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I am planning buy a Z30, for use with the AT & T network in Puerto Rico and the United States. What model (STA100-1... STA100-5) will run in mode LTE 4 G on AT & Ts network in the United States and Puerto Rico? I need to know before buying as I most likley buy in eBay or Amazon and there seems to be different models. Thank you for your support.


See this table: Z30 and frequencies supported models

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  • Is it possible to load the specific libraries about the version of BlackBerry model (NOT the software)?

    Hello world

    I know it's possible to load specific libraries about the version of the BlackBerry host software (using files .alx and .jad files), but it is also possible to do the same thing about the version of BlackBerry model?

    I know you can find something with download OTA by designing a specific download servlet that will check the version of the device model (using the HTTP for ie user agent) but how could you do the same thing with the files .alx file? Is it still possible?

    In regards to as you can only check the device software version, but you can't do it with the version of the device model... Is there a workaround here?

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I recalled an old article that I came across a couple of months:

    http://www.BlackBerry.com/knowledgecenterpublic/livelink.exe/fetch/2000/348583/800708/800651/How_To _...

  • Demographics of Blackberry model?

    Where can I get information that shows how much of each Blackberry model is currently operating?

    I'm trying to decide how many models (and which versions of Blackberry OS) I need to go out to maximize the number of potential customers.  I don't want to waste time developing for Blackberry models who don't not users instances of exploitation.

    At the other end of the spectrum, I noticed that "Abyss" recently won the contest "apply your ideas" from Verizon.  While my hat is off for the guys from Mobigloo for their performance, their game only works on the Storm 95xx models.  This seems to leave many users of Blackberry out in the cold.

    Yes, demographics, please?

    Welcome and good luck with your development.

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  • Active executives Z30 blackBerry disappearing randomly on Z30


    My active frames apps sometimes close without reason.  Most of the apps I have open at the same time is usually 4-6.  I usually close apps when I'm done with it.  Is it possible that my BlackBerry learned my habits and stop my frames active apps on the fly? I STA 100 - 5 (Z30) model.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    In addition I've seen this happen more (active closing & low memory) when the unit has not been restarted for some time. So, if you see this often, restart your BlackBerry.

    Now on the power button on top for about 20-25 seconds until the screen turns black and the red LED flashes for start up.

  • Z30 Z30 blackBerry vs Lumia 520

    BB - friends,

    I am mechanical engineer in a company automotiv. Now my old Nokia C5 should be replaced by a smartphone.

    I need the phone especially for calling, emailing and takeing pictures.

    Our COMPUTER shop has models Z30 BB and 520 Lumia.

    I ordered a Z30 because of its power, value, and design.

    Now, I received an email from our return from IT-Shop, Nokia models are more cheaper than the BlackBerry.

    I order a Nokia or give some effective arguments for a Blackberry.

    My first response to the IT-Shop showed the technical differences.

    => Without success!

    Picturers, Emails and a higher resolution are not enough effective.

    Please, help me for some more reasons to use a BB instead of a nokia!

    Thank you very much!



    I just sent a few photos posted dark as my colleagues at our COMPUTER shop smartphones...

    The Nokia Lumia 520 has a very poor quality... because it is without a flashlight...

    I got a promise-online now!

  • Drive USB Z30 blackBerry for Blackberry

    I need to transfer data from my old laptop (which happens at the end of his life).

    How can I connect the USB to my Z30

    Thank you


    is that you need to access the files on the USB key with your Z30

  • Z30 Z30 blackBerry does not load unless it is rebooted and does not connect to the link

    My Z30 will load only if it is connected to an AC charger and the Z30 is restarted. My Z30 does not connect to my PC via USB. My Z30 running OS I did a soft reset (how I learned that it charges a restart), and recently completed a wipe of the device security. I bought the phone on October 5, 2014, and now is not working today. My dealer I come to, their store policy is only good for 30 days after purchase and referred me to go look at the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is for 1 year. I just went this year a few weeks ago. Doubly upset right now!

    Hmmm... except maybe Pinterest, it is difficult to infer any specific causal event of this sequence; I hope that you have already tried to remove this app to see if things have improved. But before more destructive measures, please run the BBVE on the device to see if it provides any useful information:

    Also, that you take a LINK backup in order to recover? For example, if you know your configuration selections, the home screen configuration, add apps, claim, etc., then you can skip the backup and reconfigure simply from scratch. But note that it also requires that use you the best practice method for Contacts and calendar, in that your device does not have the data source 'master' for those, but rather some services online (e.g., Google, Outlook.com, etc.) is the master, and so when you reconfigure these data will simply restore servers, no LINK restore to get the data on your device.

    Let us know.

  • Z30 BB Z30 blackBerry browser crashes when you access Facebook

    Z30 BB crashes when you go to Facebook. Problem started today.  Worked fine for over 2 years.  Works well on all websites.  If this problem can be solved or is it time for a new smartphone Blackberry-no?  Please respond to the (deleted personal information)

    Hi all

    The problem is solved itself.  Nothing I did yesterday the issue resloved. I put the phone into the charger and went to bed. This morning, the consulted Facebook browser without problem.

    Thank you for your interest.


  • BlackBerry Z30 BlackBerry Presenter smartphone software

    How to get the app for BlackBerry Presenter smartphone for z30 software

    BB10 support for it.

    You can use the HDMI output to connect to a projector with a DVI or VGA adapter directly or

    Software package for the Smartphone blackBerry presenter can be installed on smartphones BlackBerry 7

    Snip on link

    It is not possible to install the package of software, available at http://us.blackberry.com/smartphones/accessories/presenter/, on a BlackBerry smartphone BlackBerry® smartphone BlackBerry® Presenter 7 running. This is due to the device BlackBerry Presenter being abandoned and unofficially supported on BlackBerry 7.

  • Z30 Z30 blackBerry LED front

    The front LED on the Z30 can change colors? If so, are there apps that can control it (like assigning a color to TEXT, another for calls, etc..)? I was able to do this in my Curve 8900, was awesome, even in silent mode, you could understand who/what was called without looking at the screen.

    John_Clark wrote:
    Red, green, blue and white are all who are in the Virtual BlackBerry Expert for the test.

    Yes, but with different levels of brightness and the use of different colors, you can perform most any color

  • Time and Date Z30 blackBerry

    Dear friends

    What is the problem with Blackberry Z30 whenever I restart the phone even for seconds, the date and time reset to Mar 9 and the time of 3:45. How can we challenge any idea. It does not seem to recognize the self... It's ruining my system and appointment call recorder.

    I'm sure that this is not a toy

    Questions, suggestions...

    Go to settings > Date and time.

    Zone to check and correct if necessary.

    Recommend Auto update time zone at the prompt. You never know when the mobile network will transmit the wrong time zone and your alarm goes off at the wrong time. But now, for troubleshooting, look and see if the time zone is correct, and look for you prompt to accept the change.

    Allow to set a Date and time automatically.

    If the problem is not the time or time zone is transmitted by the network or the BlackBerry seems to react to the time signal mobile network, then I would look at possibly conflicting software apps, corrupted and that sort of thing. It may be easier to just make a clean OS and then move forward a step at a time and that you restore the data and install test applications.

  • Z30 BlackBerry how to remove my Z30 BBM

    I have a Z30 with the latest OS

    BB decided to make money to disturb me with advertising on my BBM. I don't want to, so I would like to know how to delete BBM?

    I guess you also don't use Facebook, Skype, google products or browse all web pages then (to name a few).

    Unfortunately services (those that are especially free) are ad revenue suported these days, just a part of life.

    That said it is possible to remove some parts of the operating system (at your own risk), if you insist really the descendant that route, see Knowyou.

    You could also looked just delete your BBM account (with consequences on other features...



    I bought a Z30 in Dubai.

    It is with my cousin in Dubai, where he had used this Z30 for BBM with his email ID and password.

    now, he had sent the handset in India.

    then, try to configure my blackberry id in this game of hand (z30), it shows my cousin only e-mail IDs.

    It is said, we cannot change the blackberry id again in this device...

    so... is it not possible to change the blackberry id in my device now?

    pls suggest.


    You must wipe the phone to change blackberry id.  Be sure to back up data via link BB.

    Kind regards.

  • Z30 blackBerry cannot mark messages as read

    In the hub of BlackBerry, you can tap the icon on the left of an element any mark as read without opening it. I constantly on my z30, and he has always been on my q10. For some reason any it stopped working yesterday. It always just opens the message now. What I've done wrong?

    Solved myself. In the hub, there only three lines and check mark icon at the top right. If you click on it, it shows the icons of deleting items from the trash, but it also allows you to mark items as read by clicking the icons. Disable it deletes the Recycle Bin icon and prevents you also tapping the icon to mark as read.

  • International warranty Z30 blackBerry

    BlackBerry offers international coverage?

    If I buy Z30 to the United States, is limited warranty available in INDIA?

    Please let me know the details.

    Warranty is supported by the seller.

    See http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/Social-Lounge/How-Formal-Support-Works/td-p/2540533

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