[Z30 Simulator]

Hi all

I want to have Sim Z30. I have tryied to (see attached images).

But I have no Z30 Sim.

What will happen?

And please help me get Z30 Sim.

Thank you very much.



Option 3: BlackBerry 10 All-Touch (1280 x 720)

Should give you the Z30 dimensions for the OS

Note that it won't tell Z30, but the device is essentially simulating the Z30 in this mode.

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    The dimensions of the display of these devices include (height x width):

    • Z10 - 1280 x 768
    • Z30 - 1280 x 720
    • Q10 - 720 x 720

    Device for these pixel ratio is 2.2437500953674316, which means that the following media queries should provide what you need:


    Check out this excellent article, written by my colleague Anzor, support BlackBerry 10 sizes of screen:


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    I don't know what you're asking.

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    An iMac is not a wireless router, so he is unable to perform the functions of a wireless router.

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    I want to install firefox on my firefox 34 Linux simulator

    I downloaded it from this page
    It has installed without problem, but I can't throw, maybe I can, but I can't find a launcher * text or icon * I remember, it was in web development tools but no I can't find it there

    Thanks in advance and happy new year everyone

    OK it started Firefox WebIDE

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    Purchases are considered final, but you can try the page 'report a problem' to contact iTunes Support and see if they will refund or credit you: http://reportaproblem.apple.com

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    Here are my specs:

    MacBook Pro (retina, 13 inch, mid-2014)

    2.6 GHz Intel Core i5

    8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Iris 1536 MB Intel

    Welcome to Apple Support communities

    The behavior you describe is normal. Your Mac's only got a GPU integrated, so he can fight with the games running in circles of high quality, and Macs are defined to reduce performance when they run out of battery (to avoid a stop).

    The key is to find the right settings for your game to get a decent yield with good quality. Try to choose quality settings average and if that wasn't enough, low quality settings. A MacBook Pro 13 inch with Retina display is certainly not designed to play games with it.

  • Simulator of an operating system of Firefox on firefox nightly

    Even if I downloaded firefox OS on firefox nightly Simulator, it apear dosen't here: Tools - web developer - suppose to be there, but it doesn't , but it works on the normal firefox.

    The new location for the Simulator and a few other Firefox OS developer tools is located under Tools > Web Developer > App Manager.

    I hope that solves your problem!

    If so, would you please choose this answer as your solution? This would help other Firefox users to find help on the forums faster and more efficiently. Thank you!

    And of course, feel free to post if you need help!

    Good navigation!

  • App-Manager does not connect to the Simulator OS Firefox on Windows 7

    OS: Windows 7

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    .. localhost:56455 options (the port varies)

    .. connection timeout. Possible causes: has not clicked 'accept' (guest).

    .. .disconnecting

    .. .disconnected

    I have disabled my firewall, restarted firefox and even system - did not help
    There is a similar bug - but I don't know if we are talking about the same thing:

    Thank you

    Well - I already knew these links and I can't find anything useful
    Anyway, I tried the Simulator instead of 1.2 1.3 (unstable)
    This one works very well

  • Why not Firefox OS start Simulator (1.1) the 27 Firefox on OpenSuse 13.1?

    I use the default version of Firefox (27) on OpenSuse 13.1. I downloaded and installed the Firefox os Simulator plugin, version 1.1 have searched with Google, but it does not start. If I open the application manager, and then I click on "start the Simulator", I receive the error that no Simulator is installed. But the "Firefox OS Simulator" menu item in the menu "Tools"->"Web development"...
    EDIT: in 'Tools '->' plugins' we 'Simulator of Firefox OS 4.0.1 by Myk mind. "
    But why?

    Very well, thanks for that info.

    You're not the only user of Linux, the difficulty that there have been a few other reports of the present. While we work to resolve the problem, please follow this bug .

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    I added app even twice to Firefox OS simulator from two different places, and now I am very confused that is new. How to uninstall another Simulator app?

    HI Gurmukhi.

    Thank you for your question, your question has been raised, and I'm happy to help you. I understand that you would like to know how to decipher between two install an application on a Firefox operating system Simulator and I will be your key code to the confusion. Security

    Let us ensure that this only takes you too long http://xkcd.com/612/ then here are a few easy steps:
    (If you use the Extension)

    1. Launch of the Firefox Extension to OS Simulator
    2. Do this by going to tools > Web Developer > Firefox Simulator
    3. This will bring you to the dashboard page to see all the applications installed

    Check this for add and update apps on a Simulator: [adding and update and delete the apps]

    See this for more information [|] [Tools for Firefox developers Simulator]
    A more...
    [| [The use of the App handler]
    The use of the App Manager

    Please note that the Simulator and the BONES are still being developed. For the more technical issues for the development please do not hesitate to consult the development forums. [| [Community project]

    If other contributors have more to add don't hesitate!

  • I don't see firefox OS simulator in the menu Tools-webdeveloper

    I have firefox 20.0.1.
    I installed the firefox OS simulator.
    I restarted the computer.
    In the menu Tools-webdevelper I don't see firefox OS simulator.

    It may be that this has to do with the privacy settings or work in private browsing mode. He disappeared in the menu when I changed my settings, I noticed. However, you can always get to it. Put this in your address bar (you can bookmark). This may change in the future, but for now, it works for me.


  • Firefox OS simulator spontaneously

    I have 19 beta Firefox running on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I had installed Firefox OS simulator. I was connected to the machine with the remote desktop, but not actively used it. Instead, I was working in another window of independent software.

    The OS simulator seems to start on its own. I do not click in the remote desktop window or use the quick access buttons to start. I uninstalled the add-on immediately. Could there be a security risk?

    See also https://github.com/mozilla/r2d2b2g/issues/308

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    What does the list of developers and system requirements?

  • HP forensic 39gII: simulation of mathematical routines Saturn?

    (This discussion is NOT to debate on the judgment on the ability of calculator and accuracy!)


    While I am very interested to see a new generation of devices HP to come, I wondered about the genealogy of this new 39gII of family of HP, in particular read comment by Tim new codebase for this product:

    "The 39gII, it's the beginning of a new brand, independent of the platform codebase for graphic HP calculators. It has been developed, designed, and written entirely in-house as a modern and flexible system. »

    So I ran the well-known formula of forensic medicine (in degree mode):

    Arcsin (arccos (arctan (tan (cos (sin (9)))

    who gives a 8.99999864267 on 39gii (ROM 39gII used: 2012 September 4, rev 18360)

    By raising this result in a calculator very extensive database, it shows hp39gii seems to share the same routines mathematical than the Saturn-based models (including the 50 g) and not something new or derivative of older models (nuts, travel,...).

    Although not a smoking gun, it's probably a pretty strong clue.

    We would find relevant to HP indeed draw on proven algorithms and recognized.

    So a question arises concerning the declaration of "new codebase": has plain emulation Saturn in recent products (such as 50 g) running real Saturn ROM in the ARM emulator, or a simulator of Saturn where same mathematical routines code has been rewritten again portable code compiled on the ARM (BTW giving the speed improvement drastic) went from HP?

    Would be interested to hear about it?

    Then I thought about the so-called e ^(i*pi) "bug" in HP39gii with eval to:

    (-1,-1,26676153736E-12) instead of-1

    The same ran on HP50g and found:

    (-1, -2.06761537357E-13)

    Then... both have the similar problem, but they are NOT the same result.

    There is always a very interesting similar trend 6761537357 (rounded to 676153736 on 39gII).

    If we assume 39gII simulation must match the ROM of origin of the product, there may be some effects secondary bug in 39gII.

    Anyway, it would be great if the latest generation devices could actually improve this result and gives-1!

    No comments on these fidings?

    Thank you.

    So the question is actually slightly more subtle while. This has to do with the way the parser evaluates the entrance.

    What is done is that by pressing e ^ you return < constant > ^ (entry). This means that what is in fact calculated is the constane 'e' to the power of ' I * pi'.  Go ahead a put ' I * pi' evaluate the constant onto the stack on the 50g, e, Exchange and then perform a calculation of power. Let me know what you see... :-)

    If you are on the 50g algebraics, by pressing e ^ inserts the EXP () function and this actually reveals exactly what is happening here. If you do EXP(i*pi) on the 39gII, you will discover exactly the same result as the 50 g.

    The 39gII actually also corresponds with the 39gs as e ^ is a constant power - not the EXP function.

    That being said, we now have the ability to have unique values or characters who, with the police limited, set previous calculators were not allowed. Maybe it's time to take a look at this and make the system or use a special character for the 'e' (similar to constant i) constant, or have a standard e ^ actually to be mapped to the EXP function internally as single 'e' will be the constant e.

    Thank you for the interesting debate! I'll bring this up internally, and we'll talk about what we want to do here in the future.

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