Z210 CMT XM856AV: [resolved] Z210 and nVidia GT730 hangs at startup


After the installation of https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/GT730SL2GD3BRK/specifications/ and attach the monitors I get only on first startup with screen press ESC to enter the BIOS it hangs to this screen.

BIOS information
Seller: Hewlett-Packard
Version: J51 v01.47
Release date: 18/07/2013

UEFI is supported
BIOS version: 1.47

Information box
Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
Product name: 1587 h

This http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/Video-card-hangs-boot-at-splash-... apply to my script too?
Can throw the purchased map?


Remove the battery from the motherboard for a little correction of the problem.

I think the BIOS setting "Advanced-> Options-> Option ROM Support UEFI unit" should be disabled, because when I activated it had to remove the battery again.

Tags: HP Desktops

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    I have a version under license of Creative Suite CS5.5 and work on Windows 7

    Yesterday, I worked with Photoshop and After effects, years things ome in illustrator as well. Everything worked well, I closed the day programs and turns off the computer.

    To date, when you start again, AE does not start, it hangs at startup, leaving me error messages

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    Post edited by: Ledsjovagen

    Tjis always happens at «Initializing menus»... »

    You have a problem with your graphics card driver. Update and set correctly.


  • After an update, I get error "not responding." and then began to hang at startup; uninstalled and reinstalled still hangs at startup

    After you apply a systematic update on Windows XP, I started having "not responding" to stop and had to cancel the task through the Task Manager. The error "not responding" moved to the selection of items on a screen and had to cancel via the Task Manager. I applied the updates and that did not fix the problem. The last update was 34.0.5 and FireFox would not start up. I noticed several people also had this same problem with Windows 7 (although my Windows 7 works ok - touch wood).

    34.0.5 upward in safe mode but would not come otherwise. I did a Reset and FireFox started with Extensions disabled. The first expansion, I have activated was Norton 2014 Toolbar and FireFox did not come to the top. After application of all available newly INDEPENDENT States fixed, FireFox came upward with the NIS active 2014 and seems to operate normally in the present tense.

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    Under Advanced, select General.
    Find and stop using hardware acceleration.

    Search web sites secure. Are there problems?

    Then restart.

  • Ss12 and CS6 crash/hang on startup

    A couple of months, I started having problems with all my programs Adobe, including the first 12 elements and Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.  While they used to open very quickly my player in solid state, now they all are going to take forever to open or will usually just crash and don't open any.  I did not of any hardware or software that I know. one day, they're all just decided to not work.  I tried to uninstall and reinstall all institutions.  Here is an example of message I get when accidents of elements:

    Signature of the problem:

    Problem event name: APPCRASH

    Name of the application: Adobe first Elements.exe

    Application version:

    Application timestamp: 530bd24a

    Fault Module name: dvamarshal.dll

    Fault Module Version:

    Timestamp of Module error: 523cc62d

    Exception code: c0000005

    Exception offset: 0000000000034961

    OS version: 6.1.7601.

    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information 1: 5a5c

    More information 2: 5a5c7f2099c49d46ef167594373b054c

    3 more information: e2a1

    Additional information 4: e2a18ccc946fae77ae70bd7ffb1dd642

    On my system:

    Intel Core i5-4430 3 gHz

    Company of Win7 64 bit

    8 GB RAM

    System disk: 120 GB Samsung SSD EVO

    Six other drives of different sizes for storage


    Thanks for the reply.

    Since you have multiple Adobe products installed on the same computer and you have already explored a lot of variables, I'll ask you to try the following

    Please make a free ccleaner Cross (cleaning ordinary and registry cleaner parts) - just use the free download

    Free download CCleaner - optimization of the PC and cleaning-

    Restart the computer and determine if this optimization of the computer had no impact on the issue.

    There is a "Adobe CCleaner" (as in creative cloud CC is my understanding). It is not the same as the free ccleaner which I am pointing to you. It is my understanding that CCleaner Adobe doesn't have the ability of the ccleaner to clean record.

    In this approach, we are looking to clear vestige of the incomplete uninstalls and reinstalls for Adobe like Adobe not produced.

    Based on the results, we'll think of this topic even more.

    Thank you.


  • Z210 and SAS HBA: those that will work?

    I have an Z210 with the processor E-1240 and 16 GB of RAM, Win7 64-bit.  I have a few hard drives SAS 15 K HP's and I want to install on this machine - but the Z210 has no integrated SAS controller. I discovered that there is an Avid Certified version of this computer, and it uses a controller LSI SAS SAS9200-8F to hang the external storage drives. LSI SAS9200 - 8 used to be available in a version of the internal interface (LSI SAS 9200-8i), but that is only apparently now deployed for IBM and there are no Windows 7 drivers.

    I want to install an INTERNAL SAS HBA. and I noticed that there is an older model, the LSI SAS3041e, which has drivers for Windows7 64-bit available. So, I think that this cheap SAS HBA could be a good candidate for my Z210.

    Has anyone any how SAS HBA in an Z210 properly installed? Specifically the SAS3041e LSA? I think that the issue could boil down to how you install drivers and access the HBA for the boot BIOS...

    DRM for your collective wisdom!

    Well, after much research, I decided that the LSI SAS3041-e (non-RAID) controller was a likely candidate. They are available on eBay for almost nothing.

    I just installed one in my Z210 and it was as easy as possible: Although the technical docs of LSI a several step process to load the drivers Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with Service Pack 1 installed, the drivers are already present in Windows 7 Pro. I plugged the controller, hooked to a pair of HP SAS 15 K disks and booted from the disc of Windows 7 HP system recovery.

    The controller immediately recognized Z210 installed the BIOS and I was off and running. Installation of Win 7 completed smoothly and when the machine finally started in a new Win 7 system, everything was fine and my two new hard drives SAS have been properly formatted and correctly recognized. You should be aware that you will need a pair of "bizarre" SATA cables to use these discs 'battleship-quality '. Cables have a conenctor unified at one end to connect the SAS drives, and the other end is a plain old SATA drive connector and a SATA power plug.

    Even if SAS 15 K drives are slightly slower than a disc of 6 GB/S SATA III, the practical speed difference is trivial, these drives have a superior quality construction regular SATA HD, I think.

  • DC7700 and Nvidia 8800GTX 768 MB GDDR3 PCI-E

    I am wanting to install Adobe CS4 and I need to improve my video card. I am interested in the Nvidia 8800GTX above and wonder if anyone knows of the problems I might encounter? Adobe has the compatible card for CS4, but I want to know if it will work OK on my desk. I watch one on eBay ATM.


    -Compaq dc7700 CMT

    -Intel Core 2 6400 @ 2.13 GHz + 2.13 GHz

    -RAM 4 * 1 GB DDR2 dual mode

    -Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    -PSU 780W

    I know that my setup is pretty basic, but I'm not wanting to make something too ambitious, the edition of base PS, photos and image files, maybe (?) some videos.

    All advice is appreciated.

    Select this option.

    Be good to yourself at least once a day...


    Here's the video cards tested by Adobe CS4.  The article is four months old.

    Review the specifications of performance ATI and NVIDIA . Look at the specifications of strip memory bandwidth and level of DirectX support.

    The 450 from NVIDIA is perhaps a bit slower than the 8800 and the 460 is a faster card.

  • New HP Envy with NVIDIA GT730 / 2GB. PS don't detect GPU.

    New HP envy with NVIDIA GT730 / 2GB. PSCC detects no GPU. NVIDIA is correctly configured and installed. Native Intel graphics card does not appear even more. NVIDIA is set for PS and Snort to use only the GT730. PS frequently display the error message program when trying to define the preferences-> Performance, but I can do browsing Preferences-> general-> performance, and after that, I can then go direct to Preferences-> Performance. NVIDIA driver is current. PS Shows Panel Performance "detected: graphics processor white >, and, of course, to use and advanced are greyed out.» I'm out of ideas.

    I'm back to report the resolution, depicted by Adobe support. The question was user and admin rights file. The simple fix has been setting (Windows) PS to always run as an administrator user. He had no problem with the drivers, just PS being cannot write to files. The trick is in the debugging file. PS ran as administrator, everything was fine. There is probably a solution more appropriate involving find all files, it requires access to, but on a single-user computer, it worked.

  • Win7 and nVidia 6150SE 430 motherboard

    Are they really compatible? When I run video games like Civ 3 or 4 the processor starts to run high and the fan runs at full speed as the machine is about to take off ;-). The games can be run in full screen mode and even with a window frame and the animation set as low as possible, the set of parameters 'Global' or low nVidia, I still I have this problem.

    I downloaded updates (280) recommended driver from nVidia for compatibility and problems with the windows leaving 'trail' when they were displaced the other. This seems to be a question of resources.

    Can I solve this problem with a separate graphics card? And if yes how heavy duty a card can the system handle?

    Yes, Windows 7 and Nvidia 6150SE/430 chipset are compatible. Probably you are in need of a discrete graphics card to offload processing card video system. If your system has slot PCIe x 16, almost any PCIe x 16 graphics card should work your power suplly provided is large enough to power the new card.

    You don't mention what HP/Compaq computer, you have, so we can only speculate about the extension and power connectors that has your computer. Please provide your number of HP/Compaq exact model or product number for more specific help with your question.


  • Lenovo Intel HD 3000 Z570 and Nvidia GT 520 questions

    I'm having a lot of trouble with this laptop recently, it has the optimus nvidia with the intel hd 3000 and nvidia gt 520, I can't get either the nvidia gpu not working at all I can see in my device manager and it has the message "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) "in the properties of the device, also when I click on the Nvidia Control Panel I get the message"Display settings not available - you are currently not using A display attached to A Nvidia Gpu NVIDIA", I know that there is a switch on the front of my laptop which is supposed to enable the gpu from nvidia, but when I use the switch nothing happens , except that the light next to the switch is still on, the nvidia card worked very well and I had no problems with it, but I restarted my pc one day and BAM, nothing works, I tried a lot with this, I uninstalled my graphics drivers and re-installed both of them, I looked in the BIOS and it is set to "Optimus" I updated the BIOS and all my computer drivers I also tried to reinstall windows today, but it still doesn't work, when I run Dxdiag it recognizes only Gpu Intel HD and not the Nvidia one, it's incredibly frustrating, above, I have not used this card and it is not any visuably wrong with it everything on my computer works perfectly well, that's just the gpu from nvidia , the reason why I am so angry over this is I really need the gpu nvidia working I'm on a college course which requires me to have a good graphics gpu to run programs like photoshop and cinema 4 d and they work better with the nvidia gpu. If anyone has any idea at all so please please tell them to me, I'm willing to try anything at this point.

    Never mind to this subject, but if someone come across this topic and has the same problems. Here's what I did.

    Shut down the laptop computer

    At startup screen press F2 to enter the BIOS settings go to display and change of "Optimus" to "UMA" only save and exit and continue boot

    When back on desktop close the laptop once more and get into the BIOS, even once, once there change everything back to default settings then save and exit. When I did my control panel nvidia and card worked once more and I have not had problems since when restart everything worked again.

  • need driver NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE and NVIDIA nForce 430

    I can update this driver because I can't go back or get help from Nvidia\ and it seems that there are 2 pilots of different type from the Manager of devices for widows update instalation I don't know why NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE and NVIDIA nForce 430 is what in my device manager and my control panel , it shows an another nvidia drver tha a ge force 6100 nforce 430. someone please help me with what I think if I resove this then it will update this driver can then I can update BOF IE7 and IE 8

    Find you the driver you need?

    SP2 is usually delivered via Windows Update

    To find out if SP2 is already installed

    • Click the button start , right click on computer and then click Properties.

      If Service Pack 2 is listed in the Windows edition section, SP2 is already installed on your computer and you do not need to follow the instructions below.

    You can install it manually using the link here


  • XPS Intel HD 4600 Graphics and Nvidia Geforce GT 750 2720 m


    For about 3 weeks and a few updates to the Windows and Nvidia driver in may 2015, it seems that the Nvidia graphic card is no longer used by the Dell PC XPS 2720.

    I tried to just reinstall the drivers of two first from the website of dell and alternately of each Web site from intel and Nvidia.

    The two cards are included in the device (Device Manager) Manager, but each time, the graphics card intel HD is the only graphics cards that really works and used by the PC for an application or a game.

    I can check with software such as speed of the fan or CPUID, CPUID HW Monitor.

    Similarly, if I forced systematically into the control panel NVIDIA, the Nvidia card for the global or individual parameter, the Nvidia card is not used.

    Normally the Nvidia should be better for 3D application or games.

    Comments, solutions or justifications will be very appreciated.

    Thank you and best regards,

    PS: I have read all the previous posts on the subject and I know that the two graphics cards usually work together and have been in the past subject to a number of positions or problems related to their 'recognition' by the PC. I have Windows 8.1.


    Thanks for sharing the solution. If you have questions in the future to write us, we will be happy to help you.

    Sincere greetings,

  • First 10 items does not work with the latest NVIDIA drivers, and adobe and NVIDIA will not solve the problem, why should I pay a fee to upgrade to the latest elements when you fix it, and I find myself with old drivers that affect the game?

    I have the question well documented with newer NVIDIA drivers impacting on the preview of the videos in the first 10 elements. Download driver of 5/2013 has solved the problem, however, there whims... which I do not think that I would have to pay for an upgrade of the elements to get rid of the question with my video card. What can we do about it? $89 for your problem is not something that I like...

    This is a user to user forum, so I'm not sure how to answer your question.

    Problems with the version 10 and nVidia drivers began about a year or two ago - when version 10 was already on two years and two generations of old. So I'm not sure that adobe is going to offer a fix for an old version of the program. Particularly when the nVidia drivers seem to be originally.

    Certainly, you can contact Adobe Customer Service and see if they go on you some sort of agreement on another version of the program. Or you can take a copy of old or second-hand version 11, 12 or 13 on Amazon or eBay for pretty cheap.

    I heard about people who work around this problem by loading a previous version of a driver from nVidia. But those who seem to be options. The least likely scenario is that Adobe will award a fix for a four-year program.

  • Engine reading Mercury and NVIDIA cards

    I assumed that this has been discussed in the past, but my research turned up empty.

    I run CS4 body for a while but am upgrading to 5.5 organization and I also want to go ATI to NVIDIA to get CUDA mercury reading improving.

    I'm glad I checked that I discovered that only a very few cards consumer (no Quadro) is listed.

  • GeForce GTX 285 (Windows and Mac OS)
  • GeForce GTX 470 (Windows)
  • GeForce GTX 570 (Windows)
  • GeForce GTX 580 (Windows)
  • I want to go with the consumer line because my PC is also used for other things and is not a PC edition devoted.

    If it's true that these are the only ones that work?  Or is that a lot of PC of areas where things work (such as memory and motherboards), but not everyone is put to the test...

    I saw a site where it said that you had to hack a file or something in order to get other cards NVIDIA Cuda to work in the mercury with Pr Pro mode even if they were equal to or greater in power than these...

    Thanks for the help,


    I guess the question is if you think Adobe is likely to reduce the number of cards taken in charge or he hard code in the program.  Personally, I think CS6(+?) could fully support CUDA cards.

    FWIW, I just do the hack with my GTX 560 Ti card and it worked.  I'm running the PPBM right now.  Unfortunately, my AMD Opteron 165 system based, RAM DDR (not number) based has a LARGE number of bottlenecks that kill performance, BUT it's much better with the 560 card than without!

    The previous card, I had was an ATI Radeon X1950XTX.  However, I gave up on them after that they don't provide for her drivers for Win7.  Yes, the Vista 64 drivers worked, but without support, I have a quite expensive anchor point.  IMO, Nvidia, however, is much better than ATI in driver support.  So I will stay with them for a while.  Just my experience, though.  Hey, I have a few old 6600GT cards and Nvidia has drivers for Win7 64-bit available.  And it's an old card.  In any case...

    The GTX 570 should provide more than enough power for the current iterations of first.  ATI provides an 'equivalent' (OpenCL), but Adobe, for some reason, is not support.

    I hear you on Adobe supporting a larger number of CUDA cards.  I know that CUDA programmers and they tell me that the code is not limited by the cards.  You call the driver/CUDA features card and it works.  So I'm at a loss to understand that.  It simply limits their customer satisfaction.  It is not like they are not big enough to test.

    FWIW, the GTX 560 it seems to work well with CS5 and I guess would work well with CS5.5.

    Good luck in your adventures.  As I buy the additional hardware, I'll try to update here.


  • Photoshop CS5 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Crash

    My profile:

    Photoshop CS5 (x 64)

    Windows 7 x 64

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 (latest driver v197.45)

    Intel i7 920 2.67 GHz

    My card is listed as tested for CS5 and NVIDIA card says that it's compatible with CS5, but today after using it, my screen went blank and the display driver recovered himself. It took about 5 minutes until Photoshop CS5 became responsive and the GPU features have been disabled. I will try GPU in advanced mode and basic instead of the normal mode to see what happens, but it's a shame that I have problems of this kind. I also had problems with CS4 like that.

    What I did to cause this problem: "I clicked on" Place... "to place an object, and that's when it crashed. It happens randomly that I use Photoshop. Please NVIDIA or Adobe to solve this problem. I love the GPU features and I want to run them, but this crash is boring to spend as much on the purchase of this product. I hate to have to pay to contact Adobe technical support, it should be included with the purchase of the software!

    How do I fix this without having to go through the mode based GPU or disabled GPU?

    Well my crash started back with the latest drivers again with the registry tweak and even disabled completely OpenGL. I was going to start to use Gimp but decided to make one last search and then found this thread: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=179747&st=20

    Holy cow, thanks to this thread, I solved the problem! This idea of downclocking the card itself and other questions related power led me to this fix: go to the NVIDIA Control Panel--> manage settings 3D--> global settings and opt for 'Power Management Mode' 'Prefer Maximum Performance' (the 'Adaptive' default setting value seemed to be the culprit). And that's all! The key here is change the setting of "Global", as my individual programs were already set to 'Prefer Maximum Performance'. I have worked very well for 3 days now, and I can cause the error to happen again by changing to "Adaptive".

    I do that and then turned backon OpenGL and set it to 'normal' and so far I've not dropped yet. For all of you who read this, I'll update if I have everything longer blocks, so if there is no more info about me which means this fix has remained strong.

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