Restored W510 get error at startup

I restored the W510, so I can sell it, but when the PC starts up I get this error "C:\Windows\system32\OEM\alaunchx\alaunchX.exe a referral was returned by the server. What is it? What the * beep * is the problem with Acer? I want to just get rid of

Factory Reset for ACER Iconia W3 opportunity

Bought an ACER Iconia W3 used by someone who inherited it and who knows little/nothing about this. The supplied password does not work, and I need help do a password reset or factory reset. Don't know what should have delivered with this point if she

Acer W510 refuses to allow me to set the admin password :(

I restarted my Tablet repeatedly since woning there a few months back. Because I had total control of the space of hard drive and BIOS and applied my copy of Windows 8.1. Bill I made a copy on my usb key and used multiple times. Why I can't explain o

Acer iconia w3 acess bios

How can I acess my bios on my acer iconia w3?

Iconia w3 - 810 bluetooth keyboard connects more

This morning, after a good 6 months of using this taablet with its keyboard, the keyboard stopped responding. battery checked and everything is fine. It refuses to connect. I put in "pairing mode" and the blue led will blink, but entering the code +

No power when on battery

I have a W700 and recently he stopped running from battery. Reports on a 2/3 battery charge, but it does not go higher than. I replaced the battery and it has almost no cost, yet once no loading takes place. When no battery is connected, the Tablet s

Windows 8 recovery options

I have a W510 Iconia with windows 8. I copied the recovery on a USB key partition. I'm trying to find a way to use it if I have a problem of system that prevent me from using the tablet. I searched the ther site, but all the answers involve the use o

With pellets W510, how can we simulate a right-click of the mouse to 'copy' the text?

Were you successful in highlighting a text in the Tablet, but having to use the application 'menu' to 'copy' the text, and then "Paste"? I found it is not easy with a Tablet and messy. Were you able to highlight text, and then simulate a right mouse

W3 Standing Touch Screen malfunction

Time to time, especially after you update from windows session, touch screen did not react after the restart of a tablet. The title, I always reinstalled drivers, restarted Tablet and problem was absent. This week, there was a new update of windows a

W511 recovery Partition

I want to find the recovery partition to copy, but I don't know where to look?

Service & Iconia W3 Micro USB

Bought new in September at office Depot with Windows 8. Micro USB worked for a week, they have not able to connect to anything. Have tried to connect with 3 cables different & 3 different laptops I couldn't make it work. Sent to Acer - they said that

Size of the file Windows 8.1

What size Windows update 8.1? I ask because I've only got about 3 GB of free space on my W510. The store said that the update is 2, 84 GB but that is just for the installation?

Iconia slow w700 on battery

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? When the Tablet is connected to a power source, it works fine, but when it's on battery power, it becomes terribly slow. Can someone post a solution to this? Don't know if this will help, but t

W3-810 graphics issues

Hi, can someone help me with this? After the Tablet goes to sleep or pressing power button display goes crazy. Sometimes when I pres power button several times he's normal, but in most cases not and the reboot is required. BIOS version 1.07 Win 8.1 d

Eurosport on tab

Hi on my box for the A700 Iconia was a sticker 'Eurosport live on Iconia tab visit' well my visit was unnecessary so far... Anyone know how it works? Is it free? See you soon!

I got the Tablet Todier

Hello Today, I had the desire to Tablet W700. I've had a few hours now the? is that I don't is where can I find what BIos I have and where I would have been too if I neeed two I. the W700 verson i 3 of the Tablet and I want too much at the mercy of B

The Synaptics Touchpad in Acer Aspire One does not not after the installation of the wireless mouse.

After you install a HD on my Acer Aspire One wireless mouse, the Synaptics Touchpad works not at all even if feataure troubleshooting indicates it works correctly.  Default is always to the wireless mouse. I tried to deavtivating the wireless mouse a

No option of scaling on the atom z2760

First of all, some of the statements. (1) I bought new Acer W510 recenltly tablet. (2) I'm big fan of old games and I am buying on (3) I can't play old fashion games full screen due to no option scaling on the z2760 Atom graphics! (4) Intel w

A510 using Windows 8 driver problem

Greetings, I'm developing an application for Acer Iconia Tab A510 using Windows 8 as the development environment. To this end, I use the Android SDK for debug and deploy my application on your device via the USB cable. Until recently, I developed usi

Acer Iconia B - Can I use a USB Dongle?

Hello Please let me know if I can use a USB key/Dongle USB in "Micro USB 2.0 port" for the transfer of data.
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