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liquid z530 manage notification settings

Hello. I would like to know how to manage notification settings. For example, when I play music often there is a brief interruption when I receive a message from Facebook, email etc. I want to stop completely. No interruption whatsoever. Is this poss

acerEXTEND does not load on the computer (Windows 7)

acerEXTEND does not load on the computer (Windows 7/10). Error message says I need to be administrator. Computer said that I am logged on as administrator.

How can I custom ringtone for each SIM card in acer z630s

How can I custom my ringtone for each sim card? I've tried doing as Settings - Sound - ringtone - sim1 (set the ringtone of my default system card SD for each sim) Although the rings ringtone as the default value.

How can I take screenshots using the liquid z410?

Hello to everyone.I use my new phone for a few days, and I can't find the option to the a picture of the screen, you could help me please?

Hello I can't in my acer liquid e3 show me this message "the acer liquid aplication" s errete "

Dear community of morning I get my acer August liquid and use it without any problems. But since this morning, I can't in my phone as usually, because it shows me a message on screem: 'acer' liquid application stopped. How can I do to fix this and de

Original helmet for S Jade liquid (S56)

Does anyone know where I can choose an OEM, helmet for my Jade S liquid as it was in the box? The connector on the one I have seems to be broken and I can't get audio in one ear but I was very pleased with the quality and comfort of headphones and th

e 350 smartphone dual _update

Hi, someone tried to update an Acer 350 E smartphone? When I check if there is an update, I get a funny message saying that there is no address associated with the specified host name (long and complicated url) My phone runs on Android 4.0.3 and I wa

Strange screen with acer Liquid Z220 shutdown problem

This has happened with my new phone smart acer Liquid Z220. Turning on the acer screen "android-powered" rises. The three logo (my provider). But then the screen turns white. However, the phone doesn't work and responds to the touch (without seeing m

Update manual Acer Liquid E2 (V370)

Hello I have an Acer V370 rooted with Android 4.2.2 and build number Acer_AV061_V370_1.006.00_WW_GEN1s. Recently, I have seen 3 new updates on the Acer download page for my device: OPERATING SYSTEMAcerImprove the performance of the WiFi APAcer.AV061.

Low volume button no longer works Acer Liquid E700

Dear reader, I've got an E700 liquid Acer for about 3 months now. The low volume button has suddenly stopped working. I did something strange with the phone, but I think that the problem began to appear just after I detached/seal the rear case (but I

Acer Liquid E2 DUO; need to re - enter the PIN code / unlock SIM occasionally

Hello I use an Acer Liquid E2 DUO. Several times a week (sometimes only once a week, other weeks a couple of times a day), I need to reinstate the two SIM anti-violence to unlock. The phone reset completely, but it looks like a partially reset any. A

Right icon name becomes/strange/weird not Acer Liquid X 1

Hi Acer and users, I have this problem with my Acer Liquid X 1. Sometimes the icon phone naming appearance becomes strange. For example Google + becomes G... Sometimes, some extend the appellation of the correct icon. It is very annoying One undergoe

Acer liquid 3-twinning

I have a 3 liquid and trying to pair it with my car bluetooth system. I receive a number of matching my car system asking me to enter into the device (phone)... silly question... where can I get into the phone?

Acer Liquid Z220 say name carrier text messages not contact name.

When I receive a text message he said the name of the contact, but when the conversation continues it indicates the carrier name on my phone on the message to my name and the person I am SMS.

Acer Liquid z220 HOME ACER stuck in the loop of the error, cannot use my menu

Hello I bought an Acer Liquid Z220 two days ago and everything worked perfectly. Today, I watched my menu, and she advised me that "sorry, home Acer was arrested.'. I tried turning work, reset, reset the cached data, forcing the stoppage. I can't bre

Acer liquid jade dual sim is bad

I bought an acer liquid jade dual sim. I've had it for 3 weeks and its giving me nothing but trouble. He kept first eject the sim cards. Now he is constantly restart itself. My first experience with acer e2 was positive, but it is a nightmare. Anyone

Launcher Android

I would like to know if Acer had a custom android Launcher? Try nova, buzz etc but they all of is not in what I want. Prefer something small and light, but have an option to rearrange icons

E700 liquid: How can I change the lock screen apps?

I no longer use the default lock screen apps. I use Chrome instead of the build-in the browser. How can I change the applications on the lock screen? Thank you.

Problem of liquid E700 Acer when the music is playing in the car

Whenever I connect my acer e700 to my car to listen to music in the car, the music seems to stop, then I manually play it again, then it stops again. So I went back to the phone and got a replacement and hope that the problem would be resolved, but t

E700 update failed

My E700 could not be updated. I got the message that there is a new update of the system. I downloaded and tried to install it but there was a signature verification failure. My E700 is not rooted or anything current kernel 3.4.67 construction Acer_A
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