Z5771 the Bios recovery Procedure

Black's screen/no post problem.

What is the keyboard shortcut or the CORRECT for the bios recovery procedure?

Everyone made a SPI flash using ROM_RECOVERY_HEADER?

Me he fixed, SPI flash using ROM_RECOVERY_HEADER

Thanks for your help

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  • Envy 17-j130ea: HP Envy 17-j130ea do not have access to the BIOS recovery and black screen

    Hi people,

    The laptop was waking up alone, so I decided to try to update the BIOS. Bis error. The tool has been run on 64 Win10

    The HP tool left me with a black screen and after that I tried to hold the low win + B and the power to access the Bios recovery, but there is no nothing. Tone flashing, nothing.

    I don't know if creating a flash drive with the bios will help as I don't have admin rights in another machine to create the flash drive using HP tool.

    Any ideas? Flash player won't work if BIOS recovery is not pulled up?

    All ideas are welcome.

    See you soon

    Well, I managed to solve the problem overnight without having to wait three days for anyone to answer that after the end of the week, with the following steps:

    1. I had to create a USB key with the bios by using the executable auto HP. It did not help that for some reason any that you have to have the administrator rights on a windows machine. Why aren't files available as well in a simple zip file? It would have helped a lot! Please stop HP right now provide only Autorun... it only compliates things. It took me an extra day just because I couldn't access a machine windows with administrator rights to install the executable file.

    2 - Insert the memory stick with the bios in the dead computer.

    3 - Press the Win + B and press the power button. The machine didn't do any beep or noise that all the guides say. I just kept pressing the key B + Win until I saw a recovery of the Bios screen, finally. Without the memory following stick this same step has not shown, nor does the computer make a noise or show any display, just died.

    4 - wait for the update at the end.

    My Advisor. Do not update windows, it all messed up. It is very reliable to get the memory stick. Too many windows things can interfere in the process, just don't do it from Windows, or at least create the memory stick first while you still can.

  • The Acer Aspire BIOS recovery procedure

    I ran BIOS update program accidentally in my Acer Aspire desktop on windows 10 PC, the program began suddenly and run in the DOS window, then it crashes before finishing, don't know what stage was when crashed on the BSOD, which needed PC to restart to the no reboot No Acer logo, black screen and PC beeps a long short beeps, tried to boot from USB but as long as the screen is black, I can't do anything, only to become recurring beeps.

    You don't know how to recover the BIOS, if someone had this problem with the BIOS and manage to recover the BIOS, I very much appreciate their help on what to do.

    Thank you

    Hi, thanks for the information and the link that I found very useful and informative, to find the good BIOS I couldn't find the option to select the operating system, the operating system is required to download the drivers only. I don't know how to deal with that and if the OS is or is not required when BIOS downloding.

    I also found some information in the user manual on the version of the BIOS and how to recover the BIOS on page 25 failure, but it is unclear what BIOS to use the original during the expedition or the latest version or the other between two release dates?

    What is meant by the wrong BIOS is specific, bad model, or an incorrect date?

    Thank you.

    I look forward to hear from you.

  • On Satellite A60 Pro BIOS recovery procedure?

    Hello after updating of the procedure of flash, computer power not on. (only 3 seconds)
    Bios recovery how?
    Sorry for my English.
    Thank you for your help.

    + English only! +

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    Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I m afraid BIOS is screwed up, and you will not be able to recover.

    On this forum I found an interesting thread - http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=54395

    Check it out. Maybe this will help. If not I'm afraid you need professional m help with it.

  • Pavilion p6-2201el: the BIOS recovery

    My PC after the upgrade to Windows 10 unbootable. No MESSAGE, no noise, no led on the front panel. Power supply is ok. Think I should do a being of the jumper on the motherboard BIOS recovery. I may have the exact procedure? Thank you ad is lying.

    Hi there @MarcoFast

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, so many other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff. I understand that you are looking for help that your system does not start successfully after the upgrade to Windows 10. I'm happy to help you.

    I realize that you may have about the reset of the BIOS, but I think you should try to work first of all through the process on this page. HP - computer desktop PC won't start not (Windows 10.8)

    Then if you still have questions, I would recommend you restore your previous operating system, a feature that allows 10 Windows when you install an upgrade; You can restore 29 days.

    Restoration of Windows 10 in your previous version of Windows - www.thewindowsclub.com

    I wouldn't do anything with the BIOS until you are in your previous operating system, assuming that this is necessary at all.  Here is the rollback of the desktop computer BIOS method: PC desktop HP - BIOS recovery

    I hope this helps.

  • Qosmio G30 - problem after the system recovery procedure

    I Qosmio G30 - 148 who have Windows XP MCE, trying to download some system programs crashed and make automatic restart.

    I then used a RECOVERY CD to recover my system all and followed the instructions on the CD but when finished and restart the system, a famous blue screen telling me there is a problem in my system and windows must be restarted.

    When restarting in safe mode, it is a message telling me that the system is not fully installed. Please, rerun the Setup program.

    You could any body help me in this problem because it's a strange problem?

    Note: I tried to install Windows XP from external CD but the system did not have the hard drive.

    You are right. It's a really strange problem. I don't know if you use some external devices but before you start recovery procedure please remove all connected devices.
    The fact is that this recovery image is designed for this model of laptop and the specific hardware configuration. If the BSOD occurs after the installation of the image it takes little hardware related issue.

    I don't really have any other explanation. Problem is that no one here will be able to offer an accurate diagnosis, and we can only speculate what may be the problem.

    Try to do it again to the recovery facility, but if the problem persists I fear that you need professional help.

  • WANT E9G80UA: need the BIOS recovery to restore my BIOS

    have a problem for my bios and need fix this please can someone help me? to send me a bios recovery fail my model (hp envy touchsmart 17 notebook pc 17-j017cl) to restore my bios

    Here is a guide that you should try to see if it will solve your problem.  If this isn't the case, please let me know.

  • DV6-6b90se: the bios recovery

    Hello there please help!

    How can I recover BIOS when corrupted and

    White screen; Caps lock will blink twice every 2/3 seconds with the orange wireless button.

    My laptop is HP pavilion dv6 (dv6-6b90se)

    I see. You will need to take the PC to a specialist to a computer repair shop. He could give you close to your problem.  He will take the chip from the BIOS of the laptop and write a new BIOS on the chip and then soldered to the motherboard.

  • Satellite A350D-113 - how the BIOS recovery after faulty update?

    Hi guys!

    Yesterday I stumbled accidentally updating BIOS for my satellite A350D-113 and computer interference in the process. Now, I've got is this common black screen, fan turns and CD-rom checked.
    I know there are discussions on this issue, but all of these senses are very different. Can someone help me with step by step "what to do"?
    I did not usb floppy, but I suppose a common CD - R should be fine replacement.

    I'm desperate rly.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hey Buddy,

    If the BIOS update failed, you can do anything. You need professional help of an authorized service provider. Technicians can try to reflash the ROM module

    Here is their list:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Good luck! :)

  • The BIOS update procedure

    On the recommendation of someone on these boards, I downloaded the latest bios for my Switch 10.  The only thing on the page d/l is the bios itself, and a warning that it may screw up your computer.  That being said, you would think there would be detailed instructions, but no.

    So I did the cat of Acer and contacted the Quickee Mart Apu (at least, I think that was his name).  I should have asked for a slurpee, because he was no help at all.  He said 'just' to run the configuration file in the bios (which is actually an .exe file).

    Can someone point me to get detailed instructions on how to update the bios?  If I brick this thing, I'm still within the return period, but I would like to avoid rather than.  Thank you.

    Unzip the file.

    the Switch10 is connected to the AC charger and run the P0JAC_BIOS_V1.06_A4.exe/BIOS/Win folder.

    nothing else, wait that it terminates the process without touching the keyboard, the touchpad or buttons.

  • Crisis of the BIOS Recovery on Satellite P100


    Usual story. Windows (WinPhlash) BIOS updated was wrong and my P100 is dead.
    I fell on the collection procedure of the crisis that should work on any laptop Phoenix BIOS based.

    However, I either do something wrong or the motherboard is blown more than I expected.
    In my case, I follow the procedure carefully, but my P100 won't enter in crisis recovery mode at all.
    He's not even trying to access/boot USB floppy drive.

    I just tested with A100 my wife and all the readers (HD, DVD and floppy drive) light their LEDs right after turning on the laptop, if the floppy drive works fine. When I press the power button on my P100, fans begin to turn, turn hard drive (and heater for chipset gets hot after awhile), but by pressing Fn + B or Win + B as described in procedure of CR does not any change in the behavior of the laptop. Floppy drive is Toshiba, marked, so there should be no compatibility issues. Voltage all the USB ports, but somehow my P100 refuses to access the floppy drive at startup.

    Any help?

    See you soon,.

    Satellite P100 say isn't the same thing as the Satellite A100.
    The two laptops are supported on different motherboards and different BIOS.

    I put t know what you did, but I see only one solution.
    You will need to contact the ASP in your country for assistance technicians should be able to help

    Good luck and best regards

  • 1130us Envy4 crashed during the update of the BIOS


    I just killed my laptop Envy4-1130us favorite.

    I decided to update the BIOS of v.13 to v.25

    During the update process, mogen of BONE (Win8.1) upwards. No error has been shown. After restarting laptop for a few hours, and now it is not working. Supply duct is turned on, the system fan works at full load, but the screen is black, and system does not (OS not start and does not not the power button).

    Community can help me? An it's the BIOS of the laptop recovery console?

    PS: Excuse my English.


    When the laptop was completely unloaded, I plugged in the AC adapter.

    It powers on and then the bios recovery procedure has been started.

    So now I have a BIOS v.10

    Thank you HP Bot now my desire to NEVER been updated bios

  • What are the possible problems during the update of the BIOS?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having a problem with my old Toshiba battery - "plugged in, does not support".
    The research on the internet I discovered that the BIOS update might solve the problem.

    On the other hand the BIOS update procedure can itself cause some break problems...

    Someone knows what can the precautions / should I take to avoid such problems or be prepared to solve them easily... something like the BIOS recovery disk, etc.?

    Thanks in advance

    > On the other hand the BIOS update procedure can itself cause some problems to break...
    Never heard of that
    BIOS update is a delicate process and the laptop could die if the procedure fails, but never heard of network problems

    But I'm not quite sure if the BIOS update would help you to get the battery work m.
    From my experience has nothing to do with the version of the BIOS
    The battery has worked in the past?

    If Yes, then I would say; the problem is with the battery or motherboard problem
    Eventually it s a battery issue because the battery seems to be very old
    So, in my opinion, you should try to replace the battery.

  • Satellite A210-15Y crashed during the update of the bios

    The worst case has happened and the laptop computer crashed during an update of the bios. I know that there is the possibility to repait the bios with a tool of recovery from crisis. For this purpose you have to press 2 keys (in most cases FN + B or Win + B) during the connection of the supply cable and the next start. I tried many books, but nothing happened. Can someone tell me the keys on which I have to press a 210 - 15Y satellite and maybe where I can get an image of cd of the tool of the crisis, because the laptop does not have a floppydrive?


    As far as I know that the BIOS crisis procedure may be crazy by a technician of the ASP.
    You can not download a version of traditional BIOS who can update the BIOS from a USB FDD floppy.
    You can download only focused on the victory of the BIOS that can be run so that windows operating system is running.

    In my opinion, you should get in touch with a local ASP!

  • Satellite A200 PSAE0E - no display after the update of the BIOS has not

    Hi all

    I have Toshiba A200 PSAE0E. I got the Vista OS to Xp.
    When I tried to upgrade the BIOS setting, the system frozed.

    I reformulated the system using the power button. There is no display on my screen when restarting.
    I tried to restart by pressing F1, F2, key to the House and even removed the battery for a while, until what there is no display on my screen.

    I even tried connection and an external monitor, but that also there is no display.
    At the moment I don't have any sort of recovery disk.

    I would be very happy if someone could help me.


    To me, it seems that the BIOS update procedure has failed.
    For no apparent reason has frozen the system and you have interrupted the update procedure.

    According to mu ROM module (where the BIOS is stored) has not been flashed properly and this is the reason why you cannot start the laptop.

    In this case, you need the help of ASP I know, this really stupid s situation but I'm afraid there is no alternative to m.

    I think that the technician will try to flash the ROM module using a special BIOS and then the cell phone should start properly if all goes well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Good luck

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