Z30 blackBerry email signature

Can someone tell me how to change the signature of e-mail on the Z30 BB?  For the life of me, I can't find!  Thank you!


BlackBerry Hub, tap more (three dots below on the right) > setting > e-mail account. Press e-mail account you want to change the signature. Turn on the automatic signature and type any word in the field provided.

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  • Z30 Z30 blackBerry email signature

    I'm trying to add a signature to email on my Office account (Outlook) 360 specific to my BB Z30.  Currently the signature in Outlook will appear but I wanted to have something specific to the Z30, so people will know when I write to get away from my office.

    Any suggestions?

    Open your Hub > press the right lower overflow icon three points.

    Tap Settings > email accounts > press the e-mail in question account > add or edit the signature it there.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry email signature?

    How to change a Blackberry email signature?

    I know that the standard "sent from my BlackBerry terminal >»

    I'd like something a little more personal.  How can I change?

    Thank you


    1. connect to your carrier's website you BIS. Carrier BIS connection sites are listed here:


    2. click on 'Edit' next to the email to which account you want to change (or remove) the signature.

    3. where it says "signature", delete all the text if you don't want ANY signature, or change view you prefer instead of "sent from my BlackBerry... »

    4. click on SAVE.

  • Z10 blackBerry email signature

    When I compose a new email, a standard range of "Sent from my Blackberry 10 smartphone." appears.

    is there some way I can change this signature line so each time I compose a message by name, etc., shows?

    If Yes, where and how?

    Go into your hub settings and select e-mail accounts.  Then select this account.  Here you can set the automatic signature.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Remove blackberry email signature

    Hi, is it possible to remove the signature blackberrry "Sent from my Blackberry from Vodacom - let your email find you!" to my email please?


    It's quite possible...

    Go to settings-> e-mail accounts-> and you'll find an option to change/remove your signature after editing, it will ask the password to e-mail for publishing will unfold...

  • Smartphones blackBerry email signature

    I had a Blackberry 2 years and I have had my name & that coordinated a signature that appears at the bottom of every email that I sent from the device (like Outlook). I can't understand how to set up on my new 8830.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Connect to your carriers BIS site, if you do not know the site, tell me the carrier and I'll give you the link.

    Sign in and go to the top right of the screen, you will see you e-mail accounts.

    Select the one you want to change and are looking for the PIN edit, click

    You will then see the complete account information, including a large box with signature in the upper right.

    Put in what you want.

    Tap Save.


    Send an email to one of your accounts to one of you and make sure that it is modified.

    Please let me know if you need the address of the site, and if you need further assistance,

    Thank you

  • BlackBerry email Signature or company message predefined instead Passport

    How can I preset my account of society such as important message: this message could not transfer etc... warning message?

    In your Hub.
    Three points icon > settings > email accounts, tap your account and change the signature

  • Email signature changing blackBerry Z10

    I can't find any reference in the user manual Z10 with regard to change his email signature by default ("sent my smartphone BlackBerry 10 on 4 G for Verizon Wireless LTE network.") to a custom created one.

    Any ideas?  Thank you.

    Open your Hub and tap the three dots in the lower right corner, and then select settings. Click e-mail accounts, and then click again on the account in question. You can change the signature there.

    See you soon.

  • BlackBerry on Backberry Curve 8330 Smartphones Email signature

    How can I set up an email signature? I checked http://supportforums.blackberry.com/rim/board/message?board.id=8300&message.id=3079&query.id=87642#M... but it did not help.

    I have GMail and Earthlink.

    See my response here:


  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry "BOLD" email signatures

    New to Blackberry got my "BOLD" yesterday... How to add email signatures?

    Follow the instuctions on the sea site, but I think that the "BOLD" software is different.

    Go to your web page of Castelnau, sign in to your account and go to the e-mail internet blackberry installation, change the account, when you change the account you have the option to change your signature.

  • BlackBerry smartphone email signatures staff extremely obscure for the storm


    I'm a layman, so I'll try to make this short and concise. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to change my email signature. I thought it would be easy, but it turns out that it's more complicated than it should be.

    I took action:

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager (no answer, not even an option for e-mail)

    Phone smart BlackBerry Storm (no answer, not even an option for signatures)

    L ogin to the site Web de BlackBerry via https://bis.na.blackberry.com/html?brand=vzw (no solution, wouldn't let me enter a password, when the password has been sent to my device it says 'username and password do not exist.) Please use your device to access BlackBerry Internet Service.)

    Once again... Smart phone BlackBerry Storm (no solution under e-mail settings email configuration or setup wizzard or anywhere else, not even an option for signatures!)

    I appreciate any help you can give.

    Thank you


    Try here:


    If you can not log on the BIS Web site, call the carrier to provide u the username and they can reset the password.

    try going into the settings of e-mail on the device.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Custom email signatures...

    I would like to know if it is possible to create your own email signature to the standard signature BB, if you're on a phone by distribution (orange)? I tried to create one, but can't find how do...

    Options > AutoText, is your best way.

    Create a short code like "xc" to "Sent from my BlackBerry incredibly fast."

    If at the end of an email... type the short code "xc".

    Otherwise, your BIS account where you emails are setup is the place for auto sig lines. On your PAYGo account, you don't have a BIS connection, do you think?

  • Skype links in my email signature

    Hello all and thanks in advance for your help!

    In my email signature, I added my name, websites, e-mail address, phone number. Under the phone number, I see these links:

    Phone number


    Send sms

    Add to Skype

    You will need Skype CreditFree via Skype

    Anyone know how I can remove this text on my signature? I don't know how it appeared there in the first place.

    Thank you!

    Thank you for your answer! I believe that I sold this problem with the info from the link you pasted. Thank you!

    Best wishes!

  • Adding pictures and links to the email signature

    This has been a problem for years, and many people complained to this topic. There are thousands of messages. Why Apple does not take care of this? I am trying to create a professional signature with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links. But I want the links to be placed on the appropriate logos. I tried the HTML version and it all works, it has a very strange formatting. I tried the "Edit image" version when I click on "Add a link" and it SEEMS fine, but then when I close the signature window and go to write an email, instead of having different links on each image, the first link contains ALL the photos and the warning below.

    For example, the first image is a logo FB link to the official page of David Bowie FB. The second image is the logo of twitter which is supposed to link to the official twitter account. The third image is the Instagram photo that is supposed to link to our page of instagram. And the last picture below these three is a banner of sorts, link to official site. Signature looks perfect when I change it. When I close the menu signature and go to write an email, signature of all including disclaimer is all a link - link only to the official FB page (which was the first link). I've tried absolutely everything and it keeps just change it to that.

    I also tried to create the GIS in an e-mail and send it to me so I can copy paste. Look in the e-mail, but copy paste creates the same problem as before. The first link takes over all other images and exclusion. Why is it so hard to create something so simple? I don't own a PC and have not in years but I had no problem (for years now) creating a signature in Outlook on my work PC. I love infinitely more Apple, but when it comes to the mail app, it's stuck in 1999.

    Is there someone who can help with this?

    ITAN-OS-x-10-dot-11/ http://Matt.Coneybeare.me/How-to-make-an-HTML-signature-in-Apple-Mail-for-El-Cap

  • I would like to add my logo (.gif) to my email signature.

    • I am running windows 7 and use windows live 2011. All the tutorials I've seen about this question leads me to make functions that are no longer viable. That is to say, create the signature / click on the source tab / copy paste the source code, or create a custom hover email signature (which is no longer available). Help, please.
    • I am running windows 7 and use windows live 2011.

    Ask the experts here.

    Windows Live Mail Forum

    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

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