Z10 Z10 blackBerry e-mail synchronization


I recently spent BB 9900 to Z10 and my emails on hotmail, gmail and gmail biz have delay and, for example, "BOLD" on when I remove me my device of emails asked on handheld or both, and how can I do the same thing on z10? Thank you

Hello and welcome to the community!

I think you have at least 2 questions mixed up there... I hope that I will be able to properly analyze...

kayhanmoa wrote:

my email on hotmail, gmail and gmail biz have delay

With legacy devices, BIS served as intermediary and could PUSH in real-time every time as the e-mail server that will support. With BB10, ENCORE is abandoned and the client device on can use PUSH if the mail server is supported, but only if you have enabled in the settings > accounts. If PUSH is not supported or you have not enabled, then the interval controls how often e-mail is extracted from your server. It's WAD - works as expected.

kayhanmoa wrote:

for example on "BOLD" when I remove me my device of emails asked on handheld or both, and how can I do the same thing on z10?

You can not... which parameter does not currently exist. At present, the device and your server are designed to be images of mirror each other (in the synchronization period Email you assign to the account > settings)... do something on one and it reflects in the other. It's too much, WAD.

We all hope that future versions of operating system will improve on things like this. But for now, it is what it is.

Good luck!

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  • BlackBerry Z10 Yahoo e-mail synchronization

    Can receive & send email OK Yahoo.

    But computer does not delete emails after that I deleted the phone.

    Any ideas. What a nuisance having to delete twice.

    Thank you very much

    Here's what I'd do.

    First of all, check the settings on the device. Go to the hub, tap the icon of three points down right, select settings, select display and Actions and look at the setting for delete on. Make sure that it is set to Hub and the server.

    In addition, to return to the settings, select accounts, then Yahoo. Tap the pencil down to the Center. Scroll down and look at the synchronization interval. If it is set to manual, you can change it to something like an hour, or anything that is reasonable for you.

    Then do tests. When you delete an email on the device, tap the lower right three icons and select Refresh. Then log in on Yahoo email on a computer with a desktop browser. If you have only the device, connect to Yahoo email on Yahoo mobile site using the BlackBerry browser. I recommend only using a desktop browser for ease of use for this task.

    When you use a browser to access Yahoo mail, check the box of reception and deleted folder items to see where the email. If all goes well, of course, can be found in the deleted folder.

    If the deleted email is still in the Inbox, wait a few moments and refresh the browser to see if the email has been moved to the deleted items folder. Wait for the duration of the synchronization interval setting and a little more.

    If email deleted never sync of the device and Yahoo, delete Yahoo account on the device, restart the device and add the Yahoo account again. Test again as described above.

    Assuming that syncing email between the device and Yahoo, and you go to Yahoo email on the computer using an email client, and then study the e-mail on the computer and the test as stated above client.

    If deleted e-mail never sync is between the device and the client, so I live with it or use another e-mail service that syncs with reliability, such as Microsoft Outlook.com.

  • Z10 z10 blackBerry e-mail accounts

    Hey all,.

    Have some questions related to the z10 emails.

    (1) when they will auto-sync immediately and not 15 minutes and why is at 15 minutes the shortest time?

    (2) how can I synchronize manually I know there is a button to do it manually, but if I do have it checked where is the sync button and can I push this button if I have it on 15 minutes.

    (3) I don't want my messages to display when I go to hub and click on my emails, that I just want to see my Inbox.

    Thank you


    BrianFMartin wrote:

    (1) when they will auto-sync immediately and not 15 minutes and why is at 15 minutes the shortest time?

    Because the way in which we are not used BB here in this community of users, the only things we can do here is to guess. (And, even if someone really knew 'why', they would be probably prohibited to disclose to her as proprietary information.).

    For accounts that support the PUSH, you can enable that and avoid the moment completely. If PUSH is allowed by your e-mail service, you may to talk about specific settings, you use when you configure the e-mail account to the device. When you use the Wizard (for example,. only provide the e-mail address and password), the wizard queries the server for the parameters (ports, protocols, etc.) and uses whatever the server responds with. Some services you may to use different settings for other access methods. Or, as Google does, you change that Google faces to the internet for your email account (POP, IMAP, or both) and then your device that will be used. Everything really depends on the actual messaging service is built into the device.

    Not that the device is perfect... it is not (yet). So we will have to live with some compromises, while they improve the implementation of the mail client.

    BrianFMartin wrote:

    (2) how can I synchronize manually I know there is a button to do it manually, but if I do have it checked where is the sync button and can I push this button if I have it on 15 minutes.

    With that e-mail Messages list that appears, click 3 points down right... There's a selection of "cool". For the calendar, you drag to the bottom of the top (with the displayed calendar) and there's a selection of "cool".

    BrianFMartin wrote:

    (3) I don't want my messages to display when I go to hub and click on my emails, that I just want to see my Inbox.

    List of Messages of Hub poster, tap the lower right corner "3 points", and then select settings > display and Actions. Here, you can hide sent Messages.

    Good luck!

  • Z10 blackBerry e-mail accounts

    last 2 days one of my 3 email on the Z10 accounts receive emails ok but they disappear shortly after. I can see the emails when I go on my laptop this account and they are always there but disappear off the z10 for some reason any. I checked account settings and nothing has changed. Weird and annoying.

    found the answer in another post, the contact of the hub, the 3 vertical dotted lines, choose settings, display and actions, scroll to DELETE ON change of HUB AND the SERVER HUB ONLY. Let's see if it works.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Mail Synchronization Log to Support

    I find no support by e-mail.  I can't support log shipping.  I get "program error occurred at line 131 dans.\Error.cpp" "Please send Log to Technical Support.

    I have Sync full logging on the value, I find the log file.  I don't have anywhere to send the log.

    You must contact BlackBerry support through your carrier, AT & T, in order to send logs to support.

  • Z10 blackBerry how to erase my contacts list?

    During the synchronization of my new z10, I imported by mistake a lot of unwanted contacts from my outlook.

    How do I remove from this list of contacts unit of my 10 z & leave?

    Hey Ashwin_ljantkar,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thanks for the question.

    The easiest way is to create a backup of your application Z10 BlackBerry via BlackBerry link (click the BlackBerry down and backup now).

    Then do a security wipe by going to settings > Security > Security wipe.  Please note: this will delete all data off the BlackBerry Z10.

    Or you can manually delete contacts one by one.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • Z10 Z10 BlackBerry blackBerry problem

    Hola amigos, he estado en este foro desde than put tapeworm anteriores con equipos SO 5.0 y 7.1, bueno, pues ahora he defined por a BlackBerry Z10 el cual the explico:

    A mi me lo nuevo mi tio lo uso regalaron y probo por lo 2 dias y puso contrasena y blackberry ID y el equipo is tapeworm SO 10.3.2 stink there is activo funcion antirrobo, al hacer a borrado del equipo al forzado no tener the contrasena, me pedia BlackBerry ID el cual mi tio lo creo el con @gnail in @gmailvez.

    Entonces decidi usar el Método remove anti-theft y fixed el problema, pero veo as el equipo tiene muy few applications, solo como 8, me dijeron as debo fornuis via OTA is that ahorita tiene el SO wont developer pero en el celular works so well.

    Pero los details than the he hallado are:

    * The majority of the apps android no lo is our (Whatsapp, FbLite, Instagram, Opera Mini, Candy Crush etc.).

    Tengo el SO, so intento volver has charged el mismo SO me vuelve a activar el antirrobo y no puedo each.

    * El equipo is calienta a poco (los en normal blackberry).

    Me so no tengo acceso para fornuis Wifi! Espero me help thanks!


    Hello friends, I have been in this forum because I had my previous teams with OS 5.0 and 7.1, well, because now, I chose a Z10 BlackBerry which I explain:

    For me that my uncle gave me new use it and tested for two days and put the password and blackberry ID and hardware already had OS 10.3.2 and as the anti-theft function is active, to do a removal forced the team's do not have the password, the BlackBerry ID pedia me as Uncle @gnail believed him instead of @gmail.

    So I decided to use the method remove anti-theft and solved the problem, but I see that the team has very few applications, like 8, told me I need to update via OTA because now you have installed the OS developer but if the phone works fine.

    But the details I found is:
    * More android apps do not open close (Whatsapp, FbLite, Instagram, Opera Mini, Candy Crush etc.).

    OS me, if I'm trying to reload the OS activate even me again the burglar and I can not use it.

    I recommend that I have no wireless access to day! I hope to help me and thank you!

    Solved! Thank you!

  • Z10-blackBerry App Data

    If I load a new o.s. on my z10 and before that I did I load my all my pic, music and contact on a sd card. I also did a return to the top with the software link.

    So my problem is that I forgot to game data and data of the application do not forget. I read on this forum below.


    So my question I opened a backup on my pc and just load the game data and remember not only application data. If so where it goes into the BONE

    Thank you

    If this isn't the case, I have to start all over again.

    Hey djanti13.

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    A backup BlackBerry link contains 3 types of databases. Application data, media, and parameters.

    The Data of Application contains data related applications such as game data saved, the local PIM data such as contacts and calendar data (which is stored locally on the BlackBerry, do not live sync) and notes in the application do not forget.

    Media contains a backup of all the images, video and music stored locally on your BlackBerry (not including the SD card).

    Parameters contains the General settings for BlackBerry as UI settings, notifications and email accounts.

    To answer your question; No, you cannot open the data specific restore all files and backup such as Remember application data or parts saved as they are part of the basis of Application data . However, you can select only the data from the Application to restore the backup and omit the media and settings , if you wish.

    I hope that this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • Can't stand z10 BlackBerry applications JAVA MIDP 2.1?


    I would like to know whether or not the new Z10 BlackBerry device supports JAVA MIDP applications.

    When I checked GSM ARENA for the specification of phone, I could see that it supports JAVA MIDP 2.1 apps. I need to confirm, because I am also a developer of BlackBerry by profession. So this might help me to develop applications in JAVA - programming language that I like the most.

    Any information on this matter is highly appreciated.

    Thank you much in advance.

    Brahim Salim

    the Z10 does not support java applications.

    with the exception of android applications that can be run in a runtime (but have not access to many API).

    I moved to + native waterfalls, so big c ++, made a little easier by Qt, which is much more similar to java by structure. It took me about 2-3 months to get productive with it (while developing java applications, it is so much shorter if you invest more time).

  • Z10 blackBerry please help me

    Please, I have a problem with my z10 blackberry device, whenever I have unplug or m-unit or the battery of my camera time and date will have to be reset before I can't use my device. Please, what is the way out?

    Hendrick says:
    The operating system

    It's all an old operating system two year.

    I would start by upgrading to the latest 10.3.2

  • Search for Email Z10 Blackberry blackBerry Z10

    I'm an end user who has purchased recently a Z10 Blackberry from Verizon. This end user wishes to be able to search Gmail emails using the native client to find emails more than 30 days, but can't. Is there a way to get around this limitation? Really, she love the new feature but will return for and IPhone if not.

    The most characteristic of 30 days is coming, BlackBerry has promised.

    She really should take for her, the Z10 is so much better than the iPhone.

  • Z10 blackBerry how z10 blockcall password?

    Z10 blackBerry needs a 'password' to 'block incoming and/or outgoing calls. " Suggested a 'software reboot' services provider is not worked.

    Sorry, you have not read my mind. Could be the language difference.

    But I think I can finally receive your senses, I hope.

    What you're talking about is hide your caller ID number. Is not blocking calls.

    Open the app phone swipe down from the top and tap the settings icon. Tap to show my number. Disable. This will prevent your number of shows on the receiving device.

    Parameters is also on the phone call blocking, that is different. It should be obvious what it does. The first time you use it, you create a password.

  • Z10 blackBerry CALL BLOCKING

    I have difficulties with blocking specific phone number to place calls anywhere Z10 blackberry successfully. Also call forwarding. John

    Well, there is no individual call BB10 it blocks.

    As a suggestion, I suggest you contact your service provider and see if they can help.
    Otherwise you can change ring the phone of the number to something that indicates that it is a wrong number and ignore.

  • The Z10 blackBerry restart

    My z10 blackberry keeps restarting without getting a reboot. What can I do to remedy this

    Try putting a piece of insulating tape on the back edge of the battery to tighten toward the top of the stack.

  • Z10 blackBerry a way to disable the bluetooth handset and use activate streaming audio only?

    I use bluetooth in my car to make or receive phone calls and it only allows you to stream Pandora.  On my previous BBs, I was able to disable the handset function and just use streaming, but I'm not find similar options on the Z10.  Does anyone know how to do this? Right now I just turn off my stereo when I receive a call, but this isn't a good solution.  Thanks for any comments.

    Hello oumiahamada and welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thank you for your question about Bluetooth.

    The Z10 BlackBerry doesn't have the option to edit what services are allowed with a Bluetooth connection.

    Depending on your vehicle, you will need to access your Bluetooth set up or the settings in the dashboard of your car to control what features are Bluetooth-enabled.

    If you don't know how to access these settings, contact your dealer or see your owner's manual.

    See you soon!

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