. It is supposed to sound like this-> Classy Black & White after effects Intro model - YouTube video

    Mine currently sounds like that...-> Intro - Test - YouTube

    Help, please. Any ideas?

    We need to look at your Installer to know for sure, but it seems that you have probably doubled the audio. Search in the project and make sure you don't have too many audio switches:

    for this type of model, that you probably have a single audio file in a comp. ensure that this is the case - you can do this by clicking on your audio file in the project Panel and ensure that it is used 1 time.

  • Plotted in 3D rendering engine Department. Still images rendered in animatons.


    I would like to ask the pros how can I optimize the rendering of animations process?

    I have a publication with text extruded with 3D engine layer traced to the RADIUS. There is an intro (text) and outro (text disappears). Between the intro and outro are just still frames, without any movement. When I go, I see how after the intro of rendering, each still image unique rerenders again and again. It is increases rendering time significantly, why it is happening? How can I optimize the rendering process? Is it possible for AE render a single image still animation, produce this next image is the same and jump rerender, continue to render fragments of an animation at the end next?  Maybe there's a cache or something else that needs to be enabled?

    The AE version is CC 2015.3 (

    Mac OS X 10.11.6 (15 G 31)

    24 GB RAM

    3.2 GHz Intel Core i5

    CUDA driver version: 7.5.30

    Thank you!

    3D Raytrace rendering engine uses a brute force method and makes each image. Your only option would be to pre-rendered sequences of images and use them.


  • Notification of custom form

    Hi all

    Could someone point me to the documentation on customizing the notification form emails? I've considered using the form Send cloud component but I think that its too complex for my needs - I just need to add a logo and intro text.

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi James,

    To customize your notifications brand navigate to Configuration > Notification form (in assets). Customization allows you to select a message header to be used as element of customization. These headers are managed assets > library > e-mail header



  • How to produce the result of the PowerCLI command in an email?

    Hello world

    Can someone give me help with this example. I started working with PowerCLI and I struggle out of my result in an e-mail message.

    How can I store my result in the array and import the data in HTML in an email?

    In the example below, I don't see any results in the email of the powercli command "Get - VM |" Select-Object Name, NumCPU, MemoryMB, ProvisionedSpaceGB.

    I have to create a loop to retrieve the result?

    $SMTPServer = "".
    $vCenterServerName1 = "".
    $ToAddress = [email protected]

    $Title = "connection settings for vCenter.
    $Author = "lady".
    $Header = "connection settings".

    $Login = [email protected]# for domain WHICH
    $Password = "xxxxxxxxxx #

    Add-pssnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core

    $HTMLHeader = "< HTML > < report VMware TITLE > < /title >"
    $HTMLFooter = 'Made with the Script POWERSHELL 2.0 - Version of the script' + $ScriptVersion + ' < / HTML > ".

    $ScriptVersion = "v1.0".
    $Subject = 'VMware - VM inventory report'
    $FromAddress = "VMware" + "@

    $ColorArray = 'Red', 'Orange', 'Purple', 'Blue', 'Olive', 'SlateGrey', 'Orange', 'Purple', 'Blue', 'Olive '.
    $ColorArrayIndex = 0

    $HTMLHeader = "< HTML > < TITLE > VMware Report for ' + $vCenterServerName1 ' < / TITLE >.
    $HTMLFooter = "Made with POWERCLI Script 5.0" - + $Author + ".." < br > < br > ".
    $HTMLFooter += ' < B > NOTE: < /B > $Date < / HTML > ".

    $HTMLBody = "< BODY >".

    $vCenter_inventory = @(get-VM |) Name Select-Object, NumCPU, MemoryMB, ProvisionedSpaceGB)

    ################################### OUTPUT #######################################

    # HEADER
    $HTMLBody += CreateHeader ("REPORT for < font color = blue > < b > vCENTER" + $vCenterServerName1 + ' < / police > < / b > < br > "" ")


    $HTMLBody += ' < br br > > <.
    $HTMLBody += $vCenter_inventory

    $HTMLBody += ' < / BODY > "# close HTML body
    $HTMLPage = $HTMLHeader + $HTMLBody + $HTMLFooter
    Send-Mailmessage-to $FromAddress - to $ToAddress - subject $Subject - BodyAsHTML-body $HTMLPage - normal priority - SmtpServer $SMTPServer
    Write-Host "report was sent by E-mail to '$ToAddress' to ' $FromAddress
    ################################### CLEANUP #######################################

    $HTMLHeader = «»
    $HTMLBody = «»
    $HTMLFooter = «»
    $HTMLPage = «»
    $vCenter1_Inventory = «»
    $vCenterServerName1 = «»

    -Very well, cutting some of your code, it works for me in any case:

    # This sets the format of the HTML table

    "$Header = @".



    # The data collection

    $vCenter_inventory = get - VM | Select-Object Name, NumCPU, MemoryMB, ProvisionedSpaceGB

    # Convert to HTML format

    $HTML = $vCenter_inventory | ConvertTo-HTML-Fragment

    # Prepare Mail Message

    $Message = "from the random text."

    "$Body = $Header +""+ $Message +"

    "+ $HTML +""

    $smtpServer = "smtpserver".

    $HostName = $env: ComputerName

    $From = $HostName + ""

    $To = "[email protected]".

    # Send Message

    Send-MailMessage - SmtpServer $smtpServer - $From - to $To - subject $Subject - body $Body - BodyAsHtml

    This should give you a little nicer output in the form of a table.

  • Void Display Menu GUI only on the selection of the checkbox, hide when they are disabled.

    Hi all

    Can someone help me with the GUI stuff in the code below.

    I have this code to display the two menus,

    Coordinates (CheckBox) with three Radio button elements.

    and similarly textboxes (checkbox) with two radio button elements.

    So I want here to do, it's to highlight radio buttons only when you click on checkbox.

    Otherwise just hide them


    Currently, the code displays each time the box @.

    // Config values
    var dlg = new Window('dialog', 'Title');
    dlg.frameLocation = [100,100];
    dlg.size = [300,350];
    dlg.intro = dlg.add('statictext', [20,10,220,30] );
    dlg.intro.text = '"Select 1 (or) more items"';
    var CoordinatesCheckBox = dlg.add ("checkbox", [20,90,150,110], "Coordinates"); 
    var centerCoordinateRB = dlg.add ("radiobutton",[40,110,200,130] , " Top "); 
    var midCenterCoordinateRB = dlg.add ("radiobutton",[40,130,200,150] , " Middle "); 
    var leftCoordinateRB = dlg.add ("radiobutton", [40,150,200,170], " Bottom "); 
    var textAreasCheckBox = dlg.add ("checkbox", [20,170,150,190], " Text"); 
    var horizontalSwipeRB = dlg.add ("radiobutton", [40,190,150,210], " Horizontal "); 
    var verticalSwipeRB = dlg.add ("radiobutton", [40,210,150,230], " Vertical "); 
    dlg.GenerateButton = dlg.add('button', [20,270,150,300], 'Generate', 'CenterCoord');
    // Button Event Handler
    function clickHandler(e)
    dlg.GenerateButton.onClick = clickHandler;                                             
    dlg.GenerateButton.addEventListener('mousedown', clickHandler); 
    var bCoordinatesCheckBox = false;
    CoordinatesCheckBox.onClick = function () 
        if (CoordinatesCheckBox.value == true)
              bCoordinatesCheckBox = true;
             bCoordinatesCheckBox = false;
    var btextAreasCheckBox = false;
    textAreasCheckBox.onClick = function () 
        if (textAreasCheckBox.value == true)
              btextAreasCheckBox = true;
              btextAreasCheckBox = false;
    var bHorizontalSwipe = false;
    horizontalSwipeRB.onClick = function () 
        if (horizontalSwipeRB.value == true)
             bHorizontalSwipe = true;
    var bVerticalSwipe = false;
    verticalSwipeRB.onClick = function () 
        if (verticalSwipeRB.value == true)
             bVerticalSwipe = true;
    var bleftCoordinateRB = false;
    leftCoordinateRB.onClick = function () 
        if (leftCoordinateRB.value == true)
             bleftCoordinateRB = true;
    var bmidCenterCoordinateRB= false;
    midCenterCoordinateRB.onClick = function () 
        if (midCenterCoordinateRB.value == true)
             bmidCenterCoordinateRB = true;
    var bcenterCoordinateRB = false;
    centerCoordinateRB.onClick = function () 
        if (centerCoordinateRB.value == true)
             bcenterCoordinateRB = true;

    for option buttons put a MyRB.enabled = false;

    then set it to true in the service, onclick for the related checkbox control

  • Perspective on the scale of a vector drawing

    Anyone know how I can to scale a vector of perspective drawing (from the smallest to the large, starting at the top).

    As the fall intro text see you in star wars, where the text is not straight, but more like a triangle shape.


    You can select the object and then start ClickDragging we graduate cormers of the bounding box to a different one with the free transform tool, then just after a little bit, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift / Cmd + Option + shift while you ClickDrag further.

  • where is the video lounge forum?


    I have not been here for awhile.  many things has changed.  There were a lot of funny stuff and cool off the sons of topic here in the video lounge.

    now, it seems to be only a place where request free youtube intros... it is a little sad in a way.

    I guess as bob dylan said: times are a changin...

    Happy holidays and good luck to all, has soon, j

    Hi, TFI,.

    TFI productions 44 says:

    now, it seems to be only a place where request free youtube intros... it is a little sad in a way.

    I removed most of these posts, so I hope that this place will be a bit more as you expect it to be.

    Kind regards


  • combine the link to another page with the drop down more on an accordion

    example to the PEI Lawyer Referral Service Find lawyer according to the type of firm or firm of PEi PEI legal aid see article at the top of the left-hand column labeled Business Service lawyer referral

    This is a direct link, but it's a box label drop-down, accordion


    If you click on the link part, you get directed to the other page.

    I need to somehow separate the link in the dropdown information

    Bright ideas?

    Thank you

    You can use the accordion as the intro text label and then the container would include the detailed format of the content.

    Thank you


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