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I can't see the pictures on facebook, what is the problem?

It's been a few months that I've seen normal photos on my facebook... I can see the litlle one but when I try to open anything is there.

IDM does not work for firefox 4.0 b4

When I want to download firefox IDM somethings doesn't download from firefox 4 b 4

How to set up a private server of FireFox Sync?

How to set up a private server of FireFox Sync?

How to export the bookmarks from Firefox 4.0b3

How to export 4.0b3 favorite Internet Explorer, because the traditional "bookmarks" tab no longer appears?

4.0 beta 2 won't let me say if I'm happy or sad about Firefox

If I mean if I'm happy or sad about the new Firefox click on the Feedback button Firefox tells me always updated to the latest beta version, but I am running the latest beta!

Feedback extension works not

When I click on the comments button to say a few words about the shortcomings of beta or praise, the following message gets displayed instead of taking my entry. Earlier, it was working fine. '"' Oh!' So, you want to give us feedback on the next vers

I can't uninstall the beta version. Can anyone advise me on why it is not in the control panel - remove programs.

My system has had accidents frequent blue screen and I was advised to get rid of all recently installed programs. It's those.

addon Manager does not open in the tab how to change?

My addon Manager opens in a floating window, but I want to open it in the tab. How can I change this?

With the help of Firefox 4.0 Beta 4. When I open a link in a new window, the web address does not appear in the address bar. Why?

When I opened a web page link in "a new window" opens the link, but the information of the web page does not appear in the address bar. It is empty. If I open the link in a new tab, ho problem exists. In addition, if one open a link in the tab withou

Update of the extension did not start more and why disappeared my (still works) add-ons/extensions in the add-it-manager?

I use ff4 beta3 on a Win7 PC, this problem appeared in the beta 2 release. Some extensions still work very well: Adblock plus, NoScript,. Others appear in the menu of the hull, but aimless: video download helper, Ubiquity (a small rectangle behind th

How to make a 'page' adjusted zoom my image size and the default text?

I use a Netbook, which has a small screen, so I generally "zoom" to enlarge the appearance of text and images. Is it possible to block a desired zoom level so that I don't have to adjust each new tab or window I have open?

Firefox 4 ignoring the property table (< td > < table >)

I'm working on the upgrade of the for Firefox 4 compatibility extension. Essentially extensions improves the site by adding a few query fields that are locked in the format "table > < td > <. The

I changed the Arial font on the content tab, but the text is still not Arial. How to make this change?

I want to change the font Arial text. I made the choice and there, but the text has not changed.

The Preferences Firefox 4.0b4 window is too narrow

I've just upgraded to Firefox 4.0b4, but find the preferences window is too narrow to display the entire contents. It is not resizable, and the maximize button is not enabled, so there is no way to change the width. It is so impossible to set some pr

Hello, I downloaded the beta version in English, but when it is installed, it is in French. How can I change this?

I'm working on an admistrated of the station by a french helpdesk and this drug is defined in French (and this is very annoying for me). So I'm wonderding how FF 4 beta is transformed into same French version so I downloaded the English version.

real life problem

He started the other day

can't do tab app

When I press the right button of the mouse on a tab, that does nothing, the menu does not appear. IM usin Firefox 4 beta 3.

I can't see the 'recently closed tabs' and 'windows' recently closed in Firefox-&gt; history. Where are they?

I use Firefox 4 Beta 3 and I can't see the 'recently closed tabs' and 'windows' recently closed in Firefox-> history. Where are they?

Programming with right-clicking/feedback button problem / hovering text?

Context menu: Capture your comments: Place of hover: It turns out that context menu also applies to links and probably right click in general. The

Firefox home iphone problem, I can not open tab count in the preferences to manage and can not connect to iphone due to an unspecified error, what to do?

Question I have another type of problem with Firefox Description When I log in to firefox home on iphone I get message "connection failed unspecified failure" and that it also manage the tab account in preferences on mac does not open what to do? Thi
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