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Creating space in PHP

Hello team AFCS, I would need to create the room when executing each time users descide to start a session. Can I do it from my PHP script or what I need to do my Flex client? Another question regarding PHP authentication: afcs.php is fully featured,

HTTPProxyService using Tomcat error

I use to display items from RSS feeds in my SWF Flex BlazeDS. When I run the SWF file under Tomcat 6 Eclipse plugin, the SWF gets data from external web sites RSS feed, like Yahoo. However, when I deploy the file SWF on a test server running Tomcat 6

Issue of SharedCollection.AddItem

I've been pulling teeth on this issue. An error is thrown whenever I try to make a '_topSpeed. AddItem"call (or SharedCollection.AddItem each time that the ConnectSessionContainer) triggers the event"synchronizationChange ". The only time "_topSpeed.

When released cocomo.

Currently, it is beta version and non-commercial.A chronology of liberation? in the month or a year?

Bug in ExtendedChatPod

Hello. In my request, if I try to set the property historyFontSize in the MXML tag for the ExtendedChatPod component, it will throw an error at initialization. If I set the property via AS at a later stage, it works fine. Here is the thrown error: Ty

Non-visible components in design mode

Hi all and Happy New Year. I just started to install and use Cocomo on my current version of FB3.The examples run successfully, however there is no way to modify the content using the design view of FB3.The graphical displays displays only a white re

Video capabilities - confirming the current Limitations (check + superior quality Sorenson)

Hello Video with Cocomo, I wrote confirm that the current version does not provide the features of two following regarding: - Record. Acrobat Connect Pro includes record capability. I believe, that now Cocomo has not (yet) include the ability to chec

What is license Cocomo?

Hello What is allowed in the Cocomo. Can I develop my own server/Department with reverse engineering and can I freely use for commercial works?

Able to manage for example fightgame?

Hellois capable of managing cocomo... .for example somewhat fightgame as streetfighter with 2 separate flash clients?will it be fast enough?

Pricing plans.

What about the prices of the plans?It is perhaps too early to talk about costs, but it will be good to know how we are situated at cocomo in our business plans.

Dose the cocomo have a document in Chinese?

Dose the cocomo have a document in Chinese?Thank you :-) ---------------- Y.Boy

How to start DefaultPods

< rtc:AdobeHSAuthenticatorID = "auth".userName = "AdobeIDusername".password = "AdobeIDpassword" / > < rtc:ConnectSessionContainerroomURL = "YourPersonalRoomUrl".ID = "cSession.authenticator = "{auth}" >I changed username="[email protected] = "Mon

Several clients connected to LocalConnectionServer

I am trying to use the LocalConnection example application to test a few scenarios for Cocomo, and I am unable to run more than one instance of the client on the same computer. Once the exception occurs, the State of the system as a whole seems to be

Problem in flex with cross-domain to script using GET method

Hello I have a strange problem in Flex, the appeal of scripts located on other servers, using the GET method. When I want to connect with a HTTPService in Flex for a script that is located on a different domain than the flex application, I place a cr

Serialization ByteArray

Using RemoteObject calls, I am able to return a java byte [] from a server method and it comes out very well on the client as an object flash.utils.ByteArray. But when I have a byte [] as a member of an enclosing class, I get null on the client for t

Can FDS &amp; amp; Flex Server 1.5 coexist?

MSDS & Flex Server 1.5 co-exist on the same server? This isn't a long-term configuration, but we need to support both that migrate us all our Flex 1.5 to Flex 2 applications. Anyone know of any issues running both as stand-alone facilities (not J2EE)

Cairngorm - problem resulthandling

We use the Cairngorm framework in our Flex 2.0 App and now meet a problem related to the resulthandling. If I trace the result in the onResult handler in the command class, once the first time traces I call service, the second two times, three times

Debugging in Eclipse Java remote objects

Hi guys,. The following URL used to point to a WIKI page that describes the steps to configure Eclipse launch the JRun integrated flex server in debug mode, so that it is able to debug java code on the server side.

Missing folder of flex in the SDS

HelloIn the FDS2 installation am unable to find the flex folder. I reinstall the fds2. In the first installation flex file was there, but not in the second installation. Thank you Sun

MSDS hosting?

Is there anything in the Flex Data Services license agreement (or any version of it) which would prevent a person from hosting Flex Data Services for RIA developers?
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