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Control of swf in a mc to a btn in an another mc

I'll try to explain as clearly as possible. I use flash mx 2004 pro.I have a master movie named movieMaster.fla.I have 4 other nominated films: 1. silentNight911.fla 2. militaryTribute.fla 3. spaceTribute.fla 4. thingsThat.fla. all have accompanying

Link to the main timeline (scene 1)

Well, this seems like it should be very basic, commonly done and simple, but I can't understand it! I have a simple put in place with a layer containing a few images with image tags. Each image tag has a clip. When the first clip from the movie ends,

Interpolations of the text

When you create an interpolation of color on a text that has been converted to a MovieClip instance, when I try and animate it in the symbol itself (as opposed to the proceeding), the Tween doesn't seem to work. However, if I try and animate the colo

ActionScript using film

Hi, I am currently working on a multimedia flash for a school project site and I am very new to the actionscripts. I have two questions I would appreciate any help on: (1) I have a movie that is started by the user clicking on a button in the movie.

The initialization Code: run only once at T = 0?

Hello Is it possible to run some ActionScript only once at the beginning of the flash application? There are GIFs that I need to download dynamically from the server that once that will be used on the buttons. When we go to another scene and return,

Advance Structure

I have a clip that uses interpolation melted. I want the clip is displayed for 5 seconds and then it advances automatically to a label of image on the stage. How do I do that with ActionScript? I'm a newbie using Flash 8. Thank you.

Sound in the timeline

Hello I use instance names to navigate throughout pages in my swf appearing somewhat like a Web site... In any case on the main timeline, I have a movieclip that contains an audio file. I want to do is when I click on another part of my schedule, whi

Question contained Preloader Flash 8 and library

I made a preloader for a file that loads external mp3 files, and it's great, the preloader works fine from 0% to 100%. However, if I put one of these mp3 files in the program library then the preloader does not appear until about 70% or 80% load-lack

onKeyDown broke?

OnKeyDown broke for actionscript 2.0 or something is wrong with my code? my code is on his own image in a single frame on Level0 chronology. None of these tracks are working.

script action problem

I want control over the hours, the minutes and the seconds of the next clock... so I can control how many hours, minutes, and seconds are first on the timer.I have tried everything I can think, but mathematics and scripts are beyond me... will someon

Timeline in half of the slow-down speed

OK, I have experience in chemistry to simulate, where a student is leaking some iodine slowly down a burette in a vial. I have a button ("fastBtn"), who plays just the timeline, but I also have another ("slowBtn") that I want to play half speed deliv

Newbies: Read the audio data with any symbol - EASY

I spent a lot of time figure this out and want to share with other beginners. I used the text, but everything that can be transformed into a symbol works. 1. turn on your screen that will be used as links in symbols text/photo/etc.2. right click on e

delete a function

How do you remove a function for example. {target.onRollOut = function ()}Slider._visible = false;} {steve.onRelease = function ()}Delete target.onRollOut () ;} However when you click on steve, it does not remove the onRollOut function. Thanks to sta


Hey,.I realize that there's probably a REALLY obvious and easy explanation for this but it's REALLY annoying me. Whenever I have do an interpolation, for example let's say I'm animating a stic man and I want his arm to go from right to left. If the u

Need help of Motion

I have an item of type scroller Flash that I created that I need help improvement. The images are in fact sovereign wealth funds that are called via xml. These sovereign wealth funds contain an image and a button to link to an external link. Those th

manipulate text

I'm pretty new Flash, the last having touched in Flash 5. The information I have indicates there is no "easy way" to create the text that follows an arc. Tutorial materials indicate that I need to create a guide layer and then break up the text and m

With the help of buttons like movies

I created a flash header where the individual buttons movies. What is happening is that there is no arrow to select the button/film, and if you simply place your cursor over any "buttons" on the menu, it will take you directly to the URL. The user do

How can I control the outside which frame button directs the film?

I have a site I'm building for a client where the client wants to be able to decide which page the 'home' button turns to his whim. So what I want to understand what I need to enter as an expression or another type of code for a "stop on liberation"

Simple solution? Shape tween

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help. I created a shape tween text has been breaking twice. I wanted to just text to disappear, so I made the text go 100% alpha alpha to 0% and then made the shape tween. It does this, but also some letters in th

bytesLoaded HELP? !!

Everything works perfectly except for one thing... for the life of me I can't get the text per cent go to "" after it is loaded.Ive tried several ways that you can see and track returns true. I load this way: main.sfw <-videoPlayer.swf <-video/TTH768
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