YouTube videos no longer play

I recently installed the latest versions of Firefox and Adobe Flash Player ActiveX.

Now I get the familiar message of youtube:

An error has occurred, please try again later. To learn more

whenever trying to view youtube videos in Firefox.

Chrome still works fine.


ActiveX object, I mentioned that his update was a coincidence with the cessation of the YouTube videos to play.

Clear the cache of the browser and plugin (right click on the drive, select global settings and clear storage. Increase the storage for the player. Try disabling graphics hardware acceleration. As this feature has been added to Firefox, it has gradually improved, but there are still some problems.
None of this works.

In the list of parameters, you should find it use hardware acceleration when it is available checkbox. Clear this check box.
There is no this box at this location for Firefox v.34, the current version.

FYI, here is what works:
Disable an add-on called Firefox "Centre 2.1.0 YouTube"
Videos YouTube began to play again. He had a hassle in YouTube journaling, what with google requiring the use of his account of the owner.
So you can mark this "resolved"!-)

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  • After the last update of Firefox, youtube videos do not play. The answers I've found are not relevant or too complicated.

    After the last update of Firefox, youtube videos do not play. The answers I've found are not relevant or too complicated.

    Hi Cbella, YouTube is generally used with an HTML5 player, who is a player who does not use a plugin video in MP4 format (for example, it does not use the Flash plugin).

    Now, I based this assertion on Windows, Mac may vary.

    Could you do two tests for me?

    Test #1:

    To verify which player you see (which does work), try a right click or Ctrl + click on the YouTube Player and check the "context menu" that rises. If it's the Flash, there will be a menu short, referring to the Flash on the last line. If you do not see that, if you get a regular menu of Firefox, it's probably the HTML5 player.

    Are what player you?

    Test #2:

    If you open the following test page, which videos to play?

    • The video "H.264/MP4" play?
    • The video "WebM" play?

    Thank you.

    Also, you can check if your Flash plugin is up to date? You can use the site Mozilla Plugin check for this (please ignore the other plug-ins page wants you to update at the moment avoid making the situation more complicated):

  • I uninstalled flash on my mac now youtube videos will not play. the error says safari does not recognize the video formats available.

    I uninstalled flash on my mac now youtube videos will not play.

    the error says safari does not recognize the video formats available.

    Reinstall the Flash Player... Why did you remove it?


  • After the upgrade to 16.0.1 some just Youtube videos won't play. They work perfectly in Chrome.

    After the upgrade to 16.0.1 some just Youtube videos won't play. They work perfectly in Chrome.
    A few examples:
    Most of the videos works perfectly, so I can't say what the problem is.

    I have tried so that the first thing, but it didn't work at all.
    Anyway, I solved the problem in the meantime by uninstalling Firefox and put it back. Please note that I had to do a CLEAN install, and I mean by 'clean' that I had to remove the settings as well. First I tried to reinstall it but I kept the settings (Firefox will ask if you want to keep when you uninstall) and it did not work. I therefore saved bookmarks and uninstalled everything. The later resettlement has solved the problem.

  • Safari 9.0.3 Youtube is no longer play videos!

    When I launch the Youtube app I can no longer play videos since I upgraded to Safari 9.0.3. I even had to force quit safari, or even my mac would not closed!

    I tried the following:

    1. Plist deleted
    2. delete all my cookies
    3. uncontrolled extensions "for which I don't have any"

    That's all so far. A solution would be most appreciated

    Thank you

    I hope this will help others I solved my problem.

    1. Go to safari/preferences/security/plug-in Settings
    2. In my case, I had three plugins it I had installed I wanted to delete. You can't remove them from the configuration of the plugin.
    3. Two of them I removed by going directly to/Library/Internet Plug - Ins
    4. The last one I removed from Plug-Ins ~Library/Internet

    In my case, I removed one at a time and relaunched safari every time. In my case it was the third sent me problems

    Hope this helps others

  • YouTube videos don't play no not on Mozilla Firefox, but playing with Google Chrome for 2015-01-09

    Hi guys,.
    Videos YouTube played very well in the morning, but stopped playing recently on my PC and laptop at the same time. I updated Firefox to version 34.0.5 and Adobe Flash player version, but that did not fix the problem. My Google Chrome still works fine with videos of youtube.
    I have the following extensions on Firefox:

       AddBlock Plus 2.6.6
       Avast on-line security 10.0.2502.149
       Flshblock 1.5.18

    Any suggestions or ideas?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards

    You have Flashblock installed 1.5.18 on Firefox. Mozilla Firefox does not completely support HTML5 for YouTube Player. Your extension is blocking Flash Player, which in turn blocks YouTube videos.

    You can use this page to see what your browser supports and pray the HTML5 YouTube Player:

  • Playlist of YouTube videos will not play always more

    I have Win 7 and FF 18.0.1 the problem I have is recent because it used to work very well.

    When I go on Youtube and want to play a playlist of streaming videos, it plays not always more. When the video page appears that it appears with a red circle "BOLD" and a backslash in it and as soon as I move my mouse over the video portion of the page the red circle goes away then I have to click on the play button in the center of the video page to play. He then played this video and stop. So I go through the same thing again to get the next video to play when all the videos should play without interruption until all are played and this is how it used to work until very recently. I'm guessing that I added a FF add on that is causing this problem. This has happened for a few weeks and I thought nothing about it until today when I tried to play a continuous loop of videos and now I don't know what to add ons that I recently added. Of course, on that I do not know that a FF throw causes this problem. I can play the same playlist of videos with Internet Explorer and they play the way they are supposed to play continuously.

    Thanks for the ideas of all. Some time has passed since I had this problem so I don't know what was the cause. However I think that it ended up being Flashblock. In any case, I noticed that I uninstalled Flashblock. I'm not sure but it seems that it's the first thing I uninstalled and it does not solve the problem. There heck of 81 and I remember even back a month ago and a half what has been done to solve this problem. Sorry about all the...

    Thanks to all those who had suggestions.



  • Adobe Flash 11.4 installed on pc, but does not appear in the list of modules additional plugin. flash or youtube videos won't play

    I've updated to the latest version of flash player 11.4.402.287 today, the two versions of activex or plugin appear in flash Manager. However, I'm unable to play youtube flash videos, the bar at the top shows "Install missing plugin" I repeated the installation process, it does not appear to complete successfully, but even once when trying to play youtube videos, the "install missing plugin appears" and the videos will not play.

    I have also installed and re installed the last version of firefox today, thought that can help, seem to have the same problem. The flash player is not listed in the plugin adds on the list. I don't know what else to do, or what could be the problem.

    I would appreciate any advice, please

    Hello, I think that the download of the flash 11.4 for windows on the adobe site includes 32-bit versions and 64-bit plugin, for which I hope should not be the issue. can you try the troubleshooting tips that were offered in the following thread (step by step) and see if that can solve the problem:

  • Videos no longer play in Firefox

    I am an avid Firefox user since about 2008, but my main browser on this laptop I've had for about 18 months.

    A month ago, videos randomly stopped playing, I have the latest, most up-to-date browser adobe flash player and have tried everything on this page but nothing has not yet, it shows just a white screen on the videos and a play button on Youtube with no background

    Please notify

    You can check the problems caused by a recent update of Flash 11.3 and possibly upgrade to Flash 11.2 or 10.3.

  • YouTube videos don't play do not.

    Since the update to Firefox 5 I can no longer read the Youtube videos. I get a black box without audio or video. YouTube works on Safari. I updated Adobe Flash, with no improvement.

    In your tools > Modules (or Firefox > Add-ons) you have the RealPlayer browser record or do you use some other similar tools that download videos from the web?

    If so, can you turn them off and restart Firefox to see if that helps. If not, try to disable the Safe_mode in Flash with the following steps:

    We work with Adobe right now to find out exactly what is happening.

    Updated: 12/06/12

    Read the article below the link for more information on this problem:

    11.3 flash does not load video in Firefox

  • BlackBerry Smartphones YouTube videos do not play/Adobe Player

    I have a BB Torch 9810 and I tried to play YouTube videos and it says I need to update my Adobe Flash Player but when I arrived on the site of Adobe Player it says that the update is not supported by my "operating system or browser." What should I do?

    First, very few phones that support Adobe Flash, at least you're in good company.  If you go to the mobile site of youtube, you should be able to view videos.  It is found by typing on your phone's browser.

    I hope that clears things up for you.

  • Lollipop 5.0.1 Update compressed Yoga 2 10 YouTube videos won't play on Facebook

    Since yoga lollipop update 2 tab 10 inch. any youtube videos don't work on facebook the browser mode. I don't use spyware Soft just the version of browser.

    Edit the admin; edited to be more descriptive subject

    now, I have uninstalled chrome and web viewer youtube android updated and now youtube videos work so it must be one of these propgrams with an update probably of chrome that is causing the problem.

  • YouTube videos do not play

    Videos YouTube played well in Firefox yesterday, but not today. I get a perpetual circle of loading on a black screen. If I hover over that bar below it show me miniature captures video that I move my mouse to the; Similarly, if I drag my mouse while holding down, it'll show a horizontal grid of thumbnails, superimposed on a bigger picture.

    Chrome still plays the videos very well, so I don't know isn't a plugin problem or it could have an impact on Chrome also. Plugins are all updated, for what it's worth. Was already using the latest update of Firefox before that, also.

    I copied the above from another author of the question, because it described exactly the problem I have. I deleted the cache and cookies, I tried Safe Mode, nothing works. The videos play fine on Chrome. I installed the addon for HTML5, does not solve the problem. Any suggestions?

    If you have any problems with the current versions of Shockwave Flash plugin then check this:

    • see if there are updates for your graphics card disk drivers

    • Disable protected mode in the plugin Flash (Flash 11.3 + on Windows Vista and later versions)

    • turn off hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin
    See also:

  • Youtube videos don't play Firefox after updating to 37.0.1.

    After the update to 37.0.1 Youtube does not play videos. I have not installed Flash Player. Never done install. I have always used the Youtube HTML5 video player and everything was ok. Unfortunately until today when I installed Firefox 37.0.1. I tried to remove hisotry, cache etc completely, but it did not help.

    It is to "year error occurred, please try again later"?

    When you visit the YouTube HTML5 page, does show 5 6 functions with a blue checkmark box (all except the last one):

    On my Windows 7, if I "MSE & H.264" enabled, then YT fails on HTML5 and past Flash.

    Could you try disabling a Firefox preference and then reload the YouTube page and see if she leaves?

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste the media and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the preference media.mediasource.mp4.enabled to true to false

  • YouTube videos don't play don't not using full screen

    Updated to OS X 10.11.2 and now videos from YouTube DO NOT play in full screen. There is a problem with SAFARI and OS X. Works fine in other browsers, but I don't have to use 2 or more browsers to use my Macbook Pro.  I know put paused and resumed the game helps but is not a HOTFIX or Patch.

    Send feedback to Apple. They will not respond, but at least know that there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it can become the problem solved as soon as possible.

    Your comments

    Or you can use your Apple ID to register on this site and go the Apple BugReporter. Allegedly, you will get a response if you submit your comments.

    Comments via Apple Developer

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