The improvement of the results of research of WebHelp

For those who are interested, there was a recent article on changing the way WebHelp presents its search results by twisting the JavaScript. See Thoughts, comments or related

Audio time delay

I just started to use Acrobat Connect Pro and at our last meeting, there was a very long delay (at least 5-6 seconds or more) between the moment and time presenters and participants were able to hear me. This has created a lot of difficulties through

The FMS Core failure

Hello All of a sudden I get lots of "Faulting module FMSCore.exe" errors/warnings fill my application event log. I hope that's not because, but I excluded her, the KB958644 security update affecting the day before. Connect and the server information.

Change a .htm by Word makes a word file?

I have a project that we completely reorganise. We had hoped to send the individual .htm files to several specialists in the field to edit content... so just copy and paste the .htm in the project files. When we open the project files retain an .htm

Disable print and save?

We will be the downloading of information that should be accessible by a large number of people. We try to help reproduce the material, however, or print copies and relying on hard copies, since we need to use the help tool to stay up to date. Is it

Information section RH7

Just a quick question; in previous versions of HR, in the list of topics, you could see what topics have been at the table of indexes materials by the small square blue or white. This RH7 disappeared now in? It was a useful way to see what topics hav

Using Images in RoboHelp HTML

We are currently studying the possibility of consolidating/centralizing our documentation in our online help system and are looking for input from anyone who has experience with what we offer... We create several systems online help for a series of W

Video and SWF Import does not work

Hello... the summary says it all... When I click on the import button video nothing does nothing. The story is the following:I have installed Presenter as a demo to see if the results match expectations. At that time there was working import of video

RoboHelp X 5 and MS Word 2007

Hello I have a new laptop soon. Currently, I use RoboHelp X 5 and MS Word 2003. I have the option to install MS Word 2007 on my new laptop. My question is "Does MS Word 2007 work with RoboHelp X 5?" Thank you!

Version control issues

Hello world Can someone please tell me how to create a copy of a project that can be opened, edition, etc without affecting the project we have in Visual SourceSafe? We strive to create documents printed from our CHM files, and instead of playing wit

Toolbox pod does not open

I use RoboHelp HTML - 7.02.I click Display > pods > Toolbox and nothing happens - the Toolbox does not open. I have closed all of the pods, restarted HR and still unable to open the Toolbox. Acutally that some other pods opens no whatever, including

I think I killed my project

I created a new folder in the theme files folder in the project manager and as soon as I entered the name and clicked on, he acted as if I had asked it to do something huge and entered a flickering hourglass thing. I left for a while and then tried t

The window caption incorrect when language is the French

With project settings set to English, my .chm file compiles very well and the caption of the window is correct. When I change the language for the French, the caption of the window is "HTML Help" even if the window caption field contains something el

Problem with the license on a new RoboHelp 7 installation on a 64-bit XP system

I say new because this machine had never before installed HR. RH7 actually works on Windows XP Professional 64-bit systems?

Playback stops

We use Connect Pro 7.0.1 and Presenter 7 with Powerpoint 2007. The problem is that reading each and one output continues to stop. Initially I thought it was a problem with streaming, then tried to publish on the desktop that has not helped. I also ch

Unable to connect to the sites - msjava.dll error

I finally got a new PC with Windows XP (Windows 2000 before a). I installed contribute CS3 and it works fine when I connect to two of my sites that are internal to my organization (hosted by us). The other two sites are hosted by an ISP outside of ou

How to start the CPS

Well, we had a power outage, and the CPS server is not configured in the load automatically on our server, so he didn't come back when we got power. We are Linux and I used the default easy install, but I can't find a directory for the CPS and the co

RoboHelp 7 - URL in printed documents

I think the upgrade to version 7. Can someone tell me if the Word documents that I generate from my help files will help preserve links to external URLS and references in the help files? I have files to help with lots of links to Web sites and the cr

When creating print doc program crash

It is a question that has just begun to happen in the last days. I hadn't touched files as far as I can remember, but when I decided to compile a printed doc yesterday I received this message. Debug error!Program C:\Program Files\Robohelp Office\Robo

Problem converting HTML help printed documentation

I have a help created using HTML Help file. When I am trying to generate a file .doc him my seems MS Word to be hanged. After ending the Riobohelp gives the following message "the Word VBA macro version registered is incorrect. Please reinstall print
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