Z61t - Error Codes: 0176 and 0271 - cannot access Bios Setup Utility - help!

Greetings.   I have a portable Z61t and just when I booted up it I got two errors: 0176, which is a mistake of security/tampering and 0271 indicating the time and date are not set.  From there I guess he's trying to load the BIOS configuration so that errors can be corrected, but it requires a password that I do not have.  After the manual removing the main battery and the battery backup will solve the problem of password, but it's NOT.  Nothing I've tried has allowed me to get past this screen.  I can't even work around it and just get the operating system to load.  I've read tons of forum discussions, but so far nothing I've tried has worked.

The password it is demanding is the supervisor password, you need to remember or find out that value.

More information;  Password lost or forgotten - ThinkPad General

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